Watch Joe Biden pinch the nipple of an 8 year old girl- and more



You’ve heard that Joe Biden is a serial groper. He is that and much more. For a review of some of them you can go here. It had gotten so bad that even Vox took notice:

Biden has always been something of a nostalgia candidate — an “Obama-Biden Democrat” who rejects the party’s recent leftward turn — and voters who want a return to the past may not mind someone who makes jokes about brothers protecting their sisters from boys, or who gets a bit angry when his record is challenged. They may actually like it.

As Herndon notes, it’s unclear if those voters are enough to carry Biden to the presidency. He’s still leading in the polls, but recent polling also suggests many Democrats, including men, are growing more concerned about sexism and men’s power in government.

Biden seems to be betting that there are enough Americans who like him just the way he is — even prefer him that way — that there’s no need to quit making the kind of jokes and gestures he’s always made. Only time will tell if he’s right.

This isn’t right.

But the worst of it is not Biden being touch feely with adult women. The worst is his groping and abusing children. There is clear video of these actions and they are outrageous and appalling.

Beginning at about 20 seconds in watch as he pinches the nipple of an 8 year old girl during a swearing in ceremony.

Via streamable

and another

Watch here as he pulls a little girl’s hand to his crotch. It occurs at about 1:40. Watch her reaction.

(Via Gateway Pundit)

Here is another good collection of videos:

DISGUSTING VIDEOS Show Joe Biden Groping Little Girls…Watch Girls Elbow Biden To Keep His Hands Off Their Breasts

This is abominable.  The scary part is these are only the examples caught on video. How many more have gone unrecorded? The press continues to bury this as best it can but the truth remains. Joe Biden is a pedophile.

I am quite sensitive to this as my sisters had an “uncle” like Joe who did the same things to them.

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Everyone knows about Creepy Joe

Here Sessions slaps Joes groping hands away from his grand daughter, reputation like Harvey W.


joe biden is a known molester. greg on another thread says this. He calls what is recorded on video multiple times, imaginary. greg is subjectively retarded. biden is a dirtbag.


, #358:

Yeah, and I pointed out that you’re comparing the imaginary in Biden’s case with what’s completely real and a long-standing feature in Trump’s. You’re basically comparing a gentleman with Mr. Grab-Em-By-The-Pussy, and finding the former wanton.

I’ll waste no more time on such absurd comparisons. More are made by Trump supporters than any right-thinking person can shake a stick at.

So you watched that video, and physically watched Biden molesting little children, and you say Trump is worse because he said “grab em by the pussy”.

Please tell me you are a Groomer without telling me you are a groomer.

@July 4th American:

and finding the former wanton.

Does he know that means?
Wanton = sexually unrestrained We used to call them F’n dirty old men not gentlemen, the Accusations made of Fingers Joe even by secret service, they told JW they destroyed the records of the Xmas party were an agent had to be restrained from knocking the crap out of the ol pig. Further parties were cancelled to protect the females. His exhibitionist behavior with children is beyond disgusting resulting in a gag reflex.
Greg also defends infanticide there is no way he can salvage his reputation here. I like the clip of sessions swatting his piddies, watch Joes face as he spots a tiny victim then makes his predatory move.

what a pig. did you notice the expression on that little girl’s face as she tried to move away?? paedophile yes, wonder how much “kitty porn” he has his computer??

@July 4th American: Yeah, to Greg and other Democrats, what is “real” are unsubstantiated rumors and accusations targeting Trump. What is “imaginary” is what we clearly see on videos along with the testimony of real, named persons showing Biden’s mental illness.

@Deplorable Me:

comrade greggie poo is a hard core communist. he love the socializistic concept of centralized, elitist’s disinformation. indoctrination , revolution, fraudulent science with manipulated data. the video is very evident of his behavior. wonder how much kiddy porn he has on his very private computer. make a bet that it is more than whore dog billy’s?

I read an article in which a mental health professional looked at that video and others and said Biden is definitely a sexual predator of children.

Poor ole Dr John, I suppose one could stare at a cloud long enough to see their desired image.

These pics and vids have been around a few months now. Seems the only ones fabricating an image has been the trump propaganda machine as it’s been pretty much a nothingburger, or maybe a nothingcloud since it appeared.

But like a good propaganda tool, nothing like slinging a nothingburger at a time when trump’s curtain gets further pulled back and the abject fraud becomes more apparent.

@Ronald J. Ward: So, you approve of and condone Biden groping and raping women and girls. Gotcha.

@Ronald J. Ward:

Poor ole Dr John, I suppose one could stare at a cloud long enough to see their desired image.

We’d know you’d see Trump punching a baby.

But yes, the usual reaction from the indoctrinated:

“Shows Biden doing something”

You: “He did nothing.”

Sounds like you are the very epitome of what you accuse Trump supporters of being.

@Deplorable Me: Post-modern relativism at its best, as demonstrated by the Ron/AJ…aka the “typical Left-wing stooge”.

@Nathan Blue: I guess Joe Biden could rape a woman, grope little girls, say desegregating schools would create “racial jungles”, vow to raise taxes and destroy the energy industry and AJ would still support him. Not even hypothetical like “shooting someone on 5th Avenue”; ACTUAL things he has done and pledges to do.

@Deplorable Me:Ward is just trying to libsplain that Joe isnt a monster he was born a pedophile its a sexual orientation you bigot, I suppose you wouldnt let him date one of your 3 year old granddaughters. Shows how backwards we all are. We actually think children are way way off limits and deserve their time of innocence, that F’n dirty old men should keep their hands well away from their private areas. Dinosaurs all of us.
Someone want to tell Ward the vids have been around for years and everybody knows.

@Nathan Blue:

Your expected denial of my point is again noted.

So Biden, a lifelong politician with presidential aspirations goes to ceremonies and photo ops to fondle kids for the world to see? Sure, why not?

And these doctored pics and vids have been around now for how long? And other than for the rabidly unhinged far right who still believe Trump raised the economy from the Obama failure and that Mexico is paying for the wall, what kind of impact has it had? Rational people know better.

But yet again at a time when Trump is exposed for his fatal malfeasance, the propaganda needs to reach into their misinformation toolbox to try to protect their leader, despite his crimes he commits right in from of our eyes and on live camera and recordings.

@Ronald J. Ward:

despite his crimes he commits right in from of our eyes and on live camera and recordings.

List those crimes dipshit

@Ronald J. Ward:

Your expected denial of my point is again noted.

The only point is to apply standards to Trump that then do not apply to your own candidate.

That’s the real point.

Trump hasn’t been exposed for anything. “Fatal malfeasance” is just a partisan opinion, based on your misinformation outlets.

It’s funny that you’re citing Woodward, which is hearsay, but then denying actual evidence on a camera of biden’s misconduct.

Crimes he commits right in front of our eyes on live camera and recordings

Hehe. The day you admit that that is true of Buden more so than Trump, I might start treating you like an adult.

C’mon, man!

Your level of cognitive dissonance is completely disgusting.

Talking out of your ass again. Nothing but bullshit.

@Ronald J. Ward:

How many children has serial molester joe biden molested today?

@July 4th American: None. We can show Ron/Aj the tape, and he’ll either say “that didn’t happen” or “that was photoshop” or whatever.

Biden. “If the Prosecutor isn’t fired, you’re not getting the money” ON F*CKING CAMERA.

Trump: Figure out this crowdstrike thing, and this Hunter Biden thing. Thanks.

This double-standard has to end.

Biden being a serial sexual predator of children, Quid Pro a billion in aid to stop an investigation into the company that was slushing his drug addict spawn loads of cash for a no work job. He seems to have misplaced both his schedule and his staff.

Look at the sign on the podium he is trying to sell America again.

Trump spoke with Bob Woodward 18 times, and the worst that Woodward can come up with is that Trump didn’t want to start a panic? Once again, Trump is the most vetted, investigated, and cleanest person in Washington”

@July 4th American:
In what was thought to be a private conversation 15 years ago, private citizen Donald Trump made an observation about what women will let men do. Full stop. (BTW do you understand what the word “let” means?)

Joe Biden gropes and molests unwilling victims in public. Can you imagine what he does in private?

@Rose Larson: It makes you wonder why 2 of Joes kids are addicts.

joe biden is not a good person. He is a liar and a fraud.

Let her alone you Monster

@Ronald J. Ward:

And these doctored pics and vids have been around now for how long?

What has been “doctored”? Show us the doctored and REAL photos and videos. Or, admit you throw out the weakest, most inane lies to defend your corrupt party and candidates.

You are now on record as SUPPORTING pedophilia. Didn’t you say you were a teacher of children at one time? You need to be kept AWAY from children. You need to be registered.

@Deplorable Me: You find most of the Leftwing crazies are teachers. That’s the whole issue. Our kids are being taught by the weakest among us.

@Nathan Blue: They are positioned where they can do the most damage to our country.

@Nathan Blue:

the pres punching a baby-go to Babylon Bee for the full story

@MOS #8541: “BABY! You want a piece of me?!”

As Joe Biden becomes more and more senile his handlers become more and more like babysitters for an unruly child.
Just today both Politico and The Daily Mail published a piece about how his team BARKS at him to “Keep Back!” from people they invite to his events.
The Biden bubble: How the 77-year-old’s
team bark at him to ‘keep back’ from people
amid strict social distancing and constantly
disinfect his cars, planes and microphones
to shield candidate from COVID
These people had already been scanned and tested for covid, so the team is really just trying to keep Joe from mauling them.

Video of Biden touching girls removed by Twitter as ‘child sexual exploitation’

C-SPAN footage showing Joe Biden touching young girls was flagged and removed by Twitter for violating its “Child Sexual Exploitation Policy.”

Summit News reported the issue arose after Texan progressive activist Johnny Graz asserted Biden should be investigated for sexual assault.

comment image

comment image?w=620

Completely disgusting. I would never be ok with any man grabbing or caressing my child the way he does. I’m appalled he was elected president. It shows there’s a lot more sick people out there than we realized for him to be voted into office.