What the living hell is happening to this country?



I’ve heard it said more than once now. “We’re in a war.”

We are.

The President of the United States has declared war on its citizens. We are in a war for the soul of the country.

In violation of Federal law, SCOTUS Justices are being harassed while at dinner. The White House is all in favor of it. In fact, Biden is inciting violence upon on the Supreme Court.

Taking a clue from Biden, bounties are now offered on the Justices

Karin Jean-Pierre says “This is what a democracy is”

The DOJ does absolutely nothing. Well, that’s not exactly accurate. The DOJ is doing something. It’s racially data mining US citizens. Garland is also suing Arizona to make certain illegals can vote. The US Attorney General is targeting concerned parents as domestic terrorists.

Four mounted Border agents who were falsely accused and smeared by the f**king President and assorted democrats have been cleared of whipping illegals. It’s taken ten months to get this stupid thing done despite the fact that the photographer said no illegal was whipped but since our idiot Commander in Chief made the accusation, they had to punished for basically nothing and their careers are over.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Invasion who has allowed nearly 2 million illegals into the country, says “I think we’re doing a good job.”

Pedophilia and mental illness are being normalized

Biden is handing out crack pipes outside of schools.

The tax deadbeat AOC continues to prove how ignorant and stupid she is.

The KGB Jan 6 committee is using the military against Americans. It is having Trump officials SWATTED on a routine basis. Most recently Jeffrey Clarke was handcuffed outside his home without being allowed to put on his pants and was ultimately not arrested or charged with anything. The SWAT team handed over the body cam video over to the local network in order to humiliate Clarke. WTF?

Our national security depends entirely on soldiers showering with trans individuals. 60,000 members of the Army and National Guard who refuse COVID vaccinations are having their careers ended.

NPR bares its Communist teeth in a time of tragedy

Not once, but twice

“Arch conservative” and “Ultranationalist.” His body wasn’t even cold yet.

Democrats.   Hate.  America.

This is a Rhode Island state senator

Emboldened by derelict DA’s, children are killing elderly people in the streets.

Self-defense has become a crime.

In the few waning moments he is lucid, the President of the US is mendacious and corrupt. He’s selling oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to a Chinese company in which Hunter has a financial interest. Biden is almost certainly compromised by China. He’s demolishing the US’s ability to be energy independent and pushing the US to complete dependency on China.

Biden is an embarrassment. Today:

Also today:

Joe Biden is an incompetent vegetable

And what have we learned about Hunter?

The smartest man Joe Biden knows said his stepmom Jill is a “vindictive moron” and “entitled c–t.”

There are a million potential crimes surrounding the Biden family, but the Treasury department is blocking probes into the younger Biden.

Perhaps worst of all, the media is burying all Hunter Biden stories. Pulitzers are out there just waiting to be taken by the fistful, but the US versions of Pravda are stupendously uncurious. It’s almost as if they’re invested in it all.

Is this the America you remember? The President of the US is so cognitively impaired he is incompetent and too many are pretending he’s just fine.

The President has declared war on America and America is gearing to bite back. The Republican base has had it with all of this crap and is said to be “out for blood” come January.

I can’t wait.

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Biden: “Today’s economic news confirms the fact that my economic plan is moving this country in a better direction.”

It did look good on paper earlier today when jobs numbers first came out.
Nonfarm payrolls in June increased by 372,000.

Then a deep dive showed this:
A .01% drop in average hours worked is the labor equivalent of dropping 450,000 jobs.
So, negative, not positive jobs numbers.
Add in this:

  1. factory demand dropping
  2. Inventories climbing
  3. FTE’s (Full-Time Equivalents) dropping
  4. the additional context aligns with the overall decline we feel in Main Street activity. Essentially, regardless of how many jobs are “created” within the economy, the overall economic activity -as measured by the value of products & services generated- is declining.

Idiot Biden has destroyed jobs, not “created” any. All his job numbers are merely people going BACK to the jobs they were kicked off of due to COVID panic. Gas prices have gone down some due to the contraction of the economy, not anything idiot Biden has done (well, he did bring about the recession).

biden has committed enough acts of treason and violations of the oath of office to keep multiple congresses busy with numerous articles of impeachment. Forget any impeachment action, try him for treason. His is guilty on all charges.

Oak tree and rope

Taking a clue from Biden, bounties are now offered on the Justices

It’s been suggested people should begin reporting sightings… HUNDREDS of them. Swamp them with “sightings” and bury and actual sightings is false reports. Sounds good.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Invasion who has allowed nearly 2 million illegals into the country, says “I think we’re doing a good job.”

None of these people even know what a job is, much less doing one well. No doubt, executing the leftist strategy of drawing 2 million illegal immigrants a year, blocking efforts to assure only citizens vote (and only vote ONCE) while encouraging illegal immigrants to vote is going very, very well.

Republicans better be girding their loins for the battle ahead. WE the PEOPLE demand JUSTICE and for this downward spiral to be turned around.

They’ll talk a good game and then fold like always. After dispatching the dems in November, the next step is dispatching their RINO allies. As long as the McConnell’s, Graham’s, and Romney’s are around all we have is controlled opposition.

Elections are rolling soon they will all pretend to be America First, just to “reward” us later after we give them our vote.

I don’t think it’ll be quite as easy for them this time around. PT and perhaps Theil or Musk should give them a stern warning- “Keep your promises and fix it or we’ll form and finance a third party. One with viable candidates and deep pockets.”

Everyday we read some new fresh hell, do not be distracted. We have won many battles but far far from winning the war.
The admin says this is a global thing, yup, they are shooting at the Farmers in Europe, their answer was to spray the government buildings with liquid manure after dumping piles of solid “compost”.
Our northern neighbor is building a bug factory. In the wings they have 2 variants ready to lock us back down, one must be related to the Kung flu its called Ninja. Wonder if it will only affect the vaxxed. Buckle up buttercups.

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What’s happening is America is being destroyed by Climate Change Religionists. They’ve erected tens of thousands of gigantic white crosses all over America, sacrificed birds litter the ground around them. They want you to freeze in the winter and broil in the summer while eating only the approved religious foods. And they want less of you around, for easier control. They don’t care about heavenly rewards, they are out to create hell on earth. And they are succeeding.

Ditto. I think he’s (or his puppet masters are) setting up this country for total defeat and usurpation by China. Everything that has been done is to make us weaker and weaker. Once the takeover is complete they will throw what is left of the Constitution in the shredder. We are definitely in a war and it is a war to save ourselves. Congress is only concerned with their next election and how much money they can raise. Election fraud, people being held for over a year in harsh conditions and solitary confinement with no charges being brought for a so called ‘insurrection’ that wasn’t. It was another FBI set up in order to punish political rivals.

Biden,Hitler,Stalin,Mao and Castro were all in favor of disarming their Citizens

The dems seem to have a lot more in common with them than with Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison etc..

Idiot Biden gives the Congressional Medal of Freedom to an America-hating lesbian. Now, like the Nobel, the left has destroyed the value of THAT award.

biden is a domestic enemy of America

biden is guilty of treason for inappropriately dispersing reserves from the strategic petroleum reserves

Trump awarded the Congressional Medal of Freedom to Jim Jordan, a January 6 co-conspirator who gave the finger to a congressional subpoena. He’s also known for his part in a university pedophilia cover-up, as I recall.

All of these lying weasels need to be flushed from America’s governing system.

No fake conspiracy is too far for you. How’s Bob Mueller doing these days?

Last edited 1 year ago by Mully

He’s well respected, and in no danger of going to state or federal prison. Nor has he ever refused to testify when called upon to do so.

How’s Bob Mueller doing these days?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Well he does have experience running fake investigations. The kind you fall for and get played for a sucker. So the J6 one is right up your alley. It’s Mueller 2.0 for you.

Jordan is decidedly not in danger of going to prison. No man or woman need testify to a corrupt and installed government.

At lease you people are paving the way for your real intentions. Abe was assassinated. I expect more world-leaders who don’t follow the WEF madness to come.

The rules dramatically change when a state or federal court issues a subpoena or indictment.

No man or woman need testify to a corrupt and installed government.

Totally agree. The illegitimate committee does not deserve to have testimony from what they view as hostile witnesses. All who have been subpoenaed should rightfully decline the sham committee

There are …were some that refused the Covid jab scam.

And by “ALL” you mean all those who don’t support the unelected, totalitarian regime.

The real aim of the WEF, depopulation and societal collapse, is on full display in Sri Lanka, currently.

biden showered with his adolescent daughter. In her diary she remembers having been molested while in the shower.

Then years later he molested Tara Reade in the tunnel walkway to the Senate. There is a strong suspicion he raped her as well

Maybe you should try to find a more rewarding trolling target.

Maybe you should try conversing like an adult and stop being nothing more than the troll you have been for the Commie left since the day you found this website.

But after all these years, there seems to be no hope for you. And by not responding to me, you only show what a coward you actually are. Thanks for the affirmation.

You’re the only troll here to target. I mean, the FBI sends one here and there, but michael must have been reassigned.

Michael crossed the line with Curt. He got sacked

The list is long and sordid of Democrats that blatantly broke laws without suffering one second of justice. Hell, Hillary committed blatant perjury ON VIDEO before Congress and has never been held accountable. Apparently, there is no punishment for violating the civil rights of a Presidential candidate, either.

Were it not for, “the most liberal man in Congress the last 50 year” Al
gore on Dole in the ’96 V{P debate, there would like ly be no NPR

Ronny tried to stop using my $ to fund NPR for 8 straight years. Bob Dole kept NPR alive; at least in part. I think there are enough Bush and Kennedy “Limo Libs” to fund NPR on a much reduced scale without my $!

This is reason # 8 of over 20 why I did not vote for Dole.

Common Core – Dept. Ed was #1; UN #2.

All GOP are not, and never have been, pro America!@!#?&*! I recommend the badly written book Conscience of a Conservative to get the details.


DO NOT GIVE ME “HE SERVED”! My fav breakfast from 1970 t0 2011 was named after a 4 star General that hated Americans and America!

If you ever wondered what it was like in Rome during the reign of Caligula, now you know.