The Mouse that Roared: Covid 19 and the Collapse of Freedom


Suggestions that Americans get the vaccine are endless.  That’s understandable.  The vaccines appear to work in helping to reduce the likelihood of contracting Covid.  People see that there is a possibility to stop the spread of a deadly virus and they want to encourage others to participate.

What’s not understandable are the relentless demands and the push for vaccine mandates.  Do it for your fellow Americans!  Real patriotism is getting the vaccine!  Don’t you care about your family?  These are all intended to shame the unvaccinated into getting the shot.  And if those don’t work, there are the mandates.

We’ve been told that mandates are necessary because the unvaccinated are putting others at risk.  That of course makes no sense because anyone who is concerned with contracting Covid and wants to get the vaccine can, and for free.  Those in the high-risk category can also take other measures to try and ameliorate the threat such as staying home or wearing masks.

More recently we’re told that mandates are necessary to protect hospitals from being overwhelmed by Covid patients, most of whom apparently are unvaccinated.  That may indeed be true, but overall numbers are down substantially across the country.  To put this in perspective, on January 8th of this year new daily cases were 304,000 and deaths 3,995.  On August 10th the number of new cases was 144,635 yet deaths were 715.  The former is a decline of approximately 53% while the latter is a decline of 83%. So there may indeed be a surge, but it’s far from what the nation and hospitals were facing just six months ago. It appears to be the case that the Delta variant may be more contagious than the original, but it’s also far less deadly as well.

One last element mandate advocates use is coercion.  “Any unvaccinated person who gets Covid will be turned away from hospitals to free up space for the vaccinated who might get it.”  Given that we’re told hospitals are overwhelmed, one can see how that might sound logical… Only those who have taken the vaccine should be treated with the limited valuable resources available.

As we’re constantly told, such valuable resources are frequently limited, so that logic should be extended. Hospitals should also begin turning away gay men who contracted AIDS from unprotected sex, IV users who contracted AIDS from sharing needles, drunk drivers who got into accidents, lung cancer patients who smoked, liver disease patients who drank alcohol, heart disease patients who ate too many burgers and wings and surfers bitten by sharks, among others.

But the mandate advocates would never go for any of those things.  It’s a “privacy” thing, of course.  Even though AIDS, heart disease, and lung cancer are far more deadly than Covid, mandates to ameliorate them are verboten.

And how deadly is Covid? According to the CDC, an estimated 120 million Americans have contracted Covid in the last year and a half with 6.2 million hospitalizations and 767,000 deaths.  That means that out of 120 million people infected with Covid, 99.36% of them survived.  And lest someone think Covid is striking down healthy Americans in their prime, 31.8% of Covid deaths occurred in Americans over 85 years of age, 60% over the age of 75, and fully 81% above 65 years.  Not only is it age, but health that correlates with Covid deaths… The CDC states that 94% of Covid deaths occurred in patients who had underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, respiratory failure, heart failure, and obesity.

So what we have is a virus that kills 0.63% of the people who contract it, 94% of whom had underlying conditions and the average age was 75 while the average American life expectancy is 79. And that assumes that 100% of the 767,000 people died OF Covid rather than just WITH Covid, which is very unlikely.

And this is where we find ourselves today… in a nation of almost 350 million people, where 2.8 million people die every year, where 7,600 people die every day of all causes, Americans are being forced to take an experimental vaccine for a virus for which they have a 99.36% chance of surviving if they catch it at all, and virtually 100% chance if they don’t have some potentially fatal underlying condition or are below 65.

But we’re told the new danger is the Delta variant, which is more contagious.  Of course, what we’re not told is that the Delta variant also seems to be less deadly although the vaccines are apparently less effective against it.  So now, because a virus that is less deadly than one that kills 0.63% of the people who contract it, Americans are now being forced to sacrifice their liberties and compelled to take an experimental vaccine or lose their jobs, lose their ability to go to school or their ability to essentially operate in normal society.

The mask mandates are nothing more than a power play by Democrats to control the nation and solidify their position for decades to come.  We saw what they were able to do in 2020 after a year of keeping Americans focused on a virus that fewer than 1 out of 450 might succumb to.  That hyperbole allowed them to crush small businesses, hook millions on the cancerous drug of government handouts and eviscerate the social fabric of communities via closed churches, shuttered schools, and bankrupt businesses.  Of course, the culmination of the control was the fraudulent election and the installation of Joe Biden as emperor.

Now that the reality of the abject failure of the Biden administration is becoming clear and the negative consequences that disaster would logically have on Democrat candidates in 2022, the Delta variant – soon to be followed by the Lambda variant – will be the tool with which Democrats maintain their power.  The “danger” will be hyped to keep kids in masks, demand vaccinations, cripple businesses, and potentially implement martial law like restrictions on those who refuse to comply.  Once the population is cowed into acquiescence, next will come a series of Rube Goldberg voting rules ostensibly intended to make voting safer, but in reality, acting as Democrat vote replicators.

Covid 19 may yet prove to be the single deadliest virus in history.  Not because it kills more people directly, but because it destroyed the greatest Republic in human history, and with it went the freedom and opportunity that fueled everything from splitting the atom to men on the moon to a worldwide level of prosperity never before seen.  The absence of that Republic portends ill for much of the world that relied on it for security, trade, and pursuit of freedom. In the 20th Century Communism and Fascism killed at least 125 million people, and that was with the United States acting as a contravening force.  One can’t help but wonder what the 21st century body count will be once the United States is no longer able to play that role.

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The push to differentiate those who have been vaccinated from those who have chosen to not do so, constitutes the formation of a “medical apartheid”.

The U.S. FDA finally released an emergency use authorization for REGEN-COV.
Regen-Cov has tons of wicked side effects and is expensive.
Under Biden America refused to use the cheap drugs and went for the expensive one.
In India the drug that worked if the case was caught early combined Ivermectin, Doxcycline, and Zinc.

Some doctors have the gall to brag that they refuse to treat patients who catch covid but were not vaccinated prior.
They have no issue treating infected vaccinated people, tho.

It’s like the Left is combining from every angle to destroy America and even kill many Americans.
Seems that the Cloward-Piven strategy is being followed in a lot of areas, gov’tal as well as private.

This was planned.

All of it.

I think even Biden voters now understand how much they’ve been duped by a party intent on enslaving them.

It is supremely important to mandate masks on children. It’s become part of the indoctrination, teaching them to obey and give up rights and freedoms on demand. Don’t ask questions, don’t demand proof or justifications, just obey.

a recent review noted that educated inviduals esp. with PhD’s were not inclined to be vaccinated. A recent civil action lawsuit has been authored to go after the drug companies for over 45,000 deaths and medication causalities.
What the media in this country has attempted to suppress is that the learned medical communities, based on science, in Europe and and other countries have dehisced the vaccine for its side effects and non-functioning purpose of treating the virus. Noted that the idiot, fear mongering f++kup fuci , name misspelled for reasons, is tolling the fact that senior citizens should get a “booster” shot in 6-8 months. WOW! so how many shot will the American People need?? Maybe 1 every 6 months until death. Really! Oh! are the alleged social justice warriors, snowflakes and pussies vaccinated?? Why do not we start a collection to seen them over to Afghanistan to protest the new government??

“Any unvaccinated person who gets Covid will be turned away from hospitals to free up space for the vaccinated who might get it.”

An imaginary “quote” attributed to nobody. But now it’s rattling around in your heads, courtesy of “Starman417” an anonymous right-wing crackpot writing in The New Republic.

You think you’re guardians of America and freedom, but you don’t even know how to guard the gates of your own minds.

I love when you reveal your own pathology and don’t even know it.

The issue is that WE ARE guarding our OWN MINDS ALONE, and not joining a Marxist Death Cult who think it’s their job to guard the minds of others.

I have faith in people to make their own decisions, even in the overwhelming face of majority Leftwing Propaganda.

You don’t.

“We doing it for your safety” said every genocidal gate guard in history.

You understand nothing.

We don’t all live alone on our own little islands. I respect everyone’s God-given right to be stupid—up to the point where their stupidity begins to endanger others. At that point they can either stop being stupid, or restrict their exercise of stupidity to non-community settings.

@Greg, We don’t all live alone on our own little islands. I respect everyone’s God-given right to be stupid—up to the point where their stupidity begins to endanger others.
bwahahaha the “vaxx” doesnt stop you from getting or speading the designer virus. The makers have zero liability for side effects. totally experimental but not effective. You are vaxxed how do I endanger you? You are more a danger to me as you can walk around with no symptoms. 65 of Barrys birthday bash guests now are testing positive.

That’s what all fascists say as they slowly redefine what is considered “stupid” until we’re all living like the backwards, communist Chinese who only care about the collective and kill anyone who doesn’t obey.

That’s where this goes.

And you, like all other Leftist Cult members, are intentionally mis-representing things to serve your own political opinions rather than actual public safety.

There are ZERO people who died of Covid because someone else didn’t wear a mask or didn’t get the vaccine.

That’s just partisan rhetoric, and Americans aren’t putting up with it anymore.

But there were thousands who died because they were denied inexpensive but effective HCQ/Zinc or Ivermectin.

Meh. It doesn’t compare to the hundreds of “anonymous sources” cited to smear trump, quotes and stories that literally didn’t happen.

Many of your Cult voted because they believe things that aren’t true.

Hmmm… you mean like “Nazis are fine people”? Get over it, crybaby.

Case in point…

99% of those who contract the china virus survive…

Survival isn’t the only issue. Even mild cases can have long-term consequences.

July 29, 2021 – COVID-19 Associated with Long-Term Cognitive Dysfunction, Acceleration of Alzheimer’s Symptoms

Participants were studied between three and six months after COVID-19 infection. More than half showed persistent problems with forgetfulness, and roughly one in four had additional problems with cognition including language and executive dysfunction. THESE DIFFICULTIES WERE ASSOCIATED WITH PERSISTENT PROBLEMS IN SMELL FUNCTION, BUT NOT WITH THE SEVERITY OF THE ORIGINAL COVID-19 DISEASE.

“We’re starting to see clear connections between COVID-19 and problems with cognition months after infection,” Erausquin said. “It’s imperative we continue to study this population, and others around the world, for a longer period of time to further understand the long-term neurological impacts of COVID-19.”

Absolutely none of what you said justifies taking away Americans personal freedom.

You are not saving lives, but you are solely instituting a Marxist police state.

You know this.

Trump had cognitive issues and was psychologically unbalanced EVEN BEFORE he was hospitalized with COVID. Members of his own staff and administration insiders have reported this.

Yesterday I heard some startling numbers: at this point in his first year in office, President Trump had given more than 50 interviews to the media. At this same point in 2009, Obama had given more than 100 media interviews. Biden up to this point: Eight. This is not normal, even with the excuse of COVID. It’s even more noteworthy in a person who has been as famously loquacious as Biden in his 49 years in Washington.
-Steven Hayward

Trump was impaired? So what, Biden is the president now. You can’t seem to lose your obsession with Trump, who is irrelevant at this point. Biden isn’t doing his job, the most important job in the world. Stop deflecting and face facts.

They’ve been trying to conceal the fact that idiot Biden is a totally incompetent fool, a puppet of the far, far left. I think the secret is out now.

At this point, it’s not an obsession with Trump; it’s a diversion. Blaming Trump for everything is their only option other than admitting to the massive mistake they have made.

Prove it. Idiot Biden is the most incompetent, incapable, failed fool the office has ever seen. He is now nothing but a cartoon character.

“Former British Commander in Afghanistan Calls for Joe Biden’s Court-Martial”

(Google the above to see video)

Getting lonely yet, Greg? The entire world has figured out Biden is a massive destroyer and incompetent boob while you are still defending him. Even the commie press in on his case hard.

How much longer will Joe serve has president, Greg, give us an estimate. 7 years?, the rest of his first term, or less???????

Or keep talking about Trump, if that’s really all you can muster.

Masks and vaccines won’t prevent you from getting covid.

So what’s next on your bullsh*t list?

The global community needs to unify and bring China to its knees with sanctions and tariffs.

China is responsible for the deaths of millions. They are not a serious Nation, rather a backwards tyranny who figured out how to buy Western politicians and markets.

They don’t have the morals ethics or culture to be on the world stage at all.

Vaccines are highly effective at keeping you from becoming seriously ill, hospitalized, or dead, which seems like a positive thing, considering that 624 thousand Americans are now dead from COVID.

How many red state hospitals are currently down to few or no ICU beds because of the Delta variant? I don’t know, but Alabama is flat out. There’s no place in ICU for you if you have a serious accident or heart attack. Four hospital systems in metro Atlanta are at or near maximum capacity. Dozens of Texas hospitals are already out of beds. Four Oklahoma schools are shut down today because Delta is running rampant. Their hospitals are on the brink of collapse. I don’t know what it takes to snap some people out of their politically induced hypnosis.

Nobody loses a bit of freedom by being vaccinated or wearing masks. They certainly do if they’re seriously ill from COVID.

Comrade Greggie; what happened to “my body, my choice?” Did that go out the political window because it is no longer useful to your dooms day philosophy?

You see, some of us understand your Marxist practice of controlling by fear.

Put it on the shelf until there is a political need for it, right next to #BelieveHer and #MeToo.

Masks and vaccines won’t prevent them from getting covid.

It’s there choice, and to mandate it is totalitarian and wrong. We just don’t have data or science to support the partisan claim CNN told you to keep vomiting, ad nauseum.

Nobody loses freedom if they choose to do those things voluntarily…a distinction lost on the Left.

And if, as you say, vaccines are ‘highly effective’, why push masking (proven ineffective – check NIOSH guidelines for the respirator requirements for a virus the size of COVID) on top of being vaccinated?

Texas, you say? Where the Feds are dumping hundreds of unvaccinated , ‘undocumented’ (immigration OR vaccine passport) COVID positive aliens daily?

Nah, just a coincidence, right?

Almost like the crisis is being…manipulated?

Yeah, look at the NYT map showing where the intense outbreaks are (if you can believe the CDC). It starts at the Texas border and radiates out. Idiot Biden is doing all he can to spread this virus, then showering the nation with his mandates. He creates the problem, then “solves” it by suppressing rights.

It has been established by controlled study that 3-ply surgical masks significantly reduce COVID transmission.

Define “significantly?” Being nebulous is tantamount to lying, you know.

And 3-ply surgical masks are not cloth masks.

If they said “wear n-95s or K-n95s”, you’d have a point. As it stands, they are taking away personal freedom for politics, not protection.

First they ban actual calls for violence online, then they censor non-Leftists for saying what they believe.

First they MAKE you wear a mask and then they MAKE you turn in your neighbor to the new American form of the CCP.

That’s how this works.

There is no data to show that masks and vaccines stop the spread of the virus.

A recent University of Alabama study shows masking reduces transmission by up to 68 percent. Other studies have concluded 77 percent, and even up to 80 percent. Masking opponents are simply ignoring the studies and data.

Japan, where the population density is MUCH greater than here, has had a total of only 15,527 COVID deaths to date. When COVID came they adopted universal masking. Nobody turned it into a political issue. They consider wearing a mask at the first sign of any respiratory infection a simple courtesy to others.

The studies involved surgical masks, by the way, not N95 masks. The Japanese people aren’t wearing N95 mask through the heat of Japan’s summers.

Masks do not work asswipe

This place has become a support group for idiots.

You do know greggie that no one knows how many cases of COVID 19 there has been in the world or even in the US because the test that CDC recommended can not tell the difference between COVID 19 and the annual flu. Both are of SARs origin. That is why a few weeks ago they recommended a new test that can detect COVID 19 only. As far as the effectiveness of the masks, they have also been attributed to increasing the incidence of bacterial pneumonia. Your ignorance always shows when you select studies that have little or no bearing in the issue. You also have no idea how to determine the validity of a study. You should leave evaluation of the important things in life to people who have the intelligence to understand them.

No, not if that is their choice. If they don’t want to wear a useless piece of cloth on their face or don’t want the vaccine because they have antibodies, have had the virus already or have complicating factors, they shouldn’t be FORCED to.

And that’s a personal choice. As having the vaccine no longer stops you from spreading or getting the virus, the “you’re killing people” b.s. is clearly debunked and just partisan rhetoric.

And since you struggle with data and reason, hospitals aren’t “out of beds”, but they are out of nurses.

Nurses and staff the failure Biden continues to pay to stay home and let our country burn.

As bad as it can be from the virus, it appears to be worse from the shot…

“Being vaccinated does not prevent transmission, it does not prevent infection and it does not prevent death … If one does get sick, … your symptoms are reduced. …”

Another Expert Warns about Covid Vaccines

And all the while you are infected, you are breeding new variants that aren’t susceptible to the shot. And then, …what?

Mass Vaccination Delays Herd Immunity and Risks Greater Damage, Unless a Sterilizing Vaccine Can Be Found

Ironically, the disinformation above will almost certainly do more harm to the total voter population on the right than on the left, because those on the right are more likely to be persuaded by it to avoid vaccination, and because those who are most likely to become seriously ill and die from COVID are older individuals—a demographic segment that’s more likely to be republican.

That’s it. Let out those secret racist-level prejudices. “Republicans are just old white men who should die anyway”.

Trump doubled the share of the black vote and got record Latino votes.

The only disinformation is your insurance on saying masks/vaccines stop the spread. They don’t.

If someone does of Covid, and it’s in part because they didn’t get the vaccine, it’s completely their choice.

Your remarks as clown and you’re getting your ass kicked has more people realized your cult lied to them.

My observation was accurate.

No, it was the true definition of the word.

Dividing us into groups for the purpose of gaining power is what Marxists do.

The anti-science medical bureaucracy is creating a medical apartheid…

I could have sworn the Left were big supporters of ‘my body, my choice’ and politicians not being allowed to interfere in someone else’s healthcare decisions?

I’ll believe the Karen’s are truly worried about the spread of COVID when those crossing our border are subjected to the same masking/vaccination standards they want to apply to citizens.

Well, yeah. But they don’t mean YOUR body, Your choice. They literally mean MY body, MY choice. In other words, you get a list of things you are allowed to do with and to your body and that’s it. Anything else brings the totalitarian police state down on you.

So, you can be promiscuous and spread STD’s all over as much as you want, then get an abortion (right up to the moment of delivery) to negate any “mistakes”, but you can’t decide if a vaccination is right for your health.

They very quickly deflected the saying your choice not to be vaccinated or wear a mask kills other people… Which is absolutely false.

Funny thing is though, I see you leftists quietly putting their head down through more mass mandates and potential lockdowns… As they don’t want those either.

Time to forget about the CCP virus. We should embrace getting it in order to progress toward herd immunity

Google ‘respirator fit test’ and then tell me the masks 99.975% of the population wears as ‘protection’ against COVID are effective.

Hell, look at the label on a package of cloth masks like most people wear, it clearly states ‘not a medical device’.

And just for fun, if you remember way back to the ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ days, the sainted Dr. Fauci himself said masks were ineffective.


The Left has lied about so many things – and changed their narrative 180 degrees so many times that like the boy (I’m sorry, young person of unspecified and indeterminate gender) who cried Wolf, no one believes them anymore…

And they’re so clueless, they can’t figure out why.

Surgical masks are not respirators. They’re not intended to function as respirators, and don’t NEED to function as respirators to effectively do what they’re intended to do.

Then they say wear two masks. Why? Because one mask doesn’t work. Then, wear three masks. Why? Because two masks don’t work. These mask worshipers are simply a joke.

UAB study, among others, shows masks are effective in preventing spread of COVID-19 – They reduce transmission by up to 80%.

This has now been established by MULTIPLE controlled studies.

“In addition to the UAB study, Lee references a study from China that found that facemasks were 79 percent effective in preventing transmission in households. Another systematic review, sponsored by the World Health Organization, showed that physical distancing, facemasks and eye protection all reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission of COVID-19. ”

China. The WHO (who simply parrots China). Not exactly keeping good company. Not exactly credible sources. But, I tell you what, Greg… you go ahead and believe them and wear your little mask. Then you can be like the other lemmings.

Unfortunately there’s just as many studies that say masks do not have the efficacy that the UAB study says they have.

I’m suspicious because they immediately reference a bogus study done by the backwards third world Chinese, and then also cite the World health organization, which was globally disgraced and lost all standing amongst anyone with a brain.

On the surface that looks like a good study, but they’re neglecting that most kids got covid in their house not at school, and they are removed quickly from class. Citing that mask stop transmission is more than disingenuous.

I believe masks stop water droplets to a degree, but not to the degree to justify their forced use… In violation of individual rights.

A not quite pandemic caused by a backwards country pretending to be first world is not an adequate reason to destroy our Constitution.

People who don’t get the vaccine or don’t wear masks are not putting others in danger: that’s Marxist partisan rhetoric.

Well, to state the (apparently not so) obvious, if the mask you are wearing doesn’t fit and seal like a respirator, the lil virii just wander right around the edges into your nose and mouth…

Thus rendering them ineffective in preventing transmission in either direction.

You have previously claimed military experience Greg. Remember the tear gas test?

Try it with your surgical mask and tell me how well it works.

And the gas particles are significantly larger than a virus.

Oh, and if we’re a support group for idiots, we sure aren’t making much progress with you. Not through lack of trying, though.

The sort of disinformation you’re spreading is literally killing people.

The Texas Supreme Court has declined to support Governor Abbott’s ban of school mask mandates. The restraining order blocking his ban will remain in effect. The Texas Education Agency has already suspended enforcement of his ban throughout the Texas public school system.

Score one for science, common sense, and the children of Texas.

Texas Supreme Court rejects Governor Abbott’s ban on school mask mandates:

In other news: DeSantis Top Donor Invests in COVID Drug Governor Promotes:

Score one for autocratic rule, that’s for sure.

If only there were any legitimate studies to show that masks stop the spread of covid, you’d have a point. As it stands right now, there aren’t.

Democrats are losing their voters en mass over Joe Biden’s massive failures and now totalitarian mask mandates.

I wouldn’t be celebrating, especially since Joe Biden is doing his job starting World war 3.

In other news, Democrats who get paid billions by corporations Banks and foreign governments set up a new hit campaign on a popular governor in Florida by accusing him of doing what they do daily, and in spades.

Well, Greg provided one! The Chinese and WHO says they work and if you can’t trust those who gave us this virus, who can you trust?

You’re a liar. The University of Alabama ran the study proving that surgical masks work, NOT the Chinese.

You have one bullet in your gun dude. It is the CCP virus that does not matter as long as biden is able to eat his oatmeal. biden will cause the end of human life so f*ck the CCP virus…

You’re a liar and an idiot. Read your own article. They cite the Chinese and WHO as validation of their phony “study”. Dumbass.

The University of Alabama isn’t in China. The study wasn’t conducted in China. The article only mentions China in passing. Why are you trying to deliberately mislead and confuse people?

You’re misleading yourself.

Recent real-life occurrence here where I live: un-vaxxed but surgical-masked nursing home nurse gets covid. Three vaccinated residents get covid due to contact. Two never have real symptoms, one does and dies.

Masks and vaccines didn’t stop it from spreading or from people dying. This the case across the nation. The “people got covid because you didn’t wear a mask/didn’t get vaxxed” holds no water in the least.

Your argument is logically invalid, so just stop.

There is no science to support masking children in school and without the science, there is no common sense in support of it. It’s all demagoguery.

Here’s some legitimate science proving that masks work, from the University of Alabama:

Masks don’t work
Lockdowns don’t work
And now, vaccines don’t work

It’s your brain that doesn’t work. Either that or your conscience.

You do not matter. Keep banging your head against the wall.

Yeah, all of that pig-headed stupidity is pretty much impenetrable. But the banging you’re hearing is actually the sound of warning signs being nailed up.

Well, Comrade Greggie, I have to admit this is not Joe Biden’s Saigon. Hell, it’s not even comparable to Jimmy Carter’s Tehran. It is much, MUCH worse. At least before Saigon and Tehran we destroyed our equipment and didn’t let it fall in the hands of the enemy like Joey Biden did.

But you want to talk about masks because you are hooked on spreading fear porn to promote your leftist agenda. Exactly what all murderous slugs that have been/are Communists have done before. January 6th is your Reichstag moment.

Americans are being beaten in Afghanistan and Biden tells them to to the Kabul airport but then he says he can’t guarantee them safe passage. At no other time in the history of our nation have we left our people behind and did nothing to help them. We are in the days of Biden who has become a international laughing stock.

So go ahead, continue to push your Chinese bio-weapon bullshit promoting masks that don’t work. It’s what you do. You are nothing more than an idiot and a liar.

You insist on trying to get people to believe your CCP paid for propaganda.
We are much smarter than that bro’

The U.S. faces another peak in child hospitalizations as the delta variant hits communities hesitant to get vaccinated –

But why mask them as school resumes? The nation has PLENTY of children. Only a few will die of COVID.

NBC news, not a reputable source

NBC didn’t compile the data. They’re only telling people about it. Which your sources WON’T.

From FOX News, today: Florida’s COVID-19 hot zone ‘bracing for the worst’ – Patients at Baptist Health’s hospitals across Jacksonville are younger and getting sick from the virus faster than people did last summer

Listen to what the parents are saying. Maybe DeSantis should listen.

It would only be valid to plot the overall percentage of mask compliance over time in ONE given location against the overall number of cases over time in the SAME location.

Someone has shopped around for pairs of locations having spikes that match in time to produce deceptive “comparisons” images. The two individual location plots may be entirely valid, but their merger into a single graph is a deliberate deception.

Cases in Australia have reached a new high, another tremendous success story in Following The Science™So sure, they’ve indefinitely destroyed the pretense of freedom in their country, but at least it’s also not working!— IM (@ianmSC) August 20, 2021

Hospitalizations in Washington have reached an all time high. Naturally, in response, they’re going to pointlessly reinstate a mask mandate starting 8/23The real question is though, how did Ron DeSantis take over Washington, Oregon & Hawaii so quickly? Tremendously impressive!— IM (@ianmSC) August 20, 2021

THEY LIED! FBI Finally Admits there Is “Scant Evidence” US Capitol Attack Was Coordinated –The “Organized Plot” Talking Point Was a MASSIVE LIE

Idiot Biden is really failing, huh? What’s his greatest failure, COVID19 response, the border, the economy or Afghanistan?

Greg has nothing but propaganda and spin. His president, biden is illegitimate and a complete failure. greg will not even defend his president anymore. It is over for biden

President Biden is not what everything is about for democrats—a point that is apparently beyond the grasp of resident Trump personality cult members.

Pentagon Confirms Biden’s Either Lying to the American People or Incompetent

Just minutes after President Biden failed to offer any real explanation for why things have gone sideways in Afghanistan amid the U.S. withdrawal, Pentagon officials proved that much of what Biden told the American people was untrue. That or Biden is entirely unaware of critical information regarding what’s going on in the world.

But he is a total and complete failure, just as we warned, and Kamala is totally worthless, just as we warned. Blinken is an idiot, Milley is an idiot, Austin is an idiot and the only way they can redeem themselves is to 25th this utter failure before he does more damage.

I don’t care what this clown is to the Democrat party; he’s supposed to be the president and he’s destroying the country.

The intelligence community is the tip of the spear when it comes to the 2020 election. They orchestrated a coup de etat along with compatriots who did not want the choice of the people as their President , that being President Trump.

We all know how incompetent the federal government is and has been. biden is not in control, it is the administrative state with some behind the scenes actors who are making executive policy. The old saying is personnel is policy. Look at the personnel in the executive branch.

This was a purposeful effort to prevent President Trump from having a second term where he could continue to dismantle the entrenched bureaucracy. This was done for their survival, not for America or Americans.

Someday the truth will come out I hope before it is to late…

greggie, the democrats put all their chips on Biden. As he goes, so goes the party!

Indeed, the more he fails, the more people realize how they’ve been lied to. Trust in media is cratering and idiot Biden is destroying the only thing he had going for him, that “Good Old Joe” persona that really never existed. People are wondering, is he a lying idiot or a delusional idiot?

Mississippi officials warn against using ivermectin for COVID-19 amid spike in poisonings –

Ivermectin, a medication used for the treatment of parasitic infections, is as useless for COVID as hydroxychloroquine.

This is the study that suggested ivermectin might be beneficial in the treatment or prevention of COVID:

Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines –

Roll halfway down the page to Table 2 and examine the column on the extreme right, “Quality of the Evidence”.

…when a loyal cult member has to parse everything just to maintain their crumbling worldview…

I’m unsure the level or quality of your education, but most public health measures in the face of a pandemic, historically, are mostly theater and done to ameliorate the minds of those who know in their hearts that the virus has to run through the community.

Masks and now the vaccine do not stop the spread of covid.

Deal with it.

Meanwhile, in the states where such b.s. is most widely believed…

Louisiana sees ‘astronomical’ number of new Covid-19 cases, governor says –

…Overall hospitalizations are continuing to increase across Alabama as the “pandemic of unvaccinated people continues,” state health officer Dr. Scott Harris said on Friday. Alabama hospitals have a negative capacity of ICU beds available, he said, and the state is seeing the highest number of Covid-19 cases among children than at any other time during the pandemic.

Louisiana has seen an “astronomical” number of Covid-19 cases during the latest surge, according to Gov. John Bel Edwards, as infections are increasing particularly among younger populations.

“I can tell you that for the last couple of days, 28% of all the new cases that we’re reporting are in children zero to 17,” he said on Friday.

And Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly said more people in the state were admitted to the hospital on Wednesday than any other single day. Nearly everyone in the ICU for Covid-19 is unvaccinated and six of the state’s largest hospitals are at 100% capacity for ICU beds, she said.

In Florida, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer on Friday asked residents to conserve water as liquid oxygen — typically used to treat the community’s water supply — was being diverted to hospitals locally and statewide to treat critically ill Covid-19 patients.

According to data from the US Department of Health & Human Services, more than 17,000 people are hospitalized with Covid-19 statewide.
“This is another impact of the virus continuing to surge in our community,” the mayor said in a Facebook post. “And it’s another result of what happens when residents do not get the vaccine and become critically ill, needing medical support and treatment.”

Another recipient of idiot Biden’s illegal immigrant COVID Trojan horse. Failing idiot Biden is doing all he can to spread the virus because more than ever, he needs the excuse for more election fraud.

Hospitalizations in Hawaii are up 854% in 2 months, despite one of the longest mask mandates and highest vaccination rates in the country, but the good news is that experts and the media are squarely focused on ignoring this and forcing masks on 2 year olds.— IM (@ianmSC) August 21, 2021

Well we’re up to a year and a half of California, Arizona and Nevada following nearly identical curves, but sure experts, human behavior is what makes cases go up and down— IM (@ianmSC) August 21, 2021

Comrade Greggie, tell us all, what the hell does the Chinese Kung flu have to do with the disaster that is Afghanistan and completely Lying Biden’s fault?

It wasn’t Trump that ordered Bagram AFB to be abandoned in the middle of the night, turning off the lights without warning to our allies or the Afghan military. It wasn’t Trump that left thousands of Americans stranded in Kabul, first telling them to make their way to the airport, then telling them they would not get any U.S. protection on their way to the airport, then telling those Americans they would have to pay their own way back to the U.S. then saying “never mind” on that order. It wasn’t Trump that have created the prospect of another Tehran.

And how odd that while you are quoting Kung flu numbers you are not mentioning the outbreak on Martha’s Vineyard from the Obama gang bang. Why is that, Commie bastard?

COVID-19 is the topic at the top of the page.

So when did you start adhering to “topic” rules. You’re such a POS.

Your attempts to make this a permanent totalitarian-justifying crisis have failed.

Just move on.

China let out a coronavirus that we helped fund and now it’s part of the world’s disease list.

Covid-19 as a pandemic is over.

False. It works and is often prescribed as a treatment. It is totally save when properly prescribed.

It works great—if you’re a horse or cow with intestinal parasites, or a dog or cat that needs protection from heart worms.

Actually there are people (ranchers who cannot afford to be sick and off the job) who have successfully self-medicated with the feed-store grade of ivermectin. While successful, THIS is what is discouraged. The same is true with HCQ; self-medication is what causes the problems. But under a doctor’s care and properly dosed, the medications work and work very, very well. Why this is discouraged and denounced has only one motive: make the epidemic last longer, make people as dependent upon government as possible and, under Trump, increase the death count as high as possible for political effect.

My brother, a rancher, keeps penicillin he gets from the feed store and gives himself an injection whenever he would begin to feel sick. He has given me an injection before and, by God, it works. Believe it or not, intelligent people can actually survive without the government (now about the DUMBEST people we have) telling you how to live and what to do. For some, though, their mental weakness makes them the perfect victim for government control. How’s that going?

Do you also wear flea collars?

No, and I DON’T HAVE FLEAS. How about that!

Two months in to Israel’s reinstated mask mandate, cases are up 7970%, higher than last year’s summer peak, and rapidly approaching the all time high from January.I do not understand how anyone can think masks work. It’s just a complete fantasy based on nothing.— IM (@ianmSC) August 23, 2021

Looks like they spread it.

South Korea continues to report record high COVID cases even with 99% mask compliance, but sure experts, if we only would all wear masks, cases would never go up— IM (@ianmSC) August 22, 2021

Masks don’t work
Vaccines don’t work
And, lockdowns don’t work

You’re right.
I remember, going based on early information, (now known to be MISinformation) being angry at the Mormons here in Utah who ignored all accepted wisdom (of the time) and going right ahead and “love-bombing” one another whether it gave some of them covid or not.
Turned out that Utah became one of the 1st states to reach an effective herd immunity.
Sure, there are still a few cases and even deaths, but the average age at death for covid matches the average age at death for the Utah population as a whole.
So, it’s a wash.

Parents are keeping their children out of a school here in Texas because the school won’t mandate masks. Well, nothing keeps their children from wearing masks. Wear more than one. Obviously, they don’t believe masks work or else it wouldn’t matter if someone else isn’t wearing a mask.

“Do what I demand or I’ll throw a fit.”

“Crisis Standards of Care” are now in effect statewide in Alaska and Idaho, and locally Montana because COVID-19 has overwhelmed their healthcare systems.

Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas are now at or over 90 percent patient capacity.

“Crisis Standards of Care” means that patients are now being triaged for medical treatment based upon their estimated chances of survival. If your chances of survival are lower, you may not be considered eligible for treatment.

This situation has resulted from millions of people who have refused safe, free, and effective COVID-19 vaccinations. Presently the 7-day rolling average of daily COVID-19 deaths exceeds 2,000.

The total number of U.S. COVID-19 deaths since the pandemic began is now over 680 thousand. The total number of U.S. COVID deaths exceeded the estimated number of 1918 Spanish Flu fatalities a few days ago.

What are ‘crisis standards of care’? –

EXPLAINER: What are ‘crisis standards of care’?

Meanwhile, seriously ill, unvaccinated COVID-19 patients are rapidly depleting the supply of monoclonal antibodies—so don’t count on that, either.

” The total number of U.S. COVID deaths exceeded the estimated number of 1918 Spanish Flu fatalities a few days ago.”

Again, you show your stupidity in order to push your agenda. So your left wing Marxist press pushes the scare meme that America has now lost as many due to the Chinese Kung flu than it did the Spanish Flu. Noticeable is that you failed to mention that the U.S. population was less than one third in 1918 what it is now.

Nor do you seem to care that Talibiden is moving illegal aliens, Kung flu positive, all across this nation without a test or treatment.

Biden wants to kill Americans.

I also failed to mention medical care is FAR more effective today than in 1918, but COVID-19 has STILL killed more.

Your pushing that meme is designed purely to brain wash the low information voter into thinking that the Chinese Kung flu is equal to the Spanish flu.

The only thing equal is the mishandling of the pandemic by two Dem presidents, Wilson and Talibiden. That is not the only thing those two have in common.

Turn off the damn politics switch. Everybody should be vaccinated. Look at what’s happening with the hospitals because of the infection rate. Do we want that to stop, or not?

greggie believes he is entitled to his own facts that he makes up. That is what deranged people do. Just listen to Biden to confirm this.

Yeah, with hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. But the left doesn’t like the effective treatments. Thus… loaded hospitals, but up to 50% of the “cases” are not cases at all.

Idiot Biden, COVID-spreader-in-Chief. What a complete failure. Maybe he could name Killer Cuomo as his COVID czar.