Believe in The Science, you Heathen!


via IanmSC:

Time to update the “Which area followed The Science™” game!
Which curve represents an area run by True Believers in The Science™, with nearly continuous mask mandates inside & outside and relentless lockdowns, and which one did essentially nothing?
Let’s ask the experts!

In case you were wondering, Germany continues to report higher death rates than Sweden despite medical grade mask mandates, N95 mandates & testing requirements to enter many indoor locations

The good news is that experts and the media have learned absolutely nothing from this

Iceland has reported more cases in the past month than they had in the previous 9 months combined
91.2% of their adult population is at least partially vaccinated, 86.5% are fully vaccinated
Fauci said with 50% vaccinated, we wouldn’t see surges like those in the past


Nearly two months after reinstating their mask mandate, Israel ranks 4th in the world in case rate and is rapidly approaching record highs so the masks are working flawlessly, as always.

Sacramento County mandated masks again on 7/29, the same day the CDC Director said masks “could stop the delta variant spike within two weeks”
It’s been ~3 weeks and hospitalizations continue to rise rapidly and are well above last summer’s peak
Nailed it again, The Science™!


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Masks don’t work.
But Joe needs a diversion.
Joe’s latest speech was a real treat.
He acted all angry and self-righteous.
He huffed and puffed about masks.
It meant nothing.
And, it didn’t work.
The media and pols from every side are still, even 4 or 5 days after the fall of Afghanistan, talking about Afghanistan.
Go hide, Joe.

the bogus vaccine does not work. in harrison county in Tx, hospitals are only accepting patients that have been vaccinated. non vaccinated patients are sent home.
The bogus adminiastration is falling apart and there is no glue in this world that can put even a part together.
Demorats secured their own fate and destroyed America. hope those AH’s who voted for the agalmatophilia are happy now.
The foreign press is calling the moron an idiot among other chosen works. he and his cabinet is a disgrace to America and humanity. so a $2000/person bill to leave Kabul?? does this bogus gov. accept credit/debit cards?? The Americans that can not make it out: women raped and murder or sold into slavery; female children slavery; mature teenage slavery or butchered; adult males butchered.
What is left will be held as hostage’s for the AH biden’s admin pay the random. no different than tehran under carter.

Those who have succumbed to the Democrat’s campaign of fear, which enables them to suppress rights and wield control, are dedicated to their masks. It’s the only thing they can do on their own to mitigate this pervasive threat they’ve been indoctrinated to believe. They are SO dedicated to them that they INSIST everyone else buy in to their self-imposed ignorance as well.

They are told the masks work. They don’t want to hear otherwise and will not consider the data that shows they do NO good; they WANT to believe in their masks.

Do you need to convince others to behave stupidly in order to feel less stupid yourselves?

Explain the data.

Now that we know vaccines don’t stop covid from spreading, you idiots are pivoting back to the useless mask argument.

Masks do not significantly prevent the spread of Covid.

When someone does of Covid, there are only two things to blame:

1. The virus itself, and
2. China

Anyone blaming non-mask wearers is easily dismissed for having a lack of intelligence.