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The Battle of Seattle showing the usial bunch of Hoodelums kick down and smashing windows and looting they ended up many getting arrested Looters should all be arrested and anyone should be allow to shoot looters trying to loot their place to heck with all that liberal Bleedingheart crap we hear from those whining little liberal snowflakes

Not committing crimes keeps you from being arrested.

There was nothing racial about this.

It the last dying gasp of the current Dem Party, peddling fear to get votes.

As protests and unrest continued in Minneapolis following the killing of George Floyd, people are questioning the identity of a man filmed smashing windows. Footage emerged of the white man, dressed all in black, and in gloves and boots, calmly smashing the windows of an auto parts store with a large hammer. His face is obscured by an expensive-looking gas mask and he is also holding an open black umbrella — although it was not raining. Twitter quickly christened him ‘Umbrella Man’. The strange choice of clothes for a warm day, combined with the high quality gas mask, raised suspicions.

A couple of old truths are being put to the test in these riots.
1. The guy above is probably a paid George Soros Antifa thug.
He is checking to see that, YES, the “broken window” theory holds water.
He went around, calmly breaking windows and soon the “protestors” were looting and setting fires to cover their own crimes.

2. The socialist/sociologists Cloward and Piven opined that communism/socialism could more easily replace our gov’t when sympathizers had overwhelmed the system. By their own admission, Minn gov’t officials put too few feet on the ground to deal with the huge numbers of people on the streets after curfew.
So, they stood down.
And the burning, looting, shooting happened with few arrests.

Tonight will be different.
Instead of 1,000 Nat’l Guard there will be over 15,000 along with federal soldiers available.
Other cities see that giving the criminals space only leads to more criminality along with loss of tax base.
So, there will be no equivalent to the American Revolution coming out of this, much as Soros would like that.

Not this time.

@Nan G:


More Proof Of Paid Protesters: Ad Asking For Protesters To Travel To Protest, List Of Payouts To #Ferguson Protest Organizers

Antifa has not gone away. It is still there and now, look at any of these riots and count the people in the black Antifa uniforms.

Yes, Soros money is behind a lot of this. Along with Twitter which is the preferred method of communication for Antifa.

As I watched those guys loading a flat bed cart with flat screen TV’s, I could not find the “This is dedicated to the memory of George Floyd” plaque.

Kaepernick explained that his kneeling was for “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”, a proven lie to incite racial violence. Nothing similar whatsoever.

White Dallas Shop Owner STONED By Mob of Rioters for Defending Business, Critically Injured (GRAPHIC)

the guys loading a flat bed cart with flat screen TV’s, were not protesting they were stealing. this is the typical MO for these people. Ferguson, Missouri was the same with bussed in protestors. states and cities run by democraps are now in total ruin physically and financially. ca., ny, nyc, and chi now want federal bailout. so how is it that ca. declaring it the state a “nation state” qualifies for federal aid?? what pelosi’s
nephew, yes the AH gov of ca. does not understate that the concept of a “natoin state” collapsed in 1914, with the commencement of WWI.
this incident was staged by the globalist and deep state terrorists . these domestic terrorist-protestors are illiterate pawns in a game they have no idea or concept. if you are arrested for destruction of property, etc. date run both federal and state and if on welfare-your welfare check is CX for life.

Next level virtue signalers…

Or antifa….

Conspiracy from the left is white supremacists wanting to foment the discord. Or police started it.

Could be a little of all of that going on along with willing participants and instigators with their own motives. Mob mentality is a beast.

As George Floyd Video Makes MSM Headlines, Clip of Black Cop Violently Choking Young Man Practically Nowhere To Be Seen

Watching the crowds in various cities last night there was one thing apparent; Antifa was there, marching in their unmistakable black-dress and gear. Outsiders, anarchists, funded by Soros and the left wing, hi-jacking what was to be peaceful protest marches. One other thing that was quite apparent but not addressed by the press; most of these marchers are young, late teens, early 20’s.

If the people who want peaceful protests do not police themselves, they need to. They need to photograph (every one has a cell phone) the Antifa goons who come with pipes, Molotov cocktails, etc. to smash up windows and encourage looting and hand those photographs over to the PDs of those cities. They need to inform the police on who those goons are. And once the leaders of these marches realize their movement has been hi-jacked, they need to disperse and go home leaving nothing but the Antifa agitators standing alone. And they need to identify those who were looting. You can’t tell me that no one knows who they are. If the marchers truly want justice, that includes justice for those looting.

And where are the “civil rights” leaders with bullhorns telling those protesters to follow the model of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Hiding in their multi-million $$ homes, I’m sure.

Frankly, I’m sick of these riots be they LA, Baltimore, Detroit or Ferguson, Missouri. People burning down the very neighborhoods they live in and then whining when there are no businesses in their neighborhoods run by minorities. This same cop in question killed a Native American. Did you see the Choctaw, Apache, Seminole, Cherokee and Comanche marching in the streets demanding “justice” for the Native American man? Nope. And you won’t.

But this November black Americans once again will vote for the very same Democrat party that has not done one damn thing for them but give pretty promises like so many broken treaties. It’s “battered wife” syndrome on steroids.

@Nathan Blue:

It the last dying gasp of the current Dem Party, peddling fear to get votes.

You guys really don’t get out of your bubble much, do you?