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If you are kneeling and not playing who needs expensive shoes, some made in China where workers make 22.5 cents an hour wages?
Possibly the worst business decision EVER, Get ready for those shoes to be sitting unpurchased on the 70% off rack.
Take a look at the other “name brands” and decide if you should be paying 100 or more bucks a pair.
Greenies should know just 16 cargo ships pollute more than all the cars in the WORLD.
How about a nice pair of New Balance https://www.unionlabel.com/shoes–boots.html

Thanks for doing this.

This will be the biggist mistake made by a buisness like with New Coke and Dick the Pricks Sporting Good BYE NIKE

UFC welterweight champ Colby Covington sums it all up nicely:

UFC Champ Just Body Slammed Nike & Kaepernick in Epic Smack Down

I don’t keep up with sportswear marketing much. Been buying New Balance sports shoes for the past few years simply because they are USA made. I might consider a pair of Nike in the near future.

Kap is making $19 million a year and if you search for his “net worth 2018” the figure you get is a net worth of $20 million.

Sounds like he’s a real genius at handling money too, though maybe one of the figures is wildly in error.

Don’t get too excited about the boycott having a big effect. 56% of Nike profits come from foreign countries. China is the largest. Foreign countries won’t pay any attention to a boycott.

@Wordsmith: Aside from no In N Outs In my area, I’m not much pursuaded by late night toilet Tweeters. I do understand many are. It ultimately highlights their gullibility.

Nike will also donate money to Kaepernick’s “Know Your Rights” campaign.

Oh, you mean Kaepernick won’t be donating all his salary to it? Why not? Trump donates HIS salary to worthy causes.

Kaepernick didn’t sacrifice anything. He was a washed up flash-in-the-pan that was benched. While he was pouting on the bench during the National Anthem, the came up with the idea to call his pout a “protest” against “police brutality”, most notably the Michael Brown case. Brown’s death and subsequent political usage by the left was a lie and sham of monumental proportions, so his protest is illegitimate, at best.

hat “Know Your Rights” campaign for America’s youth features statements such as, “You have a right to be free,” “You have a right to be healthy,” “You have a right to be safe.”

Blacks in Chicago don’t have any of those rights, but Kaepernick, like all other liberals, isn’t concerned about them.

I actually feel like it’s mostly those who are crying out the loudest regarding racial animus who have set out country back, moreso than actual racists and white supremacists in America.

These racists using racism as a political weapon promote the white supremacists’ agenda by validating the stereotypes the white supremacists base their prejudices on. Before these people, we could find almost no people that acted like white supremacists claimed blacks acted. But, no more.

Kaepernick’s controversial kneeling died down until Trump stupidly had to weigh-in at a time when the issue had already peaked and waned. So then his tweet breathed new life into the issue; and part of the “disrespect” wasn’t so much about kneeling for Kaepernick’s original cause, but for showing push-back and defiance against Trump and the misguided belief that one needed to flex one’s 1st Amendment muscle.

Though it is still disrespecting the best among us in order to make the point that they do NOT respect or honor the United States or the opportunities they have been provided.

Kaepernick is the face of the spoiled, entitled liberal crybaby. Maybe Gerber can give him a spokesperson deal.

James Woods won the internet today with this:
Nike was “just do it.”
Today it is:
“Nike stock; just sold it.”
And, according to this chart, he wasn’t alone!

All Kaepernick has sacrificed is whatever self esteem and honor he may have ever had.

Well, lookie here. Brennan and Ahmedinejad on the same team!

The #NFL season will start this week, unfortunately once again @Kaepernick7 is not on a NFL roster. Even though he is one of the best Quarterbacks in the league.#ColinKaepernick #NFL

— Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (@Ahmadinejad1956) September 3, 2018

Sundance, at the Conservative Treehouse posits a much darker reason that Nike and Levi-Strauss are going with unpopular social justice warrior issues in their publicity campaigns.
They use communist China’s sweatshops and communist China fronts for NORTH KOREAN sweatshops.
In reality North Korea uses free labor from its hundreds of thousands of political prisoners.
China knows this.
Nike and Levi-Strauss know this.
To get their cash to liberal/globalist bedfellows these companies take a roundabout route that hides the North Korean connection.
Their money is laundered to Dems and globalists thru the diversion of Colin and BLM.
China’s policies are hidden and obfiscated by our focus on domestic lefty issues.

@Wordsmith: I don’t think anyone questions these people have a RIGHT to protest or say whatever they want. The one and only question is WHY do they feel it necessary to denigrate the flag, nation and military to carry out their protest? So, due to the forum in which they have decided to present their “protest”, it is also the right of every American to react in whatever way they feel appropriate and proper. These protester are offering their opinion of our country and we are offering our opinion of them.

Is this true?

@Deplorable me: If so Air Jordon collectibles just went up they wont be making anymore at Nike. If you have a pair keep them pristine stuff them, put them in the sealed package and smile.

@kitt: Actually, I have found out that story is false.

@Wordsmith: It should be emphasized. They can do whatever the league will allow them to do to cut their own throats and we can react in any way we feel is peacefully appropriate.

@Greg: How about Beto on his criminal record or Soros backing?

@Deplorable Bill: Doesnt matter he has’nt a snowballs chance, unless you are listening to Rolling while Stoned

my daughter made the greatest sacrifice for her country. I have her coffin flag on my desk to remind me of the sacrifice she made

@MOS#8541: No one that hasn’t suffered the loss you have can understand, and certainly no overpaid, racist crybabies know what true sacrifice truly is.

I offer my sympathies for your loss and my gratitude for your daughter’s sacrifice.