Cuban Military Abuse Mirrors The Oppression Of America


Air Force One landed in Havana this weekend, delivering an homage from America to the Cuban dictatorship. In servile acquiescence to his fascist hosts, Obama posed for pictures with likenesses of Che Guevara and Jose Marti, even placing a wreath on Revolution Square in remembrance to Marti.  Such undisguised and significant spectacles of validation for oppression reflect an indisputable state of mind — an acquiescence to despotism.  It mirrors the suppression of America and its rule of law, which this Administration has successfully imposed through the protection of seniors bankers who violated and vandalized American taxpayers, and America’s middle class and then, for good measure, kicked the poorest of the Nation into permanent poverty.

Obama in Cuba


Most of middle America has been led to gloss-over the vile and ubiquitous overt action by the senior banker and their permanent impact on America and the West.  The MSM has warded off our analysis and contemplation, diverting our gaze from the most exceptional imposition of totalitarianism on the Nation.  The FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Nation-exposing use of private servers and its investigation into Clinton’s Foundation, regardless what is uncovered, will pale in comparison to what the bought-and-paid-for Administration delivered to the West’s most senior bankers.

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While Cuba is a ‘Military’ dictatorship, this Administration has facilitated the decapitation of the rule of law, bringing about a tyrannical autocracy — where only a decade ago, the rule of man was the system of governance.  This decapitation of the rule of law, you know, that inconvenient thing that all are accountable to, including government mandarins, and bureaucrats and all politicians and Presidents, has changed the Nation irreparably.

The relationship between specific individuals and the ’State’ has been altered through the disobedience of America’s laws by a ‘managed’ Administration. Law’s supremacy has been rendered insignificant against those who can buy the highest offices in the land, and who have seized the leverage that will keep their giant collective boot on the neck of the 99%.

The culmination of this power-grab by the senior bankers, through this Administration, was reached when Lanny A. Breuer, the Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice said,  The collateral consequences of an indictment would be devastating to their client (banks) . . . . Global markets will feel the effects.”  Why was this relevant?  He was simplistically and superficially using fear to rationalize why none of the crimes committed by bankers who control the largest banks and the Federal Reserve were never charged for anything.

Lloyd Blankfein


Have we forgotten minor events such as the bankruptcy of Iceland having resulted from its purchase of empty bags of loan packages from Goldman Sachs?  Have we already forgotten the abusive use of mortgage packaging in the creation of the housing bubble?  Surely all of those still suffering from the devastation succumbed-to under abuses related to the securitization of subprime loans, have not forgotten.

Following the Administration’s effectively closing of the books on senior banker fraud, Breuer joined buddy Eric Holder at Covington & Burling LLP to collect his due gratitude from Goldman Sachs and the senior Wall Street bankers — a $4 million plus pay-check was awaiting his planned arrival.  He professed feigned indignation at the actions of senior bankers, and after all, the banks (the companies, not the ‘employees’) had been fined so the world was as it should be.

Our news was sprinkled with a few spaced out fines being levied on the banks as if that somehow lathered salve on our bewilderment.  We were told for example, that Morgan Stanley and Goldman paid a fine (a corporate fine) of $557 million to settle allegations of foreclosure abuses in their loan servicing operations.  Got that? That’s on the level of a parking ticket to them.  Impact on bonuses?  None. Personal cost? Zero.

Other banks paid ‘seemingly’ large fines and more recently, to make sure that the dragon never again reared its ugly head under future potentially non-deferential Presidents (Trump or Cruz), Morgan agreed to a ‘settlement’ of $5 billion to make all things pertaining to the financial crisis and residential mortgage bonds, magically ‘go away’  You will Never find out what the details of that settlement were, nor who did what to whom.  We have been fed simplistic and banal generalities damaging nothing and harming no one bank-related.

Obama is making sure his financiers get taken care of this year, . . . . The settlement would resolve any civil claims the government has against Goldman for its role in packaging up home loans into mortgage backed securities and selling those bonds to investors.”   That will prevent future Administrations from meddling into their affairs.  Thank you, Obama, Holder and Breuer.

There had been No Investigations, though Breuer claimed they had “looked at it,” as if we’d be convinced that “looked at it” had been sufficient. And he shared a ‘worry’ that innocent employees might have lost their jobs if he had indicted their banks.   What a beautiful, wonderful, perfectly formed and well-fashioned LIE.  Who said we wanted companies indicted?  We wanted guilty senior executives prosecuted — all and any.  Breuer also pretended that one bank being persecuted might bring down the whole industry.  How perfect is this LIE?  It’s simple. It’s easy to understand. It refers to “banking” which we have all been convinced is an oh-so-complex industry.  You’re just too dumb to understand its complexities, don’t you know.  So move along.

Instead, America had been treated to an abundance of excuses.  The excuse I found most dishonest and antagonizing was the pretence that the banking ‘packages’ and transactions were too complex.  That was an insult to any taxpayer capable of spitting gum while sitting.  Even the tax evader, Obama’s Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner threatened that prosecution would endanger the fragile financial system.  And yet the Administration’s shameful refusal to implement the Nation’s laws encountered zero push-back of any measure or significance.

The banks forked over a few billion dollars in fines to make the non-prosecuting  Administration look like it might be doing something.  Bank shareholders were penalized slightly — slapped a little, but the senior management was left absolutely and completely untouched, pristine and fresh as daisies.

The very same senior bankers at the top of the banking food-chain eight years ago, today run a malleable and acquiescent America.  The United States has been brought to heel.

While you have struggled to survive and to support your families under shrinking incomes, the senior banks received $1 trillion in TARP crony-money that has been used to further push you into the indentured morass.  Do you really think it is difficult to make money when you get it at zero interest, and lend it out for homes and cars at 3% to 8%?  The banking geniuses have done an outstanding job of convincing the world of how ‘complex’ their simple business is, . . . but they do it with such admirable conviction.

Illustrious enterprises like Washington Mutual and Bear Sterns were gifted to JP Morgan Chase. Bank of America swallowed Merrill Lynch, and Wells Fargo gobbled-up Wachovia for lunch. All of them, along with Goldman, manipulate the Federal Reserve System — that independent, globally-omnipotent vehicle used to create, manipulate, and distribute fiat currency.  Too-big-to-fail became Way-Too-Big-To-Ever-Fail.  If one bank ever did fail, the Nation might disintegrate into ashes, don’t you know.

Bankers are safe, the Administration is safe, and politicians of both Dem and Rep (most) stripes are safe.  The Rule of Law?  Decimated.

America’s most senior offices have been compromised by money and power.  The Constitution has been disgraced and spurned with disdain, and the 99% have been disrespected and oppressed.

A new age has been ushered in. An untouchable elite has slithered in, and ensconced itself into invisible quarters of absolute power — ushered into that dominance by supposedly elected abusers of the Constitution and the Nation — the Nation that it once parented and that it is intended to steer.

The Castros used the gun to gain power in Cuba, and now retain it absolutely with force and an iron fist.  Bankers took power over America through the White House and much of Congress.

The current Presidential campaign evidences some anger that is rightly aimed at the self-righteous abuse of the political system.  The 2016 Presidential election will dictate whether or not the abuse continues.

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Nothing says socialism like being photographed in tacit approval of oppression and mass murder.

@Bill: #1
Bill, . . . and then a verbal Agreement with the Dictator on his insults to America. And this, he does while in a foreign land.

He is both stupid AND hateful. How else to explain it?