Putin Goes To War . . . Real War . . . Again. Where Is Obama?


Obama today ran to the podium using a horrendous crime at a college in Oregon to rail against guns. As traumatic as these insane killings are, when Obama addressed the Nation, barely any information was available from Oregon.  What was he up to? Was he throwing a shiny object, gun control, out there for the media to goggle at while, . . . while what?

Assad : Putin


Well, while Putin is settling into a long term encampment in Syria, and going to war. War! Encampment?  OK, well not so much encampment as ‘occupation’.  Yes, that’s better — occupation, which in Putin terminology translates to ‘annex’ if his dalliance in, well, annexation of Crimea, is any attestation of intent.

Our piteous media cannot find the words to protect Obama, so it blathers on, inanely attempting to explain something it evidently does not understand as it pears in vain through the eyes of a blundering Administration — what can it possibly be thinking? It’s so very difficult for the media to make sense of lies and obfuscations flowing out of this Administration, but it tries.  Putin understands, and furthermore, Putin takes action. He is ruthless — a merciless and sadistic graduate that makes the KGB proud.

Putin now has tanks, drones, bombers, fighter jets, and he has ships in Tartus, Syria, his only naval base in the Mediterranean Sea.  Where’s Obama? Oh, is that him hiding behind Kerry?  To make sure the world gets the message, China is also ‘acting’, having sent military advisers aboard a naval vessel which will arrive in the coming days.  Israeli military news indicates that this Chinese ‘help’ is in the form of Chinese aircraft carrier Liaonig-CV-16.

Chinese Liaonig-CV-16


Instead of backdooring weapons to Syrian rebels as Obama and Clinton attempted in the Benghazi/Turkey-arm-the-Jihadist fiasco, Putin is waging a war directly and unequivocally on all Syrian rebels.  Instead of arming some ‘guys’, but not those ‘guys’, and maybe these other ‘guys,’ but we’re not sure because we don’t really know who’s who,  Putin is attacking REBELS. But, but, but, Obama says those aren’t the right rebels. No kidding?   Apparently now, Obama likes the Al-Quaeda and other rebels and says he doesn’t like those other guys, the ISIS guys.   So what of those?

Putin will in time attack all rebels.   Why?  Because Syria will be his, and he will not stand for rebellion. Remember how he acted on rebels in Chechnya where he destroyed wide swaths of towns killing men, women and children without flinching.  Syria will in time no longer be a haven for countless terrorist cells and terror launching pads.  There is plenty of lucre awaiting Putin at the end of his campaign.

Syria will be a gateway to energy cash, particularly gas, with Europe, as well as China, waiting in the Mediterranean for the pipeline to deliver the vital energy source flowing out of Iran’s South Pars field.

Europeans  had anticipated that Iranian gas coming through an Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline would have provided them a counterbalance against blackmailing at the hands of Putin’s Gazprom.  Europe’s hoped-for diversification in now another dream wreaked on the shoals of incompetence and inaction by Obama and the E.U.  This was also one of the main reasons why the E.U. went along with Obama’s incomprehensible Iranian deal.   European nations needed alternatives to Putin’s oil and gas.

Putin wasted no time with an end-run. He could not retreat, or be seen to retreat from American presence in the region. Facing any other President in the White House, he probably would have, but not this one, given the past six year experience.  Can any of us imagine Putin telling a Reagan, “you have one hour to get out, we’re dropping bombs” as he did yesterday to America in Syria?  Hardly.

Putin will firmly control Syria. He doesn’t like Assad, but Assad was cornered and available for the taking. Putin already has significant influence in Teheran, and its newfound wealth generously delivered by Obama, will enrich Putin’s coffers as Russia furnishes Iran’s Ayatollah with whatever he wishes, from arms to nuclear technology. Turkey is not surprisingly confused given the unreliability of Obama and its dreams of becoming a regional superpower, perhaps even invading Syria, have evaporated. As for Iraq, it is still ‘in play’ as Obama curls-up on a closet floor of the Oval Office.

Putin has sent an admonition and warning to Obama and to Europe’s leaders — you made a mess of the Middle East, you are weak, you are incompetent, you are not paying attention, and your weakness is going to cost you, but enjoy all the refugees flooding through your borders.

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Now, wait just a minute… Kerry WAS sent out to confirm that he was “concerned”.

The “chosen parasites” don’t believe in “borders, language, culture.”

1. UN chief of Migration, chairman at Goldman-Sachs bank.
2. Sydney Blumenthal, not a Muslim, he works for Hillary.
3. Rupert Murdoch: Bloomberg would make a good president.
4. Bloomberg sells Sharia financial services in the Middle East.
5. Syrian “rebel” terrorists met Keating 5 Senator McCain.

In less than 24 hours the Obama asskissers were on the tube using their trademark strawman response to every Obama foreign policy failure: “What’s YOUR solution, GO TO WAR?!!”

No, idiot, my solution was to vote for someone other than the guy with zero experience in anything but sitting around while people agreed with everything he said. See, being president of the United States requires some depth, some ability to think, some objectivity about one’s own capabilities and how ones plans are working out…

Oh, wait–his plans are working perfectly if all those crazy rightwingers are correct about his goals. If they’re wrong, then he’s just a freakin’ self-obsessed idiot.

Putin is backing Assad, as WE should have all along. It’s pretty obvious when something like 90% of our sorties return without dropping their ordnance on the jihadis that our government is actively supporting the wrong side in Syria.

If we had stepped up for our Desert Storm Allie, Russia would not be in place to impede Israel’s attack on Iran’s nuke program and we could have used Assad as leverage against Iran. Instead we helped overthrow Qaddafi, who was already neutralized, and helped form and arm what has become ISIS.


Putin is backing Assad, as WE should have all along.

Actually, we had no business being involved. Assad could have burned himself out fighting rebels and he would have been too busy to interfere anywhere else.

We had a distinct interest in Iraq and Obama abandoned that; in Syria, where we had no business, he puffed out his chest and drew a red line, ultimately embarrassing the nation for no reason whatsoever.

Now he wants to predict what will happen to the Russians… based on his extensive knowledge of world affairs, as demonstrated by his foreign policy successes.

Are chosen parasites the JEWS?

Are chosen parasites the JEWS?@Bill:
WTF interest did we have in IRAQ? WMD???? Putting in a Maliki led Shia government that was destined to be Iran’s ally ?
Obama was bound by the SOFA that Bush pledged the USA would obey.
You are entitled to your own opinions, but facts are facts

So we should have supported the side that Israel was NOT supporting ?

obama will not go against his own.


You need to research Israel was better off wit Assad

@john: I see you care little for facts.

WMD’s… yes. Plain and simple.

The SOFA was a negiable agreement depending upon conditions on the ground. But who would want to put their future in the hands of a lying looser like Obama? Apparently no one

There it is again, it’s Bush’s fault. Dude that dog won’t hunt anymore. Give it a rest. GWB put nothing in stone. Obama just actually needed be President and negotiate a different deal instead we get a teleprompter hugging placebo.

You need to spend some time getting your mind to catch up with your words because they far outrun it.


As far as I am concerned… FÚCK ISRAEL

As of today:

Iraq may ask Russia to bomb IS targets within its borders, giving Moscow “definitely a bigger role than the Americans.”
“We might be forced to ask Russia to launch airstrikes in Iraq soon,” Hakim al-Zamili, chairman of the Iraqi parliament’s defense and security committee, told Reuters. “We are seeking to see Russia have a bigger role in Iraq. . . Yes, definitely a bigger role than the Americans.”

Obama thought he could ”tread water” until he could hand off Iraq to the next president, 18 months from now, but Iraq has had it with Obama’s dithering.
In just a few days of bombing Russia has destroyed 40% of ISIS’ infrastructure in Syria.
It can be done where there is a will.
Obama had no willpower.
I guess the people will just have to settle for being saved by a power that is, as Obama puts it, ”on the wrong side of history.”

@Nanny G: #14

Iraq has had it with Obama’s dithering.

Is there any positive adjective that might describe this man of few capabilities? None.

He was propped up, protected, pampered, and installed into the Oval Office — but there’s nobody home.

Spending hundreds of millions on personal travel, as the royal couple have done, while gushing idiocies and outright lies about . . . well, about everything. What a wonderful life this guy’s having — and the world burns.

America’s troubles are just starting, regardless what the mindless talking heads pretend.

Chinese Aircraft Carrier……chuckle. That carrier is not in actual service at the present time and does not have any aircraft operating off of it. It’s all a ‘show the flag’ deal. It’ll be at least 2 years before it is in service.

If we play our cards right, our unsolveable Middle East problem will become Putin’s unsolveable Middle East problem. Is there some reason why we shouldn’t let this happen?