Chad leaves them hanging


chad leaves them hanging

Perhaps Republicans should abandon their efforts to defund Obamacare. Perhaps the best thing they could do is simply get out of the way. Chad Henderson became the poster boy for Obamacare overnight when he and his father appeared to be the only persons in America to successfully sign up for Obamacare.

Legs were tingling over at Huffington Post:

Three days into the first six months of enrollment on Obamacare’s websites, the federal government won’t say how many Americans have signed up so far amid widespread technical glitches. But at least one family was able to navigate the websites and sign up for coverage.

Just after midnight on the first day of sign-up Tuesday, Chad Henderson, 21, and his 58-year-old father, Bill, jumped onto, the portal for the more than 30 health insurance exchanges being run by the federal government and the marketplaces operated by 16 states and the District of Columbia.

“I was excited,” Chad Henderson said in a telephone interview with The Huffington Post Thursday. He had seen on Twitter that the exchanges opened at midnight. “We stood on there until about 3 in the morning,” he said. Chad and his father live in Flintstone, Ga., near the Tennessee border, about 5 miles from Chattanooga.

Did I mention that Chad is a volunteer for OFA?

The Hendersons are getting a lot of attention right now as one of the few people who have publicly identified themselves as having signed up for Obamacare. The Wall Street Journal has contacted him, Chad claims, and the Washington Post featured him in a blog post Thursday. The Huffington Post contacted him via Twitter late Wednesday. Chad volunteered for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign last year.

The website worked like a champ for Chad:

“Once I created an account, there were hardly any glitches at all after that,” Chad said, likening the shopping experience to comparing cell phones on Verizon’s website.

Chad claimed that he would be paying $175 per month for his Bronze Plan but Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute says Chad could have gotten an e-insurance plan for about $45 per month.

The successful enrollment of a single individual was of such importance that new outlets crawled all over Chad and Chad was no shrinking violet. He got face time on TV:


He let everyone know that the Obama lapdog press was sniffing his shoes:

Why, Chad is helping the President make history!

This 21 year old is so impressive that he got his own plan instead of riding Dad’s plan!

The Hendersons could have opted for a single plan for both of them, because the health law allows young adults to stay on a parent’s health insurance until they turn 26, but Bill Henderson thought his son should buy his own. “He’s old school, so he wants me to take responsibility,” Chad said.

Golly, it seems just too good to be true! This is bigger than Jesus! And there’s a reason for that.

It’s not true.

Chad has been a naughty boy. Fortunately, his father seems to have a little more integrity.

But details of Chad’s story proved difficult to verify. And in a phone interview conducted this morning, Chad’s father Bill contradicted major details of Chad’s story. I reached Bill Henderson by following a series of links at Chad’s Facebook page, through which I was able to speak directly to the father.

Bill Henderson told me that both he and his son were interested in getting coverage, but that he had not enrolled in any plan yet, and to his knowledge, neither had his son. He also said that when they do enroll, getting the most coverage for the least money would be the goal, and that he expects that he and his son will get coverage under the same plan.

Bill told me that Chad had been looking into plans online. “He told me that there’s different plans. And we haven’t decided which plans to enroll in yet.”

I asked him whether he and his son had talked about going on separate plans, and he told me that, “We’ll probably go on the same plan, more than likely.”

Chad prevaricated about pretty much everything, including the cost

Other details from Chad’s story were also difficult to verify. He said his premium was unsubsidized, and cost around $175 a month for the cheapest Bronze coverage plan available. He told the Chattanooga Times Free Press that he got his coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield. But the cheapest unsubsidized Bronze exchange plan at Blue Cross Blue Shield’s online Quick Quote system offers for a 21-year-old in Flintstone, Georgia is $225.09 a month.

and the separate plan:

Additionally, Chad could not have purchased a separate plan for his father from his own login to, the website for the federal exchanges. A customer assistance representative on’s LiveChat system told me that purchasing separate plans for a son and a father in Georgia would require two separate logins. Which means that Chad would have had to successfully create two different accounts, and complete enrollment twice, at a time when almost no one was able to get through on the system.

What might the most amusing part of this story is that Chad doesn’t believe he was lying.

Chad definitely has a future in the democrat party. Did I mention Chad hails from Flintstone, Ga?

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How utterly ridiculous, this one of the funniest incidents in the history of American politics and journalism.

There is a photo of Michelle and Obama PERSONALIZED to Chad and signed by them both here:
The fact that he doesn’t even think he LIED is amazing.
Maybe he has a future teaching new(er) math (core style) to grammar schoolers.
Recall, they don’t need to have a remotely correct answer as long as they can justify the answer they came up with.

Chad Henderson actually disclosed that he was a partisan paid to post “advocacy” things on social media.
It reads:

I’m often labeled “the guy who always talks about politics” and it normally has negative effects lol so I’m here to clear things up:
If you were to hang out with me one night and you’ll see (sic) I’m not that obsessed with politics at all.
Yes, I do post political stuff on here and other social networking sites.
But it’s for a good reason.
For one, I think it’s good if people get some insight into the world they live in.
Secondly, I work for an organization that pays me quarterly to posts (sic) the political stuff as “advocacy” (so it’s kind of my job).

Also too good to miss:

What is it? 30,000,000 people were suppose to be able to ‘sign up’ for “Insurance” under Obamacare…?

30,000,000 TO (1) (a very dubious) “success” story??? (cough-cough) WOW!!
Not very good odds for “success” I’d say.. and what, we are into our 5th day of this crap??? By the way this corrupt adminstration made it sound there should have been AT LEAST 15,000,000 ‘successfully’ signed up for “Insurance” under Ofraudcare by now….

Yea, I heard this story was a load of b/s….does it surprise anyone….

We have people who can’t read, write or do arithmetic… don’t even know what political party OFraud belongs to….and they are suppose to navigate through the maze that is signing up for OppressiveCare? AND, since most will have to pay a portion of this Insurance….because it’s not “free” healthcare, the “rolls” to sign up will most likely be very, very low…

oh, the drama, how will it unfold…

AN Obamabot who couldn’t get his story right. This plant will go far. Ask Sandra Fluck.

Health insurance consumers have time to get past the technological issues, but the window is not unlimited: The open enrollment period runs only from Oct. 1 through March 31 and consumers must select a health plan by Dec. 15.
There is a tax penalty for not having insurance (approved insurance) by then.

Arkansas: State officials say 55,440 low-income residents have told the state they want to use a new program.
California: Officials at the state-run Covered California exchange said 7,700 Californians began applications.
Colorado: 6,900 set up accounts. (Not applications)
Hawaii: The exchange had about 1,200 people submit forms.
Illinois: 5,000 have used the system to submit Medicaid applications.
Mass: 400 tried to start apps.
R.I.: 252 people actually enrolled in coverage.

Now, to be fair, people who set up an account haven’t all applied for a coverage plan.
And a person who has applied for a coverage plan will not be paying (if he has enough income to require a payment at all) until later as the coverage starts Jan 2014.

Chad had honed his choices down to a few from the many and had set up an account so he could log in.

Chad has a bright future with the MSM especially MSNBC (although they are far from main stream). Let me think, who was that paragon of truth with the fake but accurate letter about Bush’s war record? It’s not about accuracy for the MSM it’s about who gets the WH lies out first.

The ObamaCare websites are all down every night this weekend.
There is a vain hope Obama’s techies can get it up and running for Monday.
But IT experts have looked into why it does what it does.
Seems it immediately downloads (or ties to) 92 different programs the instant you try to log in to it.
And over half of those are Java.
And we’ve all had issues dealing with just ONE Java app. slowing our computers down to a crawl.

on facebook there is a page, One man Will Sheehan described his experience. He has a pre existing condition (diabetes) He chose tier 2, silver and his premiums would be $597.00 a month with a deductible of, drum roll $13,988. He stated he could not afford it and would opt out. Not only was he threatened with the monies being taken out of his pay check (there was a bill to do this, but it hasn’t gone anywhere yet), they threatened to place a lien on his house if he didn’t get the coverage.

This is all about control of the people in every aspect possible. Just like the shutdown, it is all about control. Until the low information voters get a clue (which is doubtful), people like obama will continue to drag down our wonderful country. Every day gets us closer to a USARR.

This thing clearly isn’t ready No amount of hype will change that.

This is the biggest lemon foisted upon Americans in decades.

little liar will go far with OBAMA,
he’s already expose and confirmed as,
good that his father is not,