“We told you so, you frickin’ idiots” just doesn’t seem strong enough


obama snake oil

It seems like yesterday when the gullible left fell under the spell of the snake oil salesman….

“If you’re one of the more than 250 million Americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance. This law will only make it more secure and more affordable.”

— President Barack Obama, June 28, 2009

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”

— President Barack Obama, Aug. 11, 2009

“If you are among the hundreds of millions of Americans who already have health insurance through your job, or Medicare, or Medicaid, or the VA, nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have.”

— President Barack Obama, Sept. 9, 2009

Did I mention that the check is in the mail? One thing for sure is that Obama won’t respect you in the morning any more than he does now. Health care costs are going up, and by a LOT

It was one of candidate Obama’s most vivid and concrete campaign promises. Forget about high minded (some might say high sounding) but gauzy promises of hope and change. This candidate solemnly pledged on June 5, 2008: “In an Obama administration, we’ll lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year….. We’ll do it by the end of my first term as President of the United States.” Unfortunately, the experts working for Medicare’s actuary have (yet again[1]) reported that in its first 10 years, Obamacare will boost health spending by “roughly $621 billion” above the amounts Americans would have spent without this misguided law.

What this means for a typical family of four

$621 billion is a pretty eye-glazing number. Most readers will find it easier to think about how this number translates to a typical American family—the very family candidate Obama promised would see $2,500 in annual savings as far as the eye could see. So I have taken the latest year-by-year projections, divided by the projected population and multiplied the result by 4. Simplistic? Maybe, but so too was the President’s campaign promise. And this approach allows us to see just how badly that promise fell short of the mark. Between 2014 and 2022, the increase in national health spending (which the Medicare actuaries specifically attribute to the law) amounts to $7,450 per family of 4.

The NY Times apparently is unable to fend off reality any longer either:

WASHINGTON — Federal officials often say that health insurance will cost consumers less than expected under President Obama’s health care law. But they rarely mention one big reason: many insurers are significantly limiting the choices of doctors and hospitals available to consumers.

From California to Illinois to New Hampshire, and in many states in between, insurers are driving down premiums by restricting the number of providers who will treat patients in their new health plans.

But I thought you could keep your doctor! And doctors are taking a hit

When insurance marketplaces open on Oct. 1, most of those shopping for coverage will be low- and moderate-income people for whom price is paramount. To hold down costs, insurers say, they have created smaller networks of doctors and hospitals than are typically found in commercial insurance. And those health care providers will, in many cases, be paid less than what they have been receiving from commercial insurers.

When was the last time Congress took a hit in pay? Oh, that’s right- never. Ever you notice that when costs of education are spiraling out of control the answer is to lower interest costs on loans or forgive them outright? Did you notice that ridiculously overpaid faculty are never asked to take a hit in pay? The University of California is raising tuition 8-16% over 2015-2016 but has $10 million to squander on a new palazzo for Janet Napolitano. That’s in addition to a salary of $570,000 plus car. Educators, especially those at U of C, never take a hit. Then again, the University of California was the top contributor to Barack Obama in 2008.

No, let’s rip the flesh off of those who provide the care, those who keep you healthy, those who save your lives instead. And on top of that, let’s not include tort reform so doctors continue to have the same vulnerability they have now, except they’ll have even less income to defend themselves.

Good luck, you left wing idiots. We are all going to get what you deserve. That person who answers the customer service line who can’t speak English? That’s going to be your new doctor in Obamacare. Likely you won’t be able to even see a doctor soon.

Well, at least all the illegals will be getting free care.

Who else but Obama and the democrats could take a good but complicated medical system and make it both worse and more complicated?

Those of you who voted for this charlatan? You are so, so stupid. “We told you so, you frickin’ idiots” just doesn’t seem strong enough.

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I get weary debating people I know who think Obamacare will be wonderful. They usually live in the world of CNN, NBC (all) and the other networks. None seem to think for themselves and check out Obamacare. It will be a disaster.

Sabotaging Health Care, One Lie at a Time

A Koch-brothers funded conservative group, Generation Opportunity, is out with a wildly misleading, pernicious set of ads aimed at sabotaging the Affordable Care Act by discouraging young people from signing up for health insurance exchanges.

One’s aimed at young men, the other at young women. In the “for him” version, an actor tells his doctor that he saw an ad for the Affordable Care Act and “figured, why not?” The doctor tells him to take his pants off, “hop up here, lay down and bend your knees to your chest.” He leaves the room. Then a man wearing an Uncle Sam mask snaps on a blue glove. As if the message weren’t perfectly clear, the ad states: “Don’t let government play doctor.”

The “for her” version is much the same, except in that case Uncle Sam’s performing a gynecological exam.

The ads are as offensive as they are derivative.

During the 2012 campaign, the reproductive rights site Lady Parts Justice released a web video attacking laws requiring women to undergo medically unnecessary ultrasounds before receiving abortions. In that spot, a woman with her feet in stirrups explains that she wants an abortion because she’s “just not emotionally or financially ready to have kids right now.” The doctor, sitting between her legs, responds, “OK, well, just so you know, the law says that before I can do that, I need to do some things to you that you need to pay extra for. You know, just some things that will help you better understand what it is you really want.” These “things” include inserting a camera into her vagina and looking at pictures of what’s inside her uterus.

But that video made sense—states actually did pass laws interfering with the doctor-patient relationship—whereas the Generation Opportunity ads perpetuate outright lies. Young people who sign up for exchanges won’t be getting access to government-run healthcare (if only they were!), but to privately run insurance. Nor does the A.C.A. force doctors to ask patients about their sex lives or perform unwanted exams—as Politifact explained recently. Under the A.C.A., government doesn’t “play doctor,” it merely enables access to doctors who then decide, using their professional judgment, the best course of action.

Signing up for an exchange isn’t an act of political (or sexual) submission. It’s just a way to get insurance if you don’t have a job or your employer doesn’t provide it. The Generation Opportunity crowd surely knows that and obviously doesn’t care because its priority now, as ever, is bringing down President Obama’s signature domestic accomplishment. The group also doesn’t care about the possibility that some number of young people, scared by its ads, will forgo access to affordable care, get sick, and go bankrupt paying their medical bills.

@This one:
Politifact is abbsolutely incorrect in saying that the government doesn’t want to know about your sex life, as well as a host of other irrelevant data. I am a physician and I am forced to ask these irrelevant questions of my patients or the government will refuse payment for my services. That is the rule. I certainly don’t need to know any of the extraneous garbage. But if I don’t ask if you have a firearm, or if you are sexually active, or how many servings of vegetables you eat daily, then medicare/medicaid denies payment. I have limited time with my patients, so there is no reason for me to squander time asking irrelevant questions, except for these idiotic government rules.

Wow, Pete. You must be one old crotchety country Doc, lol!

Why do we have a Health Care system whose only objective is maximum profit for health insurance, pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, as well as hospitals and doctors?

The ACA is an easy target. In order to preserve the benefits of all those interest groups, we ended up with a law so complicated that nobody understands it.

The difference between the $2500 reduction Obama promised and the $7450 increase a family of four will see, is a $10,000 a year lie from the Bamboozler-in-Chief to convince you to re-elect him.
How’s that Hope and Change working out for you?

@This one:

Wow, Pete. You must be one old crotchety country Doc, lol!

What do you have against country doctors. Or do you think that the hicks in the sticks don’t need quality doctors?

Why do we have a Health Care system whose only objective is maximum profit for health insurance, pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, as well as hospitals and doctors?

Oh, I don’t know, the one. Why do we have bottled water companies? Why do grocers seek maximum profit? Why do clothing manufacturers, home builders, seek maximum profit? Don’t they understand that I have a right to water, food, clothing and shelter, all required for my survival?

Part of the crap sent out by the White House today:

In the five years since the financial crisis began, the American people have pushed the economy forward. Over the past 42 months, businesses have added 7.5 million jobs. American manufacturing is growing again, and the auto industry is back. We’ve reformed Wall Street so that no company is ever again too big to fail and created the toughest consumer financial protections this nation has ever seen. We’ve cut our deficit by more than half, made the tax code more progressive, and reformed our health care system.

Today, there is record demand for American products abroad, and our tech companies are booming. The housing market is coming back — sales of existing homes are up by double digits and new foreclosures are down to the lowest levels since the start of 2006.

We need to keep building momentum. So we’re asking Congress to join the President in creating a better bargain for the middle class, and give up on manufacturing a new political crisis. For that to happen, reasonable Congressional Republicans have to stand up to a few extreme members of their party for the good of the country and our economy.
From the day he took office, President Obama has been open to any good idea when it comes to the budget, as long as supporting middle-class families remains our North Star. Republicans won’t extract concessions over the full faith and credit of the United States.

Will you help spread the word? Share this message so that people know what’s about to happen to the economy if Congress doesn’t act.



Dan Pfeiffer
Senior Advisor
The White House

No mention of how the work force has diminished, how Obama informed the Congressional majority leader he would not negotiate over the debt limit (although he will negotiate with the Taliban), how middle class income is falling, the loss of federal monies with pie-in-the-sky green companies, the loss of taxpayer money with Government Motors, consumer confidence is down along with Obama’s approval rating and how all these years later, Obamacare is less popular than it was when enacted.

Liars, to the core.

@This one:

Right. Because I oppose government bureaucracy that interferes with providing good patient care, I am crotchety.

Doctors are not slaves. We have to pay our bills as well as anyone else. Drug companies have to research and manufacture the lifesaving medications people take for granted. If there is no profit, they can’t magically come up with new meds to cure disease. You leftists think medicine is supposed to be so altruistic that people perform these tasks for free, as if we don’t have to cover our own living expenses, and are supposed to work 110 plus hours a week, at all hours of the night, on holidays and regardless of any kind of a personal life. We don’t get to just clock out when a patient is in extremis. The doctor shortage is real, exemplified by physicians like me who fly to multiple cities to care for sick patients who otherwise wouldn’t have a doctor.
But according to the left we are just greedy and don’t care about our patients because we are just crotchety.


The Obama government bureaucracy rules, require you to ask those questions, but would I be correct in assuming that the patent is under no compulsion to answer? What is the official SOP if the patient declines to answer?

If I am correct, is there anything in the rules that would stop you from advising your patients that they have the right to decline to answer?

@Ditto: Nothing ”in the rules,” Ditto.
However I think the top communications director of the UC Medical Schools system said it perfectly……here’s what might happen if you refuse to answer questions….
Stephanie Handler:

At this point we should deny ObamaCare nonbelievers access to care at all.

Let’s say only a FEW new MD’s out of the UC system heed this dog whistle.
How many will die because of a litmus test for care?

“This one” is just a one way troll. Citing a lot of leftist pablum. Clueless as always.


If there is no profit, they can’t magically come up with new meds to cure disease.

He won’t understand that doc. He believes we should just turn our money over to the government, let them pay us what we need, fund research, and all other nonsense the private sector does not. Reminds me of another form of government, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

@This one:

What do you do for a living?



I am always amazed that left wingers think that after a minimum of nine years post high school and God knows how much debt that we should work for free.


He won’t answer. Leftists like him don’t like to expose themselves that way. Asking pointed questions to them usually get ignored or you get lied to. Lies are part of their tools of the trade.

He’s more in tune with people like this.



Oh, and BTW, save my child’s life after that accident she had but I want you not to make more than minimum wage doing it.



The patient does not have to answer, but the doc has to ask the question. I write “Irrelevant” to every question when I go to my doctor, or take my kids to their doctor. Everyone can do the same, and most physicians are fine with that. The ones who start pestering you to give a different answer are enthralled with the idea of single payer government control of medicine.


No kidding. I don’t know about you, but many times when in “debates” with college kids on the obamacare nightmare and the glaring faults of socialist healthcare, I am regulary accused of being upset that obamacare will cut down my ability to go golfing. They have no problem with Obama golfing ad infinitum, but somehow a doctor going golfing is a sign of greedy selfishness.

The really funny part is that I don’t golf. First, I have no time for it, and second I truly suck at it due to an apparent congenital inability to not lock my knees on the downswing….


Tne worst is the parent who complains that the hospital won’t supply a carseat for the baby upon discharge from the NICU, or who gets mad that medicaid won’t pay for multivitamin drops for the baby.

Thankfully that doesn’t happen more than a couple of times a month right now, but I am wary about such incidents becoming more frequent under obamacare as the unintelligent insist that all their medical care is suposed to be “free”….

@Pete: Just like they didn’t need to worry about paying their mortgages and putting gas in their cars after Obama was elected.




Recently had cause to visit a surgeon for a torn rotator cuff issue. He was using the office of a GP in the next town. When checking in, there was one form that was questionable that my spouse refused to sign. It gave the GP, not the surgeon, the right to draw blood for drug testing in the event that ANY medications were prescribed. Mug shots, front and side, were also required over an above copying other photo I.D. and insurance cards. We were told it was a requirement of the APAA and they were just implementing it early.

This information was not for the visiting surgeon, but to be kept in the GPs files. So we opted to postpone the visit for 4 days so that that information was not stored by a doctor that we were not even using.

Our own personal GP has told us about the questions they are required to ask. He simply writes N/A on each one.

Welcome to Soviet Russia.


Tne worst is the parent who complains that the hospital won’t supply a carseat for the baby upon discharge from the NICU, or who gets mad that medicaid won’t pay for multivitamin drops for the baby.

If you are an illegal who just managed to get to Dallas and Park Lane Hospital, all those things will be made available to you when you, and your newly minted little American citizen, are released from the hospital. If you are an American citizen mother with insurance, no such benefits.

@old guy:

I do too. Just wait they will find out.

-19K for a bronze plan for a family of 4/5 no one knows what is in the plan, but. Costs for platinum and gold not calculated
-deductible – $2500
-if you smoke add an additional $3,000 per person
– you can’t keep your doctor
– the older you get the less care you will receive (I did read the law). There are death panels, but not labeled as such.
-If you are terminal or have a congenital disease you will receive less care
-abortions are endorsed and encouraged. (on you tube prior to passing a democratic congressmen (can’t remember name now) stated on the floor that abortion had to be included because babies being born places a burden on the health care system.
-illegals still get free care. I read an article that some illegals are registered into SS, medicare, medicaid but will not have to pay any fines and/or be pushed into a health care system. This entire sentence disturbs me.

I could go on, but this is enough.

-obamacare is not about health care, but control. control of the American people.

Funny…I was watching a program on TV the other night…and what I found interesting was the person who was giving the commentary started talking about ‘trolls’ and what ‘trolls’ were and their psyche (what makes them a troll) and the age group etc…

– age group – 14-30 usually male but not limited to males only.
– usually lives home with mommy and daddy.
– usually doesn’t work or they have a poor work history.
– is more of a ‘follower’ than a leader.
– usually find it hard to function socially or socially awkward or social outcasts.
– which is why they enjoy the anonymity of the basement computer.
– usually not very attractive /especially to opposite or these days same sex.
– more likely to be sexually frustrated.
– usually they are Bitter, Rabid, Spiteful, Vicious, Indignant people…which is why they enjoy the anonymity of the computer…easier to spread their hate Love and Tolerance…

The “Tea Party” was in Washington D.C. protesting this “thing” …to never have it pass the Congress making it Law… The Tea Party knew how this will erode our Freedoms, our Liberty and the long reaching negative impact of such a Law…how it was not about Health Care… BUT! ABOUT CONTROL… OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…

Free Health Care was the Marketing behind the SALE…and the ignorant among us bought it hook…line…and sinker…we have a country of, and I hate to say it..Stupid, Ignorant, Idiotic, greedy, moochers!!!.

No one wanted to listen…and still, no one wants to listen…so, here we are…on the cusp… I see only eviland pitchforks

One of the many things I despise about ObamaCare is how it discourages hard work.
See PJMedia for the whole thing.

Millions of Americans who do not have employer-provided or other group health insurance arrangements and who don’t purchase private non-Obamacare individual or family coverage before the end of 2013 — something most people don’t realize remains an alternative for just a few more months — will be legally required to enroll in the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges or to face the penalties now characterized as “taxes.”

The number of Americans forced to resort to the exchanges has (per my opinion) been artificially and deliberately juiced by the Obama administration’s illegal decision to delay the imposition of the “employer mandate” until 2015.

Many individuals and families who would have qualified for employer-provided coverage if the employer mandate had been enforced in January 2014 will now have to go to the exchanges or face the penalties.

Those who enroll in Obamacare’s exchanges will be subjected to a brand new system of income-based federal taxation (again, their word) over and above Uncle Sam’s existing income and FICA (Social Security and Medicare) tax regimes.

This will include marginal rates for most enrollees ranging from 9.5 percent to 18 percent, along with myriad “cliffs” where premiums — er, taxes — skyrocket when a person or couple earns just one dollar of additional income.


Then look at what happens once a single person who is 50 or older hits annual earnings of $45,961.
For a 50 year-old single person, dollar number 45,961 causes their annual exchange premium (i.e., “tax”) to increase from $4,366 to $5,390.
The marginal tax rate on dollar number 45,961 for that person is a whopping 468,800%.

Annual earnings of $62,041 — affect every age group, and are far more brutal.

Those looking for a Guinness Book of Records entry for the highest marginal tax rate ever imposed on a significant number of people will probably have to search far and wide to beat the 1,221,400% rate ($12,214 on a $1 income increase) a 64-year-old couple faces on dollar number 62,041 in annual income.


Many will conclude that earning extra money isn’t worth it, or will strive mightily to find ways to earn income under the table.
This is not the recipe for growing an economy.

Even if they somehow stay motivated while the government is taking one-third to one-half of each additional dollar they earn, what single person in their 50s or 60s who understands all of this is going to move to a new position or accept a promotion which increases their salary from $46,000 to $50,000?

What sane married couple in their 50s or 60s will want to increase their family’s income from $60,000 to $70,000, when doing so means either taking home almost nothing extra or losing money in the bargain?

I cannot imagine any of our resident lovers of ObamaCare being anywhere near these annual incomes.
Faith probably has them all pegged quite well.
So, they don’t care (short term) that this Obamacare acts as a huge work disincentive.
But, when the money for EVERYTHING dries up, they will care.
Their lifestyle is predicated upon other people working hard and making a lot of money that can be taxed.
That golden goose is being strangled to death.

That is the dirty little secret of marxists. They have a delusional idea of “fairness” which boils down to ugly envy of anyone who has more money than tbey do. It doesn’t matter how hard that person may have worked to earn their money. What matters to the marxist is making sure nobody else has more than they do, because it makes them realize they aren’t working hard enough to make more.

@Nan G: Yes, it would be tough to get an annual raise of say $4000 and take home $1000 less. And that would be forever

@proof: Really, you’re still using Sarah (dumbshit) Palin’s ‘hope and change’ line? Lol!

@This one: “This one” refers to your single digit IQ? Perhaps you shouldn’t think so highly of yourself!

@This one: So, how is the Hopey/Changey thing working out for you? Do you really have a single digit IQ?

@FAITH7: Well, now we know who “This One” is!

@Pete: They also think it is fair that the person determining “fairness” get a higher amount since they are more brilliant than the rest of us!

“This one” is a clueless troll. Notice they didn’t answer the earlier post about what they do for a living? Just another mindless leech sucking up to their chosen political class that uses them for votes and then dispatches them back to their hovels until the next election. Their posts here are not so much annoying but sad in what they reveal that their minds are closed and bought out by a political party. One that sees them as just more grist for the mill.

Part II is up this AM.
It proves that ObamaCare makes us better off divorced and shacking up over legally married in almost every income category.

But it also points out that morality police among the IRS will

”task itself with finding cohabiting couples and divorced couples still living together who are “illegally” claiming that they are not married for health care subsidy purposes.

Those caught and punished by the IRS carrying out its new role as the de facto “marriage police” could get hit with multi-year bills for undeserved “tax credits” running into tens of thousands of dollars.”

What kind of advice will the program’s navigators give to couples in sticker shock over their Obamacare exchange premiums?
Will they counsel divorce, or will doing so be considered aiding and abetting tax evasion?



We haven’t even gotten to malpractice insurance yet. We haven’t even begun to talk about lawyers trolling for cases in which when everything is done right and something isn’t perfect lawsuits are brought. I would love to see liberals have to “operate” under that kind of pressure on their jobs- no matter what they are.

What? You entered an incorrect data point for inventory?

Lawsuit! Malpractice!

Wouldn’t you love to see that….

@Nan G:

What kind of advice will the program’s navigators give to couples in sticker shock over their Obamacare exchange premiums?

“How many sexual partners have you had in the last year?”


Those of you who voted for this charlatan? You are so, so stupid. “We told you so, you frickin’ idiots” just doesn’t seem strong enough.

Your article’s title is a beaut, and will be the Swan Song of this Administration’s 8 years in destructive power. Unfortunately, what it has been allowed to do by the “frickin’ idiots” will be irreversible.

The personal invasion of privacy will be complete.
The “frickin’ idiots” and everyone else will not be able to find a doctor. Doctors will begin to close-up shop and work out of CLINICS where they will work less hours with less grief and no responsibility for long term relationships with patients.
The “frickin’ idiots” and everyone else will abuse Emergency room services with line-ups around the block waiting to get in. Good luck with getting attention for that heart attack.
The “frickin’ idiots” and everyone else will wait in line for one to two years for health-critical operations.
The “frickin’ idiots” and everyone else will incur total costs that will measurably impact their lifestyles.
The “frickin’ idiots” and everyone else will incur drug, operation and doctor visit “charges” not covered by the shrinking “covered” services.
The “frickin’ idiots” and everyone else will wait months for a critical echocardiogram, X-Ray, or other urgent test.
The “frickin’ idiots” will be surprised that the promised “covered” services or conditions, WILL NO LONGER BE COVERED. “Sorry frickin’ idiot – can’t afford to cover it.”
The “frickin’ idiots” will be unable to reverse or negate the lies they believed which were spewed by a President capable of delivering outright fabrications with conviction.
The “frickin’ idiots” and everyone else will be forced to accept a SINGLE PAYER healthcare system.
The “frickin’ idiots” and everyone else will be unable to reverse the arrival of Socialism across America.

“And those health care providers will, in many cases, be paid less than what they have been receiving from commercial insurers. ”
At this point, I know of one doctor who has already left the country, and two that have decided to retire early.
If my RN wife were still alive, she would probably be preparing to perform surgery soon…


I was at a medical conference earlier this year where (gack) the planning committee brought in Ezekiel Emmanuel to speak to us. You cannot possibly imagine how arrogant and obnoxious he is in person. He spewed out all the leftist drivel that doctors are to blame for the rising costs of medicine, that the whole malpractice abuse thing is “not supported by the facts”, and that doctors just need to learn to practice with the limitations obamacare is going to put on us. When I stood up and asked “If obamacare is so great, then why has Sebelius had to grant over 1000 waivers; why is Congress exempting itself; and why – if the economic effects of obamacare going to be so wonderful – did Obama delay the employer mandate until after the 2014 elections?”

You could not imagine how nasty Emmanuel got. He did the typical leftist “You need to stop listening to Limbaugh and Hannity” rant, accused me of spreading lies (but didn’t point out any lies in my statement) then went on this weird pity party droning on and thanking me for not calling him “Dr. Death” as most opponents of obamacare refer to Emmanuel. He didn’t actually refute any of my points, other than a weak attempt to state that obamacare has a clause that requires all members of congress and their staff to participate in obamacare.

The only good thing about the exchange is that I spent the rest of the convention having numerous other physicians who were there express their agreement with my stated positions, and comment on what an obnoxious tool Emmanuel was. We have to speak out with other physicians, especially when elitist academicians or political groups like the AMA blather about making false claims that the majority of doctors like obamacare.

@Pete: #41

You cannot possibly imagine how arrogant and obnoxious he is in person.

It is one of the very evident signs of a decomposing liberal mind, unable to recognize that its imperious perception is a delusion. It is sociopathic, and can tell lies without breaking a sweat. It is a mind that will not only sell it’s mother, but will deliver. And as DrJ points out in #42, . . .

It never ceases to amaze me how election to the political ladder addles one’s brain so thoroughly.

What’s much worse, however, is that across America, half the population is evidently unable to either intuitively sense the obnoxious deceptions, or intellectually decipher the truth from fiction. Emmanuel and Obama are identically and obviously narcissistic, and yet their followers bray on in worship.