America hates Newt Gingrich [Reader Post]


Beating Barack Obama and ending the damage he can do to this country is one of the most important tasks facing this country. Much to my chagrin, many of my fellow conservatives are all to willing to do Obama’s bidding in taking down Mitt Romney. What does that leave?

Newt Gingrich?

America hates Newt Gingrich

Unlike Mitt Romney, who occasionally beats President Obama in general election poll match ups, Newt Gingrich trails far behind President Obama in every survey. But just how bad are Gingrich’s unfavorable among the general public compared to Obama and Romney?

Not every poll releases their full results, so here are the most recent favorability results I could find for Obama, Romney, and Newt.

Fox News, 1/12-1/14:
Obama, fav/unfav, 51%/46%, +5
Romney, fav/unfav, 45%/38%, +7
Gingrich, fav/unfav, 27%/56%, -29

CBS/NYT, 1/12-1/17:
Obama, fav/unfav, 38%/45%, -7
Romney, fav/unfav, 21%/35%, -14
Gingrich, fav/unfav, 17%/49%, -32

PPP, 1/13-1/17:
Obama, app/dis, 47%/50%, -3
Romney, fav/unfav, 35%/53%, -18
Gingrich, fav/unfav, 26%/60%, -34

America does not love Romney, but boy do they hate Newt.

Electability is the key here. None of us is going to find our ideal candidate. But Newt Gingrich is NOT going to be President. Not ever. He is not temperamentally suited to be President. Between his global warming commercial with Nancy Pelosi his reference to Paul Ryan’s plans as “social engineering” shows that he shoots off his mouth without thinking and does alarmingly stupid things.

Gingrich could be a real force for a campaign but he is never going to be President. He is too polarizing. He is too widely disliked.

Supporting Gingrich is supporting Barack Obama. This isn’t about what I want. This is about reality.

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@MataHarley: I’ve figured it out… you fancy yourself as “brilliant” as your man, Newt. Maybe both of you could manage to lose 49 states in November. I’ll let you in on a little secret… you’re only about 20% as smart as you think you are. Keep posting, though. I’m sure you’re enjoying re-reading yourself.

Mitchell Smith
and we here are taking NEWT’S BACK FOR A WIN,

@Stix, I’d probably consider pulling the lever for Daniels. But I will tell you that his conservative rating is one of the lowest, a 74. There’s a reason that the establishment GOP is so willing to throw him up as an alternative to Romney… and that’s indicative of their choice for him to deliver the SOTU response, instead of someone like Rubio or Ryan.

So I’d have a closer look, but I’d definitely approach with caution.

@ MiTchell Smith…. Mata would eat you for breakfast.

Don’t make statements you can’t support, Chief. This is like dueling an unarmed man. Apart from sitting at home in his jammies armed with a thesaurus, Mata is defenseless. As are you… but that’s stating the obvious.

@MataHarley: 🙂 I am not saying he was my first choice, Cain was my first choice, then Perry. And now Newt

@ MiTchell… kinda funny you calling us dumbasses when you’re the one supporting a guy for president that isn’t running… roflmao. And you are obviously new to this site or you’d already know just how formidable Mata is in a verbal confrontation.

Here’s an alternate spelling for dumbass…. MiTchell

What’re you geriatric??? ROFLMAO??? I don’t think I’ve seen those silly little abbreviations for a couple years now. You better get out of Mata’s bedroom long enough to engage society again. Culturally inept? No, not you, Slick.

@Mitchell Smith: @Donald Bly: By the way, Genius… “supporting a guy THAT isn’t even running” should be WHO. I don’t have time for an 8th grade grammar lesson, nor do I want to take a paycut, but perhaps you could proofread your nonsense before posting.

That the best you got…. typos and grammar… you really are a dumbass. (now tell me “dumbass” should be hyphenated) You’re still the moron who’s supporting a guy “who” is not running.

Mitchell Smith
what is your problem, insulting will not help DANIELS, get of that temper tantrum,
your out of control.

@ilovebeeswarzone: You’re too stupid to respond to any deeper than this.

@Donald Bly: I guess you’ve never applied for a job. Typos and grammar will eliminate you on the first cut. No worries, though, Grasshopper. I’m enjoying dismembering you too much. You can hang around a little longer.

So Mr “proof read” your posts before you submit… try doing the same.

“You’re too stupid to respond to any deeper than this.”

Oh… and is that a dangling participle? Dumbass!

And, no, I don’t apply for jobs. I guess that’s just one of the advantages of being the owner; one gets to do the interviewing. I’m much more concerned with matters of substance vs minor grammatical errors.

Mitchell Smith
don’t worry about me I hang out with the smartest brains to improve ,
and you’re alone here,

I’m quite sure that’s the ONLY thing dangling in your world, Pal. My dad always told me if I found myself in a hole to stop digging. Time to stop digging. Apart from being Mata’s cornerman, you’re in way over your head.

@ilovebeeswarzone: What in the world are you talking about?! May I suggest Donald Bly for your literary entertainment? He writes at a third grade level, and it might make sense to you.

Donald Bly
I have a feeling, she will not fit in your company,

@Donald Bly: Fat chance you own anything other than a slew of misguided, unsubstantiated opinions. Nice try.

@ilovebeeswarzone: Trust me, Pal… Anybody who thinks Newt Gingrich can win in a general election has ZERO chance of owning his own car, much less a company.

@MiTchell… you really should have taken your papa’s advice and stopped digging. You criticize others for failing to proofread their posts and use proper grammar.. then within two post, you’ve dangled your participles, posted missives with obvious grammatical errors… you’re the pot calling the kettle black… I am however, not surprised that you still keep on digging.

Yes, after six decades you could call me “geriatric”… I like to think of it as seasoned.

Anytime you’d like to visit one of my businesses… feel free… here are the web pages to both of my businesses.
Now go play in a sandbox somewhere… you are obviously outclassed here. Maybe you could learn poker and get some of the $100,000 dollars I give away in cash and prizes each month. Nah… you ain’t that smart.

Global Poker???!!! That’s rich. Why am I not surprised you think you’re seasoned, though? ROFLMAO Your cute little abbreviations again, Old School. By the way, you wouldn’t know a participle or a missive if it jumped up and bit you on the ass. Happy gambling, Chief. Bet the house on Gingrich. Stunning.

@Donald Bly: By the way… take a look at Drudge tonight. There’s an interesting piece on how much time Gingrich spent trashing Reagan. You guys’ll love it. Very bold.

@Bees…. We’re getting close to 200 posts….

By the way… did you hear… the Dingo has ‘et the baby… then it crapped a MiTchell!

Donald Bly
I got you’re back,
GEEZZ, I didn’t hear that one before, glad to know he shit on MIT CHELL,
did you get you’re boomerang back? before the dingo did that?
11 to go.


@Mitchell Smith: We don’t need a moderate like Daniels.

@Mitchell Smith: You said:

Vote for this asshole if you want to, but he’s no better than the lying narcissist already destroying the country.

Yeah, he’s just like Obama.

Newt, as Speaker balanced the budget, got 99% of the Contract with America passed in the House and reformed welfare are completely comparable to when Obama, um. When Obama balanc….no wait, that’s right he hasn’t balanced the budget. But Obama did reform welf…no, he didn’t do that, either.

Yep, they are twins.

You also said:

This morning he pretends to attack Romney on his “stock in Fannie and Freddie” when he knows goddamn good and well they are bonds as part of a mutual fund that were placed in a blind trust. Gingrich knows it’s a false charge.

You mean like when Romney had ads out that said Newt was in favor of tax payer funded abortions, or when Romney had an ad that said Newt resigned in disgrace?

Both of those charges by Romney were flat out false and he damned well knew it. Strange, I didn’t see a post from you on FA calling Romney a bunch of immature school yard names when he lied about Gingrich…

@Mitchell Smith: You said:

And, while we’re at it, do I really have to look at that plastic, Barbie Doll, bobblehead standing next to him through the entire primary season?

No, change the channel; and btw, your objectivity is stellar.

Thanks, Curt! The reply button works!

Wow… must be a slow night for so many of our FA community to spend leaving breadcrumbs for one with one who demonstrates the pseudo-intelligence and posting style of a hybrid libdud and Ivan. LOL But hey, you all entertain yourselves to your heart’s desire.

BTW, as to the latest FA gnat who’s entered the fray, and lowered the debate quality to that of preschool level, I’ve been addressing the NRO article by Elliott Abrams on the Fred Thompson Newt endorsement thread. It starts with my comment #7, but I just may make this an authored post for a quick reference to straighten out the talking points, and reconcile them with reality.

Heaven help us from voters that get their education from soundbites, and demonstrate no curiosity to get the full story.

@Richard Wheeler: I think you may be giving Obama a tad bit too much credit for being “one of the best pols” of our time.

@anticsrocks: America still hates Newt Gingrich. Deal with it.

are we checking numbers now, we must concentrate, a bit,
MATA, hear that you’re 195, anticsrocks you’re 196, and I am 197, so who has the next move?
ar ya goin to play Donald Bly ?

@anticsrocks: My objectivity is 100% on the money. Deal with it.

winner take all?

edit, thank you for playing

@MataHarley: You sound just like Newt. Don’t like the story… shoot the messenger. Obviously, you know more about the conversation than Abrams does. It’s like you were right there.

ROFLMAO @Mitchell Smith:

You guys crack me up… a gaggle of old coots trying to stay relevant. Sad.

@Mitchell Smith: Coming from the guy that is saying the most asnine things I have heard in a long time

Laughing is always good. And you comedy brings a smile to my face.

@Stix: Could you possibly make any MORE mistakes in one post? And, I don’t think you’re laughing. The truth’s too painful.

@Mitchell Smith: You said:

You guys crack me up… a gaggle of old coots trying to stay relevant. Sad.

Yet you are the one who keeps leaving comments… Sadly interesting.

@Mitchell Smith: And @Mitchell Smith: LOL, you reply twice to just say, “Deal with it.” Yet you completely ignore the points I made.

Talk about sad. But I don’t blame you, Mitch. I mean if you are unable to have a real debate / discussion, I understand. It isn’t your fault that you can’t keep up.

You just stick to those silly little ad hominem attacks, false statements and immature name calling. That seems to work much better for you.

However if you have the stones, I will gladly have a real debate / discussion with you.

@bees…. Had to go host a poker tournament so couldn’t take my shot at 200.
@Mata… I read the Abrams article… any time someone quotes a part of a sentence it usually means that the balance that would place it all in context doesn’t support the author’s argument.
@Mitchell… I hope your job hunt goes well and that you eventually land a position somewhere.
Go Newt 2012

Donald Bly
yes I knew you where busy, so I took it for you, and you can have it any time you want, we have very powerful friends here to help on it, bye

@anticsrocks: Just here to remind you that AMERICA DEFINITELY HATES NEWT GINGRICH. Continue to entertain yourselves with these pseudo-intellectual musings until Newt gets dumped. Bad day on the horizon for Mr. Gingrich. Enjoy.

@Mitchell Smith: THIS is your idea of a debate? All you are doing is presenting your OPINION, not facts.

Have a nice day!

You folks have borrowed more than all the world currencies combined.

Time now for living on 70%:

10% short time debt
10% long time debt
10% savings

@oil guy from Alberta: Just trying to get your fucking oil, Canuck! Maybe we can make a dent in our insane energy dependence.

Well, oil guy… I see you drew the rude and illiterate kindergartner out again… shame on you for leaving political PB&J and gummy bear crumbs. LOL

’tis a pity that the US POTUS won’t actually confirm what is a mutual benefit for Canada and the US for energy and trade. I suspect that, after he gets his enviro wacko base back in his camp, he will. But the reality is, you don’t need the US for sale of Canadian oil. The rest of the Asian world is lining up for it. You will always win. It’s just the US and the US citizens that will lose if Obama plays politics too unbearably long.

Other than that, I don’t need a fucking economics lesson from a guy who buys his shitty Labatts with loons.