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Great, great article. Herman Cain IS the real deal. He loves this great country and wants it to prosper – not DESTROY it in his own image like Zero does. Please, Flopping Aces, keep up the great work on Cain and help him get the recognition he deserves. He has been my choice for awhile, and he is head and shoulders above Romney. Romney, please, the RINO’s and the MSM’s choice – not mine.

He’s already blown it for me; his ignorance of bankruptcy law in the Constitution worries me.

You forgot to mention one thing: Herman Cain was also a war avoider during Vietnam. What a patriotic American. But, you should know, right?

Excellent write up of Mr. Cain, Skookum.

Right now, he is flying just below the msm radar. In a way, though, I think the msm are trying to avoid reporting on him for the simple fact that he does not fit in with their meme about the Tea Party and Republicans in general.

Looking at photos of Mr. Cain, you can see in his eyes that he’s engaged and focused. When he gives a speech, he’s prepared with both knowledge of his speech and the subject matter about which he’s speaking. Contrast that with the current president. If the chyron operator goes too fast or too slow, he gets lost. We’ve also seen the results when the prompter stops working.

@Liberal1 (objectivity): As opposed to a massive coke- and pot-head as is currently occupying the WH.

cubicle… you forgot to add there’s a massive coke/pot head who’s never served anything but his own interests (certainly not in the military he commands), and all at others’ expense, who is occupying the WH.

@MataHarley: Well, given that bho and I are about the same age and would have entered military service at the same time, he would have been disqualified from military service due to his substance abuse issues. I remember the constant unannounced testing that occurred back then.

So let me get this straight, according to the leftists Vietnam was a terrible mistake, an atrocity that should not have happened and a black eye to America. They protrayed draft dodgers as being heros and still do.
Yet if someone is a Republican and didn’t serve, they are a bad guy. Way to stay consistent.

BTW Liberal #2, how about providing some proof he was a draft dodger? (Not that I expect a response from someone who won’t debate because they got their butt kicked when they tried in the past)

@Skookum: Skook, I work in the financial services industry. I was appalled when I heard that GS had taken 1.3b and turned it into 26m. The (half-joking) speculation around the water cooler was that there was a more favorable client placed on the opposite side of the transaction and who gained a considerable return on their investment. So, to “make up” for the loss, GS offered MQ an ownership stake in the company.

I hadn’t considered a connection between GS and the current airborne kinetic action occurring over north africa. However, that would be a pretty sizable favor to call in given that MQ is already considered an enemy of the USA. I wouldn’t put it past the current administration to do something like that considering the lack of maturity that governs the decision making process. I think for now I’ll accept the administration’s reasons for the current missle targeting practice with your idea firmly planted in my head.

andyinsdca, is he running for President or Attorney General?


Edit your post.
It was $1.3 Billion.
When they were done with it, it was down to only $25 million.

I love this, especially because it’s true: Herman Cain: Obama Couldn’t Run a Pizza Joint

“The president has demonstrated that he lacks leadership in a whole lot of ways [and] could not run a company,” Cain told Newsmax. “And I don’t mean to be disrespectful: He could not run one Godfather’s pizza restaurant.

“Instead of being decisive, he dithers,” Cain said. “Instead of having a management structure where he can entrust to some key people responsibility, he has an organization that is unmanageable. When he added 36 czars to go with the ones he already inherited, that is an unmanageable structure. So nobody knows who’s in charge.”

Sorry, given the fact that Obama has 90 percent approval from the black community, it will take 50 years for me to believe there are real conservatives in the black community who are worthy of being elected Sorry that Cain came after Obama, but I won’t trust another out of nowhere black magic candidate, we can’t afford to take that chance again. Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me.

@Liberal1 (objectivity): How many tours of duty have you pulled? None I bet and neither have I but that does not make me, you or Herman Cain unqualified. What counts is ability and willingness to do the job.

@Liberal1 (objectivity): So what unit were you in SA? I am sure if you look at the record of this man you will find he is not some fraudulent student loan maker! And he has a obvious and successful career, I hate when some lowlife takes a pot shot at a man of stature! I was in Laos were the real war was going on! If you were there (in Vietnam) you were probably a nine to five soldier, otherwise you most likely would not be a liberal …unless you suffered a serious head injury! Skookum great job really enjoyed this article!

I would vote for him! especially if he would shed the Republican party (no excess baggage) and set things the way it needs to be done! I could care less what color his skin, in fact I like it that he is a black man nothing would be better than to him to get control of the wagon and show everyone the right way to run a nation!

Gee, hours later and no post. Another swoop and poop of stupidity from the intellectual flyweight liberal #2.

I figured it didn’t have any proof.

@Skookum: Skookum my friend I am just an Old School Southerner who has a low tolerance for BS and Political deception! Bad politics and bad intelligence gets more good men killed that anything else and the worse thing is the ones that perpetrate it go home at the end of the as if nothing happened!
I am working on two postings now, one “In what countries do Muslims enjoy real freedoms!” and ” How to combat terrorist and liberals!” I love life and love to work, and I believe in facing life head on, kinda like squaring off in the saddle and not looking back! Good cavalrymen don’t look back they listen for the trumpet to give the order! “Head on with your revolver drawn men!” ( Gen. Jeb Stuart CSA)

You know if during my Junior year someone had offered me a job in a Draft Exempt position at the Department of the Navy, I would have taken it! Which is what Cain did based on his Major (Mathematics) and his grades!

As it was I spent 22 years in the US Army! Want to call me a draft dodger Liberal1 (objectivity)?

WE propelle you in the world of the future AMERICA vibrant and enthousiastic , sorry BILL IF THERE IS AN H THAT ONE IS FOR HERMAN CAIN


andyinsdca, hi, but that is not a good excuse to drop it, you try again

Here is the thing about Cain that make him a dangerous dark horse. Republican politicians don’t like or want him. But the citizens of this country just might love him. Politicians regardless of party are one-trick ponies. They try to fix economic, social, enviromental, educational, medical, and scientific problems using their one trick – more new laws on top of old laws. If people get tired enough of that they just might support the one guy who has real solutions.

SKOOKUM I love the video, thank you, It’s a real super images of a black horse, with the music too,
very enjoyeble,
IT seems to be the perfect choice of presentation for HERMAN CAIN PERSONALITY, I HAVE FELT.

@eaglewingz08: Talk about making a racist statement. Just because one black man made it to the WH and utterly failed, you won’t vote for another black man?

Since Jimmy Carter also utterly failed, does that mean you won’t vote for another white man?

Better tread carefully eagle, you are running out of races…

Great article, Skookum. The more I find out about Mr. Cain, the more I like him.

@Old Dog: Excellent point! I guess, technically, I’m a draft dodger, too. I never did fill out a draft registration card when I turned 18. Silly me, I thought I was exempt.

Because I’d already enlisted!

Enjoyed the post Skook! We have liked Cain since we first heard him speak. So refreshing, full of life, direct and to the point as well. And comes with real life experience too! Unless they dig some dirt up on him that will not wash off, and or he really trips up I think there is an excellent chance that he may be our next president. W

@Liberal1 (objectivity): I don’t think that particular value is relevent in our society any more sir. The election of Slick Willy washed that value right out of American culture. It was common back in the day for persidents to have military service, not all but many of them did. As for the circumstances of Cains military service I know that it will be revealed, along with everything else about him to his underwear size. But my point is that our beliefs systems have undergone radical changes in the past 20 years in this country. What was considered a “No Way!” , may not even matter at all in the end now. And by the way while we are opening old cans of worms, Sneaky Willy also eliminated the “sex thing” value too while in the whitehouse. And lets look at the previous drug usage, of old Bush Boy to stay fair and balanced. He blew that value out of the water with his election as well. He refused to answer the questions concerning it. So it became a no issue. In my own opinion I think that Pee Wee Herman could run and get elected now if he played his cards right, and ran a good campaign. And how many people would have ever thought that we would elect a far left socialist for President? His record was there for all to see, and read. His friends, and associates were made know to the public. Yet he was elected. So Obi wrecked that value, that a socialist could not get elected. So when people tell me that Joe/Jane Blow cannot get elected because he/she is a cross dresser, was arrested for beastiality, has three wives, worships at the First Satanic Church for Alternate Lifestyles, and his political party is the all encompassing party of compassionate conservative liberals, I tell them don’t bet your life on it. Because this is America, and what was illegal and or insane behaviors yesterday is now considered hip, slick, sane and cool behaviors today! Plus they are legalized too!

It is just a matter of time before the MSM tells us that Cain is not black. At that instant, yet more people will finally see that in liberal-speak, “black” is not about genetics, but it is about ideology, and more specifically, socialist ideology. And at that instant the MSM will have lost yet more readers and viewers.


…Republican politicians don’t like or want him….

So truthseekers, you claim to know the minds of all Republican polititians? Well, as a veteran and one of the voting public I say, with all due respect:

Who gives a rat’s patootie what “Republican Politicians” want in a candidate?!!

It’s about what the American people really want from their government, which is:
Fiscal responsibility at all levels!
A capitalist economy that provides real living wage jobs!
Our Constitutional rights to be observed!
Ethical behavior from government officials!
Smaller and less obtrusive government that is subject to the same rules the citizens are!
Government that represents the people, not the special interest and corporate lobbys!

@Ditto: I guess I have been a Truthseeker for many years now! Amen Brother! Keep it Simple! Great little post!

eaglewingz08, hi, okay, what about your vote against AMERICA,
I’M sure when the time will come, you will vote for the right one no matter his color but his capacity to beat

Herman Cain is right on so many levels: his life is an expression of the American dream, his whole experience has been that of a “dark horse” who just keeps on winning, he speaks truth with clarity, passion & congruence (his voice, eyes & body language match, meaning he is being honest), has class, etc. In other words, a great role model and an inspiration- both sorely needed in our presently ailing Republic. I sometimes think some folks dismiss and berate him because they know that his story makes them uneasy in their slacker skins, regardless of their hue. It is high time that Americans demand such high caliber folks in public service. Plus, he has a great sense of humor and awesome ties!
Run, Herman, Run!

@Ed: Right on Target, and well said. To echo one of your points, maybe if we could get enough decent people like Cain in our government, we would no longer have to endure turning on our TVs to see yet another sleazbag politician slinging snot, and bemoaning how sorry he is for being alive. We all know that he/they are sorry in more ways than one.

The Republicans Do not like either one of these men! …and why? Because they are not part to the bi-partisan betrayal of the Republican party!


1. They are not part of the Mayhem we are having to digest now!

2. They can absorb the vote of the majority of:
a. Productive citizens
b. Black vote (especially professionals would rally behind them)
c. Jewish vote and support (They have had enough of Obama, and don’t even try to tell somebody what Jews think when they are a Jew!)
d. Small and Medium business people! (The overwhelming part of employers of the US)
f. Any conservative that has a lick of sense and understands how those in office have betrayed us!
g. Total military vote….ehhhh 98%
h. The retired Portion of Americans! Especially retired Military!
I bet we can get at least 60% or more of the vote with them!
They both are very intelligent and bright men, Obama would lose hands down to attack them! They could reveal him for the Idiot he really is! No room for Racial issues! No room for Jihadist! Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in the unemployment line!!! (Hell that alone would be worthwhile!!!)

I would also have Bobby Jindal ..Gov. of Louisiana as Secretary of State…he is good with disaster recovery which is what would be needed and he is a great Statesman as well ….. meaning he he could send them to hell in a calm and collected manner! We have to cut all this Aid to the UN and all of these terrorist States!

@eaglewingz08: Cain is not a “black magic candidate out of nowhere” He’s been around for a long time. Just because he is recently coming into your field of vision does not mean he is without the background or skills to do this job. Obama had no skills in the business world; he only knew how to spend government money–that was his only demonstrable ability prior to becoming president.

Herman Cain has organizational and leadership skills. He understands businesses. He understands having a chain of authority and hiring people underneath him who know how to get things done.

His skin color and the fact that you are just finding out about him are meaningless details. It would be like saying, after Carter, “Well, I’d never vote for a white man who was in the military ever again.” It’s just a silly to say what you said.

@ilovebeeswarzone: Did you hear Glenn Beck’s new campaign slogan? “Yes we Cain.”