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I read today that Mr Cain won the florida straw poll. and not by a small margin. Close to 22 points.
His poise demeanor in the debates to me speaks Volumes. When others are speaking he turns towards them to listen and give them his undevided attention. The others stare straight ahead as if they are affraid to make eye contact. Its RUDE to NOT face the person that is speaking. Mr Cain is a smart man he doesnt play the political game and thats what we need. I do however have a point to make about the article , where the write says that Mr Cain or Col West when they talk about “MY PEOPLE” . I have never heard either one of them make that sort of statement. I dont beleive that they see themselves as anything other then AMERICAN. Back to Mr Cain. He is the best man for the job. I have been in love with him since I first heard of him 6 years ago. His business sense and proven results is what I like. GO MR CAIN!!!!!!!
Its our job to tell others about him. He cannot win on his own. Spread the word people, Main stream propaganda machines dont like Mr C because its gets rid of the race card!!!!
To me the color of his skin is just a bonus. Like a 2 for 1 deal at GodFathers pizza.

People of the free world(i’m sounding like Eisenhower) choose your next president. It will be a conservative, hopefully.

Who will you choose? Polls mean nothing at this point.There hasn’t been a primary yet and the MSM is picking them already. Get informed, get registered, and vote in the primaries.

Why am I as a Canadian so deeply involved? Liberty,Egality,Fraternity, and my mom lives in Dallas.
Mom adores Perry and I’m partial to Bachmann. Newt, Cain, even Palin are good choices. Palin and Christie aren’t in yet. Get rid of the Obamination.

I pay huge taxes in both countries. I can only vote in one. We got Harper a majority government and hopefully you folks can get a conservative president.

Great read Skookum. I too had heard Mr Cain on the Monica Crowley radio show and was impressed with what he had to say… You are dead on with many many of your points about Herman Cain.

What I find shameful about the Democrat Party’s Black Caucus is their dismissive attitude toward Mr. Cain. Here is a man with an honorable ‘message’, this is the ‘true’ “Yes! We Can” man (Leader) who speaks to ‘every American’, ‘believes in America’, and with all her faults, still ‘Loves this country ‘ knowing it is the greatest place on this earth.

Mr Cain has a lot of “Wisdom” and a great message. If elected as President would no doubt surround himself with “qualified (real world) people who are acutely aware of the problems we face as “all inclusive Americans”. Not just “Specific Groups” of victim mentality Americans – as it should be…

Extremely GOOD Read…

CAIN is the best Conservative candidate there.

He’s not a RINO flip-flopper like Mitt Romney
He’s not a amnesty-loving open-border weasle like Rino Perry
He’s MUCH more likeable than Bachmann, Newt, Santorum, Paul (et al)

CAIN is everything you said in you post…
…He’s the real deal – and true Conservatives would be VERY WISE to get on board with the Cain train.

But remember… Donations are the key to ANY successful campaign so, if you like Cain, then visit his website and DONATE to keep his momentum going strong!!

PS: I like this blog – just found it recently.

I have sent him money several times.

One of the first things I read this morning was that Cain had won the Florida straw poll. What a great way to start a Sunday. I was formerly a Perry supporter, but after Thursday I was looking elsewhere. I always liked Cain from the beginning, but I did not think he had a shot. Yesterday changed that. Cain is everything a conservative candidate should be. Let us get the word out on him and help get this guy elected.

We all know that the black vote is crucial for any liberal to win The White House.
It was not always true that the inner-city voter was predominately black. In the decades preceding “The White Flight”, most of the voters residing in ANY city were not black.
But even then, the “Social Progressives” tended to be concentrated in these areas.
Because large cities tended to produce the most jobs, wages and tax revenues exceeded those of their rural neighbors. So social programs were considered “affordable” by these voters. And those voters received and saw the benefits of higher taxes, benefits like mass transit, access to services and higher education.
Extremely few liberals could win national or state-wide elections without the urban vote, as evidenced by the famous “USAToday Red-Blue Map” (See if you can pick out where the cities are):

2004 Election County-By-County

Today, those inner-cities are overwhelmingly populated by black voters. But the demographic of the inner-city versus rural voter trend has really not changed all that much over history.

So I think the key to victory for both Republicans and Democrats alike lay in which party can more successfully energize their block of constituents to actually turn out and vote.
In the next election, Obama is terrified that blacks (um, I mean “the inner-city voters”) will just throw their hands up in disgust and stay home on election day.

I believe that it’s a myth, to an extent, that “all” black voters support Obama, if you look at the voter tendencies among black voters in rural areas.
That we see prominent black conservatives like Alan West, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain, Lloyd Marcus,
Condoleezza Rice, Alan Keyes, Clarence Thomas, and many others does nothing to dilute my belief that it is indeed possible to make great gains by conservatives in convincing the black voter to support conservative principles.

I like Herman Cain very much.
Yesterday, on a talk radio show a man who was a low-level employee of a company Cain headed called in to talk about the impression Cain made on him….30 years ago!
He made a lasting impression.
30 years ago Mr. Cain worked side-by-side with this man for an entire day.
Never said he ran the company, just seemed new to that part of the work and wanted to do it well.
Also was interested in this man’s opinions about how to make work better in that part of the plant.
Only later did the man realize that was his boss he spent the day with.
To this day he looks up to Herman Cain as a great man.

I was noticing that Mr. Cain has made a real effort to acquaint himself with international issues.
That is good.
He needed to do this.

His 9-9-9 plan is ringing true to a lot of people.

We have liked Cain since we first heard him speak. And have been working at promoting him as much as we can. And will till he drops out and or succeeds. We were in a packed house watching the debate, all of us sitting on the edge of our seats, and hoping that Cain would make a break-out this time. He did! We both realized that Cain was and is a dark horse with many obstacles to overcome. He just overcame one of them with his major victory at the straw poll. Cain can do what Regan did in 80 if given the chance, a little luck, and hard work. He has to consistently show the voters what politicians like Perry and Romney are, opportunistic professional politicians. That they have and will sell out conservative principles when if benefits them. I know this may anger some people but I will have to think very hard before I ever vote for another politician who has made a habit of caving in too political correctness, and selling out conservative values. Cain speaks and acts with common sense, backed by intelligence, and experience. All traits that have nearly disappeared from our government. Cain has the left, Rhino politicians who want to keep the broken system as it is, conservative voters who like Cain but only think that a Rhino can win, and of course everyday democrats who want Obama. Its going to be a long tough up-hill battle for him.


Very true, what you said about the ignorant voter.
Funny thing: At the very first campaign team meeting for every political campaign I’ve volunteered to work for, the campaign leaders or chairman would implore the candidate to always educate the constituency when making speeches, campaign ads and fliers and when doing meet-and-greets.

One has to understand that the opposition, in some cases, actually wants their voters to be ignorant of the details of pertinent issues of the day, and those opponents often go out of their way to actually brainwash their flock (In addition to using pay-off tactics) in an effort to solidify their core base.

On another similar note, I would like to you good folks to be made aware of very important new tool I’ve discovered on The Web that is easy to use, provides up-to-date information on pending legislation and allows YOU to cast YOUR VOTE as well as offer your opinion (to your representatives) about any House Resolution or Bill.

You can play with this great website HERE:

Skookum mentioned using the web to inform. This site should be bookmarked by every political activist. It took me all of 4 minutes to get signed in and create an account, using only the same information you would use to email your representative. And THEY take care of sending your message in a great format.

@Nostradamus: Thanks for the site! Its really good so far. Its nice to be able to see the areas of support too.

at one time folks used to say the “White House” was called that for a reason too…think the only folks hung up on race are the racists themselves…oddly enough most of them seem to call the Democratic Party home.

@Nan G: We have yet to hear from a former student of Barack Obama about how his teaching inspired him or her.

I saw all of the ABC talking heads show (with crazy lips, the moderator) and most of the David Gregory show. Only Donna Brazil, as an aside, mentioned Cain’s name. I am halfway through David Gregory’s show, and so far, I don’t think this has been even mentioned.

You would think, with this upset victory, these talk shows would be falling all over themselves to get Herman Cain as their guest.

Am I paranoid? Did the wrong man accidentally win the Florida Straw Polls?

Herman Cain’s straw poll win in Florida just shows the disarray of the Republican Party, and will simply result in another bursting of our cherished political rules of thumb–namely, that whoever win the Florida Straw Poll, wins the Republican nomination.

My new bumper sticker…

“Let’s beat Obama with a Cain!”

I’m going to go with:

Citizen Cain

I like Cain a lot, he’s real and could bring actual “outsider energy” to the beltway aristocracy, the kind that was claimed/promised by the current POTUS (and was an obvious lie when he said it, silly sheeple)…Cains biggest misstep that I’ve seen were those comments about Israel, but compared to the sitting POTUS and some of the establishment GOP field, the man is a breath of fresher air — he’s a strong domestic candidate and it is our domestic house that is in the greatest disarray atm imo.

Bachmann I’d like to like…but the mistakes she’s been caught in are just sloppy ones…imo it shows a lack of staff talent / leadership / trust / prep…something is broken in that camp where they can’t simply fact check their public positioning statements and ultimately this reflects on her abilities to manage.

Romney I preferred over McCain and think he got a raw deal with having his religion used against him, something we should be beyond…yet my liberal in-laws were already circulating the anti-mormon tongue waggling when he was front runner recently. Anyway, his sidestep in ’08 seemed a smart move then to fight again in ’12…but the ground isn’t the same now, there’s no old man for him to run circles around and the contrast with establishment Perry is stark enough, let alone Cain.

R. Paul…isolationist, nuff said. (I’m sure the Paulbots will jump me for that, but that’s the cold hard truth…old school isolationist — zero clue about geopolitical realities, which is odd considering his strong economics should inform his geopolitics…) the domestic house in order comes into play with Paul, and is a strong argument for many — but his foreign policy as stated would be an unmitigated disaster.

Gingrich…Newt is fun to listen to on talk radio, but the 90’s are over. Old guard establishment looking for that last chance shoot-the-moon fling at the top.


Huntsman < (Santorum/2) — see "meh" above.

Perry…the establishment, a more palatable set of compromises than what Romney brings, and would probably make a decent POTUS.