Obama to investigate the high gas prices he wanted [Reader Post]


Yesterday Barack Obama promised to get to the bottom of the skyrocketing oil price barrel.

RENO, Nev. (AP) — President Barack Obama said Thursday that the Justice Department will try to “root out” cases of fraud or manipulation in oil markets, even as Attorney General Eric Holder suggested a variety of legal reasons may be behind gasoline’s surge to $4 a gallon.

Apparently Obama just learned that high gas prices cost more than lower gas prices.

Obama, decrying such levels as yet another hardship “at a time when things were already pretty tough,” said Holder was forming the Financial Fraud Enforcement Working Group.

There’s no evidence of fraud, so Obama’s going to investigate fraud.

Given that no evidence has yet surfaced of actual fraud or price manipulation in oil markets, Obama’s remarks appeared, at least in part, as more of an attempt to assuage public anger over rising gas prices.

Ya think?

Maybe he ought to have a close look at this guy talking to John Harwood. Harwood interviews the guy who supports higher gas prices.


Or maybe he should investigate this guy.


This is the guy who said that government price signals should be used to change behavior. He also admitted that his electricity plans are simply a means of wealth redistribution.

Obama said that coal-powered cars would become cheaper

Asked by a member of the audience about prospects for advancements in clean energy, Obama predicted that, with time, prices of now-expensive devices such as electric cars would come down.

Obama used flat screen TV’s as an example

“Having a flat-screen TV used to be a big deal,” Obama said. But he said now such TVs are commonplace because prices have dropped so much.

Without any interference from the frickin’ government, thank you.

Maybe if Obama quadruples the subsidy….

The Chevrolet Volt is beginning to look like it was manufactured by Atlas Shrugged Motors, where the government mandates everything politically correct, rewards its cronies and produces junk steel.

This is the car that subsidies built. General Motors lobbied for a $7,500 tax refund for all buyers, under the shaky (if not false) promise that it was producing the first all-electric mass-production vehicle.

Obama loves the Volt

While acknowledging he doesn’t spend much time these days behind the wheel, Obama said, “I’ve been in one of these Chevy Volts. This is a nice car. It drives well.”

Heck, it’s a barn burner for GM.

A fire apparently reignited inside the battery of a new Chevrolet Volt car early Monday, less than five days after the Volt, an electric hybrid, was involved in a blaze that destroyed a Barkhamsted garage where it had been plugged in for recharging.

Local authorities have been investigating whether Thursday’s blaze was sparked by the Volt, but had not yet determined a cause when the fire rekindled.

Then Obama inexplicably said

He said when such vehicles become more affordable, “those of you out there driving that 8-mile-a-gallon SUV” should consider a purchase. Otherwise, by buying gasoline that likely came from imported oil, Americans “are putting money in the pockets of people who do not like us at all,” he said.

Said the guy who just promised Brazil that the US would be Brazil’s best oil customer.

Those in attendance paid $38,500 apiece to be there. Let’s also investigate what they drove to the fundraiser. I’ll bet not one of them drove there in a hybrid van.

Obama is creating a distraction from the fact that this is precisely what he wanted to do to this country. Fortunately, liberals have no brain in which to store long term memory. To them this will all be new and Obama will be cheered for his snipe hunt.

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Now that it is warming up a bit I expect the Volt will be sold in some of our more extreme climes.
Rude awakening.
The Volt does not do at all well in the cold, the wet, the sleet, the snow or the rain.
Heck, it doesn’t even do all that well here in So Cal at night in the rain or fog!
Once you turn on the lights, the heater, the wipers and the defroster you are out of luck getting anywhere in the thing on its electric engine.
Good thing it has that gasoline engine or you would be by the side of the road.

I am so sick of this crap-weasel blaming everyone else but himself. I would like to blame him for global warming due to his enormous amount of hotair BS he spews every friggin’ day!!!!! Here’s a thought you blathering moron,,,,if it is soooo hard and soooo difficult to get everyone on the same page as you, then QUIT. Why go through all the stress? You’d have more time to try that thing you try to pass off as golf? You want to be a quitter? Fine. I won’t even hold it against you. In fact, I’ll praise you for your decision. But for God’s sake,,,,,,either grow a pair or get off the pot you whiney-ass putz.

The average pump price of gasoline in the UK is currently over 9 dollars per gallon.

Is there anyone but unions and greenies that Barry has not demonized since taking office? Every time something pops up, the first thing the community organizer does is figure out who to make the enemy to fire up the people he is organizing to serve him and his interest. High gas prices can’t possilbe have anything to do with the Democratic Party 50 year anti energy stance tied to whacko environmental groups. And the solution is to sick the power of the central government on to whoever the target is to try and intimidate them just like a community organizer would do using lawsuits.

Republicans need to be out front every day on this issue holding town meetings in the local gas stations calling this the Obama Democratic tax on the people, especially the poor and the working man. List every time the Demcrats have blocked drilling over the last 40 years arguing it would have no impact anyway for at least 10 years. If we had drilled 40 or 30 or 20 or even 10 years ago, it would have impact today. List every site that has been blocked and how much we would be producing today..

@ Greg

The average pump price of gasoline in the UK is currently over 9 dollars per gallon.

The UK is a socialist nation. Guess it’s a good thing we’re not moving in that direction. Oh….wait you were trying to bolster DrJ’s argument. I just wasn’t expecting that.

@Aqua, #5:

Venezuela is a socialist nation. The pump price of gasoline there is 12 cents per gallon. Which proves nothing, actually. I don’t think socialism has much to do with the current rise in pump prices here, nor would any mechanism of socialism bring prices down.

One thing can be said with certainty: People who own more fuel-efficient vehicles are paying less to get around.

drj, as I pointed out to Nan G yesterday on another thread, same subject, this isn’t an Obama thing. It’s a Congress CYA thing. This is not the first time when, faced with an irate nation, they’ve done witchhunt hearings to pretend they are doing something.

Magically, no oil company, refinery or other station operator has ever been brought up on charges. Gee… wonder why? duh….

Bush did it in 2006, prior to the midterms. It was done again in 2008. I suspect, but don’t recall any specifics, that it’s been done before in history.

This is nothing more than a predictable Congressional sleight of hand to pretend they care. I’d say it’s done in an election cycle, but since we live in a perpetual “election cycle” (someone, somewhere, is up for election every two years…), this was no surprise and to be expected.

What is a surprise is that the MSM, who covered previous similar actions, seem to find it new and curious.

A lovely one DrJohn. Nice to see someone pointing it out.

Obama: “. . . root out” cases of fraud or manipulation in oil markets, . . . “

That statement alone is grounds to send the guys in white coats to pick him up and take him to a secure, padded, white room.

Oil prices have been controlled by a “cartel” for decades. Could someone tell this goof that a cartel is formed through formal agreement between competing groups for the specific purpose of FIXING PRICES. It may be sometimes illegal in America, but it sure is legal where Opec is concerned – it’s their modus operandi. And Holder is going to do something about it – he’s being sent out to investigate it? Is he nuts?

The President of the United States, pandering to sad saps who apparently believe him, makes an absurd statement, and actually forms a special team to investigate the uninvestigatable. Umm, let’s see, . . . Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela, . . . yup, let’s investigate to see if they are part of a “CARTEL” manipulating oil and gas prices. . . . . And once again the MSM gives him a pass on lunacy.

This must be part of the Obama Job Creation Action plan.

We await the results of this special team of geniuses. I look forward to finding out who in Obama’s coterie of sycophants might be dumb enough to sign on to such a team.

The abject stupidity in this Administration runs supreme. Is America on Candid Camera?