Left wingers are animals [Reader Post]


I don’t know how else to describe them. Left wingers are animals. They whine about their rights- their rights to scream, their rights to yell, their rights to harass, their right to demand that everyone else pay to support them. And it is a one way street.

They’re not content to disagree with Sarah Palin. They try to shout her down.


Another fine representative of the left greets Palin


They want you to now that they wipe their a**es with the American flag.


They won’t allow Andrew Breitbart to speak without harassing him, but Breitbart gives as good as he gets.


They racially taunt a black conservative


Another fine member of Wisconsin’s left demonstrates his etiquette and respect for the rights of others as a 14 year old girl speaks.


A Madison fire department has so much money and free time on its hands that it can afford to organize a protest to deny Sarah Palin’s free speech via its official website.

The SEIU held a protest on the front lawn of a Bank of America executive


SEIU goons beat up Kenneth Gladney, another black conservative.


And we have the Sarah Palin death tweets:


They’re not content to be heard. They want you not to be heard. Your rights mean nothing to them. They want you dead.

Krugman says to his base “Let’s not be civil.” When were you ever civil?


H/T Jim Hoft and WZ

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Off our meds, are we Ron?
Like I said, those protestores were heckling Islamic fascists. I see you have deliberately avoided commenting on that issue yet agaain. John pointed it out in post #54. You are attacking me because your efforts at moral equivalence have totally fallen apart.

Also, I addressed that last line to Rich Wheeler. Are you Rich W too? Wipe the foam off your monitor and read.

Good lord Rich! Do you just read off a list of talking points or something? Get this straight once and for all. I don’t give one damn about ratings, polls or whatever. I give a damn about the truth as it should be put forward! I care about this country as it was founded, not about the Marxist/Socialist Dictatorship that the left seems to espouse! I commend you for your duty! There is no higher sacrifice. however, the fact is that this country is now nothing but a sad shell of what it once was and that disintegration is being caused by the hard left slant taken by our leaders. As I say above, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to open their eyse to the truth. It just takes someone to open their eyes!

Do I believe one could refer to Obama as a Manchurian candidate? Yes, I do. Do I believe he is purposely destroying the country? No, I don’t! I feel he is hopelessly indoctrinated in a hard left agenda that always leads to ruination wherever it has been tried. He believes it’s good because as like so many in the electorate he refuses to budge off his agenda no matter what is proven other wise. I also personally believe he does not feel the laws pertain to him. That is my feeling as shown by his performance the last ten years. It is in his words and actions and guilt by association when you see who he has surrounded himself with. I do not believe in the agenda being put forward by the left, pure and simple. I do not believe in anything other than my country and the ideals she was founded under. As such, I cannot in good conscience support anything coming from this administration.
As you point out, their are crazies on both sides. Unfortunately at this time the vast majority of the hate is emanating from the left. Again, that’s just fact at this time.

I am a member of the Tea Party. I am not a disgruntled Republican however. I and most of us are disgruntled Americans! As I have said in the past, we are at this point because the electorate on both side chose to either not bother to vote or those that did couldn’t take the time to take their most sacred right responsibly! There is blame on both sides, don’t get me wrong. doesn”t change the fact that everything being put forward by the left and RINOs is hastening the destruction of this country!

One word as to the “ranting” of Rush and others. If the silent majority would in fact get off their asses, do their homework and wake and up the the disaster that is now our government and the loss of their liberties left and right, they’ll have to coin a new word other than ranting. As the left seems to feel the only way to defend their asinine policies is to out yell the other side, heaven forbid if the majority of Americans start sounding off. A hopeful pipe dream on my part I’m afraid as it appears that most in this country only give a damn about what the Government can give them, never realizing people like me don’t own them a damn thing.

You fought for our rights, a country that was founded by a revolution for those very rights. While I have no problem with the freedom of people to say what they want, I do have a problem with people of any ilk who refuse to speak out against the hate, lies and deceit that is now part of the public discourse. As I said, it can be bad from both sides, but in my 60 years I honestly do not recall not only anything like what is going on now, but I sure have never seen this kind of garbage coming form the sensible thinking right! I do believe you love your country and as such, I find it even harder to understand your positions. As my assessment of Obama, that’s the conclusion I come to from your own words. Please do not take offense at this. I personally relish the discourse when I het a chance.

Joe T Thanks for your thoughtful post. No offense taken.

Mata #103 Outstanding post. But you knew that.

Bees My prize pleez

Zombie, that anonymous photographer in the SF/Berkely area, managed to do double duty on Ap 15th.
She got photo essays of both the SF TEA Party and the SF US Uncut rally (saying it had 45 people there is being generous).
Note the lack of racial variety at the SF US Uncut rally.
The little video of the take over of a BofA showed this quite nicely.
Well rehearsed, not just interested people off the streets.
These folks all know one another.
I wonder what coffee house or living room they cooked up that little dance in?

Now go back up to look at the TEA Party.
Home made signs.
Even a gay man who calls himself ”Mr. Right (wing).”
Blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics.
And even an ”INFILTRATOR!”

As long as I�m on one of my mini-tirades and please Rich, know this is not aimed at just you and the left, but everyone in this country, I want to add a few more things.

We the people sometimes do not pay attention to all that is going on, but once we open our eyes, we act. The hateful noise coming from the hard left at this time leads me to the following. I am hopeful this is the start of a second revolution that will restore our country’s soul. I’ve said before that we need a revolution but we are the only country that can have one that is done peacefully through that ballot box. As to the Tea Party, my feelings are well known but apparently need repeating!

It is apparent beyond all doubt that the establishment on both sides are deathly afraid of the so called Tea Party (and thus the electorate in general) and they well should be! For those of you who prefer to live in a cave, the Tea Party from my view is not just about returning to conservative principles. The people who are aligning themselves behind this movement are looking for so much more. We are looking for men and women of principle! We want representatives that obey the will of the people, not their leaders or their own power lust! We want a return to the bedrock principles this country was founded on! We sure as hell do not want to be told we are racists, hate mongers or all the other names we are called just because we disagree with the direction this country is being taken. We believe in free speech, not hate speech!

The Tea Party movement is not a fight for the heart and soul of the Republican party! A co-opted media led by a hard core left wing wanna be dictatorship government would want you to believe that it is in fact all about the Republicans. And they would be dead wrong! The Tea Party movement is a fight for the heart and soul of our country! It is a fight to return us to what made us the greatest country in the world! How sad that entrenched politicians on the right along with the tone deaf clowns on the left cannot or refuse to understand such a basic tenet!

Freedom comes at a price kids! Sit on your hands and â��takeâ��, youâ��ll lose everything. Take responsibility, work and earn your way, respect the rights of others to pursue those same goals and live as true Americans! Those who fought and died to make this melting pot the greatest country this world has ever known deserve that from all of us and if we act now,there is a chance to save it all. But time is running out and the fact that even now most of the current political class would rather punt and destroy our grand children’ s future is disheartening to say the least. Add the hate we now see and we are in free fall!

@little dickie wheeler: You said:

Tea party consists of 80%-90% disgruntled white Repubs.To continue to paint some “rainbow picture ” is disingenuous.Let’s get real on that.

As Mata pointed out, you are wrong on this. Come to think of it, being wrong is a habit with you as of late.

Gallup points out that the Tea Party Movement is made up of demographics that pretty much mirror the demographics of the USA at large. – Source

The more you post here at FA, the more you show your true colors dickie…

ANTICSROCKS Gallup poll you quoted shows T.P. supporters 8% Dem and 6% Black. How does that mirror the country?

rich, to anticsrocks poll and your ensuing comments… First, you might remember that I’m not a believer in any poll save those on election day. My theory is that it’s simply impossible to “sample” 1000 people in the nation, and construe that to be the political beliefs of the nation at large. So the best that could be said of that poll is that the samples taken were not necessarily representative of the entire tea party movement, but the political and some racial make up of those 1000 people. Period.

The second thing, which I’ve mentioned to you in the past before, is that tea party events are very local. Were Beverly Hills (LOL) or even your more affluent Orange County coast areas to have a tea party event, do you believe the Riverside area Orange County denizens would be attending? If you live in a predominantly white, upper class neighborhood, would you expect a high presence of those who were not white and upper class at a community event? Of course not.

Thus the story behind what the press called the 1st black tea party, ironically formed in Sheila Jackson Lee’s back yard in Texas. It’s local, and their community is predominantly black. But they welcome those of all race, because the movement is about fiscal responsibility… not race and class division.

But the pundits were buying into the theory you did… that tea party types are all white Republicans (and as you can see, it’s almost equal between Indys and Republican in the 1000 sample… with a few Dems for good measure.)

It’s also why the Atlanta Post rag was confused there were black tea party leaders last summer. While the Jackson-Lee party hadn’t started their local group yet, it’s not like there weren’t other organizations that were fronted by black leaders in their communities that were, perhaps, more mixed in racial make up than Jackson Lee’s district.

All in all, the tea party movement is a conservative movement in it’s founding. I don’t expect to see a national political demographic reflection in it’s ranks… neither should you. I wouldn’t expect a profile of Move On dot Org to reflect a high degree of indys and GOPer either.

@ rich wheeler, Thanks for Your Service. Your Support for the most Constitutionally Illiterate and Economically Illiterate POTUS ever never ceases to amaze me for some reason. Re Read Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. It clearly defines the limits to Power of the Federal Government. Then attempt to reconcile that with the Current Regime’s performance.

As You know My service has spanned several decades. I have seen CiCs come and go. I do not have a suicide pact Party Membership to defend. I am an Independent, a Capitalist and My Oath is to the Constitution and not any Temporary resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I do see some Merit to the TEA Party posture and despite the fact that they are not the “loyal opposition”, they have very valid points. I have seen extremism on both the Left and Right and find Neither Party as representative of my views or best interest. I have witnessed more Foreign Policy and Domestic Policy failures during the tenure of the current Regime than any other Administration. I have seen Alliances that took decades to build become stressed. I have seen unsustainable spending by the past Two Congresses and a deficit pile up that no other Nation on Earth has amassed. I blame both Parties for that.
However, I quite frankly believe that the Economy has bottomed out and the Government has failed to realize that Fiscal restraint is the only way forward.

The Day of Reckoning is coming regardless. Lets see how this plays out when Programs cannot be funded and the POTUS must legitimately address the Economy without Class Warfare and bogus claims that the CBO cannot endorse. Wait until the IMF devalues the Dollar and the World Bank accepts another Nation’s currency as the standard. That may be the Liberal Legacy.

Hard Right:
Make no mistake, I’m not attacking you because my efforts at moral equivalence have totally fallen apart. I’m attacking you because I don’t like you. Big difference. You epitomize the bad side of Conservatism and give the rest of us a bad name. You are a bully and a jerk….and I think you suck at being a human being.

Still didn’t catch your name Hard Right……..

Ron Hester

joetote, hi, this is a real gem all of them links to each other like a

@Ron H.:
Says the ranting nutjob who got fooled by leftist agitprop. You got embarrassed and want to pretend otherwise. Like I said, you avoid what I have pointed out about the vids you posted and your motives for doing so. Earlier you complained I attack anyone I don’t agree with. Well, that is exactly what you did to me. Can you spell hypocrite? You launch spittle flecked attack after attack, but I’m the bad one? You are truly mentally ill.

I will say it again, learn to think for yourself, leave your ego out of it, and seek professional help.

HARD RIGHT is very smart and you have omited to understand his views and rejected it point blank, that is very insulting for anybody who tell the truth to be challenge with lies, because that’s what you see is not what it is.

Bee’s, my sincere appreciation! You know, it’s funny but in this one case one can learn from the Russians. Man, they put up with so much over the years but their love for country is and never will be challenged. I wish there was a way to reinstill that love for country into the people here.

Thank you bees. I’ve dealt with folks like Ron before. They want to claim the moral high ground and get upset when they are proven not to occupy it. That’s why he’s gone so crazy. His ego can’t handle the truth.

@rich wheeler: You said:

Gallup poll you quoted shows T.P. supporters 8% Dem and 6% Black. How does that mirror the country?

Demographics = race, age, income level, educational attainment, gender, etc… – NOT what political party one affiliates with.


As for the 6% black figure you quoted, the Gallup poll clearly has the US adult population at 11% black. So for a small sample like the one cited, and with the margin of sampling error at plus or minus 4 percentage points, what is the problem?

@anticsrocks, just a technicality… demographics is also an analysis or dynamic balance of a any given population. I do not believe it is necessarily limited to those items, as you can also analyze another dynamic balance of any group. For example some marketing demographic studies may not include age, gender, etc, but may be revolve around hobbies/interests. Certainly political affiliation could be a population characteristic of any group or area.

Perhaps I may also be using it incorrectly in such a generic way, in which case, feel free to correct me. Don’t know it all, and never stop learning daily.

So I understand why you’d see in the context of where it is used most… i.e. census and redistricting is based demographic socioeconomic factors using the items you mentioned. I just think rich, and also me, are just using the term demographic in a more generic form.

INRE the polling and the 6% of those 1000 sampled in the Gallup poll, you are correct that when you factor in the margin of error, it is still not so distant from the racial make up of the nation. Nor do we know what localities and/or neighborhoods they choose to sample.

@rich wheeler:

J.G. of the ‘all liberals are animals’ rant labelling Greg and I as such. Wrong again.

Then provide us a link showing a democrat, or a MSM personality denouncing and condemning the actions of the leftists. Can you? Show me just one. Show me evidence of how wrong I am, instead of just stating it.

Mata We know what MoveOn consists of and they wouldn’t claim otherwise. Anticsrocks. With 4% margin of error there may only be 2% African American Tea Partiers Sounds about right. Thanks for pointing that out.One thing certain,approval has dropped from peak of 35% to current 27% and Palins approval in mid 20’s.I’ll ask you,who can beat Obama

@rich wheeler: You said:

I’ll ask you,who can beat Obama

With the way the economy is going, the amount of lies the man tells on a daily basis and the cost of gasoline going through the roof, I would say that Ronald McDonald could mount an effective campaign and beat Obama.

As I mentioned above, Obama lies so often the old joke comes to mind. How can you tell when Obama is lying?

His mouth is moving.

@MataHarley: I understand what you are saying, and yes in the most generic term, one can utilize the term “demographic” to compare just about anything. For statistical analysis in most cases, it usually revolves around socio-economic factors.

@rich wheeler: #100
The Tea Party consists 100% of disgruntled TAX PAYERS. They are republican, democrat, independent, white, black, red, yellow, brown, etc. Before anyone condemns any part of the Tea Party they should at least attend one. Otherwise, it is like the propaganda media does with a lot of stories, getting together and coming up with a story and STAGING pictures, and the same story and pictures appear in all the propaganda media.

SMORGASBORD, HI, I bet you are in the snow banks wishing to be part of your TEAPARTY gathering, I bet they miss you too.


I don’t think Rich understands that TEA Party members, by being for smaller, less intrusive government, they are against corporate welfare just as much as welfare for the “needy”, and that the only difference between liberal democrat, and dem-lite Republicans, is the form of welfare described to grow government. Neither has any place within the constructs of the Constitution, yet both are prevalent within both parties.

The TEA Party simply wants a return to Constitutionally limited government that our Constitution prescribes, and they damn members of both parties who use favors, deal-making, and welfare to legally thieve the fruits of a man’s labor, all in the name of gaining power over people.

Anticsrocks I agree with you again. Ronald McDonald could run a more effective campaign against Obama than the cast of characters you’ve got so far.Is he a Republican?
Smorg For the record I would like to see INCOME TAX ABOLISHED Let the big consumers pay more.

rich wheeler: Anticsrocks I agree with you again. Ronald McDonald could run a more effective campaign against Obama than the cast of characters you’ve got so far.

Sorry rich… the only official clown on the campaign circuit is the bozo who pretends to be our POTUS when he’s not campaigning. Therefore no one has started an “effective campaign” against Obama. Unless, of course, you’re falling chump to Trump and his face time for ratings and negotiations? In which case, I’ll agree with you. Ronald McDonald would make a better candidate.

@ilovebeeswarzone: 124
Winnipeg doesn’t have much snow left.

I wanted to go to the last Tea Party protest in Washington DC, but I felt I was too far away. Wherever I settle in I intend to be a sign carrying protester, and intend to make the big ones in DC.

@johngalt: 125
Rich is probably on welfare and has plenty of time to go on conservative sights just to see how much trouble he can stir up. The only people I can see who would still support Obama are those on welfare, Federal employees, communist countries, Muslims, and anyone who wants a different form of government for our country.

@rich wheeler: (to me) We know what MoveOn consists of and they wouldn’t claim otherwise.

(to Anticsrocks) With 4% margin of error there may only be 2% African American Tea Partiers Sounds about right.

The the first, the tea party never claimed any particular cosmetic racial make as part of their reasoning or justification for existing either. It’s only the lib progs who demand a race/class breakdown… part of their attempt to dismiss the tea party issues.

To the second, I have already pointed out to you that you have no clue of the actual racial profile of a grass roots movement because there is no way to substantiate that. Especially since we have no idea what locations and racial demographics they solicited for their poll (i.e. Jackson’s back yard, perhaps?)

So while you’re happy that “2% are black” *sounds* right to you, I wouldn’t be taking that to the bank as reality. It’s just a feel good moment for you, yourself, to justify your own attempts to dismiss a fiscal responsibility movement in this nation. I will once again remind you that it was a sample of 1000 people who may.. or may not.. have actually been tea party participants. The movement is vast, national, influential enough to effect the midterm elections and … so far… unclassified by those who are intent on waging racial class warfare. This is one group you can’t do a head count on, and divide into categories.

TWITER SHOULD KNOW THAT IT DOESN’T HELP THEIR IMPORTANCE, ON THE CONTRARY; the other member should just get out of that nefarious media if they don’t want to be known as sympatiser of these

Smorg the birther #128 Geez At first I thought you were describing our POTUS ,a Kenyan born Muslim,card carrying communist federal employee bent on DESTROYING America as we know it.How many more like you out there?

Mata Ronald McDonald/The Donald 2012
How bout ” The Colonel” Sec.Def.?

The way it’s going, it sounds like a line up, rich. The “The Colonel” (assuming you mean the KFC colonel) might be especially effective because he died sometime this past year. Saves a bunch on salary, don’t you think?

Perhaps Bozo the Clown for SOS? That way the savings can be had from the WH make up artists.

We already have jokers and clowns in this admin…. the only difference with your tongue in cheek suggestions is they look the part this group is already playing.

Until Americans identify themselves as simply Americans with no melatonin or gender qualifiers and realize that regardless of who or what your Parents or Grand Parents may have been there is a divisive element at work. Regardless of Your Political Affiliation, Your sense of Personal RESPONSIBILITY and LOYALTY should be to Family, Friends and Your Allegiance needs to be “bore sighted” to the Republic and any Oath of Office You took.

On My last deployment to the Stans, I saw off every flight before boarding mine. I saw Americans, not skin color or gender. As it was a JSOC Team that I Commanded, I saw Soldiers, Naval Personnel, Marines and a few Air Force folks with two things in common, the Mission and the sense of Teamwork that was necessary to accomplish it. Everyone brought Their Skills and Talents to the table. My Chief Intel Analyst was female, a Naval Officer that spoke Pashtun, Farsi and Arabic, a Second Generation American. My Chief Comms NCO was a gal from Cheyenne, Wyoming who lost a brother aboard the USS Cole. One of My Civil Affairs Team Leaders was a Reservist that Volunteered for Active Duty on the afternoon of 9.11.01 , His Fathers youngest brother perished in one of the Towers.

As Harry Truman desegregated the Military in 1948 way ahead of Civil Rights Legislation or Voting Rights Legislation and short sighted US Legislators ( Career Politicians and Poll Watchers ) took almost 20 Years to recognize those shortcomings of the Civilian World, the Defenders of the Nation, the Constitution and our Allies had no divided Loyalties. We All came from different Economic backgrounds, were raised in different States, were Educated in different Schools but that made no difference. I was given the finest Enlisted and NCOs. I was given Officers that had volunteered for the Military, were products of West Point, VMI, Texas A & M, State Colleges that had ROTC Programs and a few were Mustangs like Me who completed Officer Candidate Schools. One team, One Fight and One Purpose.
Selfless service to the Republic.

So don’t bother Me with windsock polls, skin color, gender or other things that I find to be superficial and irrelevant. Demographics mean little to Me. Politics do matter but Career politicians are Self Serving Serving Folks that can’t get foreign Policy right or Domestic Policy on track at this point. Until Folks born in the US or Naturalized Citizens get their priorities straight and identify as Americans, You are wasting My Time. Deployed Folks know that bullets don’t discriminate, blood is red and the Tombstones at Arlington aren’t Color Coded. Until You see Yourself as an American first, the rest is just self serving crap.

@Old Trooper 2:

Well said! My feeling exactly! As I said earlier in this thread to Rich, I also profoundly thank you for your service and your views. I have the right to say what I feel thanks to folks like you who served the Republic as you say.

OT2 Our military is our finest “melting pot” and a reason I believe in a draft with 2 years min service required for ALL O.K to option 3 years in Peace Corps. Sincere thanks for your long and devoted service to our great country.

Mata #135 A deceased Sec.Def. That should appease the peaceniks.

Careful with those big ear ref. You see the flak the gal here in Cal. is taking?

OLD TROOPER,2, hi, yes absolutly, and te government succeded to divide all AMERICANS with the racist card, look what the young people on TWITER do with their time,send death wish to anyone opposing OBAMA, what is happening with the brainwash youth, they have been shown the way to hate speech and violence, this is not the way to help a NATION OF TOLERANT AMERICANS,
we see class collision that never seen before, we see color collision never seen before, we see a number of poor increased like we never seen before, we see strangers from other countrys at the white house agencys such as never seen before, we see war fought with the ennemies in close contacts with AMERICAN FRIENDS WHICH PROVIDE HELP DIRECTLY UNDER THE BENEVOLANCE OF GOVERNMENT,
WE SEE the world organisation taking hold in every facets of GOVERNMENT AGENCY,
AND SO MUCH MORE TO GET DOWN THE ROAD TO DESTRUCTION, like an underground giant snake ready to come out. bye

@rich wheeler: 133

How many more like you out there?

The more people that find out what Obama is actually doing, the more people like me there are.

@Old Trooper 2: 134
The way I say the same thing you did is, “I judge a person by their inside, not their outside.” Gay, straight, colored (white is also a color), nationality, political belief, religious belief, male, female, doesn’t mater. To me, all that matters is what they are like on the INSIDE.

@rich wheeler: You said:

Ronald McDonald could run a more effective campaign against Obama than the cast of characters you’ve got so far.Is he a Republican?

Hmmm, where do I start?

First of all, I am not running any candidates in the next Presidential election.

Secondly, there are some pretty strong choices among the likely contenders.

Thirdly, when I mentioned Ronald McDonald I was wrong. Really the most likely person to beat Obama in 2012 will be Obama. There is no way that he can defend his record and in a debate against a strong, concise, confident GOP candidate he will wilt.

The trick is to keep away from the likes of Romney and Huckabee. Cain, Pawlenty, Gingrich all are folks who could very easily trounce Obama in a debate. I am not getting behind any candidate yet, but those three come to mind when thinking of folks who could debate Obie into the ground.

@DrJohn, #131:

The Trump death threats from the left begin

What suggests any of those comments came from the left? They’re just an example of the endless topical yammering that seems to comprise the bulk of twitter traffic, probably having more to do with the shallow world of celebrity and reality TV than politics.

@Greggie: You said:

What suggests any of those comments came from the left?

Yeah, someone with the screen name haight68ashbury wouldn’t be a leftie…

I think the better question is, what suggests that they aren’t?

@anticsrocks, #143:

I think the better question is, what suggests that they aren’t?

You really need to acquaint yourself with the nature of an error in logic commonly referred to as the burden of proof fallacy. Once you’ve got that one down, you might want to move directly on to the hasty generalization fallacy. This thread provides an opportunity to study repeated examples of both.

I thought idea was Trump is good for the left because “Obama beats him easily”
Saw “Kill Trump and Oprah” Lefty??

@Greg: You have the balls to lecture me on logic???!!!


If THAT isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, then I don’t know what is.

You make false assertions time after time after time here at FA and you think you know what logic is? If I had a dollar for every time you have been shown to be wrong, I could buy gasoline for an entire year – even at four bucks a gallon!

@rich wheeler: I was referring to one screen name. Greg was trying to deny that lefties are making threats.

anticsrocks, hi, you are absolutly right, they are sending death wish to political opponant of OBAMA,
and one even mention that MR TRUMP SAID THIS FROM OBAMA,
that is as clear as can be, why did they say the same to other opponants.

@ilovebeeswarzone: Thank you, beezy. You are right about the media clinging to Obama. The man gets a pass no matter what he does or says.

DR.J. , Anticsrocks ,and Greg Agreed death threats came from STUPID PEOPLE left, right and center politically. Next case.
Will Trump run? Can he win?

Hard Right(coward) says:

“Says the ranting nutjob who got fooled by leftist agitprop. You got embarrassed and want to pretend otherwise. Like I said, you avoid what I have pointed out about the vids you posted and your motives for doing so. Earlier you complained I attack anyone I don’t agree with. Well, that is exactly what you did to me. Can you spell hypocrite? You launch spittle flecked attack after attack, but I’m the bad one? You are truly mentally il”l.

“I will say it again, learn to think for yourself, leave your ego out of it, and seek professional help”.

Ahahahahaha! You are such delusional piece of sh@t. I’m not embarrassed at all by what I have said or posted. You have yet to prove anything. Keep making things up little doggie. This isn’t about my ego Hard Right it’s about you being a jerk and a bully. I regularly read your comments on other threads. You are always the one who is condescending and resorts to name calling. You are what you are little doggie. Again I don’t like you one bit which is why I am attacking you. Can you get that through that stupid thick skull of yours? I hate your guts. Got it shithead?

Still waiting on that name coward…….and waiting….and waiting…

Your hero and bestest friend
Ron Hester

Ron H, you did not have to spend all that energy to tell him how you feel,
that’s what make you look bad on a public blog.
I’m sure HARD RIGHT would have politly debate his point with yours.
take care, don’t let HATE eat you from the inside, like a TORMENTING BEAST SHE IS.

@Ronnie: Stop being a hater. Beezy is right, you could just say that you disagree with HR, but instead you act like a 12 year old in the schoolyard hurling insults to make the other kids laugh.

No one here is laughing, save for those of us who are laughing at you.

Grow up.