Say What? Election edition [Reader Post]



President Obama, in August: Republicans “…have not come up with a single solitary, new idea to address the challenges of the American people.  They don’t have a single idea that’s different from George Bush’s ideas … not one.”

Obama in August: “They haven’t come out with a single solitary idea that is different from policies that held sway for eight years before Democrats took over.  Not a single policy difference that’s discernable from [George W.] Bush. Not one.”

President Obama: “And so my job is to make sure that I’m looking at all ideas that are on the table.  When it comes to job creation, if Republicans have good ideas for job growth that can drive down the unemployment rate, and we haven’t thought of them, we haven’t looked at them but we think they have a chance of working, we want to try some.”

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs: “The goal is to seek their input. He wants to hear their ideas.  If there are good ideas — and I think he assumes there will be — we will look at those ideas.”

President Obama: “We’d be misreading the election if we thought the American people want to see us for the next two years relitigate arguments that we had over the last two years.”

President Obama (4 minutes later; same talk): “We have some tough choices here. We already had a big deficit that I inherited and that has been made worse because of the recession.”

President Obama in November: “I’m doing a whole lot of reflecting, and I think there will be areas where we will have to do a better job. With all that stuff coming at folks fast and furious — a recovery package, what we had to do with respect to the banks, what we had to do with respect to the auto companies — I think people started looking at all of this and it felt as if government was getting much more intrusive into people’s lives than they were accustomed to.”


President Obama: “I think that what happened over the course of two years was that we had to take a series of big, emergency steps quickly and most of them in the first six months of my Administration. Each of them had a big price tag. You’ve got intervention in the banks. You’ve got the auto bailout. You’ve got a stimulus package. Each one with a lot of zeroes behind it. And people looked at that and they said, ‘Boy, this feels as if there’s a huge expansion of government.’ ”

Steve Kroft: “Well, it was a huge expansion of government.”

Obama: “What I didn’t effectively, I think, drive home, because we were in such a rush to get this stuff done, is that we were taking these steps not because of some theory that we wanted to expand government. It was because we had an emergency situation and we wanted to make sure the economy didn’t go off a cliff. ”


President Obama: “At a time when we are going to ask folks across the board to make such difficult sacrifices, I don’t see how we can afford to borrow an additional $700 billion from other countries to make all the Bush tax cuts permanent, even for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans.”  He has never talked about the so-called cost of the middle-class tax cuts, which are far more than $700 billion.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “We’re talking about addressing the disparity of income where the wealthy people continue to get wealthier and some other people are falling out of the middle class when we want to bring many more people into the middle class. But that disparity is not just about wages alone, that disparity is about ownership and equity. It’s all about fairness in our country.”

PBS’s Mark Shield: “But on the subject of Sarah Palin in 2012, one of the unspoken problems that she does have is her quitting as governor midway through her first term. It is like Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick” For those of you who are too young to know this, Ted Kennedy drove off a bridge into the Chappaquiddick with Mary Jo Kopechne in the car with him.  Kennedy survived and walked away from the accident and left the scene (he later claimed to have gone into the water several times to save Kopechne).  Miss Kopechne died in this accident, which was discovered the next day.  Kennedy did not report the accident.  He was given a suspended sentence.


Michelle Norris: Let’s begin with the House and the question of a shift of power there. In one of your recent reports, you posed this question: Will the House losses be bad or horrendous? I think you used the word bloodbath in that report. What’s the answer? How bad will it be?

Rothenberg: There will be a bloodbath, I believe. It all depends on your definitions of this. But we’re talking 1994 levels or larger. 1994 Democrats lost 52 seats in the House. I think we’re talking something above 45. Probably above 50, possibly above 55. So these are big numbers.

Michelle Norris: Now, I ask a question, how bad would it be? That’s of course from the perspective of a Democrat.


Liberals I find myself agreeing with:

Bill Maher: “The most popular name in the United Kingdom—Great Britain—…for babies this year was Mohammed.  Am I a racist to feel alarmed by that (because I am)?”



[2 reporters discussing their coverage of Senate hopeful Joe Miller:]
FEMALE REPORTER: That’s up to you because you’re the expert, but that’s what I would do.I’d wait until you see who showed up because that indicates we already know something.
FEMALE REPORTER: Child molesters.
MALE REPORTER: Oh yeah. can you repeat Joe Miller’s.uh. list of people, campaign workers, which one’s the molester?
FEMALE VOICE: We know that out of all the people that will show up tonight, at least one of them will be a registered sex offender.
MALE REPORTER: You have to find that one person.
FEMALE REPORTER: And the one thing we can do is ..we won’t know..we won’t know but if there is any sort of chaos whatsoever we can put out a twitter/facebook alert: saying what the. `Hey Joe Miller punched at rally.’
FEMALE REPORTER: Kinda like Rand Paul.I like that.
FEMALE REPORTER: That’s a good one.

Sarah Palin on the news media in Alaska (to Chris Wallace): ‘Those are corrupt bastards, Chris’


Reason TV Interviewer (at the Stewart and Colbert Restore Sanity Rally): “Who do you think is the worst offender in he Nazi, commie, socialist, fascist, sort of comparison, parade.”
Restore Sanity placard carrier: “The answer is Glenn Beck.”

Restore Sanity female placard (Fear Sells; Reason Serves) carrier: “You don’t see reasonable people putting Hitler mustaches on people’s faces.”
Interviewer: “So there were no people with Bush’s Hitler signs like there are Obama is Hitler.”
Female: “I see what you’re saying…if there should have been a Hitler sign on somebody, it probably should have been him—I hate to say it.”
For just one moment there, you think this woman is going to get it…but then she doesn’t make the connection.  Obama is Hitler = insane; Bush is Hitler = more reasonable.

Interviewer: What would be a conservative position that you would consider or a non-liberal position that you would consider reasonable?”
Guy 1 (carrying a placard that reads Deliver us from Evil with a picture of Glenn Beck on it): “Ummmm.”
Guy 2: “That’s a tough one.”
Guy 1: “That would take some thought, man.  That would take some thought.”
Guy 2: [inaudible, but agreeing with Guy 1]

Some other guy responding to an off-camera question (his friend carries an “I hate Illinois Nazis” sign): “We hope to get the point out that it’s not all about getting your point out.”
Interviewer: “I think you’re doing that splendidly.”

Guy 2: “If you’re that bad in debt, I mean, if I were that bad in debt, the only way I’d get myself out of debt is to make more debt first and then try to figure myself out.”
Interviewer: “That makes absolutely no sense, but I think it’s awesome.”



President Bush (speaking of the TEA party movement): “Here’s what I see. I see democracy working.  People are expressing a level of frustration or concern and they’re getting involved in the process.  And the truth of the matter is, democracy works in America.”

John Boehner: “What we need to do is listen to the American people.  They sent a very loud message last night. It’s pretty clear the American people want a smaller, lost costly and more accountable government here in Washington, D.C. And if the American people see us doing things that they’re telling us to do, I think we’ll do just fine.”

P.J. O’Rourke: “This is not an election but a restraining order on Obama.”

After receiving 2 phone calls from the president on the same day, Mitch McConnell said, “I think the President is my new best friend.”

Ben Stein: “The American people are not rabble; the TEA party is not rabble.”

Ben Stein: “It’s not free money, Senators and Congressmen…it belonged to someone.”

George Will: “When we have gridlock the system is working.”

Jodi Miller:  “A new study by the Congressional Budget Office will actually drive people out of the workforce, but we here at newsbusted don’t expect Democrats to be upset, unless it affects illegal aliens.”

Dick Army: “The Republican party, bless their hearts, finally learned to listen to the people, rather than join with the democrats and tell America what they’re going to get, like it or not.”

Senator Lindsay Graham at the Halifax International Security Forum: “My view of military force would be not to just neutralize their nuclear program, which are probably dispersed and hardened, but to sink their navy, destroy their air force and deliver a decisive blow to the Revolutionary Guard.  In other words, neuter that regime.”

An unnamed Indian official, upon hearing that President Obama will use a teleprompter in India: “We thought Obama is a trained orator and skilled in the art of mass address with his continuous eye contact.”

From Conservative Review #151 (HTML)   (PDF)

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Anybody else notice that the “street finger” is not being displayed much lately?

You gotta love them brain dead libs at that rally. I mean I just shake my head and think that some of those idiots are RAISING CHILDREN.

This guy should run for president on the Dem ticket:

Guy 2: “If you’re that bad in debt, I mean, if I were that bad in debt, the only way I’d get myself out of debt is to make more debt first and then try to figure myself out.”

*hits head on nearest brick wall*


Joe Scarborough: Top Senate Dems have told me privately that Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing

The Democratic co-chairman of a deficit-reduction panel convened by the White House said that the blueprint he unveiled Wednesday was the product of lengthy discussions with Republicans, and he appeared to question past efforts by the administration to engage with the GOP on fiscal matters.

“I told people in the White House I had spent more time listening to people in the opposition party than they had done as a whole group,” said Erskine Bowles, in an interview the day after he and Republican co-chairman Alan K. Simpson released a proposal for deep spending cuts and broad tax changes touching almost every aspect of the federal budget.”

To repeat a point I made the other day, though, would grassroots conservatives be thrilled if the GOP took back the White House and both chambers of Congress and then immediately launched an outreach effort to Democrats to make sure their ideas were incorporated in new legislation? When you’ve got the numbers, you might as well pass as much of your big-ticket agenda as you can; that was Rahm’s strategy from day one in not letting a “crisis” go to waste. In that case, why bother listening to the other side, especially when the GOP was already gaming out a position of firm principled opposition to the Hopenchange program early on? Sure, sure, Obama said he’d be a “post-partisan” president who would “change the culture in D.C.,” but c’mon. Who among us really believed that? (Put your hand down, David Brooks.)

I’ll leave you with this bit from Politico’s piece today about the 2012 electoral map starting to look an awful lot like the 2004 electoral map. It’s even more brutal than the Scarborough clip insofar as it explodes the Obama mythos of a chosen one whose singular political talents would build a new progressive kingdom on Earth

Jodi Miller: “A new study by the Congressional Budget Office will actually drive people out of the workforce, but we here at newsbusted don’t expect Democrats to be upset, unless it affects illegal aliens.”

Who knew that studies drive people out of work?

I have a feeling that this is a misquote and is missing a portion of the actual quote.

Otherwise, it makes no sense.

Old Trooper 2,

Keep an eye on the back door at the White House. More rats are about to follow Emanuel and friends. Not much confidence in their own leader. They rode his carpet as he won an election on a cushion of air, but now that reality has set in and they have a close-up view of the emperor, they’re all running.

Quantitative easing or, in this case, summary understanding…

This is the best explanation, by far, that I’ve seen in re what’s been going on with the FED, with explanations about what deflation, inflation and Goldman Sachs mean.

How to watch it: Just listen without worrying about not understanding everything. The end result will be a prefect sense of the problem. The solution is another problem, but it begins with this.

Quantitative easing is a union-hatched scheme to prop up American manufacturers and increase the power base of the unions. They want to drive imports out of the market by debasing the value of the dollar. They could give a damn if that means that our purchasing power is diminished and we compete with the third world for lowest possible wages. As long as the union ranks swell and their power grows, they would be willing to drive the value of the dollar into the toilet. What they don’t see is that this will set off a wave of retaliation around the world as foreign manufacturers refuse to relinquish their hold on American consumer markets. We are about to see a world war over currency devaluation. Hold onto your hat, bad times ahead.

posted on Sunday, November 14, 2010 9:28:34 AM by Juan Medén

To: Juan Medén
We are about to see a world war over currency devaluation.

That has happened before, and I pray this is not a repeat. I find no fault with your argument, but I am not yet convinced that it is inevitable.
I think Obozo’s aim (and that of his handlers) is much larger than that. It is total distruction of the U.S. The unions are only temporary useful idiots. Commies do not build anything; they only steal, destroy and corrupt all that is good, moral or honest. They cannot stay in power any other way. Worst of all they destroy the human will. It is not yet declared, but we are now in Total War.

Accurate and on the Money!

Have Fun with this!

Paul Krugman on the Sunday Circuit

KRUGMAN: No. Some years down the pike we’re gonna get the real solution, which is gonna be a combination of death panels and sales taxes. It’s going to be that we’re actually gonna take Medicare under control and we’re gonna have to get some additional revenue, probably from a VAT.

Looks like Sarah Palin was right about Obama Care using “death panels”. Damn, doesn’t the left supporters of Obama Care look silly!

@Old Trroper

Devaluing a nation’s money is the modus operandus of George Soros, and he has unabashedly said that he want’s bring down the American economy.

Makes me ponder; who does Bernanke really work for?

@ Ditto, At this point neither Bernanke or Geithner appear to have a very keen handle on the Economics. At the G-20 Our Traditional Trading Partners questioned the logic of printing currency and manipulation of currencies. The warned about drifting too far off the path on Socialization vs more Conservative approaches to rebuilding the Global Economy. Even the Chinese issued strong statements on devaluation of the Dollar to increase trade.

Hint…Currency Manipulation is a George Soros solution to the destruction of any Nation’s Economy. He has done it several times with some success in Great Britain and Eastern Europe.

Anyone can connect the dots.