Democrat Senator Acknowledges Health Bill Breaks Obama Promises


A few Democrats are seeing the light:

Democrats, having defeated a Republican attempt to block proposed Medicare cuts, now face an even bigger headache: concern among members of their own party over the program’s future funding.

President Barack Obama wants to cut spending on the federal insurance plan for the elderly to help fund his health-care overhaul. Part of that proposal would cut more than $100 billion from Medicare Advantage, through which the government hires private insurers such as Humana Inc. to deliver Medicare benefits to 11 million seniors, including extras like reduced co-payments and even gym memberships.

Should Congress scale back the program, “We’re not going to be able to say ‘if you like what you have, you can keep it,’” said Senator Bob Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat. “And that basic commitment that a lot of us around here have made will be called into question.”

Obama is seeking Medicare cuts that total hundreds of billions of dollars in his bid to finance the overhaul of the health-care system, estimated in a Senate bill to cost $848 billion. The resistance he’s getting underscores the difficulty of paying for the overhaul without increasing the budget deficit, a condition Obama set.

McCain calls Reid and his cohorts out a few days ago:

“A remarkable flip-flop”

Doug Ross notes how the left and the MSM wailed in horror at Bush’s proposal to cut 36 billion in Medicare:

The DNC press release of that era shrieked in horror and its cries were gleefully picked up by the legacy media.

Cuts to Medicare Threaten Indiana Seniors. In addition, the Bush budget cuts Medicare by $36 billion over the next five years, resulting in $530,913,830 in cuts to hospitals, nursing homes, and home health providers serving seniors and people with disabilities in Indiana.

Note how Democrats are b***hing about $530 million.

But my favorite news of the day, and news that just proves how really immoral these jackasses are, is this news on the Medicare cuts:

Senators Charles Schumer of New York, Bill Nelson of Florida and Ron Wyden of Oregon are among those who secured special provisions shielding constituents from cuts.

I wonder how they secured those deals eh?

This is a perfect example of the Obama era of politics.


Gotta love Ace:

I feel kind of pathetic that the only way a fact is established to exist is if a Democrat says so; obviously I can’t quote Boehner or McCain or whoever. They don’t count. They are self-discredited simply due to the fact they’re the wrong party.

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Let me see… first it was 300 million to the La. chick just to get the bill to the floor for debate. Now these 3 have “protection for their constiuents”; Nelson of Florida, Wyden of Oregon and Chuck “U” Shumer of NY. Just how many whores are in D.C.?

Thank you Curt for bringing Health Care to our Forum.

Someone could say that Stimulus money has reached these so called Senators. Discusting charade that is taking place. Each amendment is passing with the swicht of two or three Republicans! Vitter must have gotten some big time money for his vote!
In my humble opinion, Health Care is fait accompli because Obama agreed to send troops to Afghanistan. I strongly believe that some political negotiations took place last week. Obama’s speech at West Point pointed candidly that he was so disgusted to be there. Yet, he needed to get a political solution and thus, sends troops to Afghanistan while Health Care Reform can be approved in the Senate.
A quid pro quo, so Washington D.C. politics.

McCain layed it on the AARP tonight for their traitorous act in supporting the $500 billion cuts to medicare so they can hustle senior citizens to buy policies to cover the gap. The AARP stands to make billions. He made a flat statement that people should cut up their AARP cards and send them back. I’d wait until they send a stamped envelope and send it back instead of a payment.

On another front Botox Boxer (deeply involved in the Global Warming Scam) blast the release of documents showing how stupid she and the other criminals are, and still defends the AGW crap. I wonder how much of their money (her and crooked hubby) they have invested in the scam. Wouldn’t be the first time she steered millions of taxpayer dollars to Hubby’s companies. I hope the citizens of Ca burn the witch at the stake. Probably shouldn’t say that since SF is the weirdo capitol of the world and they might eat her after the burn and die of poison meat.

Senators Charles Schumer of New York, Bill Nelson of Florida and Ron Wyden of Oregon are among those who secured special provisions shielding constituents from cuts.
I wonder how they secured those deals eh?
I live in NY. I wonder if I’m included among those special medicare recipients. Now that I’m no longer a Dem., probably not.

Every penny going to these “Bill-Whores” should be counted into the cost of the Bill that they have prostituted themselves for.

I have repeatedly called AARP 1-800 number and give them a piece of my mind. Bunch of Commies and good for nothing! No more AARP! Heck no!

Oh man, I thought he meant breaking Obama’s promise to improve health care while cutting costs for the average American. Silly me.

This is the Obama equivilent of “Shock and Awe”. Finding out he broke a promise.

Anytime you start to feel like maybe the Dems are starting to use their heads just remember the smiling whore from La. and her bagging $300 million for her state. They will all find a way to support this abomination when the deadline is upon them. Casey (D-Pa), laments that he will not be able to keep his promise about keeping the coverage you have now under the obamination’s health care plan. Have you ever known a Dem to break a promise?

What IS the total billions paid to that state since the “local-politics-caused” disaster known as Katrina happened?