Alinsky Perfected Pt V: Another complaint bites the dust…


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That didn’t take long. Ray Ward’s beef that accused Sarah of being paid for interviews on State time has been dismissed.

The complaint was filed July 6.

It was rejected in part because it was not properly notarized, the statement said.

In addition, the Personnel Board had previously determined that interviews do not violate the state Ethics Act. And the complaint offered no evidence to support the claim the governor was paid, the statement said.

If you’re going to abuse the system, you at least may want to learn how to do it properly. Perhaps Ray should have consulted Zane Henning, who already tried that route and fell flat on his face. The other system abuse expert is Andree McLeod, with four loser attempts under her belt.

Speaking of the devil, this leaves Zane Henning’s latest and greatest complaint accusing Palin of collecting per diem against the rules as the long ranger left standing at the Personnel Board… at least as of today.

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Why aren’t these yahoos required to pay ALL court costs, including attorney’s fees for Palin, when they lose or their phony cases are thrown out? Anyone who files frivolous lawsuits should have to pay to support their habit. Stiff monetary penalties and many hours of community service might also be helpful.

Thanks for the info, Mata. Since this is a citizen system, the citizens of Alaska might want to rethink the “no charge” aspect, especially for those who are obviously gaming the system.

Pay if you lose would be good, but they have funding coming in from other sources so it wouldn’t hurt them too badly.
Getting some of the good Alaska folks involved to change the law and get rid of some of their states leftislators would be even better.
Having some of the Republican type legislaters start “Palinizing” the dems, much like they’ve done to Palin, would be great. Let them start footing the bill for their legal defense.

I can understand their fear of losing Obama due to Sarah running against him in 2012 and standing up against his poor policy on increasing tax’s , cutting military expense, destroying our health care, and on and on.

Saw this yesterday at AT, written by a Berkeley psychotherapist. She calls this bunch in Alaska sadists, I would add ignorant, selfish, foolish, envious, lacking dignity….. a real sorry clan of misfits.

They want to destroy her because they fear she could derail this farce of a train Engineer Obama is driving. Not to worry idiots, he’s taking this country over a cliff anyway.

I look around each day and ask myself the same question, “Where are the human beings?” I see fewer and fewer each day. But there’s a shining example in Alaska of a woman who maintained her integrity in the midst of cruelty that would have crushed many of us; who never descended to the level of the thugs; and who exits the scene with something that the sadists will never have, not even in their dreams — her humanity.

A frequent AT contributor, Robin is a recovering liberal and psychotherapist in Berkeley.

Oops, almost forgot:

Palin/Mata 2012

Mata, I agree that corrupt politicians’ feet should be held to the fire and that ordinary citizens, not just wealthy ones, should be able to “have recourse against what they see as corruption in government.” But if elected officials have no recourse against “BS ethics complaints” the result will be that these officials, like Sarah, will be driven out of office by the jackals and their minions. How is this a good thing? I understand that Sarah, as a private citizen can countersue. The problem I have is that she has to leave public office to effectively defend herself without bankrupting her family by incurring a massive personal debt. This means that only those with “personal means” will be able to run for and retain public office. We have enough trouble getting good people to run for office as it is.

I still believe that the citizens of Alaska can find a solution to this mess. It might not help Sarah, but it could prevent the same thing from happening in the future.

MataHarley, it’s Lone Ranger. Hi Ho Silver, AWAY!

Donations to SarahPAC are going strong, as her popularity spreads. Sarah Palin will soon be free to go after America’s enemies in government and the media. She’s just warming up on Obama, and she could lead the charge against the Beltway crowd of both parties in the 2010 elections. Sarah has the power to rock D.C. Recall them All. That’s my mantra for Congress.