Uneasy night in Honduras as citizens receive threatening text messages on cells


Anyone on Twitter? Just as the new social media and technology came to the aid of the Iranians, it’s time to monitor the Honduran Twitterers. Per a Canadian Free Press report by Judi McLeod that they are receiving threatening text messages on their cells, warning them not leave their homes tomorrow night… and trying to get this message out to the world via their Twitter accounts.

“Now more than ever I will be the first one out the door,” Honduran Pedro Martinez told Canada Free Press tonight. Pedro Martinez is the pseudonym we gave to the young Honduran professional that Canada Free Press (CFP) walked through Twitter hookup last week.

“Tomorrow might be a bad day,” Pedro tipped off CFP on twitter. “People are infiltrating Honduras thru (sic) Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua with the intention to create chaos.”

It was only yesterday that ousted Chavez bud, and treasonous ex-President of Honduras threatened bloodshed to regain power, while speaking from neighboring Nicaragua.

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya gave his rival, Roberto Micheletti, one week to step down, saying he was prepared to risk bloodshed to recapture the presidency, which he lost on June 28.


Zelaya and Micheletti’s negotiating teams are expected to resume talks in Costa Rica on Saturday. But if those talks do not produce results, Zelaya said he would pay ”any cost” to reclaim the presidency.

“Let me come back – me with the people and you with your bayonets,” he said. “And instead of shooting innocent kids, shoot me.”

As Alec Rawls noted in an FA Reader Post on July 5th, Chavez has been strutting his stuff, making noises about invasion. If Zelaya is looking for a partner in bloodshed, he has no farther to look than the man who helped him print up the illegal ballots for an illegal referendum, and the Chavez minions who were among Zelaya’s back up when he stormed a Honduras Air Force base to recollect those confiscated ballots. It was then Zelaya was escorted out of the country.

Chavez has been laying some pretty convincing groundwork for an invasion… labeling the Honduras situation as “explosive” on Sunday.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said the political situation in Honduras is “explosive,” and some members of the Central American country’s military may take action to restore deposed President Manuel Zelaya.


“The situation is an explosive situation,” Chavez said today during his Sunday television program “Alo, Presidente.” “Don’t be surprised if a patriotic current comes out” of the military, he said.

Chavez said U.S. President Barack Obama should take control of the “Yankee empire,” which he said includes the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency. The socialist Venezuelan leader said the “empire” was behind Zelaya’s overthrow on June 28 because Honduras was strengthening ties with Chavez.

“The new specter that the bourgeoisie and the Yankee empire have invoked throughout the continent isn’t socialism and isn’t communism, it’s Chavismo,” he said, referring to a label used to describe Chavez’s ideology.

Apparently it doesn’t matter to the lefist one that Obama has not only sided with Chavez, but actually meddled in Honduras’ affairs prior to Zelaya’s ouster. Even the Eunuch in Chief can serve as a convenient “Great Satan” patsy.

Within 24 hours of Chavez’s thinly veiled threats, he was demanding Obama remove “gringo” US troops from the Honduran US airbase.

“If the U.S. really was against the coup it would have already withdrawn its troops from the Palmerola military base,” Chavez said in his Sunday TV program, Hello President.

The U.S., which has repeatedly condemned the coup, has some 350 soldiers deployed at an airbase in Honduras.

“Obama, pull your gringo soldiers out of Honduras, deprive the rebels of aid, freeze their accounts, stop giving them visas, and you will see how their rule ends,” Chavez went on.

In response to the increased chatter of threats, a curfew has been reimposed in Honduras from midnight to 5AM.

But the Hondurans aren’t easily intimidated.

Zelaya’s ultimatum to the interim government ordering it to relinquish power within the week and the demands for his immediate restitution has only raised the peoples’ dander.

People like Pedro expect only the worst from Zelaya.

This is a sturdy resistance that predates the July 28 bum’s rush, and one that sees Zelaya as a dictator who is giving their country and all it stands for over to “socialist rule under Chavez.”

“Long before the so-called coup d’etat, we watched as Chavez’s shiny new tractors were given like carnival candy to Honduran farmers,” Pedro told CFP in an earlier telephone call. “The tactics are the same ones used by Communists everywhere.”

“While his own people, whose children go hungry were out of work, Zelaya was swaggering under his 10-gallon cowboy hats and 100% tooled leather cowboy boots.

“We were told that big-spending Zelaya had been whooping it up in Costa Rica, where he blew his way through $80,000 in his first few days in exile.

“I was there at Tegucigalpa airport on July 6 when our interim government refused to let his plane touch down from Costa Rica. Zelaya and supporters, whose bullets killed my two countrymen, lied when they said the bullets came from the Interim Government side. Our side used rubber bullets. Zalaya supporters used real bullets on real people.”

Pedro, who speaks perfect English, says Zalaya “thugs” and “militants” have been threatening Honduran journalists. “We know what supermarket your wife uses. We know which school your little boy attends. That’s what they have been telling journalists,” Pedro says.


Meanwhile, Pedro and his many countrymen are in defending Honduras mode: “God bless Honduras. God bless Canada and the Free World. Nobody is going to take our Freedom and Democracy away. Nobody.”

Sounds like some old fashioned American spirit is alive and well… even if not in our borders.

I wish the Hondurans well… and very much hope a naive POTUS with misplaced loyalties does not hamstring our troops to aid in their defense.

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Zelaya tells his supporters to invoke their Article 3 right to rise up against a usurper. (Translation of relevant part of Honduran constitution here.)

But it is perfectly clear under Article 239 that it is Zelaya who is the usurper:


ARTICLE 239: The citizen that has performed [under] the title of Executive Power cannot be President or Designate.

Whoever breaks this provision/regulation or proposes its reform, as well as those who support directly of indirectly [the breaking of this provision/regulation], will cease immediately in their performance of their relative charges (public office?), and are inelegible from public office for a period of 10 years.

By calling Zelaya’s ouster illegal, Obama is actually encouraging civil war on behalf of a usurper, utterly perverting the intent of the Honduran constitution.

Obama’s response to Zelaya’s call for insurrection?

All parties in the talks should give this process some time. Don’t set any artificial deadlines,” department spokesman Ian Kelly said Tuesday in Washington.

State’s problem is only with setting deadlines, confirming that they continue to back Zelaya’s claim to the presidency, regardless of his calls for violence and regardless of the fact that, according to article 239, he is NO LONGER PRESIDENT, as the Honduran supreme court ruled.

Mata, that old fashioned American spirit is still alive in many of our United States. With the MSM praising THE WON every second of every day, it just seems like the spirit has gone. Give this sucker enough time and he’ll destroy any chance of a 2d term.
What we need to do is run a true conservative next time around and find someone a whole lot smarter than me to figure out how to surpress the effects of ACORN and other fraudulent votes at the polling places.

Obama has given a green light to Chavez, Castro et. al. to committ whatever violent acts they deem necessary to destroy the lawful government of Honduras.

Obama is building up his own leftist shock troops which he plans to use when needed in the future. He’s a sleeper coming out in full sight.

He’s threatening his political enemies, including most recently the State of Arizona for it’s Senator opposing his will. He’s aiding America’s enemies and he’s threatening America’s allies. He’s purposefully crashing the economy to bring the Nation to it’s knees.

I’ve never seen an American President like this before nor have I seen what Americans will do when they have their own Chavez to contend with as elections roll around. It’s downright explosive!