Chavez threatens to invade Honduras, Obama says Honduras is on its own; Update: Chavez broadcasts his efforts to arrange a REAL coup in Honduras, Obama still silent [Reader Post]


Never a word from the Obama regime about Venezuela’s threat to invade Honduras and restore Chavez crony and fellow usurper Zelaya to power, but there is no lack of volume in Obama’s actions. Instead of facing Venezuela with a palm turned “stop,” Obama is pointedly walking away. AP headline: “U.S. halts military operations with Honduras to protest coup.”

This is not just some planned military exercise that has been canceled. Honduras is a close military ally and a base of operations for the United States in Central America. We will continue to use our bases, but as of now, the Hondurans are on their own.

Obama knows better than anyone that the arrest of Zelaya was completely legal and was not a coup

When AP calls the military arrest of Zelaya a “coup,” they are just following Obama, but the Obama regime was fully informed all along of the details of Zelaya’s attempted usurpation and fought vigorously to forestall his arrest:

The official, who spoke on the condition that he not be named, said the U.S. Embassy in Honduras was “consistently and almost constantly engaged in the last several weeks working with partners” and that U.S. officials were “in contact with all Honduran institutions, including the military.”

What were the Hondurans telling Obama? That the Honduran constitution REQUIRED the arrest of a president who tries to engineer a second term, and that it specifically empowers the Honduran Supreme Court to issue to the Honduran military an arrest warrant in such a case. Honduran Supreme Court justice Rosalinda Cruz describes how Zelaya had already started illegally shutting down checks and balances and how his arrest was immediately necessary to stop him from usurping the Honduran democracy:

“The only thing the armed forces did was carry out an arrest order,” said [Honduran Supreme Court Justice Rosalinda Cruz] in a telephone interview from the capital, Tegucigalpa. “There’s no doubt he was preparing his own coup by conspiring to shut down the congress and courts.”

Cruz said the court issued a sealed arrest order for Zelaya on June 26, charging him with treason and abuse of power, among other offenses. Zelaya had repeatedly breached the constitution by pushing ahead with a vote about rewriting the nation’s charter that the court ruled illegal, and which opponents contend would have paved the way for a prohibited second term.

She compared Zelaya’s tactics, including his dismissal of the armed forces chief for obeying a court order to impound ballots to be used in the vote, with those of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

“Some say it was not Zelaya but Chavez governing,” she said.

Having been “consistently and almost constantly engaged” for weeks “with all Honduran institutions,” the Obamaistas knew that Zelaya was trying to end the rule of law, yet they fought furiously against his removal, and when he was removed, dishonestly called Zelaya’s arrest “not legal“; declared Zelaya to still be the legal president of Honduras; and insisted on his immediate return to power.

OAS extended membership to communist Cuba last month

To ratchet up the pressure on Honduras, Obama is joining the call for Honduras to be ousted from the Organization of American States if it does not knuckle under to Zelaya. Exactly one month ago, the OAS voted to grant membership to the communist dictatorship in Cuba. Usurpers in. Rule of law out.

Check out AP’s picture of Hillary and Zelaya laughing over Cuba’s rehabilitation:

Actually, those should be thought balloons. Here is Zelaya’s actual commentary:

“The Cold War has ended this day in San Pedro Sula,” said Honduran President Manuel Zelaya immediately following the announcement.

Yes, we are all communists now.


Hugo Chávez said that he supports the return of deposed President Zelaya to Honduras by means of “a set of actions,” including contacts with military officers. Zelaya could return home “by land, air or water,” said Chávez in an address on Thursday in a state-run TV station, AFP reported.

“We are supporting his return to Honduras and we are planning several actions. (We are) contacting social leaders that are heading the resistance movements. We have contacted military leaders who disagree with what is happening in their country,” Chávez said.

If Chavez succeeds in creating violent chaos and undermining the Honduran congress and supreme court, expect Obama to continue to support Zelaya’s return to the presidency, regardless of popular opposition. Restoration of Zelaya is already Obama’s declared objective, and as with Chavez’ initial threat of to invade, Obama is saying nothing to counter this latest Chavez threat.

That’s the amazing thing. Longshot as it would be for Chavez to pull off a coup in another country, he is openly talking about it, and the United States is saying nothing in response. After Chavez’ initial threat to invade, Obama terminated cooperation with the Honduran military, so we have already left the way free for Chavez to find a violent path to power for Zelaya.

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Venezuela cant successfully invade Honduras and reinstate Zelaya

Everyone who is surprised that BO threw Hondurus under the bus, please stand on your heads! This is what we got? And, the lefty loons say that Palin has no foreign policy experience? At least she has common sense!

Hugo can drive his newly acquired subs around the Caribbean basin and keep funding his pals in neighboring countries of Nicaragua and El Salvador (a new leftist government was installed recently.) The lack of a firm, measured response against he like of Chavez, the Castro brothers and Ortega is going to encourage them to undermine our allies.

Ecuador is funding and supporting guerrillas on the border of Colombia and Hugo’s little friends are making threats and trying to arrest Colombian officials. Bolivia is nationalizing its economy with Hugo’s help and Peru is seeing a re-birth of Sendero types organizing armed bands and attacking government troops.

Parts of Mexico are at war and there is no sign from BO that he feels it makes a difference to support Calderon or have narco-traficantes take over. Hugo almost got his lackey installed there.

All the while, the NGO’s, many with funding from Soros, work to undermine legitimate governments so long as they are pro-US and pro-free market.. ….

Have fun on Cape Cod, BO. Take your fiddle. Ignore the smell of smoke.

Hey lefties, please try to tell me that obama is governing from the center now.
Come on, where are you brave defenders of your messiah?
Tell us how he is for the little guy. Tell us how he is pro democracy.
Well? We’re waiting…

Seeing how little respect obama has for their constitution makes you wonder just how safe ours is.

The following was published in the Christian Science Monitor by Octavio Sánchez, a lawyer, and a former presidential adviser (2002-05) and minister of culture (2005-06) of the Republic of Honduras:

….. On June 26, President Zelaya issued a decree ordering all government employees to take part in the “Public Opinion Poll to convene a National Constitutional Assembly.” In doing so, Zelaya triggered a constitutional provision that automatically removed him from office ….. His actions showed intent…..

According to Article 239 [of the Honduras Constitution]: “No citizen who has already served as head of the Executive Branch can be President or Vice-President. Whoever violates this law or proposes its reform , as well as those that support such violation directly or indirectly, will immediately cease in their functions and will be unable to hold any public office for a period of 10 years.”

Notice that the article speaks about intent and that it also says “immediately” – as in “instant,” as in “no trial required,” as in “no impeachment needed.”

Continuismo – the tendency of heads of state to extend their rule indefinitely – has been the lifeblood of Latin America’s authoritarian tradition. The Constitution’s provision of instant sanction might sound draconian, but every Latin American democrat knows how much of a threat to our fragile democracies continuismo presents. In Latin America, chiefs of state have often been above the law. The instant sanction of the supreme law has successfully prevented the possibility of a new Honduran continuismo.

The Supreme Court and the attorney general ordered Zelaya’s arrest for disobeying several court orders compelling him to obey the Constitution. He was detained and taken to Costa Rica. Why? Congress needed time to convene and remove him from office. With him inside the country that would have been impossible. This decision was taken by the 123 (of the 128) members of Congress present that day.

Don’t believe the coup myth. The Honduran military acted entirely within the bounds of the Constitution. The military gained nothing but the respect of the nation by its actions …..

Yes, Vigilante, I referenced and linked a couple of Sanchez’s legal dissertations on the Honduras removal of a thug and usurper.

What never fails to amaze me is how Obama, the UN and the int’l community choose to ignore that Zelaya attacked a Honduras AF base with a mob including Venezuelan thugs and Sandinistas to try and recapture his illegal ballots that were printed up courtesy of Chavez. That alone should have warranted immediate removal.

Said it before and I’ll say it again. Exile is too good for him.

Maybe the Honduran Constitution is a living document and the people are demanding fundamental hope and change?

America does not back our thug president’s position to ignore consistutional law. We’re seeing him trying to change ours by the minute here. We must consistently crusade for our independence in this time of despotism and thievery.

are the people demanding this or is it a special interest group – ie – those in power that want to preserve their own power?

MataHarley: Said it before and I’ll say it again. Exile is too good for him.

We know exile is too good for Obama. What about Zelaya?

Everyone bashed SP for having no foreign policy experience. For only having experience at the governor level in Alaska… some kind of no-name state. How brilliant is the msm to convince people of these ‘facts’, and somehow ignore the real fact that Obama has even less experience? Like this thread, no libs have shown up to defend the messiah. If they can’t defend him (refer to some kind of twisted lie, angle, or foothold), they don’t say anything at all. The group that prides themselves on objectivity and moral high-grounds, is amazingly silent at such an outrage.

Also noteworthy is how amazingly evil the people are, that are against SP. Sarah didn’t have an affair or embezzle money, or deface her country, but like when the good child of the family gets in trouble, the black sheep marvels in the moment; relishing it. They spit venom and act like true demons, eating up each moment as she steps down. For a politician that isn’t involved in scandal or heist, she is being treated worse than most criminals in the public arena.

Vigilante if we could give a medal we would IMMEDIATELY. man you have done something we owe you respect and admiration. the State of Honduras is VERY thankfull for your service to our country.

Lynn is right. The Big Zero and his Democrat Decepticons back Zelaya because they have no respect for either the American or Honduran Constitutions. They only support the power of the people when it agrees with their leftist agenda.

Yes, Honduran Citizen. I’m a died-in-the-wool Obama supporter. But he answered this 3 A.M. call from Tegucigalpa from the wrong side of his bed. I wanted to be among the 1st to say this, but I work for a living. I was busy.

I’m confused, Vigilante… what “service to Honduras” did you do that HondurasCitizen is gushing about?

17 Read 7

Why did our esteemed Secretary of state, Hillary not know this #7?
Why did the big O with all of his community organizing experience not know this?


Hillary and the big O did know. The Hondurans kept them up to speed on everything as it went down. I guess they were hoping none of the rest of us would find out the truth since they control the MSM here and all.

The Cardinal of Honduras is speaking out: Let’s pray this all gets resolved peacefully and Zelaya stays out.

Over at Gateway Pundit one reads that … “Venezuelans, Cubans, Nicaraguans, Costa Ricans and Americans rallied today in Miami to support Honduras’ soverignty and democracy and President Micheletti.”
Does this mean that the Democrats are willing to throw the Latino vote away? One can hope so.


“Venezuela cant successfully invade Honduras and reinstate Zelaya”

If O’Bunko decides to use America’s military and other resources, it’s not impossible.

Wake up everyone, Obama is bad, and the MSM who tricked you into voting for him are no better.


“I’m a died-in-the-wool Obama supporter.”

If so, even after his support for yet more evil (that’s ALL he EVER supports), then you are truly delusional. The fact that you understand that his opposition to Honduran democracy is wrong is good, but that you attribute it to an honest mistake is not.
He materially and ideologically supported his commie cousin Odinga in Kenya, even to the point of advising him to use violence to subvert their democracy (many people died as a result).

I would like to know any one thing you think he’s right about, and that justifies your whole hearted support for that cocaine snorting Kenyan trailer trash. Just curious.

I just wish you were as informed about the rest of the O’Bungler’s intentions as you are about why he’s dead wrong on Honduras.


“What never fails to amaze me is how Obama, the UN and the int’l community choose to ignore that Zelaya attacked a Honduras AF base with a mob including Venezuelan thugs and Sandinistas to try and recapture his illegal ballots that were printed up courtesy of Chavez. That alone should have warranted immediate removal.”

Never failing to amaze, the World consistently sides with evil over good, as in Muslim terrorists in Kosovo over Serbs, as in so-called “Palestinians” over Israelis, while ignoring worldwide Muslim attrocities.

So, amazing, yes, but by now it should be no surprise. What is a surprise is that the USA is now clearly abandoning it’s role as role model for, and supporter of, what’s good and right. It is now rapidly becoming aligned with the dregs of the nations. Americans can protest, as the Conservative voices have so insistently, but as the majority have yet to do. Are they out there, or not? If they don’t raise their voices soon, America’s destruction will proceed unimpeded.


“Mr. Zelaya’s violations of the rule of law in recent months were numerous. But the tipping point came 10 days ago, when he led a violent mob that stormed a military base to seize and distribute Venezuelan-printed ballots for an illegal referendum.

All but a handful of my letters [the author received from Hondurans] pleaded for international understanding of the threat to the constitutional democracy that Mr. Zelaya presented. One phrase occurred again and again: ‘Please pray for us’.
. . . . . . .
Mr. Chávez is demanding that Mr. Zelaya be reinstated and is even threatening to overthrow the new Honduran president, Roberto Micheletti. He’s leading the charge from the Organization of American States (OAS). The United Nations and the Obama administration are falling in line.

Is this insane? You bet. We have fallen through the looking glass and it’s time to review how hemispheric relations came to such a sad state.

In short, a sovereign nation removes a criminal president, and Obama messes himself. Since I’ve been following this, and know a lot about how committed to the failure of good Obama is, it comes as no “surprise” at all.

Obama knows better than anyone that the arrest of Zelaya was completely legal and was not a coup

I disagree. I honestly believe Obama is so goddamn incompetent that he can’t grasp obvious facts like the one just listed. Why should anyone be surprised? Just look at the dumb things he’s said/done. I’m not talking about “57 states”. I’m talking about crap like “the surge won’t work and never will” or his ‘handling’ of the Iranian situation. My God, the idiocy.


I would agree, sort of. He certainly has no excuse, save stupitidty, for not knowing. But whether he did or not is hard to say, because he’s such a liar. As you point out, he once said… “the surge won’t work and never will…”, which, when it did, he promptly added, … “…and it was my idea all along.”

If only SCOTUS would demand his birth cirtificate, then we would know which country to deport him to when we take him down is shame. (It’s either him or America, so I hope SCOTUS has the stones to follow the lead of Honduras).

remember Joe Bidens claim about Obama being tested?
well, this is the real test, does he support the legal government of Honduras or the dictaors