Did Obama Lie to Bill O’Reilly


On the night when Senator Obama accepted his hard fought nomination for the Presidency his opponent, Senator McCain, paid a lot of money to run a TV ad that congratulated him. McCain said that out of respect he wouldn’t detract or distract from the moment with competing campaigning that night. In contrast, on the night that Senator McCain accepted his party’s nomination, Senator Obama scheduled an interview with FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly in an obvious and arrogant attempt at taking some of the spotlight away from Senator McCain. It was not a courteous, respectful, or honorable move. It was also not a truthful interview.

Very often when it comes to the Iraq War people are forced to conclude that a politician who was wrong about something war-related was either ill-informed about a matter or that the politician lied. With President Bush, it’s all too easy to believe that he was ill-informed or incapable of processing information…yet, it’s more politically expedient to believe that he is lying when he’s wrong about something. Often this stems from the intrinsic belief that he gets briefed on all the information the Men-In-Black can possibly give him. Since getting his official nomination, Senator Obama now gets similar briefings.

Senator Obama did the interviewon September 4, 2008.
Senator Obama got his first presidential level classified intelligence briefing…September 2, 2008

No doubt at these high level briefings the focus was on the biggest threats in the world today: Al Queda, Iran, the situation in Iraq, and Pakistan. Additionally, Senator Obama was allowed to ask questions about subjects etc.

On Al Queda, the Senator said that Al Queda and the invasion of Iraq were not related. That’s completely false.

On Al Queda, the Senator said in the interview that the US had taken its eye off the ball (off Al Queda) by invading Iraq. The fact is that that Osama Bin Laden escaped into Pakistan in Nov/Dec 2001, and the US invaded Iraq almost 2yrs later. No US forces were pulled from chasing Al Queda in Pakistan. Only 1 unit was pulled from Afghanistan to Iraq before the invasion (the 5th SFG), and while some US units were pulled from Afghanistan later, they were replaced by NATO forces. The covert fight against Al Queda in Pakistan never ended. If anything, it’s increased dramatically (recall that the man who planned the 911 attacks, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, was captured in Pakistan just a week and a half before the US invaded Iraq).

Surely some of the briefing focused on Iraq where:
1) the Surge worked-even Senator Obama reluctantly admits this now,
2) One man, Senator McCain, expected it to work as well as it did (Senator Obama denies this)
3) the Surge was NOT a military only offensive as the Senator claimed. The Bush Admin NEVER sought a military only solution in Iraq
4) Had Senator Obama’s 2006/2007 strategy been followed instead of the Surge, Iraq would likely have collapsed, caused a regional war, and forced a third American invasion of Iraq
5) The Surge DID work politically as well as in terms of security (this has been common public knowledge since at least July 2007)

On Pakistan, Senator Obama has complained that the Bush Administration hasn’t done enough, but he also admits that his own Pakistan policy is the same as the Bush policy
(interestingly enough, there was NO CONDEMNATION from the Obama campaign regarding the US raid into Pakistan 2 days later)

When it comes to the Iranian nuclear program, Senator Obama-having been informed by American intelligence agencies just days before, was coy at best, and chose to falsely claim that years of diplomatic efforts had somehow failed because of President Bush….not the Iranians.

How can a Presidential candidate be so wrong on such important matters of national security? How can he be so wrong after having been briefed as the President is, and having been able to ask all kinds of questions about today’s threats? The facts are simple. Either Senator Obama slept through the classified briefing, the briefing had nothing to do with the most dangerous threat assessments right now, or he flat out lied to Bill O Reilly.

Does America want a President who cannot admit his mistakes and who deliberately misleads the Americna people on matters of national security? Does America want a President who dismisses classified intelligence and instead misleads America to suit his own arrogance and political agenda? Many make those accusations of President Bush, but as we face the election, the decision moment for all of us, shouldn’t we be brave enough to ask those same questions of the next President before he’s elected rather than after?

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Obama is a lawyer. How do you know when a lawyer is lying? His/her lips are moving. Ergo, Obama was lying to O’Reilly. Obama has been lying to us for 4 years now. Liberal democRATS have been lying to us for generations. Wake up, sheeple. The path to destruction lies in the election of democRats to public office.

The president didn’t lie to the american people and i take great offense to this. The president said at the begginning of the war there would be things he could not tell the american people becasue if he did the enemy would know. Also, on the war it did not go real bad until feb 2006 when the mosque was bombed and in the presidents speeches he gave to the american people by going to the towns he did he said there was trouble but we had to keep going because it was best for america. He said we could not lose. There is proof if you go to the white house website and go to current events and there are dates on the left had side that put all the things the president says in his speeches. The real truth of why we are in iraq and i found out this five years ago thanks to rush limbaugh he had a friend who did and investigation on why people were leaking our top secrets and who did it and what happened to the plan the war planners came up with the war in iraq and the president agreed to. The truth is some beaucrats in the state and cia department decided to come up with a plan that would sabatage the war effort and paul bremmer was involved in this without the presidents knowledge. Paul Bremmer was put under the defense department and was supposed to report to donald rumsfeld and when bremmer went to iraq he also had the sabotoged plan the state department and he followes the state plan because he believed the state departments was in control not the president. There has been a war going on in the executive branch for along time and many inside the beaucrats not the political appointees hated president bush and so the beaucrats in the cia and state department and democrats set out to destroy the president so they could get the white house in 2008. There is also a projected called the harmony projected which we have 36,000 documents which proves that saddam was knee deep with osama bin laden and the terrorists and also their were some weapons of mass destruction and there are also tapes that prove it and many of has know about this and during 2006 Congressman hoekstra and rick santorum found out of because i was involved in letting them know this so they went to the president and told him because the president did not know about these documents because the man the president put in our knew position the 911 commmsion wanted us to have was involved in hurting the mission because he is and enemy of the president. This guys now works at the state department and his name is Negreponte and Rice does not know he is an enemy of the president. Finally the president ordered these documents to be put out and they were in 2006 which many saw them so a man named ray robison who was in the military got a hold of them and translated them from arabic to english and he now has a book called Both In One Trench:Saddams Secret Terror Documents and also David Horwitz wrote a book on the truth called The Party of Defeat and how the left was destroying our war on terror and he tells of what the democrats did to help destroy the president. remember these people have never gotten over the 2000 election and they even said they would do everything in there power to delegitimize the president and it even got worse when the president won in 2004. Rush Limbaugh told us about this. I hope you will get these books because i want to get the truth out because may nephew nearly died because democrats were playing politics and they used the beaucrats in washington in the exective branch to help do it. The president could not go after the people who leaked our national securtiy secrets because it was people in congress who did it and they have immunity from stuff and it is hard to fire beaucrats or jail them becaue they are protected by unions and even some judges. I am telling you the truth because i was very angry and their are about 10 congressman and some senators who know this. I suggest you get these books and you will see what i have been saying.

LOL! Good one, Jarhead…

Actually, I don’t think Obama intentionally lies. Rather he refuses to accept evidence that contradicts what he so firmly believed, and touts as his judgement. To him, he was right, and facts be damned.

I’m not so sure I’d put the interview broadcast onto Obama, tho, Scott. It was taped, and the choice of broacast time was totally in the control of the O’Reilly show producers.

Gawd… I hate it when I have to defend him. heh heh

The best and brightest of minds have worked on this nations security and the various groups we need to keep an eye on or take out since 911. My hunch is that the next president will do little differently.

Disagree on the air date Mata. Obama went in to do the interview after a loooooooooong wait to do it. No way anyone could have expected O’Reilly to hold on to it until after the convention. If Obama DID want to demonstrate respect as McCain did for him, then Obama would have waited until Friday or late on Thurs to do it. Nah, after that Palin speech I think Gov Obama-err, Senator Obama was so upset that he’d finally been called out (ironically in far less of a fashion than he himself did in his own acceptance speech re John McCain)…I think Sen Obama was willing to do anything to get back on the free-advertising air waves-including do the O’Reilly interview.

If Republicans are smart, they’ll put Palin on as often as they can, typically in softball interviews (Larry King, Fox, Oprah, etc), and in those interviews she’ll do exactly what Sen Obama’s doing lately. In an interview yesterday, he said, “I can’t remember the last time someone asked John McCain if his vote for the war in Iraq [like Sen Biden’s (D)] was a mistake.” She should go on and deflect questions to Obama, “I can’t remember seeing anyone ask Sen Obama if he thinks Americans should oppose the war like he has if he becomes President.” Or take a question about the jobless rate, and deflect it, “It’s terrible, but John McCain and I want to make sure that the Federal government makes it easier for businesses to be profitable, productive, and hire more people at better wages. We plan on doing that by cutting business taxes. On the other hand, I’ve never seen anyone ask Senator Obama how raising taxes on business owners and businesses will make them more profitable, make them want to hire more people, and make them pay people more.”

She goes on, takes questions, deflects them like Obama does TO Obama, and she not only takes the TV time away, but any time he gets is spent explaining things that he hasn’t had to for 19months.

Sen Obama…what’s the difference between your Pakistan policy and Bush’s
-there is none

Sen Obama…what’s the difference between your Iraq troop reduction plan and Bush’s
-6 months…maybe

Sen Obama…what’s the difference between your Iran plan and Bush’s
-I’m gonna try everything he’s tried, but Iran won’t laugh at me because I’m The One

Sen Obama…how will you get Osama Bin Laden

Sen Obama….what’s the difference between your plan for Afghanstan and Bush’s
-none, except…well, he thought of it first and already ordered more troops there

(expanding the fun)
Gov Dean…does being a gov make you qualified to be President

I hope you’ll go back to the original post in this thread and click on the links in the line,
“On Al Queda, the Senator said that Al Queda and the invasion of Iraq were not related. That’s completely false.”


The problem is that Obama’s plans have changed so much lately. I am of the school that says he only says these are now his plans. If he were elected he would go right back to his original plans. He is lying to get moderate and independent votes. He is liberal to the core and he will govern as a liberal. All these flip flops will be shoved in the wastebasket and he will go back to his original stands. The president has too much power for us to believe a known liar and let him have this office. Besides, I, for one, do not want a cocaine user (whether present or former) in the president’s office. He admitted he used it at one time in his twenties. Does anyone ever recover from cocaine use? BTW, that might explain his missing two years at Columbia..lost in a cocaine haze. And, on another note, would a cocaine user, present or former, pass security clearances? I doubt it.

Far be it from me to defend Obama, but blaming him for trying to upstage McCain’s speech is a bit of a stretch. That interview was pre-recorded and is being aired by Fox over a series of 3 or 4 nights. Fox didn’t have to air the first installment on the night of McCain’s speech.

Eric, did Obama take the day off from campaigning like McCain? Nope. He did the interview, held a press conference, campaigned in several different states. Did he run a congrats spot like McCain did even though he’s got several times the amount of money McCain does? Nope. Did he say, “Hey Bill, don’t run this till tomorrow” I strongly doubt it.

McCain said that out of respect he wouldn’t detract or distract from the moment with competing campaigning that night.

Well…to follow Mata’s lead (“Gawd… I hate it when I have to defend him. heh heh”), by doing the ad, however genuine it might have been (perhaps both genuine and political- of course it is!), he did distract, and subsequently detract by the appearance of being so thoughtful and respectful to his political opponent. He basically out-Obama’d Obama (think along the lines of being “a new kind of politician”, uniting and not dividing, being respectful and above petty partisan bickering and mudslinging, etc.)

Senator Obama is trying to inspire Americans to dream again, just like president JFK did. America has been and is still the greatest nation on earth because of leaders like JFK who chose the frontiers, inspired and challenged Americans to bring the best out of themselves via research etc and make it happen. The rest of the world watched in awe as America sent the first man to the moon. All this possible because a great leader (JFK) inspired ordinary citizens to do extraordinary things.

Through his community service to this great nation, that was how senator Obama came to understand this concept, that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when inspired. Now he wants to take that to the next level, he wants to inspire America again. Its been over 30 years since America landed a man on the moon. If America stays content with its past achievements, other hard working countries may take our place (China is an example, all of us watched the olympics and saw that China was aiming for the Gold medals).

Can senator obama inspire? My answer is YES. Why? All of us have seen the large turn outs during the primaries, ordinary people volunteering and donating to the Obama campaign via the internet etc. Senator obama has even inspired senator Mccain to accept the message of change. President JFK said, “Think about what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you”.

Senator Obama has proven that he is a leader who can inspire, and when ordinay citizens are inpired and made to beleive again, they will do great things for thier country. So I guess after all that this country has been trhough the last eight years, it’s time for us to do the right thing.

Jerry, I used to think that too. I really did, but I haven’t seen him lead anyone to do anything other than play the same old politics game with the same old fervent partisanship. Take for example (among MANY) the way people went after Sarah Palin’s 17yr old daughter or even her youngest daughter who was trying her best to fix her baby brother’s hair. Sen Obama said, stop, families are off limits, and it did nothing. He inspires, he motivates, and he can excite. He can even instill hope, but it’s a false hope because there’s no substance, no steak to follow the sizzle or the scent. At best, he had 18,000,001 people supporting him before the convention-out of 300,000,000. What have they done? Have the Democratic Party’s “liberal” base opened their minds and opened their arms to Republicans and a spirit of compromise like the one he painted an image of in his acceptance speech? No way. The hatred is seething. So-called, self-proclaimed “liberals” are not anymore. They’re more often than not party lemmings who hate all that challenges them, and fight against people and ideas rather then open up to them. Rather than seeking compromise to get things done, today’s Democratic Party-led by Senator Obama-prefers to ram things down people’s throats.

Please show me where I’m wrong. What has Senator Obama led people to do that has more value to the country than to their party and their candidate?

Jerry, I don’t know what America you live in, but the one I live in has not lost their dreams. But they are losing their orientation.

Of course ordinary people do extraordinary things. You think it’s only since Obama happened upon the US soil that this is true? The task we are charged with for ensuing generations is to make sure our nation continues making it possible for ordinary people to do extraordinary things. And that doesn’t mean taking more of their paycheck and removing all incentive and drive.

Clarifying… Obama will “cut” taxes, but only after he raises taxes by sunsetting the Bush tax cuts. Then, if that’s not enough, he’ll be adding new taxes for energy, education… etc etc. But Obama only wants to talk about IRS taxes because the rest of it sorta redacts his talking point.

Take away even the most modest of financial means needed to become extraordinary, and we all become ordinary and homogenous.

Worse yet, if we make “too much” money, or a windfall, Obama’s government will remove that extra cash on hand and redistribute it. Then it takes away the incentive to become extraordinary… why, only to lose it? and we again become ordinary and homogenous… but more “equal”.

In short, the man talks alot about extraordinary and excellence, yet proposes to destroy both the means and incentive to be excellent.

As far as American staying “content” with it’s past achievements… you must be a yout, guy. Because the advances in everything from technology and medicine to industry has been a sight to behold.

Obviously, you are like Obama… this country isn’t what it once was… or could be, eh? You listen to words and become mesmerized. Yet you ignore history and achievements, in which you should be awed. Your tunnel vision and discontent is manufactured by you. And that shall make you one of those who is content to remain “ordinary”.