The Zimmerman Telegram and the Captured Saddam Documents


That is the document that led the United States to enter World War I. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Prior to the discovery of the German effort to give away American territory in exchange for an alliance with Mexico, there had been other incidents that by themselves were not sufficient to warrant a declaration of war, but with the Zimmerman Telegram…the sum of the threats and offenses combined to equal a casus belli. One can blame the war on the Lusitania, the sinking of US freighters by German submarines, interdiction of trade, human rights violations by Germany and her allies, or a host of other reasons, but this decoded piece of paper was the last straw.
National Archives story of Zimmerman Telegram


ISGP-2003-00300189 Page 14
The Republic of Iraq
Office of the Presidency
The Secretary
Comrade Ali AI-Rih AI-Sheik
National Command Member
Subject: Directive Memo No: 425/K
Date: 18 Jan 1993
Top Secret Personal
Very Urgent
Follow up to our memo 7184/K on 20 Dec 1992, the Party has decided to snipe (TC: or hunt) Americans that are present on Arab soil, particularly in Somalia, utilizing Arab, Asian Muslims or friendly elements.
To do the necessary And may you continue for the strive (struggle)

Secretary to the President
18 Jan 1993

Copy to: the Director of IIS/ for the same purpose above, as per your function, with appreciation.
* An unidentified individual wrote at the bottom of this memo
(TC: it seems to be (Ali AI-Rih AI-Sheik) .
To: The Deputy and Director of M4 (Foreign Intel) should meet to study the method of performing the said directive and to notify me of your opinion as soon as possible.
Signed and dated 18 Jan .

Office of the Presidency
The Secretary
Top Secret Personal
Very Urgent
To: Director of lIS
Subject: Execution of Directive
Memo No: 828/K
Date: 8 Feb 1993
Mr. President “May God Keep Him” has reviewed the contents of your memo 110/2/43 dated 25 Jan 1993, and has ordered the following:
1. Clause 2-A: “We did not instruct to move against the regime in Egypt.”
2. Clause 2-B: “Yes and to focus on Somalia.”
3. Approval has been granted from his Excellency to assign the Afghani Islamic Party with the aforementioned mission.

To take the necessary with respect
[signed] Secretary to the President 8 Feb 1993
(TC: Written on the right side of the memo is conferring with the
Director of M4 [signed])

Unlike the Zimmerman Telegram, we don’t know specifically what “support” the Iraqi government promised Al Queda leaders in 1993, but the captured (and authenticated) documents from Saddam’s intelligence services confirm that Al Queda was asked by Saddam’s regime to attack American forces in Somalia. This state-sponsored attack…this example of Al Queda attacking Americans at Iraq’s request…was also confirmed:
-in the original 1998 indictment of Osama Bin Laden
-in 1998 court docs from African Embassy bomber trials
-New Yorker
-at least 4 books that I’ve got notes on
-and at least one of the British govt reports (this one from 10/04)

More quotes available upon request, but readers are encouraged to read those on their own so as to grab the full context.

It is a incontestable fact that the people who attacked the US forces in Somalia were trained by Iraq’s intelligence services, and that the Al Queda attack proves Saddam’s regime would and in fact DID sponsor Al Queda attacks against Americans. Saddam and Bin Laden didn’t have to love or admire or cherish each other anymore than racist Hitler did Asian Tojo. They didn’t have to respect each others “religion” (faux Muslim vs Islamic death cult leader).

…But they could, did, and were willing to work together to kill Americans. It’s a matter of historical record, not a political point of rhetoric or even debatable anymore. There’s just too much intel and evidence.

The myth that Saddam and AQ would never work together is dead; inconsistent with the historical record.

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I agree with what you’re saying, but just as a point of clarification, when you wrote “It is a incontestable fact that the people who attacked the US forces in Iraq were trained by Iraq’s intelligence services, and that the Al Queda attack proves Saddam’s regime would and in fact DID sponsor Al Queda attacks against Americans”, did you mean to say “attacked the US forces in Somalia”?
(It’s a foregone conclusion that AQ has been attacking US forces in Iraq…)

All we needed to see were the training videos taken at Salman Pak – in Iraq – showing terrorists being trained to take over airliners. I saw them. I was convinced then – as if I needed much convincing. These memos are the nail in the coffin. But you know the Left will simply ignore the facts.

As always.

Wow Benning! Where’d you see those vids? I’d love to link to em or even do a piece on em. I remember watching Discovery Channel’s 21 days to Baghdad showing the USMC tanks rolling through the gate there. It was weird seeing the stuff that I’d only previously seen in sat pics. I do believe that is one of those spots that will always be considered Hell on Earth.

Thanks for the post!