Democrats’ Admit: Saddam’s Regime Harbored Al Queda


Hours after Senator Clinton dropped out of the race, and the news cycle was swamped with never-ending coverage of the inevitable doing the inevitable something was released under the radar.


Back in 2004 the Senate Intelligence Committee began an investigation into pre-war intelligence regarding Saddam’s regime, the threat it posed, and how the intelligence was handled.  Democrats on the committee did their best to politicize the investigation and give it the appearance of a precursor to impeachment of President Bush under some sort of Bush Lied conspiracy theory.  They did this for purely political purposes despite being contrary to national interests.  Again and again the committee came out with report after report.  Each report showed that the problems with pre-war intelligence regarding Saddam’s regime was not some grand conspiracy by a President who can barely read a teleprompter, but rather the result of bad intelligence from agencies that were as on the ball in 2002 and 2003 as they were on 9/11/2001; they were out of touch, undermanned, ill-equipped, budget constrained, and bureaucratically strangled.

In October of 2006, on the eve of the midterm elections, Senate minority leader Harry Reid pulled a big political PR stunt and ordered the doors of the Senate closed to discuss the classified elements of the investigation.  Publicly, he claimed it wasn’t a stunt, but rather that the Bush Administration was holding up the committee’s report to avoid embarassment and to skew the upcoming elections.  In those elections, Democrats took over the House, the Senate, and the Committee, then…instead of releasing it, they sat on it for almost two years.  Why?  Because they didn’t want the reality to make the news: that it was Democrats who were deliberately misleading the American people about the casus belli for the invasion of Iraq: the threat of an Iraqi/Al Queda WMD attack on the United States.

Now, when everyone else was watching Hillary’s 1/2 hour speech again and again and again, on 3 cable networks and every other news outlet, the Democratic-controlled committee released the final report on pre-war intelligence about Saddam’s regime.   In that report…they finally admit that YES

Saddam’s regime was in fact harboring Al Queda groups and leaders, meeting with Al Queda groups and leaders, and more.

Thomas Joseclyn fires the first shot at sinking the “no connections” lie that the Democratic Party has deliberately created and perpetuated for their political gains at national expense.  Naysayers will point to the source as partisan, but the article cited gives plenty of quotes in proper context for one to form an unbiased opinion, and to see with clarity that the real misleading regarding the war in Iraq, hasn’t come from the Bush Administration’s 6months of pre-war rhetoric, but from the Democratic Party’s leaders and flag bearers over the past 66 months.


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This is the “Smoking Gun”?

Intelligence assessments noted Zarqawi’s presence in Iraq and his ability to travel and operate within the country. The intelligence community generally believed that Iraqi intelligence must have known about, and therefore at least tolerated, Zarqawi’s presence in the country.

One member of al Qaeda traveled in Iraq?

Members of al Qaeda were traveling all over, and bing funded by, Saudi Arabia up until the September 11 attacks. Was the Saudi government complicit in the attacks? Or does the Saudi Royal Family come under the automatic George w. Bush “Free Pass” because they are all family friends of the Bush’s?

More “proof” fromthe “Weekly Standard”, who pushed for the invasion of Iraq for more than a decade, and who have a vested interest in proving they were not wrong.

Stop using facts against the liberals. It will not work, they just ignore it and make something up. Facts do not matter with liberals, only power does.

In Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert patterson’s book “War Crimes”, Three Rivers Press, 2007, a chronology of terrorist events is listed in the Appendix, including a gem on page 239. It is a story reported in US News & World Report that on Feb3rd, 1998 Egyptian Islamic Jihad head Ayman Zawahiri stopped in Baghdad on his way to unite forces with Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. While there Zawahiri was given $300,000 by Saddam for the new venture. On Feb 23, 1998 Zawahiri & Bin Laden announced the merger of both groups in Afghanistan, while openly declaring war on the U.S, vowing “to kill the Americans and their allies- civilians and military-…in any country in which it is possible to do it.”


I remember the fallout from that union…. Our AT/FP and S2 guys had posters up all over with the quotes from Bin Laden and we were incensed about the ties with Iraq. Operation Desert Fox came months later and we thought we were going to go in and end the nightmare then.

I keep thinking that if we had not liberated Iraq, the left would be screaming things like the following:

Bush allowed Bin Laden to escape to Iraq because (insert ‘bumper-sticker reason’) and AQ has set up a safe haven and training areas there protected by Saddam. Now that Saddam has NBC weapons and the ability to launch them, there is nothing we can do.

Bush ignored clear and undeniable intelligence from the previous administration and multiple intell agencies of various nations (including Russia) indicating Iraq violated the cease fire and created the above NBC weapons and delivery systems.

Bush failed to contain Saddam.

Bush failed to see the fact Saddam would work with AQ. Therefore Bush shows he does not understand Arab nationalism.

The list goes on and on….

Chris nailed it.

If we had not taken out Saddam all we would be hearing about today is the threat of WMD and libs demanding that Bush be impeached for not acting to protect America.

As Stix points out, all the lefties care about is acquiring power and the best way in their minds to do that is trash whatever Bush does.

Meanwhile, Bush was practicing the new tone and hoping that the contrast of his behavior with that of the rabid, defeat America Dems would get through the left wing media monopoly.

Sadly, the new tone turned out to be a huge mistake. It allowed the loons to continue spewing their BDS unanswered.

On a much related note, this is an excellent read.

Funny how this report makes no mention of anything found in the IDA or the contrarian evidence of the Baath and al Qaeda detainees I’ve written about. This hack job sham was dutifully carried by the DNC water carrying members of the MSM. What a shame.

Philly Steve said; “One member of al Qaeda traveled in Iraq?”

No one member travels alone. What makes you think the people who Zarqawi hides behind aren’t counted as members, they trained in Al Qaeda training camps ran by Zarqawi. Al Qaeda would never let him roam alone as he was an important figure. Of course, he’s not the only important figure in the group, but more or less he was an important one.

Stix, I think that’s a little bit harsh to say at the very least. Facts do matter to liberals, it’s just only facts which help them promote their cause and political views. A behavior they hold everyone responsible for except themselves.