Who is Pastor Mannings, and what does he have on Obama?


After today’s Hillary speech, I wandered over to catch up with the current ‘tudes of Hillary’s No Quarter gang.  One of the commenters posted a link to the current YouTube video from Pastor James David Manning of Atlah World Ministries.

I’m not much informed on Pastor Manning myself, but evidenced by his appearance on H & C back on March 27th (transcript here), he’s no Obama fan.  Plus he has a pretty fire’y and risque method of preaching himself.

Pastor Manning specifically states he has evidence of serious lack of moral fiber on Obama.  He has mulled over the pleas of Hillary supporters to release this evidence prior to Denver, but Pastor Mannings has his own alternative in mind… and that is to have Hillary run Independent.  To release it to Hillary as a DNC candidate equates to rewarding the DNC, whom he calls “Constitutional criminals”.

Whether this can be related to the purported Michelle O tape – (update from Larry Johnson here) – is questionable in it’s foundation. Afterall, he did not suggest it was Michelle’s lack of morality, but Obama’s himself. Plus, Johnson insists the Michelle O tape is in the hands of the evil GOP.

I guess the world can only wait patiently to see just who is concealing what on the inside scoops on Obama’s character, and just what each individual’s motivation is for choosing the timed release of the  hinted at bombshells.

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I see Rev. Manning is tamed down a bit.

I still like this version of Manning better:

“Obama is a mack daddy.” Whatever that is.

Here’s a montage of Manning railing against Obama.

Where is the IRS in all this?

How can these “churches” keep popping up one after another after another without any sort of recourse?

They are all, I am quite sure, covered under a 501c3(?) non-profit structure which gives them tax exempt status. One of the requirements for those non-profits is that they remain uninvolved in politics. Period.

How can these churches continue to be immune from punishment? The Dim candidates go and pontificate and pander and preach their policy messages from the pulpits without a peep from anyone. The “pastors” get up there and put forth in no uncertain terms which candidate the people should be voting for and why.

Can you imagine the unmitigated furor if a Conservative candidate did that?

Can you imagine he absolute firestorm that would result if Evangelical or Presbyterian or Lutheran or Baptist pastors were in the pulpit every Sunday pushing for the election of John McCain?

There would be people with their panties wound in knots and the IRS would be on the doorsteps before sundown.

This guy is a riot.

He obviously don’t be likin Obie at all. In one of his clips he goes off on Oprah and calls her all kinds of names.

I’m not quite sure what he is trying to accomplish.

In the video he indicates that he is not a supporter of HRC or her husband. He runs down BHO again and then throws his support behind HRC.

I’m confused.

Is he for her or against her?

Those thoughts were running thru my mind as well, Aye Chi.

He doesn’t support Hillary, but he’s obviously angry enough with the Dem party to try and bring it down by pushing HRC to an Independent run. I figure the chances of Hillary bolting the DNC are about the same as me being crowned Queen of England.

I can’t see him being a McCain supporter. But yet a 3rd party run would only result in a McCain blowout.

That only leaves one possibility. That he’s genuinely fed up with the “Constitutional criminals”, and is trying to put a death split in the DNC and create a new DNC.

But who knows. Tough to figure anyone’s motivation out anymore.

What Else But an Extended 15 Minutes of Fame …. No One Will Know Who He Is around this Time Next Year ….

Mantis – Nice Rickroll!

I have family members VERY familiar with Pastor Manning and his quackery. He makes Rev. Wright look like Dr. Seuss. I have some videos of him saying things that MAD TV and SNL would love to do sketches on. I agree with Aye Chihuahua, where’s the IRS??

Manning all but called O’Bama a homo a few weeks a go on Hannity’s radio show.

This is going to go the same way the Larry Johns on tape went…


Re: “I agree with Aye Chihuahua, where’s the IRS??”

The IRS is likely keeping its hands off anything that calls itself a “church”.

I belive that you would find that, should the IRS move against any one of these, ALL the churches would close ranks, regardless if they were politically Left or Right. All of them (IMO) have their hands dirty, both on politicking and on engaging in commercial enterprises while retaining their exemption from paying taxes.

Suddenly you would find find Louis Farakhan and James Dobson holding hands on the way to the courthouse door if you attempted to interrupt this gravy train.

Make them all pay taxes, just like the rest of us, as far as I’m concerned.