The Cult of Liberalism

Religions are largely kept together by the faith of the followers as opposed to proof. Whether it’s Christianity, Judaism, Islam or any other religion, it’s not science or empirical evidence …

Obama trashes Catholicism, bows to Islam [Reader Post]

The Korans burned in Afghanistan were destroyed not out of malice, but out of concern. They were “mishandled” but not intentionally. Detainees had written in them, sending messages to one another. Writing in a Koran is itself considered blasphemous.

Not that anyone cares.

Riots ensued. This led to two Americans being killed soon after.

The Convenience Christian [Reader Post]

That’s the question posed by the creatures of The View the other day.

When it comes to giving to the poor…the Bible does tell us to pay our taxes. And the Bible does promote GIVING to the poor. But…the government TAKING money from one person to GIVE to another is not giving, it is TAKING. Jesus promotes CHARITIBABLE giving. FORCED giving is not giving at all, it is TAKING!