Obama’s ego is writing checks cashed with the souls of men [Reader Post]

This vainglorious administration is so self-absorbed that it refuses to keep secrets if it can in any way benefit politically from them regardless of the cost. Obama is so bent on preening he seems not to have any concern at all for those who actually make the sacrifices. First Joe Biden outs SEAL Team 6 as those who participated in the Bin Laden raid and then Leon Panetta outed the doctor who helped provide intelligence for the raid. That was catastrophic for the doctor.

Obama spikes the football [Reader Post]

“we don’t need to spike the football,” said Barack Obama in regard to the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. Then Obama went out and spiked the football at Ground Zero and elsewhere.

Obama addressed the troops at Fort Campbell

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama, basking in U.S. public approval for the killing of Osama bin Laden, flew to a military base in Kentucky on Friday to thank special forces who carried out the deadly raid and led a rally filled with cheering troops.

As he rightly congratulated all those involved in the mission, Obama could not avoid the first person reference: