Obama: Yes, Mandela has passed, but everything is a celebration of me.


obama kiss self a

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic Personality Disorder involves arrogant behavior, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for admiration-all of which must be consistently evident at work and in relationships. People who are narcissistic are frequently described as cocky, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding. Narcissists may concentrate on unlikely personal outcomes (e.g., fame) and may be convinced that they deserve special treatment. Related Personality Disorders: Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic. Narcissism is a less extreme version of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Narcissism involves cockiness, manipulativeness, selfishness, power motives, and vanity-a love of mirrors.

obama mirror

Narcissists tend to have high self-esteem. However, narcissism is not the same thing as self-esteem; people who have high self-esteem are often humble, whereas narcissists rarely are. It was once thought that narcissists have high self-esteem on the surface, but deep down they are insecure. However, the latest evidence indicates that narcissists are actually secure or grandiose at both levels. Onlookers may infer that insecurity is there because narcissists tend to be defensive when their self-esteem is threatened (e.g., being ridiculed); narcissists can be aggressive. The sometimes dangerous lifestyle may more generally reflect sensation-seeking or impulsivity (e.g., risky sex, bold financial decisions).

Everything is celebration of me.

Upon the notice of the death of Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama sent out a tweet:

obama mandela

A picture of himself. Mandela’s passing is about how it affects Barack. This is nothing new. after Michael Phelps’ achievements in the Olympics Obama sent this out:

obama phelps

Following Clint Eastwood’s smackdown of Obama at the GOP Convention Obama sent this one out:


When Neil Armstrong passed last year, this is how Obama honors Armstrong:


When Will and Kate welcomed their new child? This is what went out:

obama will and kate

On the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination? You know it:


On the commemoration of Rosa Parks refusal to surrender her seat on the bus?

obama rosa parks

By this time you even you lefties might have caught on to something here. After having acted as such obedient lapdogs for so long, even the twits in the press are noticing that Obama is playing them for the fools they are. At least, Ron Fournier notices:

Obama’s Image Machine: Monopolistic Propaganda Funded by You

New York Times photographer Doug Mills strode into Jay Carney’s office Oct. 29 with a pile of pictures taken exclusively by President Obama’s official photographer at events the White House press corps was forbidden to cover. “This one,” Mills said, sliding one picture after another off his stack and onto the press secretary’s desk. “This one, too–and this one and this one and …”

The red-faced photographer, joined by colleagues on the White House Correspondents’ Association board, finished his 10-minute presentation with a flourish that made Carney, a former Moscow correspondent for Time, wince.

“You guys,” Mills said, “are just like Tass.”

Comparing the White House to the Russian news agency is a hyperbole, of course, but less so with each new administration. Obama’s image-makers are taking advantage of new technologies that democratized the media, subverting independent news organizations that hold the president accountable. A generation ago, a few mainstream media organizations held a monopoly on public information about the White House. Today, the White House itself is behaving monopolistically.


Read the article to see how Obama manipulates the press in order to put himself in what he believes to be the most flattering light using his own photographers. Obama has been doing this for years and not simply with photographs.

Everything is about Barack. There is nothing else.

Extreme narcissism is also the characteristic of a psychopath.

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What?!?!?!?! The White House Twitter feed uses pictures of the president??!!?!?!?! My stars!!

“For reasons having to do
with the truth, Obama has a reputation for seeking
the spotlight, even when it’s intended for someone else.”

I wonder how long the ”pushback” from a few of the White House press corps will last?
If Obama doesn’t allow non-propaganda photographers to cover WH/Obama acts, there are some media, like Reuters, who will refuse to run the official photo or the story.
Obama has always been all about himself.
When he was a new president he lived opulently and my local dems who were on EBT, housing, etc., were happy to live vicariously through him.
But the ”bloom is off the rose,” as the old saying goes.

Why does my stomach tell me that immediately after putting on his B.S. “oh I’m so sad one of my heroes died” performance, he then turned around and did a gleeful dance thanking his lucky stars for Mandela’s death at this particular time which would hopefully take some of the heat off his sorry ass?

How sad is it that one would think that any President would think that way, but in my case I believe it!

To Nan G:
As I have said many times in the past. The Press is only important to a dictator until he has attained his power. The fact that he is now blaming the MSM as well as anyone opposed to his policies was a foregone conclusion. The press will have to get back in lock step with the exulted leader or pay the consequences as are the American people in general. Even then, it is only a matter of time before the press in it’s entirety is put into the cross hairs by an administration that will not need them to lie for it anymore. History as always repeating itself and the lemmings refusing to see it until it was late.

Mandela was the terrorist leader of a violent terrorist organisation, the ANC (African National Congress) which was responsible for many thousands of, mostly black, deaths. The ANC’s blood spattered history is frequently ignored, but reminders occasionally pop up in the most embarrassing places, indeed as recently as this month the names of Nelson Mandela and most of the ANC remained on the US government’s terrorist watch list along with al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and the Tamil Tigers. Of course the forces of political correctness are rushing to amend that embarrassing reminder from the past. However, Mandela’s name was not on that list by mistake, he was there because of his Murderous past.

Before I am accused of calumny, it should be noted that Mandela does not seek to hide his past, in his autobiography ‘the long walk to Freedom’ he casually admits ‘signing off’ the 1983 Church Street bombing carried out by the ANC and killing 19 innocent people whilst injuring another 200.

It is true that Mandela approved that massacre and other ANC killings from his prison cell, and there is no evidence that he personally killed anyone but the same could be said about Stalin or Hitler, and the violent history of the ANC, the organisation he led is not in question.


�Communists everywhere fight to destroy capitalist society and to replace it with Socialism, where the masses of the common people, irrespective of race or colour, will live in complete equality, freedom and happiness. They seek to revolutionise society and are thus called revolutionaries. Those who support capitalism with its class divisions and other evils and who oppose our just struggles to end oppression are called counter revolutionaries.� ~ Nelson Mandela


The ANC came to power through violence most savage – necklacing their own people, killing policemen and councilors, and murdering so-called sell-outs in their thousands. On June 3 1990, Nelson Mandela told a press conference after leaving a private clinic that “the only type of violence we accept is organized violence in the form of armed action which is properly controlled and where the targets have been carefully selected”.

In response to Mandela’s call for “targeted” violence, attacks against Black policemen (Mandela’s targets) increased from 87 in January 1990 to 886 by 18/5/90. Deaths increased from 1 to 27 in the same period, while homes attacked increased from 45 to 270, and police vehicle attacks went up from 100 to 651.


His wife Winnie was famous for being a rabid proponent of �necklacing.� The brutal punishment, used against fellow blacks who disagreed with the ANC, involved placing a burning tire filled with gasoline around a victim�s neck that killed slowly and painfully.

During Mandela�s prosecution for sabotage and treason, prosecutors also produced a document written by the controversial figure in which he actually boasted of being a Communist Party member. On being released from prison, Mandela proclaimed at a rally: �I salute the South African Communist Party for its sterling contribution to the struggle for democracy.� He appeared (and was photographed) at multiple rallies with SACP boss Joe Slovo in front of a giant hammer and sickle.

The ANC and its terrorist wing, founded and led by Mandela, were dominated by the Communist Party as well, and the influence goes back decades. “No major decision could be taken by the ANC without the concurrence and approval of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party,” former ANC and SACP leader Bartholomew Hlapane testified before the U.S. Congress before being executed by an assassin. Support from the communist terror regimes ruling China, Cuba, and the Soviet Union for Mandela, his ANC, and the SACP is also a matter of historical record.

Today, unsurprisingly to analysts who were paying attention two decades ago, the ANC rules South Africa in an unholy alliance with the SACP and an umbrella group for labor unions. Numerous top officials, including recent ANC presidents, have publicly admitted to also being members of the SACP. South Africans of all colors are now paying the price.


The most terrible intimidation against Black people was the “Necklace” murder, whereby a (non-ANC, invariably Black) victim was bound with a car tyre around his neck, doused with a flammable liquid (Diesel or oil burns longer and better than petrol) and set alight as a warning to others who opposed the ANC.

Zulus opposed to the ANC organised a protest march outside ANC headquarters “Shell House”. Zulu tempers were aroused because more than 300 Zulu leaders had been assassinated by the ANC in the runup to the “free” elections.

Shell house was locked down. There were no windows at ground floor level and doors were bolted and protected by armed security guards. There was no conceivable danger to ANC personnel inside.

Nelson Mandela personally gave the order to “Shoot To Kill”, as he freely admitted in parliament.

From windows high above the marching Zulus, the ANC “ex-terrorists” opened fire on the Zulu crowd below. This became known as the “Shell House Massacre”, as ordered by that paragon of peace, Holy Nelson Mandela.

in South Africa poverty and unemployment have skyrocketed. The corrupt ANC leadership have become rich beyond their dreams while more than a million Whites have fled the country. Thousands of White farmers have been tortured and murdered while Mandela and the ANC smugly claiom that their revolution song: “Kill the Boer, kill the Farmer” is not racist and does not condone violence against Whites.



Someone issues an order, and the accused party is roughly hauled in. Like his accusers and judges, the accused is black. Unlike the others in the room, however, he is not a dedicated participant in the Marxist revolution sweeping through the black townships in South Africa. For that reason he is now on “trial.”

The “defendant” is charged with the crime of collaborating with “the system” and with the police. The comrades, acting as prosecutor, judge, and jury, do not worry about such legal niceties as proof and the rights of the accused. The trial is short and to the point. The verdict is foreordained: guilty. As is the sentence: death by “necklace.”

The sentence is carried out swiftly. As the victim sobs and pleads for mercy, his hands are tied behind his back with barbed wire. A rubber tire is placed around his neck, and another is placed around his legs. The comrades force the condemned man to drink some petrol, and the rest is poured over the victim and the tires. Then, one of the comrades lights a match.

Engulfed in flames, the victim falls to the ground and writhes in agonizing pain. The rubber tires ensure a very hot fire, and the melting rubber eats into his flesh. Amidst his cries, the comrades gather around and taunt him with a callousness that defies human understanding. Finally, after 20 minutes of intense suffering and pain, death mercifully ends the victim’s horrible agony.

As an integral part of the African National Congress’s (ANC’s) Marxist campaign to spread fear and terror throughout the black townships, necklacing has become one of the comrades’ chief tools in showing the decent, law-abiding residents of those communities who is in control. Because of the importance of this tactic in the overall Communist attack on South Africa, murder by necklace has been committed at the rate of one per day over the past year.

Although the international news media have been negligent in reporting on this technique of black-on-black violence, nearly all candid observers agree that necklacing has been brutally effective in its goal of terrorizing the decent, civilized segments of South Africa’s black population.

Diliza Machoba of the South African Council of Churches sums it up this way: “When you attend a funeral and you hear these young comrades chanting, ‘Long live the necklace,’ you’re going to think twice about doing anything which will in any way offend the comrades. It is the ultimate deterrence.”

The fairy tale that is Obama is just as disgusting to me as the adulation being heaped on Nelson Mandela on his passing. Mandela was another fairy tale, desperately wanted by white journalists to avoid reporting on the absolute hell-hole that is South Africa. Mandela was a Communist, and a terrorist. His organization was terroristic. He was imprisoned for committing terror. And while others, true believers in freedom and equality, languished in Chinese and Cuban jails, the western press canonized Mandela. While he preached “equality” and a “modern” South Africa, the slaughter of Afrikaners has reached genocide levels, a genocide that the white press also ignore to this day.

History was rewritten about another Communist, Ernesto Guevera, and is being re-written once again with the Communist, Mandela. What once was considered bad, is now being considered holy. The next thing you know we will be inundated with articles of what a benevolent leader who only cared for the welfare of his people North Korea had in Kim Jung Il.


And never the person about which the tweet was sent.

Come on.

Nelson Mandela dies and for the rabid right, just another opportunity to bash President Obama.
Hey, blow hards, my cat pissed next to the toilet.
Obama’s fault.

As for retiremybrainat05, Nelson Mandela killed far fewer people than George Bush.
Oh, but Bush is white.
Got it.


As for retiremybrainat05, Nelson Mandela killed far fewer people than George Bush.
Oh, but Bush is white.
Got it.

And Richard Nixon was booted out of office for a burglary where no one died. Yet Brian Terry, the Benghazi Four, hundreds of Mexican nationals and 1,926 American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are still dead and Obama is still in office.
Oh, but Nixon was white.
Got it.



Nelson Mandela killed far fewer people than George Bush.

I don’t really buy that. I will submit that it is likely that Abraham Lincoln had more Americans killed than any other single person. That does not put him in the “hero’ class.

@PhillipMarlowe: #7

Nelson Mandela killed far fewer people than George Bush.

Um…Nelson Mandella was a “terrorist” – had he NOT been CAUGHT and JAILED…??…. besides…there is NO comparing these two…what is your problem?

Liberals always have to bring up President Bush to try to ‘justify’ a “terrible reality” under the current man king… far left dictator…. incompetent President…

…the Democrats/Liberals are finally waking up and seeing the light albeit they are late to the table of reality….Umm..Democrats and Liberals are also “bashing” the Ofraud…wake up!

In his later years Mandela changed his political mindset away from socialism/communism and more toward conservatism…isn’t that always the way when the light bulb goes off and Liberals suddenly realize “socialism” / “communism” DOESN’T WORK???

A terrorist?
Like the Irgun?
Or Mordechaj Anielewicz?
Or the Afghanis?

Heck, some fools consider General William Sherman a terrorist.


isn’t that always the way when the light bulb goes off and Liberals suddenly realize “socialism” / “communism” DOESN’T WORK???

Yes it is, except most Liberals are not smart enough to ever realize it.


Heck, some fools consider General William Sherman a terrorist.

Especially some of us down here in Georgia where he actually committed terrorist acts.

@Redteam: Shouldn’t have lost the war, then.

@Redteam: Oh yea, Reddie, they be stupid.


: Shouldn’t have lost the war, then.

Did you always think it was okay to commit terrorist acts against the losers? or only since you’ve been a Progressive?

@Redteam: Why didn’t the Georgians stand up to General Sherman and the Armies of Cumberland, Ohio and Tennessee?

But you might like Sherman on the matter of another “terrorist”:
Sherman wrote that “hostile savages like Sitting Bull and his band of outlaw Sioux … must feel the superior power of the Government.”


Why didn’t the Georgians stand up to General Sherman and the Armies of Cumberland, Ohio and Tennessee?

well, as you know, after the encounter at Atlanta, Sherman decided he would rather terrorize women and childen and disengaged with the Southern Army and sought the sanctuary of not having to fight men, but the women and children and burning undefended cities and farms in the rural areas of Georgia and South Carolina. Yes, those that envy terrorists such as Mandela would likely also be admirers of WT Sherman.


Armies of Cumberland, Ohio and Tennessee?

For the record, Mr. Marlowe, Sherman did not command the Army of Tennessee. He commanded the Army of The Tennessee (named for the river)
the Army of Tennessee was under a southern General.

@Redteam: All of the offensives failed, with significant Confederate casualties. Finally, on September 2, 1864, Gen John Bell Hood evacuated the city of Atlanta, burning as many military supplies and installations as possible.

@Redteam: And what prevented the Confederates from pursuing Gen Sherman. It’s about 248 miles from Atlanta to Savannah.

@PhillipMarlowe: Because they had evacuated to the north when they left Atlanta, Savannah is to the SE of Atlanta. The yankees decided to run in the opposite direction from where the rebel armies had moved to.

Was the civil war a ‘legitimate ‘ action constitutionally? Did Congress vote to declare war? Did Congress have the right to prohibit the southern states from seceding? Was it legal to use Federal troops against Americans?

@Redteam: Good thing we didn’t have generals like that during World War II. Can you imagine General Patton giving into the naysayers who said he couldn’t move his troops the way he did during the Ardennes Offensive?

@Redteam: You sound like General Fredendall.


Can you imagine General Patton giving into the naysayers who said he couldn’t move his troops the way he did during the Ardennes Offensive?

Want to venture a guess on how many civilian women and children General Patton killed pursuing Germans. Sherman was ‘only’ pursuing women and children.


You sound like General Fredendall.

Don’t know anything about him, Wiki doesn’t say too much.

@Redteam: I seem to recall that Fredendall was cashiered after the debacle at Kasserine Pass- a Rommel engineered victory. Patton was put in charge of N. Africa afterwards.

yup on Wiki, I got it right. Thank God I read a ton of WW2 articles and the memory does not fail me yet. LOL>

@oil guy from Alberta:

I seem to recall that Fredendall was cashiered after the debacle at Kasserine Pass- a Rommel engineered victory

Nope, your recall and wiki don’t agree, unless the meaning of cashiered means ‘being promoted and transferred’. True that was done because of the defeat in N Africa, but he wasn’t ‘cashiered’.. And that’s about all wiki had to say about it.