Looking In The Mirror

There are bad men in the world and we look forward to the day when they make their exit. Many of us lift a symbolic glass of wine to celebrate, when a convicted killer is finally executed. In America, a killer that has been tried in a court of law and has been given his right of appeal, is executed in the most humane and sterile method, as thought possible by those of us who consider it critical to swab the area of injection with alcohol before inserting the needle that will allow the poisons to be injected and course through the body until death claims the killer’s life. This has become the accepted method of execution, it does help to rid ourselves of those human beings who are deemed to no longer be worthy of walking among us in the civilized world.

The lethal injection method is considered to be the best way to execute the worst human beings, it is accepted as the most humane method of execution by the most squeamish among us; however, many of us would prefer the dignity of the firing squad or the hangman’s noose rather than the silliness of the current method, but this is what it takes to make death more palatable among the faint hearted, heavy breathers among us.