Youtube Openly Brags About How it’s Openly Manipulating Elections by Banning Videos That Don’t Represent Establishment Narratives


by Ethan Huff

Google’s YouTube video platform is switching gears in the lead-up to the 2024 election in order to rig the election against unapproved candidates.

In a new blog post, YouTube laid out how it is “voluntarily” assuming the role of a private business that “supports elections.”

YouTube is not just interested in rigging the United States election, though; the changes arrived just prior to the European Parliament (EP) election, which is also right around the corner.

YouTube says its goal is to present “an overview of our efforts to help people across Europe and beyond find helpful and authoritative election news and information,” meaning YouTube will disseminate only approved information for public consumption to sway people’s voting habits.

“The overview is the usual hodgepodge of reasonable concepts, such as promoting information on how to vote or register for voting, learning about election results, etc., that quickly morph into yet another battle in the ‘war on disinformation,’” warns Reclaim the Net about what YouTube is really up to.

“And what better way to ‘support’ an election (and by extension, democracy) – than to engage in another round of mass censorship? /s.”

In 2023, YouTube removed 35,000 video uploads in EU

In the same above-linked blog post, YouTube also admits, and quite proudly, that it pulled down 35,000 videos that were uploaded in the European Union (EU) in 2023, with many more also coming down this year.

All of the videos purportedly contained information that violate the video platform’s policies, including “certain types of election misinformation” – are there certain kinds of election misinformation that YouTube allows, we wonder?

It is not just artificial intelligence (AI) that is raking YouTube and pulling down “offensive” content, either. Reports indicate that YouTube has become a well-oiled machine “at scale” where “global teams of reviewers” search for videos to remove with the help of machine learning algorithms.

YouTube’s excuse for behaving this way is that it simply wants to help it users “learn about the issues shaping the debate.” In order to do that, one component of the effort involves “dealing with harmful content,” which really means that YouTube is trying to shape the debate rather than simply facilitate it.

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But… if they replaced the zip ties, the ballots might “accidentally” get counted again?

The left: “You are free to make your own decisions. Here is the information WE approve of for you to use to make your personal decision.”

In other words they only allow for the stuff approved by Big Brother