Bygones Be Bygones – Very Interesting Day Amid Republicans on Capitol Hill as Magnamimous Trump Visits


by Sundance

A very interesting day is described by everyone in Washington DC, as President Trump strategically attends both House and Senate Republican conferences.   Magnanimous Trump arrived to heal wounds, appeal for unity and build a larger support network ahead of the Republican National Convention.

It would appear the Dr. Phil approach was attempted as promised.  According to media reports, in the upper chamber President Trump even spoke warmly with Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and the 16 Wall Street DeceptiCons who are insistent upon his permanent removal from politics.

(Politico) – “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and former President Donald Trump set aside their years-long cold war during a private meeting with Republicans Thursday, a gathering McConnell described as “really positive.” (more)

Not surprisingly, Senator Rand Paul refused to endorse President Trump, preferring to talk positively about Robert Kennedy Jr. so far.

Factually, regardless of what any of them say, the Brutus delegation within the Senate will be sharpening their scorpion tails quietly and wait for the most vulnerable opportunity to strike. All sixteen DeceptiCons, soon to be led in 2025 by Senator John Thune, will sting viciously and simultaneously. This is the one political constant in an ever-changing universe.

[…] Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) said Trump’s message was “all positive” when talking to the conference and centered on keeping Republicans unified headed into the fall elections. Tuberville sat next to Trump antagonist Romney (R-Utah) but said the former president didn’t take aim at the senators who have not endorsed him — nor did they criticize him.

“I haven’t seen that Republican group as strongly united on all of those policy issues in a long, long time,” Rounds said. (read more)

It does not matter how much President Trump appeals to their best nature; the sixteen Republican DeceptiCon senators hate him with the intensity of a white-hot supernova.  They want to see President Trump destroyed by any means necessary, and John Thune has promised them he can deliver.

Over on the House side, Magnanimous Trump even tried to smooth things over with the two remaining Republican representatives who voted to impeach him.

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Uniting the Reich! The meeting must have been so successful and unifying that is has the left pissing themselves. They went into overdrive inventing things Trump “said” though they had no one there nor did they have any quotes. They accused Trump of calling Milwaukie “terrible” when what he actually said was their crime (3rd highest in the nation) was terrible. They threw three or four more absurd accusations against the wall but those present denounced them all.

Once again, the left is faced with a loss and all they can do is lie.

I appreciate Trump’s attempt to “unite the Right.”

I just question the ultimate loyalty to the Right by the GOP’s uniparty members.
I had seen some of these same GOPers say they would (and did) vote democrat rather than Trump.
Could they really have had a change of heart, or is this just a nasty ploy?
Romney, Rand Paul, McConnell are not trustworthy toward the MAGA side of the Republican Party.
They are bought and sold globalists more aligned with democrats/communists/elitists.