Once you understand that Hunter Biden was a CIA intelligence asset, everything makes sense…


by Revolver

If you take a step back and look at things from a different angle, everything starts to make a lot more sense. Instead of just seeing Hunter Biden as some perverted crackhead who grew up with a silver crack pipe in his mouth, what if we saw him as something more sophisticated, like a well-groomed CIA asset? This twist adds a whole new layer to the long-standing drama around the Biden crime family.

Mike Benz, the director of the Foundation For Freedom Online, has been all over this idea. He’s been suggesting for a while that Hunter might be more than he appears. Back in September, Mike highlighted growing evidence that suggests Burisma was part of a CIA operation during Biden’s VP days, which focused on controlling Ukraine’s energy sector. He even pointed to an article with photos of Ambassador Yovanovitch meeting Burisma officials after being flagged about their corrupt dealings. That article is below.

Just the News:

Photos deleted from the now-defunct Burisma Holdings website show former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch met with Vadim Pozharskyi—the Burisma official who worked closely with Hunter Biden—at two separate events after she had been told the Ukrainian energy company was considered corrupt by the State Department.

The photos are likely to raise fresh questions  about parts of Yovanovitch’s testimony to Congress during former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment. It also raises the question of why the U.S. embassy in Ukraine engaged with company representatives in a public relations campaign with the U.S. government at the same time that internal embassy communications focused on the company’s corruption.

Photos obtained from the now-deleted Burisma website and the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) show that Yovanovitch attended two meetings hosted by the USUBC in Kyiv with Vadim Pozharskyi, the Burisma executive who met with then-Vice President Joe Biden and appears frequently in Hunter Biden’s emails.

The Burisma website also referenced one other meeting, though no photos were provided. Pozharksyi—the corporate secretary who ran the day to day operations with the board of the company—was at the epicenter of Burisma’s public relations campaign to close down investigations into the company by former Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

Yovanovitch testified at Trump’s first impeachment because she served as the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine when Trump made the infamous phone call to the newly inaugurated Ukrainian President, Volodymr Zelensky.

In her October 2019 testimony as part of the first Trump impeachment inquiry, Yovanovitch told congressional investigators that Burisma—and Hunter Biden’s role with the company—was not a focus during her time at the embassy.

Honestly, there’s a whole lot about Hunter Biden that flies under the radar, including his involvement in a business that thrives on a steady flow of illegal immigrants. Could this be why his father threw open the floodgates, sparking a massive invasion at the border? It seems like a rhetorical question in light of everything we know about this criminal family.

Mike’s been highlighting Hunter’s very sensitive “CIA work” for quite a while now.

Observing Consciousness:

The CIA by any other name… ISIS, Hamas, Helbollah, Antifa, BLM… “Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama.” – President Trump “Hunter Biden is untouchable is because his work in Ukraine touched on a very sensitive CIA operation.” – Mike Benz “Source says yes, the CIA was involved in JFK’s assassination” – Tucker Carlson

In addition, Mike also explains how Hunter (and Gavin Newsom) are selling off parts of America to our foreign enemies.

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A crackhead as a CIA asset. Sure, makes perfect sense /s

CIA agents are not seen as heroes any longer. Jason Bourne was presented as a good guy fighting evil, but he was evil himself. The left sees the CIA as super police, they hate law enforcement who work in our communities. Most of us on the right know all the evil that is done in our name by the CIA and military. Whoremongers, drug addicts, drunks, liars and wife beaters have a better reputation. Then again, I am talking about the average “Agent”.
Yet the left still presents them all as being true patriots who are working hard to protect the country, which they most definitely are not! Any agency that operates in darkness and secrecy with no accountability or transparency whatsoever is predestined to become totally corrupt. The CIA, the FBI, and the DoJ are no exception.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

The left sees the CIA as super police

Put down that crack pipe.

Mike Benz:

Executive Director, @FFO_Freedom

. Former State Dept Cyber. Author of the unpublishable monstrosity, Weapons Of Mass Deletion.

I had never heard of Mike Benz but he’s honing in on the same issue this article is also honing in on:

“Climate Change” is a $100 Trillion Wealth Transfer from the Poor to the Rich

We seem to be systematically impoverished as a small elitist cabal enriches itself.
What is the goal?
The eugenicists are winning.
The planet is depopulating via many different vectors all at work at once.
Proof:comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by Nan G

De-populating or RE-populating?

Good question.
The chart shows it began to work about 30 years ago, worldwide.
But re-populating a more compliant class of people.

i.e., slaves. The left LOVES slaves.