Barack Obama strangles the Arab Summer

Image courtest of Bret Baier “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose Nothin’ ain’t worth nothin’ hon if it ain’t free…” Sandmonkey is a gutsy blogger in Egypt …

New Flopping Aces Authors

So Flopping Aces has some new authors: James Raider: A constituent of the vast baby boomer generation with a career which has been fortunate to know the ponderous corporate worlds, …

The Dogs Of Conscience

Many people have an overwhelming desire to belong and identify with groups that offer exclusivity. Some of us want to identify with exclusive country clubs and others choose the religion of a science fiction writer, whose church, the Church Of Scientology offers the secrets and knowledge of the church for a price, Yes, for thousands of dollars, the church and its theological justification reads like a science fiction novel, and you can be a cowboy as well.

Happy 8th Birthday Flopping Aces

November 13th, 2004 was the day I started Flopping Aces on a whim with a post about Arafat’s death and Bush winning the election. I had blogged prior to that about my law enforcement career but soon found that to be a bit controversial at work and seeing that I was always interested in politics and foreign affairs I decided to start this blog. I picked the name on a whim also. I was a poker fanatic at the time so I figured why the hell not. No one is going to read it anyways.

A Word To The Intellectually Challenged And Biased

This is a message to Candy Crowley and all the intellectual lightweights of Obama’s state-directed propaganda bureaus: we are no longer unarmed and sitting back to be spoon fed your drivel. We will use perspicuity to check every micro piece of biased misinformation you try to palm off on America, and while you are moderating with the traditional smug and self-assured attitude and your expressions of self-designated superiority; remember, you are losing credibility and market share and we gaining credibility and market share daily.


Today is Tuesday.




11 years ago…

Dear Baraky, About That Speech Problem

Baraky, may I call you Baraky, this seems like an intimate conversation and I assign nicknames to all my friends, it is a country thing. Speech problems are like most other problems, the best solution is usually the easiest one. Even though you may be a fairly new reader, I commend your ability to read and express yourself with the written word. Many people would assume you have been reading for years.

Moments Of Truth And Moments Of Death

Whether you hunt lions, Grizzlies, or men, there is a moment that defines the hunt; a mere split second can mean the difference between success or cataclysmic failure.

I was recently lion hunting in Colorado, it was a beautiful day in the mountains: the sun was bright, there was a few inches of lightly packed snow, and the temperatures were in the twenties; of course, the temperature dropped with increases in elevation.