Moments Of Truth And Moments Of Death


Whether you hunt lions, Grizzlies, or men, there is a moment that defines the hunt; a mere split second can mean the difference between success or cataclysmic failure.

I was recently lion hunting in Colorado, it was a beautiful day in the mountains: the sun was bright, there was a few inches of fresh lightly packed snow, and the temperatures were in the twenties; of course, the temperature dropped with increases in elevation.

The snow was perfect for reading sign and there were plenty of Mountain Lions on the mountain, but the fresh tracks were from cats that were too small; still, it was a pleasure to see that the main predator of Colorado was thriving and that there would be excellent hunting in the future. The big cats were hanging out somewhere else, and more specifically the mature males with the brown patch on their rump were probably checking out the real cougars for liaisons of a more delicate nature; for it would soon be the season for lion humpy-rumpy if memory serves correctly. I think back to the time, many years ago, when an amorous cougar thought I looked pretty sexy in the moonlight, with a big boar beaver strapped to my back and walking on thin rotten ice over a wild river in flood; but that’s the kind of hunting story my fellow hunters like to hear at night around the fire after a couple shots of rye.

We were hunting in perfect conditions, and we were seeing many tracks, but none were worthy of a spirited chase by the hounds. Only the large tom lion is considered fair game, and they were either hiding or having a convention somewhere else in the mountains; this is why they call it hunting, and it is the mark of an amateur to become frustrated and not enjoy the beauty of the day and the mountains.

During the same period in Idaho, a similar scene was taking place, but on this trip the hounds man had a hunter who wanted to kill a cat with a bow. The bow is a primitive weapon and a legitimate weapon; it has been used effectively by hunters for several thousand years. I have nothing against bow hunting; I have enjoyed bow hunting and may yet hunt, once again, with a bow in the future, but hunting with a bow requires familiarity and practice to be competent. Primitive man depended on the bow to avoid starvation. We are no longer faced with such a demanding lifestyle, but hunters have a responsibility to provide a clean death and not to endanger himself or others with unwarranted danger because of his unfamiliarity with the bow.

On this particular hunt, as related to me by a rancher friend from Idaho, who has a friend with a pack of hounds, who makes a business of guiding lion hunters. His hunter waited until the hounds had a large lion treed before stringing his bow and notching an arrow to take aim. Normally, a cat will stay in the tree and not challenge a pack of five hounds, but depending on predictable behavior from wild animals is like trying to predict human behavior.

This cat jumped into the pack of hounds, while our hunter was still preparing his bow for the climax of the hunt, the cat killed four of the five hounds in the length of time an arrow would have needed to reach the cat. The huntsman’s best hound quit the melee and opted for the old parable of discretion being the better part of valor, before having his carotid ripped open. Then the cat quit the scene of carnage, and our hunter was still struggling to string his bow.

When people have asked me about the dangers of Grizzly hunting, I tell them it’s not as dangerous as you might think, but you just need to realize, some days you kill the bear and on other days, the bear kills you.

It would be funny, except it is closer to the truth than you may realize. We Conservatives are now engaged in a presidential primary; a primary that is as interesting and as dangerous as lion or bear hunting. We have the media and our Republican Elites trying to select our candidate without us and if we take too long to string our bows and notch our arrows or opinions, they may select our candidate without our input and we will have essentially been killed, for all practical purposes.

The primary selection is paramount, for if we elect a candidate that fails to inspire the electorate, we will face four more years of Obama and the incremental destruction of the Republic. If we elect the wrong man and he wins the presidency, but governs as a skim-milk version of Obama, we have won a battle, but ultimately we have lost the war. The Constitution and the Republic, are under attack; like the stoic sailing Captain during a typhoon, we must watch the storm and react responsibly, for the future of our freedom and our country depends on our clear thinking and willingness to resist the hysteria that is generated by our Socialist Media and our Elites, in relentless efforts to sway our opinions.

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We’ve reached the end game in the Republican primary. Now it’s between the last two men left standing: Giant Douche vs. Turd Sandwich.

I would vote for either of them over Obama.

Wish we’d had a better field. My hopes are with the Congressional elections. Hopefully even a deeply flawed Republican president can sense which way the wind is blowing and act accordingly.

The way I see the conundrum: If the voters allow the establishment to choose, it will be Romney; if the voters choose, it will be either Gingrich or Santorum.
The end result: If the establishment prevails, Bamey will get in and complete the destruction he’s been working on for the last three years AND the republican party will be finished.
I predict there will be, without a doubt, a new party. Either way, it will be too late because there will no longer be the America that we so badly want to preserve.

This is for you, William T. Sherman, from a speech in Florida delivered by Newt Gingrich:

“I am not running for president to manage the decay of the United States to the satisfaction of the establishment. And I am not running for president of the United States to make the Wall Street elite and the Washington elite happy. I am running to change both groups on behalf of the people of the United States of America.”

“The truth is we have been served badly, the American people, by the establishment in both parties. Let’s be clear about it, it’s both parties, and it’s time someone stood up for hard-working, tax-paying Americans and said ‘Enough!’. And if that makes the old order uncomfortable, my answer is, ‘Good’.

Some turd sandwich!

I read somewhere that the Won is a great American who models himself as Lincoln. Ok, Ibrahim Lincoln.

@oil guy from Alberta:
Who do the Lost(s) model themselves after … ?


@Wm T Sherman:

Well Obama doesn’t have the (R)aical base the (R)z do, and he doesn’t have to run to that base to try and get nominated, and then he doesn’t have to pivot and try to run to the middle in the general. Obama can, and has started wooing (I)ndependents now …

No Massachusetts moderate, turned Bag(R), turned ‘off-shore-money’ mode(R)ate again, can manage that. One too many flops, or is it flips … I can never keep count.


@Satin Doll:
If you have no memory, then Newt looks like just the ticket. If you do, he becomes far more problematic. He’s the kind of guy who has ten brilliant ideas a day, nine of which are terrible. You like what he said on that day. So do I. I don’t like some things he’s said on other days. Is he in favor of a free market economy, or not? How to explain his support of Dede Scozzafava in NY29, or his couch time with Pelosi, or his consulting fees from Fannie Mae? When he was Speaker, President Clinton shut down the Federal government, but the Republicans got the blame.

He’s no establishment outsider. I see that Newt is energetic about doing things that are good for Newt. If he can simulate being an actual conservative consistently for two terms, someone who puts country first, maybe that’s good enough. It does appear to go against the grain for him, though. I’ll believe it when I see it.

I’ll vote for him over Obama. And since I live in California, it won’t matter.

@Wm T Sherman: I think you are negating all the great Conservative accomplishments that Newt achieved during his tenure as Speaker.

He has taken some bad positions, but to a T, he has said that he learns from his mistakes. That is much more than Romney has ever done.

He still defends Romney care and one of his backers, former Senator Norm Coleman said this about Obamacare:

“You will not repeal the act in its entirety, but you will see major changes, particularly if there is a Republican president,” Coleman told BioCentury This Week television in interview that aired on Sunday. “You can’t whole-cloth throw it out. But you can substantially change what’s been done.” […]

“If there’s a Republican president, what you’ll see is states getting waivers … granted and then starting again, making sure that we lower costs, which this act hasn’t done, while we provide better access,” Coleman said.

Still, he said, the law “may collapse” on its own if the Supreme Court strikes down the requirement that everyone have insurance. “I don’t think the act works financially … if you don’t have the individual mandate, because your costs are going to go so far through the roof.”

It would seem Romney is as much of a slow learner as Obama is.

@Wm T Sherman:
What about Colbert’s idea, Herman Cain? He’s withdrawn from the race … you can’t be more outsider than that!


I always enjoy your “parables” and would love to someday have the pleasure of hunting with you. A true outdoorsman and a true sage. Like most parables they tell a great story that allows you to reach your own ultimate conclusion. I would like to see more of the sage that also gives us your concrete belief is to whom is the best candidate for our country. Obama must be defeated, Paul has great ideas but the implimentation of his platform is unrealistic, Romney is Obama lite (maybe), Gingrich has been part of the problem, who are we to stand behind? Can you share your wisdom and personal opinion on who the best candidate may be?

@Wm T Sherman: I hear you. I live in the SoCal Inland Empire. Yes, in the Sovereign State of California and not the other 56 United States. I would contact our Senator, but she is to busy trying to figure out how to replace her campaign war-chest stolen by a ‘faithful’ demorat operative (the other is truly clueless). Could this be payback for one-upping the “one” on the OBL raid?

The only hope for CA is the accelerated action along San Andres fault to split the coastal areas out to a new island state. WT, if you live along the coast, please accept my apology and condolence.

Wm Sherman
the times are changin, you might be not aware that a human being evolve each day, his brain absorbs
what the 5 sense bring to it, the time also provide more knowledge and better judgement to one, especialy to one as gifted as NEWT GINGRICH, HE SEE VERY CLEARLY THE DESECRATION OF AMERICA, HE has commit to fixt it because he knows what to do, and doesn’t see any other better than him running for PRESIDENT. he has the age to do it, he has the experience of his past, even with the mistakes he wont repeat
because he has past that time, that is the way life is, you learn while time take you further far enough, you end up wiser, and if a call is given to achieve the most important thing of your life you take it if you are a courageous and a warrior , like he is, he will clime the mountain to meet the sun.


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