If bipartisan hatred is the measure for a successful GOP candidate, Newt’s the guy….

We’ve all speculated about the impact of a candidate vs Obama just by watching how the Dem elected ones and media respond. The more the libs and media obsessed with daily headlines, proliferating drip campaign scandal suggestions, the more conservatives knew we were hitting a nerve. The question has always been, can the drip scandal headlines gain viable traction? With Palin, it was clear they feared this outsider and her enthusiastic support that added life to an otherwise dreary acceptance to a McCain nomination.

Yet Palin was a polarizing figure within the conservative movement herself, inviting surgical and unfavorable scrutiny not only from the opposing party and the media, but from “moderate” conservatives who felt she was uninformed and too radical to be the VEEP.

Flash forward to 2012. With a bevy of GOP candidates who have taken turns exciting the base, only to fall from grace for one reason or another… and faced with the ever present “anyone but Romney” attitude… we find ourselves with Newt, surging in the latest Iowa “post Cain” poll from the New York Times/CBS News. The infamous ostracized one is leading Romney by the nose – literally – at 31-29. Even when the past favorite dark horse, Herman Cain, was factored in, Newt still came out on top with 28%, trailed by Romney with 18%, and Ron Paul at 14%.

Veteran’s Day: Honoring Patton’s 10th Armored Division – aka the Tiger soldiers

When this day rolls around annually, it’s difficult to pick a single unit, battle or warrior to honor. And despite all attempts, the story is only fractionally told. Truly all Veterans, from all wars, are to be honored, respected and given heartfelt thanks for their contributions to our freedoms. But this year I decided to zero in on Patton’s Tiger’s Division, serving in his Third Army, and single out only one of their remarkable accomplishments…Combat Command B’s Herculean efforts in WWII’s Siege of Bastogne in the war’s largest, and bloodiest, battle – the Ardennes-Alsace campaign. Or as it is more commonly known… the Battle of the Bulge.

Oakland businesses to city: It’s “us” or “them” (OWS). The consequences of mob rule…

After the Oakland Chamber of Commerce put out the word that businesses owners are now reluctant to hang around with the Occupy Oakland’s particularly violent and destructive exercise in “Occupy Everything free speech”, the city is now in full damage control mode, sending letters of apology out to the areas affected by the mob’s unruly rule, fueled by a city’s reluctance to enforce laws against the movement.

After a week of broken windows, fires in the street, graffiti… all compounding an already tough area for business appeal due to economic times… city officials are set to make the rounds to implore business owners to stay – hoping they can appease the skeptical 99% who are now wondering if their law abiding rights are second to the rights of non law abiding mobs.

Some free, not subsidized, lessons in common courtesy and humility for the “Occupiers”

Few have a problem with exercising our 1st Amendment rights for redress of grievances. Even when the ultimate cadre of misguided souls band together to work overtime to inflame law enforcement – such as the assault on Oakland police with bottles, rocks and firecrackers preceding all the riot ta..doo last week – in hopes of creating that coveted “Kent State” moment, most of us just grind our teeth, hold our noses when making our way thru the great unwashed to get to places of business, or sit back and wait it out.

But there is a dangerous precedent being created… not dissimilar to when a spoiled child screams for their candy, and a weary parent acquiesces just for a bit of quiet and peace, hoping they’ll outgrow such behavior. Unfortunately, just as the spoiled child learns that making those around him or her unpleasant enough generally results in getting your demands met, the same is happening with the OWS mobs of professional campers, truant college students, and unemployed grads. Needless to say, the OWS hasn’t found the limits of the nation’s patience yet… but they are determined to keep trying.

The Face of the New Libya, Pt II – Lies and proof of atrocities grow (Headline H/T DrJohn)

To tag team Dr. John’s first documentation on the “face of the new Libya”, it seems more of the world is waking up that the new face may likely surpass the old face in ugliness and human rights violations.

It was just three days ago that Libyan rebel forces claimed they had captured Gadhafi’s son and heir-apparent, Saif al-Islam, alive. Naturally, in the initial wake of the flurry of truly stupid “Libyan freedom fighters”, capturing their war crimes and disregard for what the west would consider freedom and justice on their various new media video paraphernalia, most bloggers were tongue in cheek, likening al-Islam’s anticipated lifespan in the hands of the rebels to that of a gnat.

Politicizing Iraq…. again: GOP gets sucker punched by Obama/left media stolen thunder

It can’t be surprising that the US OIF endeavor in Iraq will, once again, be taking center-stage for political spin. What will also be unsurprising is that again the wool will be pulled over the eyes of a nation who apparently who apparently suffers from short term memory dysfunction, and gets a failing grade in current events. And the last non-surprise is that the political bear trap of spin, carefully being laid by the left, clamps tight on the appendages of the GOP, happy to saunter right on in, blind to it’s presence.