X is the only outlet which lets you see the world as it really is



Illegal aliens are flooding not only the US, but Europe and Canada as well. They bring much with them – culture, crime and dependency among the benefits. Some examples:

Islamic dominance is on the menu:


Shockingly, it’s Bill Maher who throws some cold water into the faces of liberals in denial about unlimited and unrestrained immigration.


Bill Maher on illegal immigration:



We’ll let this imam explain it all


There are a seemingly unlimited amount of these examples on X, which is about the only outlet to let you really see the world as it is. England is a dead country walking. The rest of Europe is not far behind and neither is Canada.

We’re next.

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And Democrats just go along with it, getting even more extreme. Yeah, Maher is right, the left WON’T like the solution is Trump and that comes with a lot of other things the left doesn’t like: freedom, general prosperity, lower taxes, lower prices, more border security, less crime and more peace.

Anyone have a contact in HI to help find Elon’s real birth certificate so he can run for potus?

Obamas Birth Certificate. Rosebud

Leftists wrongly think they can simply put on the robes and headscarf, the little hat and sandals, mouth the words and PASS for Muslims while somehow still ordering the world around.

They are going to learn the hard way that Muslims won’t play that.

In Egypt, for example, a Muslim man will be (falsely) called a homosexual so the mob kills him simply because he opened a barber shop too near a more popular established barber shop.

In Gaza/West Bank almost all of Fatah’s leaders were (falsely) called homosexuals and many were shot in the backs of their knees, rendering them cripples. Hamas took over as the people prefer a “strong horse.”

In Europe where Europeans tried to PASS as Muslims the migrants beat them up, stole their property, even killed them for various offenses.

X is a window on the world as it is.

Social media frequently misrepresents the outrageous as the norm as a means of distorting reality and keeping up and harnessing politically useful anger. Social media has been turned into an addictive mind control tool.

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Go see for yourself, dont take this mind control tool as a truth. Your media wont show the devestation of forced policies of the WEF tools. Go find yourself with a tour of Europe quickly. Go tour Oakland, LA, Philly Detroit.
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I remember when MAGAs believed that Seattle and Portland had been largely burned to the ground in 2020. You people will believe anything.

To Mico-Brains like you and Greg a MAGA Hat is like a Swastika

That’s the only intelligent thing I’ve ever seen you post.

Still waiting on anything intelligent coming from you professor.

Micheal amd Greg are like the idiot who sees a sign reading WET PAINT and then they Touch the Surface anyway

Birds are Smarter then little snowflakes


I’m curious…. what do YOU believe happened for those 4 months in 2020?

The summer of love.
They cant even be proper hippies.

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When you arrived you walked because both the Stork and Vulture refused to deliver you

A good name for those Tent Village should be BIDENVILLE

This article on the Hamas Plan To Conquer Israel is one of the most worrisome articles you’ll read this month.

The level of insanity it exposes cannot be reasoned with.

It’s very existence means it is a potential reality for any weak mind and that same extreme mindset can be ‘created’ to follow any extremist objective.

The shocking truth…

Not parody, Obama holds the record for children killed by a nobel peace prize winner.
Nov 24, 2014 An estimated 142 children were killed in the course of pursuing those 24 men, only six of whom died in the course of drone strikes that killed their intended targets.

The worst Hurricane in America hit Galveston Texas in 1900 it was also called Issacs Storm

Looks more like the chart showing the Democrat-imposed deaths that they totally ignored. Of course, if it were, the COVID stack would be off the chart, since more died under Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden but Democrats no longer cared about COVID deaths after election fraud took Trump out. Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Misses the betrayal of seal team 6, sure Benghazi was a big stain, proof they wont even try to help Americans in trouble during a gun running op to “freedom fighters”.Clinton copping a tude during the hearings kept that old C out of the presidency.