democrats: Laken Riley’s death is “not a thing”


democrats have a tendency to telegraph their weaknesses. They tend to collectively whine on X (Twitter) and reveal those weaknesses. They whined about how what Trump did is different from Biden with regard to handling classified information (it’s not), how Biden is mentally intact (he’s not) and recently how Trump is responsible for the border crisis (he’s not).  In a horrible example of disrespect and callousness, democrats are telling us that Laken Riley’s murder is unimportant.

Joy Reid said her death was really “negligible.” She also said that talking about Riley’s death was “demagoguing.”

The black-baby-abortion loving “Reverend” Raphael Warnock says speaking of her death is a “cheap political talking point.” Some of us remember the politicization and demagoguing of George Floyd’s death but unlike George Floyd, Laken Riley was not a criminal. Where are the riots for Laken Riley? Where are the burning cities? No cops are dying. No businesses are suffering.  (more about Warnock here.)

But Americans are dying.

On X , Orrin has documented the deaths of over 700 Americans killed by illegal aliens.

Laken Riley’s death will not be swept under the rug of democrat distraction. She can and will be symbolic of everything that’s wrong with Joe Biden and his party, who care far more for illegal aliens than they do Americans. I have a recommendation for a campaign poster:

Young women, mothers, fathers, and children are dying at the hands of illegals.   Laken Riley, like Mollie Tibbets, Lizbeth Medina, Kate Steinle, Kayla Hamilton and Washington State Trooper Christopher Gadd would be alive had their illegal alien killers been kept out. That is what the statistics say. Their deaths are not “negligible.”

Yes, there is a migrant crime wave. Gangs from Chile are terrorizing Baltimore. Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua is sinking its teeth into America. Women and are being sexually assaulted. Children are being sexually abused. All by illegal aliens and many are repeat offenders.

Any vote for Joe Biden is an endorsement of Laken Riley’s murder.

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The lengths to which leftists will go to defend illegal immigrants and illegal immigration is exemplified in the Steinle case. This case had it all… a murder with a gun of an innocent woman. The only problem was, the murderer was an illegal immigrant in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. They made every possible excuse, and a few impossible ones, to protect the criminal illegal immigrant, who had been deported 5 times (so that’s 4 felonies for each illegal return), had a long list of past crimes and stole the gun. But none of that, nor Kate Steinle’s life, made one bit of goddamn difference to Democrats. They tried to give him just “abuse of a firearm” and still protect him from ICE.

I don’t know… if I was ignorant enough to support Democrats, how they openly prefer illegal immigrants to me and my taxes would insult and embarrass me. But, I guess a Democrat with any self-awareness, integrity and dignity would be quite the anomaly.

Why is the protection of American citizens the lowest priority?

Dems successfully defended Kate’s murderer.
He was not even found guilty of a crime at all.
According to the jury, no crime was committed in Kate’s death.

The Shit-hole creators need them as future voters, numbers to retain seats in congress ie census data.

Twice deported Illegal Alien charged with 20 counts of child sex abuse at Maryland church school.

Last edited 27 days ago by TrumpWon

320,000 illegals flown into the US with no vetting. We have no idea who these dirtbags are.

Tree Horse Rope make noose Bunny runs out of hole circles tree five to six times and runs back into hole

Sancturary Cities should be held totally and financially liable for all crimes committed by Illegal Aliens/Future Democrat Voters and Supporters allow their Families to bring Lawsuits against the City over this all

You got that right.

These scumbags on TV tell us every day to our faces that they hate us and want us all dead. Why are we tolerating their continued presence in these positions?

And lunatic biden keeps the border open. He keeps transporting illegal on unregistered flights into cities across America. Why does he do this? How about it, greg?

Is this lunatic joes plan?

So, it WAS Trump’s fault for issuing orders that secured the border, FORCING Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden to reverse them. Otherwise, the border would have remained secure.

Sure, I get it now.

Haitian Arrested for Allegedly Raping Disabled Girl, 15, Is Reportedly Part of Biden’s Special Haitian Parole Program

This would not have happened under President Trump.

Why won’t biden close the border? How much more crime are Americans expected to take because joey was it close the border?

The Democrats need the Votes