The Week in Radical Leftism, 02/16/2024



Welcome back to Day 1123 of America held hostage by the Biden* occupation! Let’s get straight to the crazy:

2/9 – Stealing Home (Or, a Banana Republic, if You Can Keep It)

2/10 – Major News Outlets Continue Losing Millions Amid Anti-Trump Coverage

2/10 – WHAT A SHAME: Hollywood Panics as Box Office Sales Plunge to ‘Alarming Lows’

For some reason it feels like both of the last two stories are somehow related. If only we could see some connection…

2/11 – Joe Biden’s Punch Line Presidency

2/12 – Do Leftists Now Believe Leftism Doesn’t Work?

The irony of election years it’s when Democrats pretend to be moderates and Republicans pretend to be Conservatives.


2/14 – The Progressive International: The “Left of the Left” Goes Global

2/15 – With Friends Like the GOP Establishment, Ukraine Doesn’t Need Enemies

Real talk from Schlichter with some friendly advice for the Ukraine pimps in Congress

2/16 – Hating Fido

Pay attention, dog owners. As Western cultures Islamify expect more hostility toward dogs. Not mentioned in this story, but I’m guessing that any locals who complain get investigated by the police for spreading Islamophobia online.

ICYMI – And judging from the hit count you probably did, I opined that Jon Stewart is Back! This is a Huge Victory for… Republicans?

Have a great weekend and Happy Presidents’ Day!

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The New York Slimes and all The Sludge that’s Fit to Print

2/9 – Stealing Home (Or, a Banana Republic, if You Can Keep It)

Carter’s study is probably where the Democrats got the idea to use absentee voting to destroy election credibility. Yeah, we all need to move on from 2020, for there is nothing to be done about that. But, those who ignore the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them. Yeah, I thought of that one all on my own, not taken from anyone else (I hope to run Harvard one day). Absentee voting needs to be cut to the bare minimum, chain of custody meticulously maintained and voter ID mandatory. As we can see, election fraud does not put the best and brightest in office.

2/10 – Major News Outlets Continue Losing Millions Amid Anti-Trump Coverage

Lies and propaganda don’t seem to be as popular and profitable as it used to be, I guess.

2/10 – WHAT A SHAME: Hollywood Panics as Box Office Sales Plunge to ‘Alarming Lows’

I haven’t seen it, and won’t, but it’s my belief that the Barbie movie benefitted from the Taylor Swift effect. The left ginned up a narrative that all the conservatives hated the movie because of it’s message (whatever the hell that was) and most went to see why that was or to simply prove the right wrong. My far, far leftist brother in law went to see the movie and I KNOW that’s why he saw it because he proudly posted about it.

2/11 – Joe Biden’s Punch Line Presidency

His election was a joke, his Presidency is a joke, his DoJ is a joke, his foreign policy is a joke, his persecution and prosecution of Trump is a joke and this report is a joke. A BAD joke. The joke’s on US.

2/12 – Do Leftists Now Believe Leftism Doesn’t Work?

No doubt a great many see the harsh flaws in leftism and know it doesn’t work, but they don’t have the guts to face the truth and admit it. They can’t stand the idea of the ideology they hate so much, conservatism (which actually works) becoming appealing.


The IDF does what it has to do. The left ignores the vast evidence of Hamas and Iran sacrificing Palestinians to generate anti-Semitic propaganda, but the evidence is overwhelming. Nevertheless, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden lusts for their support.

2/14 – The Progressive International: The “Left of the Left” Goes Global

Gee… “revolution” and “elections are not enough” sounds kind of… violent. Is the FBI on the case?

2/15 – With Friends Like the GOP Establishment, Ukraine Doesn’t Need Enemies

I still wonder why no one expects the UN to be playing a part in punishing a country that launches a war of aggression and, therefore, why no one is questioning what the f**k the UN even exists for anymore?

2/16 – Hating Fido

It should be noted that dogs have never committed mass murder.

In a bizzaro world now.
*Plant-based meat startups are adding real animal fat to the mix: ‘It didn’t sizzle right, it didn’t smell right, it didn’t have that incredibly fatty taste and mouth feel’
OK Cows eat plants so I suppose it qualifies as plant based.

*China’s Premier Automaker Plans Factory in Mexico to Flood U.S. Market with Cheap Electric Vehicles.
Have they done any market research on the desirability of product? Or it a market ploy on golf carts for RV parks?

*Iran claims ownership over Antarctica and plans military base there.

Hard up for ice in the desert?

On the bright side
lawmakers in Idaho passed a new law that will see pedophiles convicted of child rape executed by firing squad.

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