The Cocaine in the White House is Bigger than any Biden* Scandal Yet


If that sounds like an over the top assertion, maybe it is. Or maybe not, and here’s why. Over the last few months we’ve seen the Biden* Regime and its lickspittle media become even more brazen in their efforts to cover up the regime’s corruption. We saw the start of this back when Time Magazine wrote its 2020 election postmortem, “How The Radical Left Stole the Election.”

More recently, 60 Miutes rana glowing profile of every Lefty’s favorite undercover Fed, Ray Epps. The Radical Left bemoans how this poor guy has been relentlessly targeted by the Normals without ever answering the obvious question of, “Why isn’t Epps rotting in a cell alongside the rest of the 1/6 Reichstag Fire political prisoners?”

Next up, we see US Attorney General Merrick Garland continuing to make a mockery of our justice system by burying the myriad of crimes committed by the bagman for the Biden* Organized Crime Family, his crackhead felon son Hunter. The two were seen at the same State Dinner a few weeks ago, because it’s completely normal for a prosecutor investigating a lifelong criminal to attend a black tie event with the criminal.

And the latest chapter has been the sadly entertaining, as the White House and the colon lickers in the profession formerly known as journalism try to tell the public that one of the most secure buildings in America can’t figure out who snuck in a packet of cocaine. While the answer is plain as the blow on Hunter’s face, they still act as if the public can’t see through what may be the most obvious scandal yet of the many that have hung over this administration. Here is a more disturbing thought – what if they know that they’re not fooling anyone with an IQ higher than the cast of The View? After the Epps story aired on 60 Minutes one of the commenter at Ace of Spades said something to the effect of:

When 60 Minutes ran the Ray Epps story they knew full well what they were doing. They knew how bad it looked but were openly saying, “Yeah we know what he did. And we’re going to push the lie about his role in this. What are any of you going to do about it?”

The Garland / Crackhead dinner party was another middle finger at the American people, but the fact that Kringe Jean Pierre isn’t even trying to make her lies over Hunter’s misplace blow  plausible while it is equally unbelievable that the source of the coke can’t be found is as insulting as it is scary. The Biden* Organized Crime Family, and Democrats in general, no longer feel any need to even pretend that there is nothing that they can’t get away with. Who’s going to hold them accountable? The Justice Department? The press? The feckless Republican party? And spare me the talk that they’ll answer to the voters in 2024.

Here is an even more sobering thought: How will they top this one?

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A crime which no one will prosecute is not a crime.

 what if they know that they’re not fooling anyone with an IQ higher than the cast of The View? 

You mean everyone not named Joe Idiot Biden? Here’s the thought that occurred to me recently: if the coke found could actually belong to ANYONE that was in the White House, is that actually BETTER? If they wanted to, they could find out who the nose candy belonged to, or at least rule many out. But, they don’t want too… that is going to wind up focusing right back at Hunter.

They don’t mind having Hunter in the limelight, why don’t they have him make a statement, like, “Yeah, I’ve had a drug problem but I’m recovering and, really, this coke ain’t mine. It makes me hungry, sure, but it ain’t mine.”

My compliments to Trumpwon (I think) that made this connection in my brain, but this gang is no longer the First Family; they are the Worst Family. Absolute scum.

Well, the dope could have been left at night, and as we learned from Herr Garland, if a crime happens at night, it’s near impossible to solve.

Garland and the rest of the Biden Rogues Gallery all need to be removed from office and Soros a well as Bragg need to get the boot out of America for good and the same for the UN as well

There’s this device*, sold on Amazon and at smoke shops that is small (hide in your palm) and holds you coke, meting out a dose to your back of your hand for snorting at the twist of a dial.
If you examine Hunter in that WH balcony video, he appears to be twisting something, then hunching down with his face to his hand then walking off wiping his nose.

*snuff dispenser bullet glass

Their mostly scandal mongers looking to sell a story

AS PREDICTED: Secret Service Concludes Cocaine Investigation – No Suspect Identified – ‘Cocaine Was Found in a Blind Spot For Surveillance Cameras’

No one should be surprised. They were never going to admit it was hunters. The bidens are a disgrace.