While the 2024 Election is Still Already Over, I’ve Decided that Trump Needs to be the Nominee


First off, if between the timing of this post and the title of it has you hoping that this will be a DeSantis bashing session, look elsewhere. In fact, in normal times I’d have no problem unequivocally endorsing DeSantis for 2024. But alas, we no longer live in normal times. As I stated back in March, The Democrats Have Already Won the 2024 Election, Regardless of Who Either Party Runs. And yes, just a week earlier I made the case Why Donald Trump Can Not Be the GOP Nominee in 2024. So why the flip flop on my part? Well, to quote the often economically wrong but highly quotable John Maynard Keynes, “When the Facts Change, I Change My Mind. What Do You Do, Sir?” OK, what changed?

Very simply, I’m basing it on what has happened with Trump since then. No, I’m not backing off of any of my assertions from the post I mentioned. But since then we’ve seen a few ridiculous things:

  • We saw him found “guilty” of sexually harassing a woman who he never met, whose story mirrors an effort on Law and Order, whose lawsuit was financed by a wealthy left wing extremist, who had the law changed to extend the statute of limitations, and while interviewed on CNN, giggled about her rape fantasies while flirting with a gay man. And not one Democrat, whether in office or in the press, has questioned any of this.
  • Trump has been told to appear in court in New York for a criminal case that only took years to assemble in… March 2024. Yes, conveniently timed for the middle of the primaries. No election interference here!
  • And then there was the ambush that failed, the CNN Town Hall where Trump wiped the floor with their dippy host. The collective meltdown from The Radical Left said a lot more about them than it did about Trump.

That’s it. Not that anyone is asking, but I think that DeSantis is a stronger candidate and would make a better president. At the end of the day though, to paraphrase Commissioner Gordon, “Because Trump is the candidate America deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a not so silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.” I’ve seen no serious resolve by Republican leaders to hold the corrupt FBI, DOJ, Garland, etc. accountable for their election rigging crimes. I’ve seen not a peep about how we’re not going to see roughly 50 milliion votes drop at 10:00 PM on election night, coincidentally all in Dem controlled cities in swing states. Yeah, so it’s like this:

“The FBI needs to hand over incriminating documents to Congress!”


“The Attorney General must hold corruption in the DOJ accountable!”

Garland: “LOL GF”

“When we get the White House back in 2024 they will be held accountable!”

Dem Election officials in Philly, Detroit, Milwaukee, Tuscon, Reno, and Atlanta: “LOL GF”

At some point we need to stop fighting the last war. If I had any reason to believe that a Republican will ever be allowed to win another major election under current circumstances where Dems hold control, DeSantis would be my candidate. I still have no hope that Trump can win. So why does he need to be the nominee? Because as much as the Left has taught themselves to hate DeSantis, Trump is The  King of All Emmanuel Goldsteins for The Radical Left. Their hatred for him leads to irrational thinking, and he’s the only one who can truly expose how corrupt and hateful the Democrats have become. They’ll win the 2024 Presidency, but as they become more brazen more Normals will see that there is no reason to treat our elections as legitimate and move on to whatever has to happen next. And lest anyone take that as a call for violence, my eyes are wide open that nobody will be happy if the Democrats are allowed to start another Civil War.

As for my predictions for 2024? Trump will get the nomination, and hopefully the primary will be more constructive than nasty. On the Dem side, they’ll continue the elder abuse and drag Sundown Joe* across the finish line and if his health holds out they’ll keep drugging him enough to function until he’s in long enough for his Veep (won’t be Kamala) can run for two terms after taking over. More likely, I see somewhere around late August / early September 2024 the DNC coordinates with the press to allow one Biden’s* senior moments spiral out of control publicly and declare that he was no longer able to power though and needs to drop out to spend time with his family. Yes, that family that has so little love for him that they let this elder abuse continue, but I digress. They’ll then pull a Torricelli and replace him with either Gavin Newsome or Michelle Obama, allowing the press to coordinate a carpet bombing of rallying behind Joe* (Win one for the Sniffer!) and glowing press for the new candidate. This will also allow for a shorter window for the Trump campaign to properly counter attack, lessening the need for fraud on election night and creating the illusion of legitimacy.

Or maybe not. When it comes to political predictions, I have an accuracy that is best described as “Dick Morris level“.

But what I wont do is get put time and effort effort into a losing cause. And I’d like nothing more than for the GOP to change my mind

Given what a heavy post this was, let’s close out with something lighter to close in this fun, short video:

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It would be great if Trump won. It is imperative that the DOJ get an enema. It needs to be flushed out, and that includes the FBI. The IRS as well. It’s all infested with leftists that hate this country and the Constitution. I don’t think anyone else would do it but Trump.

Yeah, all the Republican candidates came out in opposition to the left’s weaponizing of the justice system and attacking a candidate because he is a candidate. But, while to them it’s principle, to Trump it’s PERSONAL. I think the purge would be a priority for Trump (who has proven he can handle multiple irons in the fire) and he would be relentless. I don’t think he would make the mistake of giving political hacks the benefit of the doubt.

But, absolutely true, Trump or any other Republican is up against a stacked deck. They have to defeat corruption as well as a candidate. They have to defeat the Ministry of Propaganda as well. But, as some polls have shown, people are getting wise. The lies have been exposed and the current lies are being doubted. This time around, it will take MASSIVE amounts of election fraud, more than in 2020 and overt as in Arizona in 2022. Maybe this will finally be the exposure needed to get election fraud finally addressed and eliminated.

We do not need oh he is nice he talks conservative.
Trump isnt a conservative, never was. Maybe this time he wont listen to the back stabbing GOP.
Flynn is the perfect VP, no optics required fire tested.
The election machine is still in place along with MK Ultra and operation Mockingbird.
Back in my day White Supremacists were White.
The Deepstate stayed Deep
Clowns and sideshow freaks were hired by the circus not the Executive branch
Nuclear war really was a deterrent

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Bahahaha…a perfect troll

Agree with a few points on your post but disagree completely with Desantis being the better nominee. He’s GOPe full tilt. I’ll vote for him if he is the nominee if I have to, however. Way better than Biden & Co.

We must get rid of the DOE no matter what
comment image

Now if we can just get him to stop being a content machine for CNN & the NT Times…

Seriously dude, it doesn’t matter if Trump was the most cordial and polite man on the face of the earth those MSM outfits will make some kind of content to feed to their rabid leftist idiot audience. For example, Mitt Romney. I don’t want Trump to change one damn thing. Tell it like it is, be himself. Desantis has those GOPe never-trumpers behind him for good reason. They see a man they can mold and does what they want. I’ll hold my nose and vote for him if needed just like I did for that trashcan Romney but I won’t be happy about it.

Last edited 10 months ago by Curt

Also, those who think the incessant shrill and over-the-top spoiled brat, crybaby attacks will end if Trump is no longer in the race, take a look at the load of bullshit fired at DeSantis and Scott already. The Democrat party is a failed organization. All they have is lies and personal attacks. They have no hope of convincing anyone to support them by merely comparing their honest record of achievements up against the record of conservatives. So, cheating, lying and violence is continue until the left’s influence and power is stamped out.

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3..2…1.. meme
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They can still ‘drive in Florida’ or any other State, just do it legally, same as if I went to their country: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Driving_Permit

Bidens polls are hitting the bottom of the Dumpster and its still over a year before the election and Biden just keeps hammering nails into his Legacy