The mass murder shooting in Texas is now on Biden and Mayorkas



If you didn’t know what a memory hole was, you are about to find out. You may have heard about five people being shot to death- executed, really- in Texas. It’s all over the news. Here’s what this looks like if you search for it

Franciso Oropeza is suspected of killing 5 people in San Jacinto TX after one of the victims asked Oropeza to stop shooting so a baby could sleep. Countless democrats took to Twitter to hand wring, whine and lament about the evil of guns. Oropeza has been described as a “Mexican national”, and I knew right away what that meant. Then the incompetent lying scum bucket known as Alejandro Mayorkas, when asked about the status of Oropeza, said he couldn’t comment.

Well, things just got really interesting. Bill Melugin of Fox News just reported that Oropeza is an illegal alien

Now, for your amusement, is the incomparably mendacious head of the Department of Homeland Insecurity telling you the border is not open, despite the more than 6 million illegal invaders Biden and Mayorkas have allowed to cross the border.

All the gun laws in world weren’t going to stop this monster from obtaining an AR15, which he should never have had in his possession. This blood is on the hands of Biden and Mayorkas, which is why this story is going to disappear from the headlines faster than Biden loses his train of thought. Illegal invasion is not a victimless crime.

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biden thinks the eastern Russian speaking border of Ukraine is more important than our southern border, about 100 billion more important.
Mayorkes is a lying son-of-bitch. He has lied repeatedly in appearances before Congress. He should resign.

I’m sure Oropesa appreciates the easy availability of assault weapons.

Should tell Obama and his minions not to sell guns across the border. Fast and furious hmmmm?
Dems reject ICE notification of illegal immigrants trying to buy guns …

A typically tone deaf douche bag response. Five innocent people are dead.

Last edited 11 months ago by Greg

A typically tone deaf douche bag response. Five innocent people are dead.

Why are you so full of hate?

Abbott issues a reward to catch idiot Biden’s illegal immigrant killer and he’s a douche bag? Idiot Biden, Kamala the Whore and Moron Mayorkas are douche bags full of shit for intentionally destroying our border security, stopping construction on the wall and importing criminals and crime.

What tone deaf is is the White House ignoring the obvious danger of unfettered illegal immigration and using yet another idiot Biden induced tragedy to promote their anti-gun agenda.

He is a wetback, unlikely he acquired the weapon legally.

Like the black backs here.

In a country flooded with weapons, it’s easier for anyone to get them.

In a country flooded with illegal and unvetted border crossers, it’s the weapons fault. Yeah that’s the ticket.

“Never let a crisis go to waste”, even if you have to create the crisis.

If they would enforce existing laws I bet both the houses would be occupied by Americans, is there a reason the news called 3 X deported Mexican National a Texas man? Those shot would be in Honuras and the shooter would have been in Mexico.

Last edited 11 months ago by kitt

In a country flooded with weapons, it’s easier for anyone to get them.

No, it isn’t. They cost money. LOTS of money. How did an illegal immigrant get access to an expensive weapon? Explain which of your “common sense gun control” proposals would prevent criminal illegal immigrants from getting their hands on guns.

In a country flooded with criminal illegal immigrants and deadly drugs, thanks entirely to idiot Biden, this is inevitable.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz Surprised to Find Pennsylvania Biden Voters Rejecting Joe Biden in 2024: “Regret. Disappointment. Frustration.” (VIDEO)

They rejected him in 2020, too. Election fraud carried the day.

You’re a liar. They are not available in legitimate gun stores ass-wipe. They are available on the black market. My God get educated.

Greg get educated….Bill get a grip the fool thinks Armalite M15 is an assault weapon basically a 22 rifle but he insists on repeating MSM ignorance.
From ABC news
5 dead in Texas ‘execution-style’ shooting, suspect armed with AR-15 is on the loose
they had recovered the rifle cell phone and his clothes, but raise the fear factor this dude is back in Mexico by now.

Last edited 11 months ago by kitt

And he will be back in the USA before you know it going through the turn-style that is bidens open southern border.

Last edited 11 months ago by TrumpWon

The cartels might serve justice if we are lucky.

Karine Jean-Pierre Claims Illegal Immigration is Down 90% Because of Joe Biden – A Colossal Lie (VIDEO)

Karine Jean-Pierre Claims Illegal Immigration is Down 90% Because of Joe Biden – A Colossal Lie (VIDEO)

Last edited 11 months ago by TrumpWon

Lying is the only response Democrats ever have for the terrible consequences of their disastrous policies.

I, too, would like to know how an illegal immigrant came into possession of an AR-15. When I look at them, they are rather expensive. How did one of the poor, destitute, just-looking-for-a-better-life illegal immigrants afford one? Of course, NO authorities are interested in THAT market; they only want to simply blame the weapon.

Apparently, most or all of the victims were illegal immigrants as well. So, if they were fleeing violence in their home country, welcome to the US, where Democrats make crime legal. This is precisely the environment Democrats have created for our country. Vicious criminals, imported from failed nations, are invited in to commit heinous crimes and then disappear.

Wouldn’t have happened under Trump. The wall would be complete by now, there would be no beacon being transmitted for anyone that wants to come he illegally should hurry up and do so, there would be no cartels getting richer than they ever dreamed on human trafficking and there would be no 6 million new illegal immigrants with another million on deck.

Unfortunately this will not be the last instance of this kind. Millions of illegal aliens have breached our open border. Countless numbers of them are like this dirtbag or as President Trump would say, “Not good people”.