The ONE REASON America Can Have Another Civil War


Over the last few years, many people have wondered if our country was headed for another Civil War. Maybe they started wondering back in 98 with the Clinton impeachment, or 2000 when the election didn’t have a clear winner. Maybe they started wondering on 911, or after the invasion of Iraq. No doubt many wondered after the FBI put their fingers on the scale of the 2016 election, or during the two partisan impeachments. The MSM and Democrats had no problem trying to convince the world that Jan 6 was an insurrection (albeit while conveniently forgetting the 3 days in Jan 2017 when Democrats rioted and burned DC). There has been a Great Recession that took longer than the Great Depression to recover, a pandemic, lockdowns, George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, and record levels of poverty. Roe vs Wade, mass shootings, gun rights, and militant Marxist transvestite mass murderers. There’s been a lot of extremely divisive moments and issues in the past 25 years, and these are just a few!

Perhaps the most divisive and most explosive issue has yet to really reach a boiling point: Reparations. It’s the idea that 13% of the population who were never slaves should be paid by 87% of the population who never owned slaves. That 13% doesn’t just want to be paid, but paid TRILLIONS of dollars. Increasingly they are being convinced by Democratic Party leaders and mainstream media that not only are reparations to be considered, but they are a debt owed; that each person in that 13% should be paid millions of dollars for nothing they did and nothing they suffered.

It was an issue in the 2020 election where every democratic Presidential candidate said they agreed with the idea. Several universities, cities, and states are already actively considering their own reparations to the 13%. In 2024 it will be a much bigger issue. Nothing buys votes better than the promise of a chicken in every pot-except the promise of millions of dollars in cash in every bank account. Who would turn down the check after being told for decades that they were victims, and that the money was owed to them; that they had a right to be paid?!

Conversely, 87% of the American people must be convinced to pay. 10-20% of the 87% are Democrats who will agree with anything the party says is right. For example, the party can tell people that while public schools are failing, while there’s little or no money for arts, music, and sports there should be money for drag queens to give lap dances to 8yr old kids…and most Democrats will agree with it. However, of the remainder of that 87%, how many are Asian, Hispanic, and Native American who all would ask, “Um, where’s MY reparations millions?” How many whites from families who came to America long after the Civil War would ask, “What should I pay for something that happened long before my family became Americans?” What of the people who take their oaths to become American citizens next Monday “We just became citizens-why should WE pay millions of dollars?” What about the people who are asked to pay reparations who watch TV and see mass riots in Chicago, huge bands of people robbing stores in NYC, or a mob breaking into and cleaning out a gas station in LA-why should they pay millions to the 13% that’s responsible for most of the violent crime in the country?



The case for and against reparations is huge. There’s a wealth of pro/con articles, books, and speeches that one can research. When studying the subject, it becomes less of a giveaway to the 13%, much smaller than demanded, more reasonable, and more understanding. The brutal fact is, however, most people aren’t going to study the pros/cons. They’re gonna watch their preferred media spin and parrot the opinion they like the best with the half-truths and half-facts they’re shown.

The partisan divide, the massive scale of reparations demanded, and the undisputed fact that reparations will not repair the damage of slavery make it the best issue to cause a civil war. Imagine how you would react if you were told you had to pay hundreds of thousands in taxes for reparations? How about when you see that your 4 year old daughter has to pay the same millions of dollars? Now imagine the craziest person you know getting told the same thing. The potential for violence, mass violence, and even something like Civil War is real.

A second American Civil War would not be like the 1860 War Between the States. It’s doubtful that entire states would secede. Its doubtful vast armies would do battle in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Mississippi. We could see red states with supermajorities in state legislatures kicking out blue cities. There’s already an effort for red counties to leave blue Oregon and join Idaho, and that’s as legal as it was for West Virginia to leave Virginia. There are other states that would like to divide, and some states like Illinois or New York where a few blue cities are financial and political parasites to the rest of the state. How political bodies support or oppose reparations could be the over-arching issue that slavery was in 1860.

The big difference between 1860 and today isn’t the issue or the popular and political divide under it. No, the big difference is that President Joe Biden is the polar opposite of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was willing to lay ruin to more than half the country, leave 10% of the country dead or dismembered, crash the economy for decades, and all to preserve the Union. Joe Biden, on the other hand, didn’t have the political or personal balls to leave 2000 troops in Afghanistan to protect half a million Afghan allies, and when he ordered the American rout, he wiped his hands of dust at the reality of leaving behind hundreds-even thousands of Americans to the Taliban. This week, he did it again when he abandoned 16,000 Americans in Sudan.

The entire purpose of the US Military is to protect Americans, and the commander-in-chief chose to abandon instead of protecting Americans. How could such a pathetic excuse for a leader ever handle a battle like Antietam, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, or Shiloh? How would Joe “Your On Your Own” Biden handle the close of the Civil War when 85,000 Americans died in just 4 battles over a few weeks? He couldn’t. He wouldn’t, and if faced w conflict at any level…he won’t.

As a senator, Biden opposed removing Saddam. As Vice President, he opposed the raid that killed Bin Laden. He opposed the raid that killed the head of ISIS. He opposed the raid that killed Soleimani. While one President may have liked to speak softly and carry a big stick, Biden rants and raves like a crazy old tough guy, then begs for mercy, “C’mon man.”

It’s impossible to imagine Joe Biden authorizing the use of force on a city, county, state, or states that chose to secede. Asked about that kind of situation he once boasted that it could never happen because the Federal government has F-15 fighter planes and nuclear weapons.

That was obviously before the Taliban defeated him. America can have a civil war, but violence at any level-whether a militant Marxist transvestite mob or “mostly peaceful” BLM protest that leaves billions of dollars in damage, and even if it were a militia or an army, Joe Biden has proven he will never fight like Lincoln to protect our nation. He’s so timid he wouldn’t so much as pop a balloon.

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I 100% agree that reparations should be paid to all who were legally enslaved in the United States, and that those reparations should be paid by all legal slaveholders. As there are currently NO people who were ever legally enslaved, and currently NO legal slaveholders, I hereby declare this issue closed.

Perhaps they should all go experience life in the motherland, I hear Sudan is nice

Considering all the programs that require the 87% to pay for. All the free lunches the 13% get in public education. The “free education” the 13% get and don’t make use of. All the special tuition and lower standards in “hIgher education” provides for the 13% and of course all the riots, theft, murder and mayhem that is created by the 13%, I’d say we are pretty much even if not owed by the 13%.

04/25/23 – Republicans Launch Eerie AI-Generated Attack Ad On Biden

The Republican National Committee debuted an apocalyptic foreshadowing of a second Biden-Harris term moments after President Joe Biden announced his reelection campaign on Tuesday in a video rebuttal generated entirely by artificial intelligence—the latest sign that computer-generated content could shift the political campaign landscape.

The video shows AI-generated images of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris winning on election night next year, followed by simulated scenes of explosions in Taiwan, police in tactical gear lining the streets of San Francisco, migrants flooding the southern border and Wall Street buildings abandoned.

Predictive newscasts narrate in the background: “Who’s in charge here? It feels like the train is coming off the tracks.”

An RNC spokesperson told Axios the video was produced entirely through artificial intelligence, which Democrats and Republicans have both expressed plans to leverage during the 2024 election cycle in an effort to streamline operations, though the software has raised concerns about malicious fake content duping voters and campaign staffers…

There are no legal restrictions on lying in political campaigns or in newscasts, no limits on the simple-minded gullibility of a growing percentage of the American public, and ever fewer constraints on the passionate intensity of those who seek unlimited personal wealth and power.

There are no legal restrictions on lying in political campaigns or in newscasts, no limits on the simple-minded gullibility of a growing percentage of the American public, and ever fewer constraints on the passionate intensity of those who seek unlimited personal wealth and power.

So says the slug whose own party can’t win without cheating. LBJ showed them how as far back as 1948 and they have just increased their theft.

Why would anyone vote for biden after the misery he has created, intentionally?

Because Biden’s most likely opponent is a self-worshiping megalomaniac with all the self control of an enraged 2-year-old?

Why would anyone vote for biden…

Last edited 11 months ago by Greg

That is not a reason to vote for Joe. Is it because he knows how to surrender?

Like he surrendered the people of Ukraine to Putin?

He essentially has.

In case you wanted to know what the real story is:

Your plan is getting real mucked up by all that information getting out, greg.

“(Biden) is going COMPLETELY off the rails…”

Well said.


biden is 0-2 in the war department

Last edited 11 months ago by TrumpWon

Trump’s rape trial is currently underway.

No evidence, yawn. Sorry. She is ugly inside and out. There is no way in hell Trump touched her with. 10 ft pole.

Why are lunatics given fake hearings but there is yet to be a case against squatter joe by legitimate victim, Tara?

Last edited 11 months ago by TrumpWon

He wouldn’t touch her with Bill Clintons pole.

It’s not a lawful, or legitimate trial if they are stupid enough to try it.

The People in this country have authority.

Not the government.

Billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman – a Democrat megadonor – is secretly funding E. Jean Carroll’s rape case against President Trump, according to a Thursday court filing.

Obviously an unsound woman, without a shred of evidence that you even met her, claims you raped her 27 or 28 years ago, but cannot remember when. You call her crazy and then find yourself in court over it.

Meanwhile, democrats can lie and defame with reckless abandon and never see the inside of a court room, even when the case is
brought by a pre-eminent Constitutional scholar. It’s all about having the right politics. This US has become disgusting.

Last edited 11 months ago by TrumpWon

Boy, you cannot run and hide fast enough to avoid having to try and defend biden.

Newly Revealed Emails Between Antony Blinken and Hunter Biden Blow Open a Web of Corruption
NY Post Reporter Asks Deep State Snake Jake Sullivan Why He Supported Ukrainian Gas Industry Immediately After Hunter Biden Became Board Member

Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a meeting with Hunter Biden at the State Department in July 2015 when he was serving as the deputy secretary of state in the Obama-Biden administration and Hunter was on the board of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, according to emails reviewed and verified by Fox News Digital.

The ties between Blinken and Hunter Biden could face increased scrutiny after former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell testified to the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees last week that Blinken, as President Biden’s then-campaign senior adviser, “played a role in the inception” of the public statement signed by intelligence officials claiming Hunter’s abandoned laptop was part of a Russian disinformation campaign just weeks before the 2020 presidential election.
The pieces are starting to come together, and the web of corruption is expanding.

Cant wait til they present the police report and DNA evidence.
Oh yeah no police report no visit to hospital for evidence collection, no one at department store heard her screams for help. Did the dressing room attendant unlock the room?

Last edited 11 months ago by kitt

She is just another useful idiot pawn used by the left to go after Trump. This will go nowhere based on evidence but the jury is seated to find guilt where there is none.

One wonders what kind of payday she received for her phony story.

Here’s Trump supposed “rapee” admitting that Trump didn’t rape her.

Seriously? You’re going back to the “rape” tactic?

Talk about losing….

He’s 0-2 in defending embassies, too.

And he surrendered the people of Afghanistan to the tollybon

That of course is a desperate false characterization of Trump. Your regime is easing off the gas because they have revealed too much. You should follow suit.

The reality of Biden is that he is an installed pedophile puppet that is losing control.

Th fact that obama pulled Susan rice out of the WH shows he has lost confidence in joe.

There is zero support for biden to win reelection.

The play is Michelle Obama.

Start speaking out against her now.

They’ve overplayed their hand, and know Americans can still stop their Communist takeover.

She’s going to just be another “hope and change” impostor like Barack.

A false characterization? Do you not hear what he’s saying? Can’t you read his expression, tone, and mannerisms? In layman’s terms, the guy is nuts.

Trump might be the ONLY sane person in politics today.

Here’s what we have to deal with; Communism that no longer hides itself.

Because Biden’s most likely opponent is a self-worshiping megalomaniac with all the self control of an enraged 2-year-old?

In reality, Trump spread peace, made us energy independent, secured our border, reformed prisons, restored the economy and made foreign trade more fair. Idiot Biden simply and disastrously reversed all that.

I didn’t know you were running, Greg. Good luck.

Biden stole the election rosebud and he’ll try it again next year Sors and Bragg are the Culprits

Geeze AI generated, I was expecting better hmmm. We should stick with CGI tech.
Wheres the comment on slavery dude?

Last edited 11 months ago by kitt

Idiot Biden pukes out a recorded declaration to run. I guess he couldn’t make a live statement. HIs lies are so exhausting that he has to take a nap between each one. Such a corrupt, despicable piece of CCP-owned shit.

There are no legal restrictions on lying in political campaigns or in newscasts, no limits on the simple-minded gullibility of a growing percentage of the American public, and ever fewer constraints on the passionate intensity of those who seek unlimited personal wealth and power.

Which is what Democrats confirm day after day.

Republicans are nothing. They are just part of the Democrat Party, the Uniparty, and as the regime is starting to lose control, they are amping up “attacks” on FOX and the GOP, while hiding that they are trying to purge the sphere of anyone who is either challenging the government or just plain divisive, like their one-hour-after-Tucker firing of Don Lemon.

The regime and deep state are the ones using A.I.

You best thank Christ for that, too, filthy liar.

The problem with this analysis is that Biden isn’t actually running anything. He is merely a broken mouthpiece for a power broker behind the scenes.

It was an issue in the 2020 election where every democratic Presidential candidate said they agreed with the idea. 

As they should, because it was Democrats that supported slavery, defended slavery, created the Jim Crow laws, created the KKK and institutionalized racism, so THEY should pay every nickel of it. Democrats and those who vote for Democrats should be the only people on the hook. They have never admitted their racism and support for slavery, never apologized for it and are so cynical as to simply blame all the aftereffects on Republicans. Clearly, they are not contrite.

Yeah, weak, stupid, incompetent idiot Biden has lost yet another embassy, this one in a country that Trump had gotten to come to the table and treat with Israel. That’s the difference between taking foreign policy seriously and just sitting at home and counting your millions made through corruption.

And Biden the Blunders Solution? Gun Confiscation Yes Biden is a total Idiot

You forget one big point – Joe Biden will do as he’s told.

Nonsense, because there can be no reparations for slavery and none will ever be voted into place.

Civil is war is possible, however, on other grounds. We have murdered 62,000,000 unborn human beings over the last 50 years. That is worse than slavery on a scale unimaginable. If civil war comes, it will come after the aborter states attempt to declare independence from a prolife Washington (yes, you’ve seen this movie before, and all it takes is a pirouette spin to make secession respectable to the stalinists). What follows will kill tens of millions, cause endless misery, and end in horrors.

After my service in Bosnia, I can say this: anybody who WANTS civil war is either a child or a moron. Study what happened there and ask yourself if you want to go through what they did x 100. If you do, then please go directly to Hell, do not pass go or collect $200.

PS. “God is not mocked.”

PS. “God is not mocked.”

Amen to that. We know what happens when demon gods try:

1 Kings 18:25-27

25 Then Elijah said to the prophets of Baal, “Choose for yourselves one bull and prepare it first, for you are many, and call upon the name of your god, but put no fire to it.” 26 And they took the bull that was given them, and they prepared it and called upon the name of Baal from morning until noon, saying, “O Baal, answer us!” But there was no voice, and no one answered. And they limped around the altar that they had made. 27 And at noon Elijah mocked them, saying, “Cry aloud, for he is a god. Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened.”

It’s entirely appropriate to mock those who think they can install themselves or another false-god over the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac.

We have a poser in the WH who LITERALLY RELIEVES HIMSELF while pretending to do the job, and then strangely comes to (when the demon is talking) and tells us our kids aren’t out kids, but they are the kids of the state.

Hell no.

Are you aware that the Old Testament has been superseded by a New Testament? Jesus does not endorse Trump’s Message.

It’s clear that God favors a man who actually acknowledges Him, and fights to maintain a Christian America.

That’s Trump. Yes, Jesus favors Trump over Ahab and Jezebel (Biden et al)

I hope you understand what that means for you, greg. Repent and be saved.

As for what Jesus thinks about a nation like America who has embraced false-gods after being built by Faith, here he is in the NEW Testament.

18 “And to the angel of the church in Thyatira write: ‘The words of the Son of God, rwho has eyes like a flame of fire, and whose feet are like burnished bronze.

19 s“ ‘I know your works, your love and faith and service and patient endurance, and that your latter works exceed the first. 20 But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman tJezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants uto practice sexual immorality and uto eat food sacrificed to idols. 21 I gave her time to repent, but vshe refuses to repent of her sexual immorality. 22 Behold, I will throw her onto a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her I will throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her works, 23 and I will strike her children dead. And all the churches will know that I am he wwho searches mind and heart, and xI will give to each of you according to your works. 24 But to the rest of you in Thyatira, who do not hold this teaching, who have not learned what some call ythe deep things of Satan, to you I say, I zdo not lay on you any other burden. 25 Only hold fast awhat you have until I come. 26 bThe one who conquers and who keeps my works cuntil the end, dto him I will give authority over the nations, 27 and ehe will frule3 them with a rod of iron, gas when earthen pots are broken in pieces, even as I myself have received authority from my Father. 28 And I will give him hthe morning star. 29 pHe who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’

Last edited 11 months ago by Nathan Blue

Ba’al was the “live your truth” god.
Asherah was the “trans” god.
Molock was the child sacrifice god.

Sexual immorality.

It’s all here again.

Last edited 11 months ago by Nathan Blue

Yeah, I read that essay by Naomi Wolf too.

Remember she cheerfully said that “abortion is murder, so what?”

Do not take her too seriously.

I actually haven’t read that. I think I will, though.

Divine favor doesn’t seem to be raining down from the sky on Trump or Putin, either one.

It’s clear that God favors a man who actually acknowledges Him, and fights to maintain a Christian America.

That’s what the Romans and Sanhedrin said to Christ as he was hanging on the cross….

Even your fellow Episcopalian, Tucker Carlson, knows what’s going on.

FOX was paying Carlson $15 Million+ per year to promote lies that turned Americans against each other. That’s Trump’s toxic franchised “product”,

Last edited 11 months ago by Greg

Name one thing Tucker lied about.

Just one.

Tucker is FOX news, and they won’t survive is very regime-commissioned “firing” for questioning the regime and showing us J6th was a fed-sponsored coup against our People.

Tucker even admitted there’s a coordinated, nefarious attack on our country that is demonic in nature.

Why are you so afraid of spiritual discussions, greg?

Don’t you read your Bible anymore?

Last edited 11 months ago by Nathan Blue

Tucker’s demonic attack is pure lunacy. The evil that men do is the responsibility of the men who do it.

Responsibility and cause are not the same thing….

Always evasive.

The evil that men do is the responsibility of the men who do it.

Wait… WHAT? I thought it was the GUN’S fault?

Trump’s stolen election bullshit? Dominion? That the FBI was secretly behind January 6? That Jacob Chansley acted as a tour guide? That the election in Brazil was rigged? That voting machines in Maricopa County didn’t allow people to vote? That the electrical grid failed in Texas because the state became totally reliant on windmills? That John Bolton is a leftist? That more kids were killed in 2013 by drowning in bathtubs than by guns? That the Potomac is a cesspool, exclusively because of debris left by immigrants? How about, “Almost everyone — 85% — who got the coronavirus in July (2020) was wearing a mask, and they were infected anyway. So clearly (wearing a mask) doesn’t work the way they tell us it works.”

Name one thing Tucker lied about. Just one.

Last edited 11 months ago by Greg

As I said, name one lie.

I’m still waiting, slick.

Trump’s stolen election bullshit?



Dominion employees admit there were bugs, hacks and failures of their machines.

That the FBI was secretly behind January 6?

Not all that secret.

Even though Pelosi and Bowser rejected Trump’s offer of National Guard troops for security, the FBI deployed assassination squads in case of trouble.
FBI refuses to answer if Epps is FBI or if FBI assets were present at the Capital Jan 6 or if they incited the riot.
FBI had at least 8 informants inside the Proud Boys yet could not warn of an eminent riot?

Fedsurrection: Court papers reveal Proud Boys riddled with as many as EIGHT informants.. Oath Keeper’s Vice Prez an FBI informant…

If The FBI Had Informants On The Inside … How Do They Explain J6?

Despite what “fact checkers” may want us to believe, there were over 20 FBI assets at the Capital on Jan. 6.

That Jacob Chansley acted as a tour guide?

Though you characterize it stupidly, Chansley was made out to be a violent rioter when, as the evidence shows, he was just a tourist, escorted peacefully by police, that caused no violence whatsoever.

That the election in Brazil was rigged?

As it was.

That voting machines in Maricopa County didn’t allow people to vote?

Maricopa County, “print to fit” settings arbitrarily changed.

That John Bolton is a leftist?

You’ll have to provide proof of that. While he doesn’t like Bolton’s warmongering, I’m not aware he called him a “leftist”.

That more kids were killed in 2013 by drowning in bathtubs than by guns?

As true as guns kill more kids than anything else.

That the Potomac is a cesspool, exclusively because of debris left by immigrants?

Again, provide your citation. Idiot Biden’s illegal immigrants are definitely trashing the border and anywhere they are put up to stay.

How about, “almost everyone — 85% — who got the coronavirus in July (2020) was wearing a mask, and they were infected anyway. So clearly (wearing a mask) doesn’t work the way they tell us it works.”

How about providing that citation as well, though it is a proven fact that the masks stopped absolutely no one from getting COVID. They were nothing but a prop, a billboard for fear.

You’re trying to support Tucker Carlson’s lies by citing more liars.

You have failed to show even one lie made by tucker.

Tucker hasn’t lied about anything.

Please give awesome example if you can.

Just one.

I bet you people are getting nervous…

So when Tucker said he hates Trump passionately and would be glad to be rid of him, he was telling the truth?

Carlson, on WABC radio: “And I think this is in the text, and those were all grabbed completely illegitimately, in my opinion, in this court case, which I guess I’m not allowed to talk about, but I’m enraged that my private texts were pulled.”  

I’ll bet he’s enraged. He burned down his own $15 million per year contract to deceive FOX News viewers. Naturally he blames somebody else. They ALWAYS blame somebody else.

Trump’s worshipers are being played. It’s pathetic, but I’ve ceased feeling sorry for them. Their gullibility has become too dangerous for that.

Last edited 11 months ago by Greg

Why would any sane American vote for joe octogenarian biden?

So when Tucker said he hates Trump passionately and would be glad to be rid of him, he was telling the truth?

Was that on the air, presented as a fact? That was his personal opinion and, as far as I could see, if that was his opinion, he didn’t let it interfere with his reporting or even interviews with Trump. I know you aren’t familiar with it, but this is what actual journalism and reporting looks like; PERSONAL OPINION is not necessarily fact and shouldn’t be reported as such, which is what the leftist media does on a constant and ongoing basis. This includes suppressing stories that do not support their opinions, such as Hunter’s laptop-load of evidence of idiot Biden’s corruption.

You say WE are being played and YOU danced to the “Russian collusion” tune for 4 years, without question and without any embarrassment of being played for such a naive idiot? HA!

If you can’t find any actual examples to back up your position, just say so. Be an actual MAN and say so.

Last edited 11 months ago by Just Plain Bill

I can’t recall hearing anyone say that since elementary school.

Be an actual MAN and say so.

What are your preferred pronouns?

I can’t recall hearing anyone say that since elementary school.

Have trouble making your grades and graduating, did you?

Biden can’t even make a threat without gaffing…

Last edited 11 months ago by TrumpWon

Wow. He must be serious because he didn’t doze off in the middle of it.

No, I am pointing out that you can’t dredge up a single lie. I have no doubt, in show after show after show, he hasn’t made a few mistakes, but you haven’t been able to present a single example to back up your weak-ass bullshit. Just more leftist mindless and baseless whines of “lies, lies, lies.”

See, THESE are what actual examples of lies look like:

NYT national security correspondent admits that he lied about there being many FBI operatives in the Capital on Jan. 6.
7 major lies the Democrat’s Ministry of Propaganda spread and haven’t corrected.

FOX was paying Carlson $15 Million+ per year to promote lies that turned Americans against each other.

I’m pretty sure I’ve posed this query before: WHAT lies? Instead of answering what should be, according to your comments, an easy question, you evade it time and time again. Why, it’s almost as if you have nothing to back your claims up with.

Refer to the preceding comment.

The Dominion lawsuit that FOX settled for 3/4 of a billion was about defamationlies FOX told that caused the company enormous financial damages. They couldn’t mount a credible defense in a courtroom.

Last edited 11 months ago by Greg

I asked you to name one lie that Tucker has said.

You failed to do that.

I’m going to ask you again.

Name one lie that Tucker has said.

Just one.

I gave you A LIST OF LIES, all proven beyond a shadow of doubt. Maybe you should refute JUST ONE of those.

Who is Ray Epps?

Joe Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: “There’s No Such Thing as Someone Else’s Child…Our Nation’s Children Are All of Our Children” (VIDEO)

Time for the Obama Youth reeducation camps. I guess, then, when a kid takes a gun from the house and accidentally shoots someone, it’s the government’s responsibility.

The entire list were all lies.

YOU were asked to name one lie that Tucker has said.

YOU failed

How about you make a list of all of the lies said by joe biden?

Like this? I’ve asked Greg repeatedly to address these. You can guess what his response has been.

Did idiot Biden lie when he said:
… the Afghanistan withdrawal went perfectly?
… the southern border is secure?
… Border Patrol mounted agents whipped illegal immigrants?
… inflation is transient?
… gas was $5 a gallon when he took office?
… Putin caused all the inflation?
… there was no vaccine when he took office?
… he has traveled 17,000 miles with Xi?
… that there are no background checks at gun shows?
… that the Georgia election law suppresses the ability to vote?
… the “surge” of illegal immigrants he caused happens every year?
… that he would only serve one term?
… that the disaster at the border is Trump’s fault?
… that the information on Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation”?
… that he had no knowledge of Hunter’s foreign business deals?
… the Supreme Court had decided election fraud cases?
… that he hasn’t taken lobbyist money?
… that he vaccinated (at the time) 70% of the population?
… he has driven an 18-wheeler?
… that the Georgia election integrity law would suppress votes?
… that he was a coal miner?
… he was a civil rights activist?
… he was arrested in the Capital?
… he was arrested in S. Africa?
… 350 million Americans had been vaccinated?
… no foreign leaders had criticized him?
… about nation building and putting soldiers in Afghanistan?
… about not leaving Afghanistan until all Americans were removed?
… that the collapse in Afghanistan “caught him by surprise”?
… he visited the Tree of Life synagogue after an attack on it?
… that he was going to end COVID?
… he was working “around the clock”?
… he had an opportunity to go to Annapolis and play football?
… that the 2nd Amendment banned weapons?
… the .223 and 9mm round were the most powerful rounds?
… told union members that since he took office, they have more money, more savings?
… that he was responsible for a planned Social Security cost of living increase?
… he would fire anyone on his staff that showed disrespect to anyone?
… there was no action on COVID19 “for months” under Trump?
… Officer Sicknick was murdered at the Capital?
… Republicans were defunding police, not Democrats?
… the economy was “in a tailspin” when he took office?
… the Capital riot was the worst incident of violence since the Civil War?
… the trillions of dollars Democrats were spending would cause inflation?
… Trump said white supremacists were “fine people”?
… there were Russian bounties?
… Democrat spending would not increase the deficit?
… no one making less that $400,000 would see tax increases?
… his infrastructure bill was “paid for”?
… the majority of illegal immigrant families are sent back?
… no family members of his or staff would get government jobs?
… the government was going to “buy American”?
… that he was a member of Ukraine and Polish secret service?
,,, that he didn’t know what Top Secret documents were illegally kept in his private office or how they got there?
… that inflation was bad when he took office?
… that the economy was in free-fall when he took office?
… that he was raised in a Puerto Rican neighborhood?
… that he was raised in a Polish neighborhood?
… that he was raised in an Italian neighborhood?
… that he went to synagogue before he went to mass?
… that the Suspicious Activity Reports do not show payments to the Biden family from China?
… that the Chinese spy balloon did not collect any military intelligence over the US?
… that the White House had no prior knowledge of the Mar a Lago raid?
… he was once a University of Pennsylvania professor?

I gave you A LIST OF LIES, all proven beyond a shadow of doubt. Maybe you should refute JUST ONE of those.

I refuted all of them, so I guess, once again, you are shown to be full of leftist shit.

There’s nothing on that list that’s a lie.



I’m rather amused if you think “firing” Tucker didn’t just make him much, much more influential, and lend absolute confirmation that the election was rigged and the deep state is on the ropes.

You haven’t offered a single lie.

Not one.

Prove yourself, or shut up.

Are you really that stupid to think irrational statements like the ones you make are going to win out, in the end?

So, it should be really, really, REALLY easy for you to provide the lies that Carlson issued. Why is this taking so long?

“They couldn’t mount a credible defense in a courtroom.”

We all know that’s not true.

The point of the lawsuit was to either make them pay or to put their talking heads on the stand to make political hay.

The regime is getting desperate and they don’t understand Fox is what keeps them in business.

Now they have lost that.

It is those who hoik away the genitals of children, who shoot children in the name of equality, who shoot bankers to steal self defense–THEY are the dividers. What side are YOU on?

greg’s a paid disinformation operative for the regime, just so you know.

True story.

“not a joke”

I miss “michael.” He was only here for the pre-election lies, and then sadly left us.

I expect to here from him by next year…assuming the country is still standing.

The side that realizes Donald Trump is a liar, a traitor, and a betrayer.

The side that realizes Donald Trump is a liar, a traitor, and a betrayer.

Really? And Joe Biden is the epitome of honesty? Remember how you used to rail on the Trump children? Nothing you said was ever good. But now………..not one word about the degenerate Hunter Biden. Or the rest of the corrupt Biden family. Why is that, Comrade Greggie? Or do you think that getting millions of $$ from the Communist Chinese is NOT betrayal?

You’re such a slug.

Ok now you need to show one lie by President Trump, how exactly was he a traitor and whom did he betray?

Trump couldn’t get 51 intelligence people to lie like Biden could.

That’s what we call tyranny.

Trump is honest, American, and committed to the Constitution.

Divine favor doesn’t seem to be raining down from the sky on Trump or Putin, either one

Satan has power, too. Evil is strong with the Democrats and those who oppose it have yet to fully stand up to it, as there are supposed to be Constitutional safeguards in place. The Democrats are ignoring them and pushing them aside. Nothing says that evil is not capable of winning.

Claiming that Jesus endorses Trump’s diabolical seduction of America is sacrilege.

Four years of peace and prosperity, something the vegetable Joe cannot make claim to.

Not at all. You falsely put out the idea that “Jesus doesn’t support Trump,” so let’s play.

Biden is clearly possessed by a demon.

Trump is clearly FOR God, how strongly or genuinely can be argued.

But how against God Biden is can’t. Anyone pushing for dead babies, women in charge of men, and mutilating kids is against God.

Biden is against God.

The new Testament has something to say
comment image

Demons and those they influence don’t EVER comment on the Book of Revelations.

Because they know they lose…

It doesn’t “supersede” the Old Testament. It simply comes after the Old Testament with the added factor that Christ has died for our sins.

Jesus does not endorse Trump’s Message.

Oh, so now you, the defender of abortionists, child groomers and pedophiles, speak for Jesus? I sincerely doubt it.

I can assure you, no one on the right wants a civil war. However, it is prudent to prepare for the left’s violent assaults.

The scheme is to use Trump’s hypnotized base to block any increased taxation of multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires, regardless of the consequences for anyone else.

No no no no no no no no.

Tucker: Questioning the government’s actions like normal, responsible American citizens.

The View and all Leftist Media: using emotion to blind people into freely giving their guns, freedoms, and money over to those who would subjugate them all.

The Left is losing their reality-inversion narrative and they know it.

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The one thing you can ALWAYS depend on republicans to do is block tax increases for the wealthiest, REGARDLESS of deficits, debt, or the consequences to everyone else.

Apparently Biden and his supporters aren’t buying mainstream media’s poll results. Maybe it’s because Trump hats have all but vanished?

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Keep trying little boy, you are failing.

Hunter Biden Ordered to Appear in Court in Arkansas for Paternity Case – Attorneys Confronted on Laptop from Hell

Remember her? She had the bastard grandchild for biden, the bastard grandfather

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That sounds a bit like some unfortunate child’s spirit-stunting father.

Keep trying little boy, you are failing.

So, you also support deadbeat fathers, even when they have millions of dollars. Wow, you are batting 1.000 in the scumbag derby.

Perhaps you got touched in a bad place in Episcopal School, and that’s why you are gay?

Can you believe that scumbag piece of shit, compromised by the CCP, Ukraine, Russia and who knows who else, is hiding out in the White House? What kind of security clearance does he have?

I have yet to see one Biden flag, t shirt or hat.

You’re looking at the wrong place. The flag is there, a rainbow with an arrowhead rainbow.

Apparently Biden and his supporters aren’t buying mainstream media’s poll results.

You mean the 26% that want him to run? Does 26% equal 81 million votes again?

There are no Biden supporters.

I just saw three MAGA hats today, son.

Read’em and weep.

Media polls are owned by the same people who own Biden.

FOX is for fools.

Trump voters agree.

Why is joe running in 2024?

To keep from going to prison.

For all the twisting Biden even as president can be impeached then a military tribunal can try him for treason. He most likely wont be found competent enough for tribunal.

He’s not.

FOX is for fools.

They aren’t propaganda tools for a political party, like the rest are. You hate Fox because they won’t lie for the Democrats. Was the Hunter laptop story factual or Russian disinformation, as all your sources reported?

DM dont be delusional Fox called AZ didnt call PA GA waited a long time to call TX and FL, they are controlled opposition, junk info since the Children took it over. Yes the have begun to report some things when the evidence became overwhelming. Every other alternative came out with information Fox was last, not exactly journalism.

Yet, compared to the rest, a beacon of truth. They’ve fallen a long way, but have quite a ways to go to be as totally propagandized as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC. That’s my point, not that I am deluded enough to believe they don’t play the game, too.

The one thing you can ALWAYS depend on republicans to do is block tax increases for the wealthiest, REGARDLESS of deficits, debt, or the consequences to everyone else.

You can count on them blocking tax increases for everyone. We need to cut spending. We didn’t need any of idiot Biden’s $6 trillion of wasteful spending.

What you can depend on Democrats always doing is raising taxes, wasteful spending, stealing millions and creating new and more serious problems.

That’s the usual Leftist schtik, but it’s just not how things play out in the reality, now is it?

Democrats are the Party of billionaires and crony capitalists, afterall.

Why does joes economy suck so bad?

Ask Trump’s good buddy Vladimir, who launched a war of aggression on the heels of an economy-killing global pandemic.

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Total crock of shit and you know it loser

The one who didn’t invade during Trump’s term, but did everyone else?

Biden was installed to weaken and destroy our nation.


Biden is about to surrender to Putin, greg, so you might want to prepare your next batsh*t-crazy take.

You’re absolutely nuts.

There is never enough blood for this prick!
comment image

Ask Trump’s good buddy Vladimir, who launched a war of aggression on the heels of an economy-killing global pandemic.

Were it not for idiot Biden’s paymasters, the Chinese, there would have been no pandemic, were it not for Democrats, it wouldn’t have killed the roaring economy Trump had created and were it not for idiot Biden’s stupid energy policy, there would be not invasion of Ukrain.

Because idiot Biden is in the pay of the CCP and is following their orders to crater our economy and weaken the United States.

Newsmax Reporter Blasts Karine Jean-Pierre For Ducking Basic Questions Related to Joe Biden’s 2024 Announcement (VIDEO)

JUST IN: Joe Biden Launches 2024 Reelection Campaign with Online Video – Americans Respond By Brutally Roasting Him on Social Media (VIDEO)

Trump ROASTS Joe Biden in Response to Pathetic Pre-Recorded 2024 Reelection Announcement (VIDEO)

Former White House Doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson Demands Joe Biden Take Cognitive Test or Drop Out of 2024 Race

He would fail miserably

Still beating that old dead horse. Reminder it was Trump who raised taxes on the wealthy by limiting deductions to 10k. It was rich Democrats who squealed like stuck pigs about it. You need new material. Your old stuff has grey whiskers now.

I wonder why in idiot Biden’s pre-recorded announcement, he didn’t cite one single real issue he was addressing. All lies. Every bit of it, just like his entire political career.

And Meanwhile Biden the Blunder wants to disarm all law abiding Americans in order to comply with the Small Arms Control Treaty signed by Democrat/Traitor John Kerry for Democrat and Traitor Barack Obama

“…jobs sent BACK to China…”


I think they actually want to be removed from our WH, at this point. No one group of people can be this stupid.

Good article.
However, I disagree with you strongly on one point.

Biden and the “Bidenistas” wouldn’t hesitate to use the military and even nukes on the deplorables. In his own words, the government “has F-15 fighter planes and nuclear weapons.”

Others, such as Eric Swalwell, have make similar statements.

Just because Biden cut and ran from the Taliban, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t attack and nuke the deplorables, who the Bidenistas see as their greatest threat.

They’ll have surrogates for that, most likely.

I doubt the rank and file of the military would follow any such orders.

Make the Democrats pay it was the Democrats who enslaved them in the first place make the DNC pay for the whole thing all those years of abuse