Budweiser Has a Path to Redemption – Will they Take It?


This story just just won’t go away, and that’s a good thing. Two weeks ago I asked Why Did Bud Light Choose to Follow the Hershey Highway to Hell? And this story seems to have a new development every day! Today’s news informs us that bars are dumping Bud Light from their menus, and over last weekend Anheuser Busch (AB) launched a flaccid apology campaign, first with a sorry not sorry apology that tried to shame us Normals for being offended, then with a normally innocuous tweet from Bud Light that got a well deserved ratio, and then spending the weekend bombarding the airwaves and social media with an ad that reeked of forced effort at nostalgia and patriotism, which also got well deserved mockery, with my favorite case being the short parody video by Mr. Reagan.

On the negative side, we’re now seeing some prominent voices on the right are doing what Republicans do best – calling for surrender. The NRCC spolied a nice troll of Bud Light by quietly deleting a tweet.  Not to be outdone, Don Jr. informed us that boycotting AB is wrong because AB executives donate mostly to Republicans. That’s great Don; let’s send the message that we can easily be bought and paid for. Even the normally great Chris Plante missed the point, telling his listeners that it’s stupid to boycott all AB beers given how many they brew. Actually, that’s the point. If every Bud Light drinker gets driven to Bud or Busch Light, etc, then AB (or more accurately, the Belgian-Brazilian multinational InBev), will feel absolutely no pain and we can expect more of the same.

The once entertaining but now full blown woke Howard Stern couldn’t understand why such a big deal was made out of a beer can. While I know that Stern jumped the shark long ago, I’m surprised that someone as tuned to pop culture as Stern could be so clueless on the subject. Anyone reading this knows how radicalized the Trans sect of the LGBQWERTY cult has become. The backlash started when they became openly aggressive about targeting our children, and Bud Light may end up being the Battle of Midway in The Culture War. AB is taking a well earned pounding, and while the enemy is retreating from this one hill, it’s time to overrun their artillery, flip the cannons around, and start raining fire on their other camps. Bud Light being the official sponsor of next week’s NFL Draft looks like a juicy target rife with opportunity.

But enough of the negative. The title of this post offered a way back for Bud Light, and that’s what I’m here to do. The steps are simple, even if they might be a bit painful for AB:

  • InBev need to sell AB. All of it. It needs to be sold to 100% American ownership. I’m sure there are a number of Based investors who would like to make Bud a fun all American brand again. If Jeremy Boering doesn’t have the capitol to buy, he probably knows someone who does.
  • AB needs to lose the Deep State Plant CEO. For that matter, fire anyone from the new company who has any ties to the Deep State or Big Tech.
  • Issue an immediate apology, and not that “We’re sorry that you suck” apology, but a real one. Acknowledge the stupidity of weighing into politics, and give a promise that it will never happen again. Close by stating that Bud will return to being a patriotic brand, and if you think that love for America is political then go back to your cheap chardonnay or Zima.
  • Launch an ad campaign that goes back to your roots – Bud being All American, and Bud Light being funny. The Radical Left can pound sand and cry into their Three Buck Chucks.
  • That also means divesting of any activites that stray from these credos. No more rainbow cans, sponsoring Gay Pride marches, etc. Just be about beer.

And yes, The Radical Left will come after you. Let them – we Normals stand with those who stick up for us. You will also get punished when Black Rock and Vanguard divest from you for willingly lowering your ESG score. But this is one of your binary choices, either lose massive institutional investors, or lose customers actually buying your product. Pick one.

Pick one.

Brother Bob is no longer on Facebook (although you can see his archives there), and is back on Twitter again, but is ramping up on Minds and Gab, as well as Parler and GETTR, and has his biggest presence on MeWe.

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There must be an example to hold up Hershey and Coke didnt work, let it be AB.
Oh Hops have more estrogen than Soy and will give you man boobs. At least get your boobs from a beer that knows you will always be a guy.
Cheers lil bro, just give up tofu

For you “athletic” types Nike has a sports bra to go with your bud lite.
Sweetie is all in for Bra burning.

Last edited 11 months ago by kitt


I’m ignorant. What’s the difference between “gay” and “queer”?

Funny how those who got iconic brands of syrup, rice, butter, baseball team’s and football team’s to change their names and/or logos are in wonderment when a brand decides to cheer on a science experiment as the prototypical woman. You’d think they, of all people, would get it. After all, they INVENTED it.

And yes, The Radical Left will come after you. Let them – we Normals stand with those who stick up for us.

See Papa Johns, Goya and Chick-fil-a.

Kind of like “colored people” and “people of color”.

You mean caucasians? Everyone else on this rock is pretty much monochrome.

Good ideas for how to mount a real apology, BB.

But people who are anorexic are not drinking Bud.
Dylan is an anorexic.
People who have watched his antics for years are actually worried about him because of it.
Bud’s payment to Dylan validated everything he’s doing with regard his drama-queen persona, including his continual starving of himself.
That’s bad.
Bud insulted people in many different ways with Dylan’s payout.
They tried to morph an American brand into a globalist, anti-American one and it backfired.

As to Ulta, I have shopped there for many years.
One thing you see right away if you go into an Ulta is how many, many men shop there.
It’s amazing.
But so was seeing all the men who shop at fabric stores.
Men sew.
Men take care of their skin.
And, yes, some men dress up and put on make-up for both fun and profit.
Easily men comprise one out of 10 customers at ULTA. (Even in Utah!)

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Hey Weiner hysterical?
Tell that to Nancy Greens family the original Aunt Jemima, whos original recipe was sought out, then served for breakfast for millions for many many years, now incognito as Pearl Milling company, how bout Uncle Ben who worked damn hard as a rice farmer only to be erased from history. Racist bastids, we have a stereo type for you, burning crosses, bed sheets and lynching.

This transgender stuff is nothing less than gender-appropriation.