Alvin Bragg: Enemy of the innocent, friend to murderers



Alvin Bragg is the District Attorney for Manhattan. The role of the DA is defined this way:

The principal duties of the district attorney are usually mandated by law and include representing the State in all criminal trials for crimes which occurred in the district attorney’s geographical jurisdiction. The geographical jurisdiction of a district attorney may be delineated by the boundaries of a county, judicial circuit, or judicial district.

If you visit the Manhattan DA website, this is what you see

“One Standard of Justice For All”

It’s a joke. Nothing could be further from the truth. Alvin Bragg is a clown. The Soros-backed Bragg is the enemy of the innocent and the friend of the criminal. He proved that beyond any shadow of a doubt when he uttered these words:

“No matter WHO you are – We cannot and will not normalize serious criminal conduct.”

He downgrades felonies to misdemeanors and puts up only half-hearted prosecutions. He converted 52% of felonies to misdemeanors and has only a 51% conviction rate (down from 68% for his predecessor).  Bragg repeatedly sets criminals free

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and his team have arrested former President Donald Trump, while some of NYC’s worst criminals still roam the streets.

New Yorkers who survived the city during the pandemic remember the long months when Bragg’s office became a revolving door for career criminals who hit up the streets in broad daylight and had many residents fearing the subways.

While Bragg’s office was preparing to indict Trump, he let violent reoffenders continue to wreak havoc.

In August, Mayor Eric Adams revealed that the same 10 criminals made up nearly 500 crimes and that 60 percent of them were still roaming the streets at that time.

IN New York City, 327 perps are responsible for 6000 shoplifting crimes. Bragg has essentially made shoplifting legal by not prosecuting them.

Bragg has dedicated his career to one thing- getting Donald Trump– for a misdemeanor. Meanwhile Bragg and his minions boast about giving get out of jail cards to violent felons and murderers.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg‘s chief prosecutor, Meg Reiss, bragged about letting violent criminals and felons off the hook – including a murderer – using her restorative justice approach to help them avoid incarceration, Fox News Digital found.

Reiss went on to describe how the Manhattan district attorney helped a murderer get out of jail time for a homicide victim who had very few relatives.

But cops do not deserve the benefit of the doubt

Fox News Digital has previously reported that Reiss said criminals are not “bad dudes” while simultaneously blasting juries for believing police officers facing misconduct allegations deserve the “benefit of the doubt.”

She added this:

“We know incarceration doesn’t really solve any problems,” Reiss said during a Peace Institute event in May 2021.

What incarceration does do is keep others safe. Keeping people safe is the last thing the Manhattan DA’s office is concerned about. In fact, it is rabidly aggressive with the victims of crime.

Alba, then 61, was charged by Bragg’s office with second-degree murder last year after he fatally stabbed ex-con Austin Simon, 35, who attacked Alba while he worked inside a Harlem shop.

Bragg ultimately dropped the case against Alba amid public outcry, determining that surveillance footage showed he acted in self-defense — but not before Alba was locked up on Rikers Island for several days.

Alba moved back to the Dominican Republic after being traumatized by the experience, sources told The Post. He reportedly is planning to sue Bragg for wrongfully prosecuting him.

Jennifer Harrison:

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced on taking office he would not prosecute even some very violent crimes. Almost immediately after he distributed his now-infamous Day One memo, two police officers were killed and a few others shot.

A 19-year-old girl was shot and killed working at a Harlem Burger King. He is incompetent, and we knew this would happen — I and others warned of it during the campaign.

Victims call me, an outspoken advocate for violent-crime victims and homicide-victim survivors, almost on a daily basis completely distraught with the way the public defenders in disguise in Bragg’s office have treated them.

Bragg refuses to prosecute violent recidivists, and they are rightly scared their attacker or the person who killed their child or other loved one will go free.

Bragg is charging Donald Trump with election interference- he is asserting that Trump paid hush money in 2017 to Stormy Daniels to help his 2016 election.

About that “One Standard of Justice”

Trump’s campaign was run in 2016 out of his iconic Trump Tower in Manhattan. On Tuesday he was arraigned on 34 charges brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg alleging that he violated the law by listing in his private company’s books repayments to his now convicted lawyer Michael Cohen as legal bills when prosecutor allege they were to cover hush-money payments in 2016 to a porn star who threatened to go public with tawdry tales before Election Day.

In contrast, Clinton ran her campaign out of a different New York City borough, Brooklyn, but faced no prosecution when her campaign and the Democratic National Committee disguised payments for the opposition research known as the Steele dosser that kicked off the Russia collusion scandal as legal compliance costs for her law firm.

You want to know why there are more and more mass shootings? It’s because democrats and liberals like Bragg have cheapened life and increased tolerance for crime.

Alvin Bragg- soft on violent crime, tough on victims and bookkeeping.  Hey, hey hey, who wants to play?

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Bragg doesn’t even try to put re-offenders into a re-hab program, so it’s not like we should expect anything different from them.
What is it they say Einstein said?
“To keep repeating the same thing but expect different results is the definition of insanity.”
The Bible put it a little differently,”Train up a boy in the way he should go and when he grows up he will follow his training.”

When we look at all the little working parts in the USA all doing their part to destroy this country we cannot conclude that it is mere coincidence…..

*Trains are derailing at about one a day.
*99 food processing plants have been destroyed.
*Our banks are in trouble.
*Elections have been compromised.
*Our schools are trying to turn young people into eunichs.
*DAs are letting criminals go but going after people who defend themselves and political enemies.

Hitler needed chaos to take complete power. Democrats are creating total chaos. Do the math.

If you punish crinimals by a simple Catch and Release your going to get a higher crime rate if they were sentt t o prison for a a longer time they wont be commiting any crime but the Democ-Rats need to use this as a excuse for more useless Gun Control Laws and Confiscation its time to lock up the crinimals and the politicians as well

Cheeseburger Boy is the defendant, and you’re making fat jokes about the prosecutor?

We are no 31 Trillion in debt thanks to Joe Biden. He’ll go down in history as running up more debt on the American people than anyone before him, even the previous record-holder, Barack Obama.

It’s more than our GDP…

(It’s bait, greg. Let’s see how stupid you are and if you’ll parrot your debunked “Trump debt” hoax a few more times…).

It is fun knowing I have you on a leash, though.

Trump is healthy and active. Bragg is a great, big, fat, fascist bag of shit.

The left is completely degenerate and Bragg is symbolic of a major part of that.