Biden’s mendacity puts the nation in jeopardy


This won’t take long.

You may have noticed that I really don’t like Joe Biden. I may even have written about what a dirtbag he is. He is a plagiarist, a liar and a pervert. He took “inappropriate” showers with his daughter. He fondles little girls. He raised a perverted corrupt child and then he lectures us about how we should raise our children. On top of all that, he is galactically mendacious. Worse, he makes it so easy to prove. The Twitter files revealed that the Biden campaign routinely demanded that certain tweets and people making those tweets be censored and Twitter “handled” it. Let’s have a quick look at how the Biden regime responded

And there’s John Kirby

We need not do anything other than hark back to Jen Psaki

The ability of the Biden regime to lie in the face of facts like this is mind-boggling. Nothing they say can be regarded as true. Nothing. And it is highly disturbing that John Kirby was once an Admiral. Last year the NY Post said:

It would be bad enough if Biden only told personal tall tales. But his reality distortion field now extends to national policy. He routinely insists “all the economists” back his plans, writes off inflation as a temporary spike, insists the border surge is just “seasonal,” even calls his disastrous Afghan bugout a “success” (while falsely claiming his generals didn’t object).

Truth just doesn’t matter: He’ll say whatever he likes to get past the moment. He got away with it for most of his life because nobody bothers to fact-check a Delaware senator.

Now he’s president, and his lies are going to hurt us all.

Joe Biden is a national security risk. A big one. The country is in jeopardy.

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Notice the parsing of words.
People are critical of “the biden CAMPAIGN” for screwing with the election via social media censorship.
The biden administration spokespeople reply that “the biden ADMINISTRATION” was NOT involved during the campaign.
Timing is key.
The campaign is what screwed with conservatives Before Jan 20th.
The administration continued to screw with those same conservatives after Jan 20th, when it was installed but the election was long over by then.
Tricky, but joe did a non-denial denail.

Joe Biden is a national security risk. A big one. The country is in jeopardy.

Biden is an installed puppet dictator. He’s not a risk so much as the country has fallen. The jeopardy of the nation already came to pass.

There will be no going back. They won. They have the government and I’m concerned that some still think we can “vote” our way back to being the USA.

It’s done. They are just mopping up now.

Musk released info that shows our government is illegal. No one cares.

That’s how it goes in a banana republic. We’re now a authoritarian state, and the “Biden admin” doesn’t need to hide a damn thing anymore.

When you have RINO’S like McConnell aiding and abetting and the rest of the traitors helping we are indeed screwed.

Idiot Biden is a national existential threat. He sacrificed national interests and security as Vice President to enrich himself; who would believe he is doing anything different now? If he or anyone around him stuck to the truth, he would not be where he is now.

How can any sane person claim they admire a person that forced his young daughter to shower with him? How can anyone doubt the accusations of him when he enables his degenerate son to abuse drugs, girls and women? I guess you have to be of like mind to see him as in any way successful.

He, like his son, like Hillary, like Pelosi, like Obama, like Michelle, like Kamala, like Schumer, like Schiff, like Nadler, like Swalwell, like Booker, like Watters, like AOC, like Omar, like Tlaib, like almost any Democrat and rino you’d wish to name, is utter trash. Garbage.

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He isn’t going to run in 2024, but he won’t announce that until mid-to-late 2023. Delaying gives the right’s slander machine less time to sling manure at the actual Democratic candidate before the election.

Trump likely can’t be talked out of running. If he does, he’ll split the GOP.

Just my own wild guesses, of course. Pay them no mind.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

democrats have buyer’s remorse. The democrats have no one to run in 24.

Congratulations are in order for biden and the democrats, November came in with a 1/4 trillion dollar deficit.

Thanks joe

“Barack Obama? Who the hell is Barack Obama?”

A stinky pile of shit on the sole of a shoe.

Oh, yeah? What about a Fetterman/Neck Lump ticket?

Trump isn’t part of the GOP. The majority of us voted for Trump, and will again in 2024.

Twitter and the Federal Government were just caught rigging an election.

The legal council was FBI, and the “trust and safety” guy is gay pedophile who should be in jail right now.

Slander machine? Oh, that’s Twitter, Facebook, etc.

And the “Right’s” slander machine and the “Left’s” slander machine are the same machine.

Trump can’t lose the 2024 election, and the only thing the Left could do is cheat harder, which everyone sees quite plainly.

Whoever the Democratic Party’s candidate turns out to be, he or she will be running against Ron DeSantis.

That’s the scripted plan, I’m sure.

But reality, and actual democracy, might creep in and destroy your puppet show…like it did in 2016.

Ron DeSantis can’t win against the Democrat slander and election rigging machine, which is why you and other Democrat scum are pre-selecting him.

It doesn’t matter, really. Biden is a tyrant and we don’t suffer tyrants. 2024 might as well be a decade away.

They scripted Trump after Baby Bush failed the push.

democrats have no one to run in 2024.

They don’t have to.

You only “run” in a democracy.

America is not a democracy. It’s a dictatorship.

When they hide in a basement and run from questions, no one knows who they are anyway.

They have Newsom, petty boy has had a lot of practice being a dick-tater.

Ron is young and savvy, he wont declare against Trump.
28 is better numerology wise for Ron.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

I honestly think DeSantis is compromised, whether he knows it or not.
He’ll never win. No GOP candidate ever will again.

Delaying gives the right’s slander machine less time to sling manure at the actual Democratic candidate before the election.

You mean the left wing propaganda media won’t have to cover up the corruption the new candidate has been involved in, along with all of their failures and lies, for as long a period, increasing the risk voters might find out the truth, like the suppression of the information on Hunter’s laptop.

If Trump (or any other Republican) runs and Democrat election fraud under control, they would wipe the floor with whatever idiot the Democrat’s foist upon the public.

Not with Mitch working against any and all that are trying to upset the State.

Split the GOP, what GOP? The old GOP is dead, they just have failed to fall over and get the dirt nap.

Biden opens up our nations southern Border and cuts off our fossil Fuel Biden like Clinton and Obama are Traitors and Globalists

You have described at least 35% of the GOP.