The Week in Radical Leftism, 11/11/2022


Welcome back to Day 661 of America held hostage by the Biden* regime.We’re going a little bit light, and this week’s edition is for anyone who needs a break from election stories. Let’s get to it!

11/4 – New Climate Omen appears: Glowing crystal jellyfish are telling you to install solar panels

11/5 – The plague of public-sector unions


11/7 – Biden on Oil: ‘No More Drilling. There is No More Drilling.’

11/8 – Institutionalizing political hate

11/9 – Student Loan Borrowers Plan Spending Sprees


I thought the headline was satire. I was wrong, and this could warrant its own post.

11/11 – Today, thank a veteran for your freedoms

ICYYMI – I gave my personal take on the disappointing midterms – Hold Your Head Up! Tuesday was a Bigger Victory for America than We Realize

And because it’s Veterans’ Day I’ve got to leave you with this gem. Yes, all of the women are Aguilera, and I love the vid’s “Abbott & Costello Andrews Sisters” vibe

Happy Veterans’ Day and have a great weekend!

Brother Bob is no longer on Facebook (although you can see his archives there), and is back on Twitter again, but is ramping up on Minds and Gab, as well as Parler and GETTR, and has his biggest presence on MeWe.

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This weeks meme
comment image

Where did Chrisina get the idea from?
This is how its done lil brother no excessive cleavage required.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

This week’s meme: GOP takes the House…
Next week’s meme: …and goes to war with itself.

Oh Greg we are just trying to clean our own house, You know Nancys Pelois date night just wont be the same with out her hammer.

Past time to rid ourselves of the Bush, Cheney, Rove and Romney wing of the Republican Party.

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

Do you think 43 Freedom Caucus members can wag a 200-and-some-member republican dog?

Republicans are going to figure out that these are the people who broke their predicted red wave before it reached the beach. They’ll see Trump already tearing into DeSantis, and realize the same thing could happen in 2024.

“Do you think 43 Freedom Caucus members can wag a 200-and-some-member republican dog?”

Unfortunately, yes. Relatively normal Republicans fear Trump.

You use a word you dont know the meaning of….”normal”

comment image

Even after we’ve browbeat and mocked these idiots greg and michael for the already-dismissed mass media narrative that “Trump lost,” they still pathetically keep squawking.

Well, guess that’s what they paid for.

I’m afraid the status quo is broken, and there’s no going back there.

But it’s fun watching them try.

The mock “Dem vs Rep” illusion must be maintained at all costs, eh?

Too late, son. The only thing that could save my nation is for it’s citizens to turn back to God, if it’s not too late already.

There are no political parties. There is no functioning government.

There is a one-party state, divided into two false opponents.

It’s Godfearing Americans vs Paganism.

That’s it.

Having a patriotic party with a group within that is MORE patriotic is a better problem to have than having the socialist, racist, anti-American “Squad” running your entire party and turning it far, far left.

Nevertheless, the Democrat’s extensive corruption is about to be thoroughly investigated and exposed. I’m sure you take comfort in the fact that the DOJ has been corrupted to the point that it will not prosecute any Democrats.

Oh, that was the narrative you people had all along.

It’s us against you. Americans vs. totalitarian pagans.

Good luck, greg. God wins…in the end.

11/9 – Student Loan Borrowers Plan Spending Sprees

The courts have ruled against joe’s illegal grab of Congress’ power-of-the-pursestrings.

comment image

It’s unbelievable how fast that went away. They knew it would.

11/4 – New Climate Omen appears: Glowing crystal jellyfish are telling you to install solar panels

Solar cycles drive much of what the left blames “climate change” on. If there was an actual threat, why would the two greatest polluters be allowed to carry on business as usual?

11/5 – The plague of public-sector unions

Unions become entities that look out for the union, not the members. Look at the teacher’s unions, for instance.


I wonder, to Democrat lemmings feel embarrassment at idiot Biden’s massive lies, do they actually believe them or do they simply accept the fact that he is an incompetent moron?

11/7 – Biden on Oil: ‘No More Drilling. There is No More Drilling.’

How long does this stupid idiot think the SPR will last?

11/8 – Institutionalizing political hate

The left is working to tear the entire nation to pieces. They spread hate, violence and divisiveness wherever they can with the purpose of destroying this country.

11/9 – Student Loan Borrowers Plan Spending Sprees

Well, I hope they haven’t spent the money already. The court has shot idiot Biden’s phony promise down again. Of course, it was known all along that this would be unconstitutional, but the votes have already been bought, so who cares?


Maybe when Avenatti gets out of jail, he can be Fetidman’s Vice President.

11/11 – Today, thank a veteran for your freedoms

The veterans and their families who suffer for them being away and coming back damaged for their sacrifice. God Bless them all.