If We Want to Restore America We Have to Get Real (3 of 4)


Welcome back! Thankfully you’re still reading after Part 1 where I thanked God for 2020 and Part 2 where I observed that America has fallen and how did it happen? This chapter will be a reality check for everyone, both the Leftists and us Normals. Originally this installment was going to focus on how we Normals have to accept how our country has changed, but we got that covered across both Part 2 and a previous post where we explored the morality of doxxing the subhumans empolyed by the Washington Post and calling Brian Stelter a potato. Since we’ve got the basics down and understand that we can no longer play by the old rules and that the Left are not the same opponents that they were for decades, or even just a few years ago. So let’s jump to where (excrement) gets real. Yes, I’m talking about the possibility of the Democrats starting another civil war. One could argue that they already have, as in the summer of 2020 we saw mini Fort Sumters pop up in Democrat controlled cities across the country, better known as CHAZ or CHOP “autonomous” (translate: lawless hell hole) zones. But what if our country went into a full on civil war? Not a peaceful split, but one that involves real fighting. It’s ridiculous that The Radical Left will leave us Normals alone if we were to split into two countries. Ace of Spades gave us some solid real talk a while back:

Leftists do not want to hear a contrary word. And this is why any kind of peaceful coexistence is not possible with them. Our very existence is an affront to them. Because even if it were possible for us to set up our own country, the “red” states of America, alongside the “blue” states of America, it wouldn’t last. Because they hate us and want us dead. Doesn’t matter where we are. No matter where we went, they’d still hate us and want us dead. If peaceful coexistence with the left was possible, we would have done it by now. That is, we wouldn’t be in this state of constant warfare. “Laissez faire”, “live and let live”, “let us alone and we’ll let you alone” are concepts that are completely anathema to them. With progressives you have two choices: it is either their way or the whole world burns.

Channeling my inner Kyle Reese, I say this: Listen, and understand. The progressives are out there. They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead

I don’t disagree with any of this. But as the title of this post suggests, we have to be real. While the last few years of Leftist insanity have purged this phrase from my Vocabulary, I have to reveive it here – “both sides”. Time was I’d try to take a balanced approach to my writing and ensure that we Normals were held to account the same way I did the Lefties. Once The Radical Left dropped any pretense of fair play and had no problem being honest about how much they hate us Normals, I no longer saw any need to holding us Normals to the standards that The Radical Left was ignoring. 20 years ago Dubya said what may have been his smartest line that I despised at the time. I hated it because I misunderstood when Dubya referred to the Taliban saying “They hate us for our freedom.” I misinterpreted it as Dubya thinking that the Taliban envied our culture’s freedom and deep down wished they had it for themselves. But I was wrong – what Dubya meant was that they hated the fact that we were free and not under their oppressive rule. The same can be said of the Radicals who’ve seized control of the Democrat Party. As Robert Elsworth so wisely once observed, a peaceful coexistence is dropping out of sight.

But back to why I’m reviving the phrase “both sides”, as Gen. Mad Dog Mattis once wisely said, “The enemy gets a vote.” Both sides have soem romantic notion that if a civil war were to ever occur in America, their side would win a quick, neat and painless victory. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the main thrust of this post is to warn both sides that if a civil war comes to pass both sides will feel a great deal of pain. We’ll start off by looking at the Left’s offensive in this potential war. After that we’ll look at how the Normals would strike back. I also have to give disclaimers before I post what I see as each side’s opening tactics. First, The Radical Left – what I’m about to list is simply pulling together a series of events that we’ve already observed and maybe taking them a bit further. I can assure you that my basement doesn’t have a “Beautiful Mind”-esque room filled with boards, news clips and thread linking them. So shall we look at how things start to go to (dung)? Imagine waking up one morning to find the following in your news feed…

Seriously. This is not me doing my research for this post.

In response to an attack by Normals against some Leftists (we’ll elaborate on this in the Normals’ section), the Biden* administration, in coordination with various tech and financial firms, took decisive action to prevent a potential insurrection from overthrowing the US government. At 6:00 AM Eastern time, any political group on Facebook not supporting the Biden* regime was shut down. And Facebook’s reach that goes far beyond its user base, would prove to be a valuable tool for federal agencies to cast their nets. The tech coordination continued as any web site hosted by Amazon went dark, as Google locked out any Gmail accounts that their algorithms deemed as subversive. Of course, Google also shut down every single Blogger web site under its stewardship. To round out shutting down the communications front, if you live in the US the smart phone you use is most likely run by either Apple, Google, or Microsoft. Need we say more?

With means of communication cut off, the next step is financial submission. In another bold move, the big banks across America, Chase, Bank of America, American Express, Wells Fargo, etc. shut down the credit cards and freeze the bank accounts of any registered Republican. And while there are too many computers to effectively target, the FBI is able to identify a number of potentially subversive users to have their computers wiped. And not “with a cloth”. Even alternative financial sites, such as Paypal, Venmo, Patreon, etc. coordinate to shut down accounts owned by subversives.

With communications and finances cut off, the kinetic part of the offensive can begin. To sow chaos, todays Brown Shirts (BS), aka “Black Lives Matter” and Antifa are unleashed in urban and select suburban areas to riot and sow chaos. While some might be arrested by the last remaining legitimate police officers that The Radical Left did not drive out, the BS know that they can operate with no fear of any recourse. If anything, corrupt law enforcement officials (LEOs) serve as the armed reserves for the BS if any Normals have the audacity to defend themselves. While of course, with extremists as the judges and juries in radical enclaves, Normals who defend themselves will face hard time for their efforts. And never having any love for plantation escapees, members of groups that The Radical Left “owns” (meaning anyone who is not a straight white male) would face a particularly nasty level of persecution.

With comms and finances shut down, along with potential resistance pockets focused on dealing with fires and rioters, the military is able to deploy and secure crucial infrastructure in areas run by Normals, securing energy, fuel, water, and communications lines. In addition, the DOJ, in coordination with local law enforcement and the military, runs predawn raids across the country, whisking away various Conservative media personalities, lawyers, leaders of any Conservative organization (local Tea Party groups, parents who oppose having their daughters raped in school bathrooms by boys wearing dresses, etc),  even some elected officials. In a White House press conference, the Americcan people are told that there is credible evidence of an Insurrection plot that our brave and patriotic FBI managed to uncover. These actions were needed to safeguard the country, and more subpoenas and investigations will undoubtedly root out these enemies of the state.

In one of history’s most decisive battles, an entire contry is subdued and opposition is stamped down. Aided by Stasi-like efficiency, young recruits across America offer tactical information on subduing their potentially dangerous family members. Using a new round of Covid / Monkey Pus / Fauci-Flu lockdowns, the military in coordination with the police, work gun confiscation sweeps. Sure, some radicals resist the necessity of securing the population, but their sacrifieces would be for the greater good. And while certain treasonous members of the regime’s threats to use tactical nukes on American citizens seemed like dopey chest thumping at the time, a few small nuke drops on strategically unimportant areas of resistance would make it easier for our new woke military to secure key infrastructure throughout the country.

With the country secured, the 2020 midterm elections produce another historical first – the most popular president ever elected manages to actually gain seats in both houses in a historically difficult election for incumbents! With the radical elements pacified and 2022 being the second most secure election in America’s history, order is restored to America.

Well dang, that was rough! I could have taken the martial law thing further, but hopefully by this point my fellow Normals have disavowed any notions of a civil war or any kind of split ending amicably. That said, it’s not like we’d go down without a fight. And as I gave my disclaimer for The Radical Left’s section, I must do the same for us Normals. For the benefit of any Soros typing monkeys at their keyboards or some junior FBI analyst looking to make names for yoursleves, I AM IN NO WAY ADVOCATING WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ. I SINCERELY HOPE THAT NONE OF THIS HAPPENS AND FORMALLY DISAVOW MYSELF OF ANYONE DUMB ENOUGH TO TRY ACTING ON ANYTHING THAT IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWS.  With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s see how the other side gets to vote in this civil war.

Remember how The Radical Left tried smearing patriotic Americans like Kyle Rittenhouse for removing a violent child rapist from the planet, or the St. Louis couple defending their home from approaching domestic terorists as “vigilantes”? Well, nobody ever accused The Radical Left of owning a dictionary. No, defending your person and your home are self defense. Vigilantiism is when the Normals have had enough and come after the Radical Leftists at their homes or their places of business. I’m actually surprised that it hasn’t happened yet. With everything that happened in the last two years I honestly was expecting to someone who had been wronged and given no recourse via the law to take it into their own hands and visit some Antifa thug / doxxing journalist / DA who freed a violent criminal who committed more crimes and done something horrible. Then again, maybe something like this has happened and the press chose to keep it quiet. If you were a member of the left would you want a story like this inspiring potential copycats? Regardless, in this hypothetical scenario the government has been preparing for a scenario like this as the match that ignites the fire. So what happens next?

First off, a nationwide police state across America simply is not feasable, given the sheer numbers of armed citizens who wouldn’t take too kindly to attempts to turn America into Australia or Canada. Granted, some cities and more concentrated suburban areas can be locked down, but as you move away from the population centers the harder it is to hold the territory and maintain supply lines. And our military simply does ot have the numbers to be able to occupy the entire country. So now that the Radical Left has responded to an incident by going nuclear, what is the first pushback?

I know that our Lefties aren’t fond of reading history books not written by Howard Zinn or the 1619 Project, but for starters not studying the recent history of @ 20 years ago comes back to haunt them. Specifically, I’m referring to the conquest of Iraq, and the “De-Baathification” of the Iraqi military. Basically, this was a purge of of any military members who may not be loyal to the new occupying regime. Sound familiar? The woke movement in the military to drive out any non-woke troops, combined with the “Defund the Police” effort to drive out the legit police officers has filled our country with tactically trained former military & LEOs. These folks might know a thing or two a bout training and fighting an insurgent war. Couldn’t the government just ignore most of the red state areas with a light footprint? That’s assuming that the Normals will just weather the blitzkrieg and not strike back.

Events of the last few years have shown us Normals to not trust big banking, big tech, etc. Many have already moved their money out of the bigs, migrated away from gmail, and already bought guns and ammo. Some people might have seen the occasional social media message, “If anything happens, go to your local library at 9:00 AM on a Saturday morning.” Once the initial shock and awe subsides, The Radical Left will now face a very angry rest of the country.

Without even launching any attack, some Normals may decide to go Master Balster on the Leftist cities, especialy centers of power, such as New York City, DC, and Sacramento. What happens if the gas taps close or the fuel for the electric plants stops getting delivered? The Colonial Pipeline hack lasted only a few days and dissrupted the DC area. While on the subject of delivery, look at the highways around DC. There are basically four main roads leading into the city from north, south, east & west. Anyone who’s had the misfortune of navigating DC traffic during rush hour knows what a parking lot the highways become, especially if there is any kind of disruption, such as bad weather or an accident. Now imagine if some coordination is used to pull a few stunts that basically shut down the main roads going into DC. Without any insurgent training or reseach I can think of a few ways off the top of my head. And no, I’m not listing any lest any nimrod gets some stupid ideas. Even without an attack on any road infrastructure, what if truckers decide that they don’t want to deliver to the cities?

For that matter, there is no guarantee that every member of the military and law enforcement will fall in line with the new orders. I have a feeling that national Guard units in states populated by mostly Normals might not be so quick to follow the New World Order. When fights over military bases and munitions start things will turn hot quickly. There are too many soft targets regarding the supply chain and utility delivery for our miltary to occupy and secure the entire country. And even beyond the infrastructure, what about protecting the people who support the state’s machine? Again, going back to the Iraq war, there was one tatcic that insurgents would use that comes to mind. They would occsaionally kidnap a journalist, contractor, or some other low level less protected target and craete a hostage video with demands. While I don’t see the Normals in America doing that, there are too many people working for the various government agencies and big companies to protect everyone. The US is just too big to create a significant “Green Zone”, save for in a few urban enclaves. I remember seeing a story a while back passing along a rumor that 4Chan was trawling through LinkedIn for anyone with CNN in their work history and then scanning their social media feeds. Now imagine this only with higher stakes. It’s not hard to imagine someobdy wronged by a government agency, a big bank, or some other large organization and beginning to harass,  if not outright attacking, lower level employees of these organizations. With the military and police stretched thin, protecting all of the people needed to run things simply would not be feasable.

Getting outside of any areas where the military concentrates their power could become outright dangerous. It’s not hard to imagining combat vets knowing how to make IEDs, or getting into rural areas and trying to hunt down insurgent groups or even individual snipers who’ve been hunting in the local countryside for decades and know every inch of their land. While a full on military conflict would be unwinnable by the Normals in this scenario, an extended guerilla campaign to disrupt supply lines would ruin the cities. I think it was Kurt Schlichter who once asked “What’s the difference between Los Angeles and Mogudishu? Two weeks. You cut off food deliveries for two weeks and watch how quickly order breaks down.” Let’s not forget, the gasoline that goes iinto everyone’s vehicles, the food that goes on our tables, etc. don’t originate in Manhattan or DuPont Circle. Good luck trying to force people who you’ve declared war on to fulfill the long supply chain from the ground to your consumption. After a few months of this The Radical Left is finding itself in charge of a population that is cold, hungry, and living in constant fear. And I know that this section is not getting the same level of detail as the Left’s, but it really is not something I want to dwell on too much as death tolls could easily end up in the millions. And if you want a more vivid picture of waht a post-split America might look like, read Kurt Schlichter’s series. I’ve read them all, and they are great books. I wish Hollywood had enough sense to turn these into movies.

And if this Civil War were to happen, who would be the big winners and losers? The biggest winners would be any foreign powers looking to cause trouble abroad with our military facing completely inward. Next up would be any organzied crime operating in America. In times of scarcity they’d be the ones people would be turning to for hard to find goods. And the big losers? The first obvious candidates would be any countries with a neighbor with a grudge. Sorry Israel and Taiwan, but you’d probably be the first. The other big losers? That would be the BLM and Antifa thugs. The ones caught outside of any areas controlled by the radical left wouldn’t fare too well in a newly minted lawless area. And the ones who stayed loyal and are in the Leftsist areas? Reading a history book would serve these people well. Anywhere there’s a revolution, once the revolution is complete the revolutionaries who carried it out are not only useless, but are an actual danger to the new order.

With that, this is a good point to wrap up. And tomorrow will close out on a happier note, with ideas for how we restore our country. And to go back to my Robert Elsworth quote at the top of the post, the song’s final verse makes succinct statement, “They started this; we say when it stops.”

Brother Bob is no longer on Facebook (although you can see his archives there), and is back on Twitter again, but is ramping up on Minds and Gab, as well as Parler and GETTR, and has his biggest presence on MeWe.

Cross posted from Brother Bob’s Blog

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Note that Homeland Security has issued a nation-wide terror alert in preparation for the Supreme Court judgement on abortion. Now, who do they think are going to cause disruption if abortion is turned back to the states? Pro-lifers?

Or, maybe they know something we don’t and, contrary to the leaked draft opinion, the fix is in. Would pro-lifers cause disruptions because things stayed the same? No, this is a set up for something else.

It would be impossible to hit every conservative enclave at once to de-fang it and the first one hit will let the cat out of the bag and notify everyone else that there is only one option available at that point: resist or submit. But, in reality, there will be no winners. Someone, probably China, would step in when both sides are totally preoccupied with each other and take over. Then there would be a new opponent.

Simply put, to save the nation all leftists need to be purged (not bloodily) from our government. They mean us no good.

Far-Left Pro-Abortion Terrorists Firebomb Pro-Life Pregnancy Center in Buffalo

comment image

“Early this morning police and firefighters responded to smoke at CompassCare’s Buffalo office. The building was firebombed. The windows in the reception room and nurses’ office were broken and fires lit. Graffiti on the building left by the arsonists refers to the abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge reading, “Jane Was Here.”

“This is the pro-abortion ‘Kristallnacht.’ Because of this act of violence, the needs of women facing unplanned pregnancy will go unmet and babies will die. I wonder if Gov. Hochul will veto the Pregnancy Center Investigation Bill? I wonder if Attorney General Letitia James will investigate these cowardly criminals? CompassCare will rebuild because women deserve better. CompassCare will not stop serving because pre-born boys and girls deserve protection,” CompassCare CEO Jim Harden said.

This is the type of protest the left cheers. greg and the grromer would see nothing wrong with this criminal activity because it supports the cause of murdering babies.

They idolize him because they believe a white police officer killed a black man.

Never mind that he had enough drugs in his body to cause his death.
Had law enforcement not responded that day he would have died as a result of his drug intake

Basically, Chauvin was convicted for not saving his life, not killing him. He was a dead man already. But, the left needed an icon to rally round to focus their contrived hatred.

Apparently he was an abortion advocate. DUH!

One day soon, gasoline will be too expensive for Molotov cocktails. That’s idiot Biden making us safer!

In other news, an armed man with burglary tools was arrested between 1 and 2 AM in the vicinity of Kavanaugh’s home. Undoubtedly another white supremacist.

The Left show their total’y Ugly Side

You make some good points, perhaps. However, I believe you would help your credibility if you would proofread your blog and correct all the misspelling and such before you release the final product.

Yo dude, shit happens.


just imagine if there was an algorithm that would purge misspellers from blogs

Yeah, typos just WRECKS credibility, doesn’t it?