America Has Fallen – How Did This Happen (2 of 4)


Hola, amigos. You might want to sit down before you read this one, preferably with an adult beverage in hand. If you haven’t already read Part 1 of the series, Thank God for 2020, I highly recommend you do so before digging in here. As negative as what you’re about to read is, it is not from a position of despair nor of blind rage. rather, it has given a new resolve, and pulling all of these points together has really shined a light into my eyes. I would also strongly suggest that you not read this in the evening – you’re not going to want this post rattling around in your head as you’re trying to wind down for a good night’s sleep. Where to begin?

Sargon recently ran a video in response to an article from The Hill asking if we should just surrender to China. How about the fact that we don’t have to worry about going to war with China, since the Chinese have conquered this country without firing a single shot? I know, that sounds absolutely crazy, but look at everything in America that they control (and how much they’ve already accomplished globally). They have free reign to censor our universities. Hollywood, that bastion of freedom of expression, happily censors itself in hope of raking in Chinese moviegoing dollars. Our major pro sports leagues, always happy to show displays of disrespect and ingratitude toward America, make an effort to ignore much worse that happens in China. And don’t get me started on a media that treats the fact that a certain virus was engineered in a certain lab as racism or misinformation. How about our political class? We have two prominent politicians who threatened to use nuclear weapons on American citizens. Guess what they have in common? You already know – the one who *literally* had state secrets sucked out of him by a Chinese spy (sorry for the visual) was punished by (checks notes) letting him keep his committe seat. Which committee, you ask? Oh, nothing major, just the freakin’ House Intelligence Committee. And the other leader, the one whose son can be kindly called a slacker, bragged of his access to the highest levels of Chinese government. You don’t want to know what his dad’s current job is. For that matter. we’ve had flags representing Marxist, anti-American organizations flying over our embassies.

But if push ever came to shove, our military is up for the fight, right? Er, um… if you haven’t finished that first drink now might be the time for a topoff. The “fundamental transformation” of America that Obama promised drove out 197 officers… in just his first five years. But at least our equipment is focusing on being stronger, faster, and the best to protect our men and women in uniform? Actually, the new priority is electric vehicles and biofuels. And their secondary missions include activities that making our nation safer – such as using taxpayer money to mutilate troops with mental disorders, and picking fights, and losing, with… a journalist. (Side note, did the generals get a homework assignment from Tyler Durden? “Tonight, you’re going to start a fight with a total stranger. And you’re going to lose”). Then again, given who our military is being ordered to target, the weather and half of America, maybe it’s better that all of the competent personnel are getting purged. Granted it’s no surprise that this would happen when West Point is graduating the kind of nimrod that writes, “Communism will win” on the inside of his hat at graduation. The writing itself is bad enough, but how did not a single instructor recognize how unfit this cadet was and expel him?

Come on now, at least we can count on our domestic armed services! OK, maybe not so much the FBI. Or the CIA. Or the Department of Justice overall, for that matter. And Back the Blue? While it’s a good counter to the “Defund the Police” idiocy, as we just learned that doesn’t always work when push comes to shove, even when it involves protecting our children. Of course, that’s not a surprise when an effort is on to drive out the good cops and replace them with obedient Marxists. We also learned that after Michael Sussman, one of the engineers of the unsuccessful coup of 2016 walks free while  a Trump administration member gets a predawn raid, complete with frogmen in the canal behind his home and CNN on the scene to video everything, we no longer have a justice system in America.

We may be remembered as the generation that declared war on our children. We allowed creeps into our kids’ lives who wanted to push for having them drugged and eventually mutilated. The radicals that have seized control of the Democratic party and its extensions in Education and the Media have been so emboldened that they’re actually trying to normalize child rape. And the big question remains, with all of the racist and child predatory programs that are being forced into the schools, what actual learning was removed to make time for them? And let’s not get started on how the lockdowns robbed them of two years of their childhood.

And when the kids aren’t in school, the Entertainment industry is feeding them Marxist garbage that makes one long for the days when kids’ programming was focused on pushing toys and breakfast cereal. Now they push the LGBQWERTY agenda on unsuspecting children, which is why we make it a point for one of us to be in the room when Little Bob is watching TV. Hollywood ruined Star Wars, is ruining Marvel, and is failing to produce new good shows for kids. Sports programming is full of Leftist screeds, with even live events throwing in some sloganeering.

And of course, there is that small matter that one of our two main political parties has been taken over by Marxists who hate America and want to destroy it. Don’t believe me? They hate our history. They hate our Founding Fathers. They hate our National Anthem. They hate our flag. They hate the holiday that celebrates our country’s founding. Most disturbing, their figurehead that they’ve managed to install in the White House as a “unifier” has no problem spouting off how much he and the party that he leads despise half of the country. And no wonder, as it’s easy to see how radicalized they’ve become. to just show a few examples:

  • The right’s position on on abortion has generally been mostly opposition with some acceptance based on circumstances. Democrats have gone from “Safe, legal, and rare” (which was a lie), to abortions on demand up until the moment of birth, and tax payer funded for girls as young as thirteen.
  • We used to agree on the importance of a strong military. Us Normals still do, while Democrats want the military to focus on wokeness and Climastrology.
  • It really was not that long ago that Democrats agreed on having a secure southern border. Now they want the border evaporated and migrants can come to wherever they want, except for the neighborhoods where wealthy Democrats live, of course.
  • Conservatives always stood for family, faith, and country. Democrats now have declared war on all three, even if the planned destruction of our economy hurts them as well.
  • On gay marriage, twenty years ago my support for civil unions (offer legal protection without disrespected anyone’s religion) was slightly left of center. These days it makes me some kind of extremist. And for that matter, when I objected to the slippery slope argument I was shouted down as being on the wrong side of the new Civil Rights movement. Now that Democrats are trying to normalize raping as well as mutilating children, I’ll have to allow Razorfist to give my brief but highly NSFW response.

I could go on all day, but you get the idea. And how about that 2020 election? That’s another one where I could go on all day. The Radical Left have become so emboldened that they don’t even blink when they gaslight us on some of the most ridiculous “irregularities”, such as how a dementia patient who basically campaigned out of his basement got more votes than Barack Obama. In fact, The Democrats were so brazen about stealing the election, Time Magazine wrote a full confession of everything they did. And how did the time honored tradition of protesting an election’s results get answered? We now have political prisoners in this country. Let that sink in.

And look at how America has changed over the last few decades. That could be a 10,000 word post in itself, but to give a few examples in my sporadic “What We’ve Lost as Americans” series (I’ve got one or two more in the hopper), we could never build an amusement park like (Class) Action Park again. The movie The Cannonball Run was released @ 40 years ago, and it feels now like it was set in a different country than today’s America. For that matter, we can’t even unite as a country to root for the US in the Olympics anymore. And while this is not one of mine, Bill Whittle posted a great video on Rocket Man, someone I believe to be part of a dying breed.

The America that we all love is gone, and barring some drastic (probaby terrible) action I do not see us ever truly uniting again. We celebrated Memorial Day last week, and this post is being published on June 6, the anniversary opf D-Day. It truly hurts knowing that one of my uncles got shot up fighting Rommel’s Africa Corps (lived out his days as a 100% disabled vet, but was able to live a full life) along with my great uncle who was gunned down storming the beaches at Normandy. Did they really give their lives so that abusive parents can drag their children to entertain sexual predators? I don’t see where we find a middle ground where basically half of the country hates America and wants it destroyed. I was being a bit tongue in cheek a few months ago when I asked if the Democratic Party should be classified as a hate group. After watching President Sponge Brain Crapped Pants go on one of his angry rants about how much he despises half of the country and demands that they forfeit the right to self defense I don’t see any common ground. For that matter, the Democrats have gone from being the party of Bill Clinton (who, while no Conservative would be called a Tea Partier by today’s standards) to the party of Gulag Barbie.

How could this have happened? I don’t have an answer, but the best I can guess is that the radicalization of the Democratic Party, education, the media,etc. has been so gradual that many of us Normals didn’t notice until we experienced some incident that slapped us in the face. When I recently asked if it was wrong to call Brian Stelter a potato and doxx NY Times reporters I noted how much Democrats have changed since the year 2000. As much as they hated Dubya (truth be told I was never crazy about him but he was always better than the Dems’ alternatives. And the masks coming off the Bush family is enough for a separate post) the barbs thrown at him and Conservatives in general were usually somewhat civil. And it’s not like Dubya wasn’t an easily mockable character. Then when Barrry O became president, once their initial glow and childish infatuation faded, the Left was livid that we Normals weren’t down with the promise to “Fundamentally transform this country” that we loved. If they were angry under Obama, when Trump came into office they dropped any pretense of civility. At the same time they also feel emboldened to not hide anything in their views, which combined with the side effects of The Fauci Flu, have complpetely exposed every ugly bit of the radicals who’ve seized the Democratic Party. If you’r reading this I’m betting that you’ve shared my experience of having seen some old friends / family members who were once fun and happy people and have devolved into miserable Leftist scolds.

How bad is it? Vladimir freakin’ Putin is lecturing us on how totalitarian our society has become. And relax, I’m not one of thise Lefty nimrods who used to coo & pur over Iran’s Ahminedijad when he’d criticize Bush back in the 00s. But when a tyrant like Putin is pointing out how many similarities America is showing to the Soviet Union, heed the warning. Or if you’re a Democrat, take notes. I just don’t see how we find some common ground and unite as a country. As in ever again. At least not peacefully. And we’d better hope that it does not come to war. Because while both sides think a civil war that spilts the country would be quick and easy, it would not. In the next entry we’lll look at why neither side should want a violent split, and in the final installment we’ll look at how we can realistically fight back. And win.

So hopefully after reading this you’re not feeling too demoralized, and hopefully you appreciate that I’ve asked you to read the first chapter lest you question my state of mental fitness. Just like where our country is today, while we may be past the worst of it (we hope!), the next chapter is not going to be a happy one, either. But after we look at what we can’t or shouldn’t do, we’ll close out strong.

And since I want to close this post on a positive note, in addition to being the anniversary, June 6th is also The International Day of Slayer, also known as Sister Babe and Little Bob’s least favorite holiday. Some jet fuel genius created this video of Slayer “performing” at the 64th Grammys. The audience shots are the best part.

Brother Bob is no longer on Facebook (although you can see his archives there), and is winding down his presence on Twitter, but is ramping up on Minds and Gab, as well as Parler, and has his biggest presence on MeWe.

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America needs to totaly pull out of the United Nations and moved the whole lot to Moscow

I enjoyed your essay. All true. Except I believe there’s many many great Americans fighting to save America!!!

This admin is doing a great job at uniting the country, against them. Have you seen the polls?
No baby formula, gas that will end your car engine for a premium price, inflation just for the short list. What is down the pike? Rolling blackouts, more inflation, higher gas prices, Gay pride month just snagged the traditional month for dream weddings. We got 15 bucks for wages at taco bell and the dollar menu vanished along with the dollar store.
Dems they are angry they got what they wanted.

They are right it will fire up the base, we will take note of how they vote if not up for election this time we will remember. It wont matter if Trump endorses you one bit. We are fork tender done.

Well, I declare July to be “Working Class Taxpayer That Makes Everyone Else’s Pissing and Moaning Possible Month”.

Last edited 2 years ago by Just Plain Bill

Planned Parent hood makes a house call.

Pregnant Woman Used AR-15 to Drop Armed Robber Attacking Her 11-Year-Old Daughter

Last edited 2 years ago by kitt

And of course, there is that small matter that one of our two main political parties has been taken over by Marxists who hate America and want to destroy it. 

Hell, the OTHER party is sometimes controlled by those who don’t like the country all that much and simply want to leech off it. When someone shows up that actually loves the nation and concentrates on working for its people, they link arms with the socialists and try to destroy them.

 And for that matter, when I objected to the slippery slope argument I was shouted down as being on the wrong side of the new Civil Rights movement.

Those slopes do get slippery, don’t they? Their “last territorial demand on society” (to paraphrase another insane crybaby) has turned into “unless you fly our flag and dress in drag with us, you are a hating LGBTQXYZ!@#$&*())_++?[]-phobe.” Now, the “What? We don’t want to take your guns!” people are lubing up yet another slope.

I always try to make the point to those who want, because the US is such a wealthy country, to turn it into a socialist utopia (the first of its kind!) that unless the US is capitalist, there IS no abundance of US wealth. But, alas, to those who spend all their time trying to figure out how to board the gravy train instead of making a living, this falls on deaf ears.

 this post is being published on June 6, the anniversary opf D-Day.

Something the cheap, plastic, counterfeit version of a “president” didn’t even mention until Fox News asked him if he was going to. But, by God, the rainbow lights get projected on the White House without fail! THAT’S how far we’ve fallen.

Democrats dropped all pretexts of “civility” when Gore lost. Like with Hillary, Wooden Man was supposed to be the third and fourth Clinton terms. Bush was characterized as “stupid” and always caricatured as a monkey. Only when Democrats got their way with Obama did they calm down a bit, though in their elitist, self-righteous way, always shouting down any observation of failure as “racist”. They finally went completely nuts when Hillary lost. Not being able to completely destroy the Republican party once and for all seems to infuriate them.

Your posts haven’t depressed me. Well, not any more than I already am, since what you describe is not only true, but painfully apparent to anyone that bothers to honestly look.

When one like Brother Bob above, mentions the possibility of civil war, or in my case I describe it as the LOGICAL likelihood, many of those in our camp like my good friend Kane at CFP, tell us that we have nutty, “violent fantasies”. (Well, I still consider the man a friend, even though he graylisted my posts, then literally threw me off his website. While he may be a bit disingenuine, but he’s got a good heart.) However, it’s not about what I want or you want, it’s about what “is”.
The status quo in this country is that it can NEVER be united, because the leftist don’t want it united, at least, not as the free America we inherited. The reason that a hot civil war is inevitable is that the Democrat and their leftist WILL NOT stop. They cannot be reasoned with or placated. They are LAWLESS by definition, not respecting the basic law of the land, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, nor the terms in which those governing documents came into being, and can be legally changed. They have already eliminated our citizenship franchise, i.e. the “will of the people”. Not only do they control elections and commit election fraud, they control the very DISCOURSE about election fraud. Even discussing the possibility that they commit election fraud while PRESENTING EVIDENCE can end one’s life, i.e. livelihood, commerce, even medical care denied.
The unapologetic political will push and push until you personally, have no space left to maneuver. It’s sad when some 800+ Americans are thrown into a Washington D.C. gulag, but short of going postal, what can any one man do about it? What happens when it’s YOUR son or daughter, perhaps a brother, or sister, or even mother of father, your closest friend, tossed into jail, hauled away in cuffs and leg irons by DOJ/FBI thugs, even murdered in cold blood, what do you do then?
America is like a box of tinder, into which the Democrats are tossing lit matches, trying to light the fire of their intended “transformation”. Do you burn, or do you stop them? That’s where the “civil war” description comes in, Mr. Kane. It’s not a violent fantasy that I want or pursue, it’s the inevitable result of the lawless controlling all the levers of economic and political power in the country, along with their willingness to “burn it all down”, along with normal Americans.

There is simply no choice. Bannon’s got a fine election strategy for 2022 and 2024, but it will fail. At best, it’ll put the same corrupt GOP leaders back in the drivers seat, to continue kowtowing to the Democrat left, assisting them with their transformation of America into a Communist oligarchy run hellhole, as they have for the past 60 years. More than likely it will fail outright, “losing” elections the way the GOP did in 2018 (20 House and 2 Senate seats “flipped” after the GOP candidate had one, after “all the votes were counted”), of course 2020, and probably, 2016, where Obama led fraud was intended to cornuate President Hillary. No one has yet explained how to prevent 2020 from occurring in every future election. (Note to Steve: The enemy studies it’s mistakes, will seldom repeat them, and if you expect the Democrats to allow cameras to photograph their fraud in the future, you’re essentially preparing for, and fighting the last war. Their fraud will be different.)

Again, there’s simply no choice. Stopping the Democrats left was always going to end up in armed conflict, because they and their Federal government LEO’s, are absolutely lawless. They are no-limit, violent thugs. You’ll submit or you’ll fight, but you’ll not remain neutral, or even civilized. I’m under no illusions, either. As brother Bob hints, a civil war will be ghastly, horrible, millions dead, possible international, outside intervention/attacks, and the country will NEVER again be what it once was. The Democrats blew that all up. That’s history.

Pure logic
comment image

If tanks could graze, and planes run on carrots.

Or baby formula.

The Democrats are blowing this up because they can’t get what they want Constitutionally. They can’t because the vast majority of AMERICANS… CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA do not want what the far, far leftists, those who actually control the Democrat party, are selling. NOBODY wants it because, based on past Democrat administrations, it fails.

This far, far leftism is pushed from the outside. Those people either like what they see elsewhere better than what is going on here or they are controlled by outside influences. Nothing they are pushing is indigenous to the US. That’s why it is resoundingly rejected and why they (pushed from outside) will not give up until the 100% get their way.

We suffer from the flaw of giving people the benefit of the doubt and the hope they can become civilized. We were wrong in that regard.