Buttigieg: speed cameras will end racism


Did you know that highways are racist?

That’s the claim made by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

US transport secretary Pete Buttigieg said highway designs in the country were “racist,” and claimed that the new infrastructure bill would help fix it.
Mr Buttigieg was asked about the bipartisan infrastructure bill that was passed by Congress last week during an interaction with reporters on Monday. He was also questioned about his plans to “deconstruct the racism that was built into the roadways.”
This was in reference to his earlier stand that racism was “physically built” into highways.

At a time when roads and bridges are in need of repair and replacement Buttigieg chooses to pursue social engineering instead.

Buttigieg’s arguments are not on solid ground.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg used a disputed claim about New York City “master builder” Robert Moses to argue that racism is built into America’s highways and bridges, Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler admitted Wednesday, two days after defending Buttigieg’s statement.

It is highly disputed

According to Kessler, he had been contacted by Peter Shulman, an associate professor of history at Case Western University, who said the bridge story cited by Caro is “largely debunked.” Another historian, Kenneth T. Jackson of Columbia University, flatly told Kessler in an email that “Caro is wrong.”
“Arnold Vollmer, the landscape architect who was in charge of design for the bridges, said the height was due to cost,” Jackson wrote, according to Kessler. “Also, you can still get to Jones Beach by train and bus, as you always could.”

I know, it’s shocking that a liberal would make a false claim.  Ted Cruz offered an amusing response

“The roads are racist. We must get rid of roads,” mocked Ted Cruz, a Republican senator, in a tweet. “You see, we Hispanics are very, very tall, and we need rich, woke Dems to raise the bridges for us. Without Pete’s condescending help, there’s no way we can get to the beach…”

So, what was Buttigieg’s answer to this racism?

Speed cameras.

Buttigieg introduced the plan last Thursday, describing the problem of road safety as one of fairness, noting that “people of color, Native Americans, low income communities, [and] people in rural areas, [are] more likely to die on our roads.”

You might, as I do, wonder why Buttigieg doesn’t focus on putting speed cameras in those particular areas, even though this is going to be more of a burden on the people in those areas.

What he did not mention was that poor people, and people of color, are impacted more by traffic tickets, with black drivers and other minorities far more likely to be ticketed — and, in many cases, less able to afford the resulting fines for violations.

Speed cameras can be used to target minorities:.

In Chicago, which has more red-light cameras than any other city in America, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s rollout was marred by political corruption and claims that the cameras were not only inaccurate, but also disproportionately targeted black and Latino drivers in the city.
“A ProPublica analysis of millions of citations found that households in majority Black and Hispanic ZIP codes received tickets at around twice the rate of those in white areas between 2015 and 2019,” ProPublica reported earlier this month.

And can lead to corruption:
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The company supplying Chicago’s cameras, Redflex, reached a non-prosecution agreement with the Department of Justice and a $20 million civil settlement with the City of Chicago after related bribery scandals and convictions in the city and in Columbus, Ohio.

The bottom line is revenue, surveillance and control, and they are intoxicating.

Buttigieg is taking De Blasio’s war on drivers nationwide: NYC Republican warns there were 20 speed cameras at start of former mayor’s reign and now there are 1,400 raking in $215M a year or $25,000-an-hour and ‘Pothole Pete’ wants them across US

I don’t know that people realize what a pain in the ass speed cameras are. They are used in England extensively and are monumentally despised. They are especially hated on long stretches of roadway. A driver is clocked in when entering a motorway and then again when exiting the motorway. If the time spent on the motorway is less than would be seen at the speed limit, a speeding ticket is issued. There is no arguing. There is almost never a successful appeal.

Like every other liberal solution, it’s horrible.


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One of the things liberals are good at (besides inciting hate, racism and violence) is applying the wrong solution to almost any problem. Climate change? Destroy the economy. Election integrity? Legalize fraud. Crime? Outlaw self defense. COVID? Mandate everything that has no effect.

Here they first create a problem that doesn’t exist, “racist high ways”. While ANY “solution” here would be wrong, Pete Buttplug’s solution is national surveillance and random, indisputable tickets for speeding. The only defense there would be covering the back of a vehicle with bumper stickers supporting Fauci, CRT, gun control and China.

More than a year into the seemingly ENDLESS term and this incompetent regime has yet to benefit US society. Well, that’s the cost of fraud.

Here is a solution. Given that democrats are proponents of segregation, why not segregate all roads. That would end racism.

BTW, mayor pete in known for not being able to solve the pothole problem in south bend.

He also claimed a couple of weeks ago he could reduce fatalities in automobile accidents to zero.

Some on the democrat side say he is a lock for the 2024 democrat nomination

Some on the democrat side say he is a lock for the 2024 democrat nomination

Yeah, like Avenatti. Another one of those liberal “rising stars”.

Racism will end when people understand their race doesn’t change how the law applies to them.

Racism will end when angry cowards stop driving through crowds of another race they hate without any logical cause.

Idiot Governor Whitman(not to be confused with idiot Governor Whitmer) fired a very competent Director of State Police because the accusations were made that black people were getting tickets in hugely greater numbers than whites.
A study conducted on the Pennsylvania turnpike five years later using radar attached to traffic cameras proved that the numbers of minorities who would have received a ticket from an impartial camera were identical to the numbers generated during the Whitman years.
Of course the cameras could have been programmed to be racist I suppose. Speed cameras have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with revenue.

The best thing this imbecile can do is stan on his head spin Clockwise fly a a Kite and whistle Muskrat Love