How Did Weak Men Become Strong Enough To Topple The Most Powerful Nation In History?


Donald Trump failed at business… a lot. USFL, Tour de Trump, Trump Resorts, Trump Airlines, Trump University, ect. Leftists love to point that out. But that’s not the whole story. Trump had great successes as well. Not only has he developed world class properties around the globe, but he was also the producer and star of one of the most popular television shows on TV for a more than a decade. Most tellingly of all was his renovation of the Wolman Ice Rink. New York had spent $13 million and six years trying to renovate the Central Park icon when in 1986 they admitted they’d failed and had to start from scratch. Trump offered to do the job in six months and under the $3 million budget. Reluctantly the city gave him the contract and he finished in 4 months at a cost of $2.25 million. In just four months Donald Trump demonstrated exactly how dysfunctional government is!

But it’s his failures that provide the life lesson that leftists never get: Whether in business, love or most things non-government related, failure is the sign that someone was willing to risk the consequences that come with it in order to actually try and accomplish something. I say non-government related because government is one of the few aspects of life where failure is the rule rather than the exception, and rarely does it result in soul searching.

Proof abounds! From a failed fifty year War on Poverty to the abject failure of government schools, to twenty year wars that end exactly where they started, government continues to grow and accumulate more power year after year, regardless of the demonstrable and perpetual lack of success.

But government is not the nation. Government is not the people. Government is supposed to be a mechanism by which citizens protect individual rights and defend the nation. But that’s not what it is today. Today it’s everywhere, all the time. There is nothing in our lives that is more ubiquitous than government regulation.



Leonard Read wrote an essay called I Pencil that looked at the countless elements and activities necessary to make #2 pencil. The whole point of the piece, written in 1958 in the midst of the Cold War, was to demonstrate the complexity of what goes into making a simple pencil, and how society benefits from freeing up markets to provide all of the necessary inputs and how it’s unlikely government control could accomplish that task. It’s extraordinary, and it’s just a simple pencil!

Now exponentially expand the complexity of that process from a pencil to our modern society and you understand what the challenge is. On the one hand, you look at the iPhone or Google or Tesla and you might conclude we’re doing pretty well with government regulating as much as it does… but in reality, that’s a mirage. While a Tesla may be a step up from a 55 Ford, it’s still just a car. While carrying your iPhone in your hand is a leap from being tethered to a wall phone, it’s still just a mobile phone and a personal computer, both invented in the early 70’s, years after the beginnings of the Internet.  

Over the last 50 years things have gotten smaller, faster and portable, but we haven’t cured cancer, we don’t have teleportation, time travel – as far as we know, and haven’t been back to the moon or beyond. We have lots of apps and services, but not much truly revolutionary.

Compare that to the 50 years from 1850 to 1900 when Americans invented such revolutionary things as the light bulb, the safety elevator, the telephone, the phonograph, the vacuum cleaner and the dishwasher. Or between 1900 & 1950 when they invented air conditioning, plastic, vulcanized rubber, television, talking movies, the photocopier and the transistor. Not to mention the airplane, helicopters, and nuclear power.

While technology is most certainly unleashing heretofore impossible advances in research, medicine and data analysis, (MRI machine, sequence of the human genome…) the relative lack of tangible revolutionary advances is extraordinary. And why is that? Are we at the end of science? Have we accomplished everything that man can do? Obviously not. It’s almost as if there’s something holding America back…

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There is. It’s called regulation. Federal regulation from a seemingly endless array of agencies: IRS, EPA, OSHA, DOE, DOT, etc. The Competitive Enterprise Institute estimates that federal regulation alone costs the US almost $2 trillion per year in lost productivity. That’s essentially 10% of our GDP, annually!

Over the 50 years between 1921 and 1970 the American GDP grew at an average annual rate of 4.02%, while between 1971 to 2020 it grew at an annual rate of 2.73%, dropping down to 1.77% for the last 20 years. The result of that slowdown has been staggering. In 2020, after growing at a rate of 2.73% a year for 50 years the American GDP was approximately $21 trillion. Had it instead grown at the same rate it had the previous 50 years, the 2020 GDP would have been almost twice as high, $39 trillion. Imagine the R&D a whole additional US GDP could fund! $18 trillion, or put another way, every American household would have had another $50,000 to spend annually.

But they don’t. And it’s directly related to regulation. The Code of Federal Regulations contains every law and rule of the federal government. In 1938 it was 18,193 pages. After dropping down to 9,745 pages in 1950 it shot up to 56,720 pages in 1972 and by 2019 it stood at 185,984 pages.

On every one of those pages are rules that govern American’s lives. From what goes into their food to the employment conditions of every person who manufactured or transported or sold every single product they buy. From reporting rules for companies to bank deposit info to what’s printed on the side of a can of corn or a box of cereal. Then there’s who you can or must rent your home to, how much energy your computer monitor uses, what you pay for gas and now what you have to put into your body.



That is the world the swamp dwellers have built, the one Donald Trump fearlessly leapt into a cauldron of fire to fight. Sadly, far too many Americans are either part of that system or comfortable with the illusion of security it provides. This exemplifies a line by G. Michael Hopf: “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” Those who oppose Donald Trump’s attempt to save America from itself are those “weak” men. Like the European nations who grew soft under the security umbrella provided by the United States, those “weak” men flourished and took over media, academia, Wall Street and high tech while working America was focused on building on the promise of opportunity. Weak men’s control of culture has undermined the nation that allowed them to flourish in the first place, but as Joe Biden delivers the omnipresent government they desire, reality will shatter the illusions of security they hid behind while strong men’s failures and successes were building Pax Americana.


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“Making your mark on the world is hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. But it’s not. It takes patience, it takes commitment, and it comes with plenty of failure along the way. The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won’t. it’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere.”

— Barack Obama

Trump is, as defined by the 44th President, a the very epitome of success. He failed, won, and became the 45th President of the United States of America…against all odds and against all haters.

The cheating and mobilization of beta-males is ALWAYS what comes together to destroy a nation, and a real leader like Trump.

Jealously. That’s about it. No matter what, Biden, Obama, Bush, Clinton….not one of them has the grit, success, or perservence of Trump.

That’s what’s behind the fall of civilizations: beta-males and Karen women.

“Failure is an important part of your growth and developing resilience. Don’t be afraid to fail.”

— Michelle Obama

Trump exemplifies many good qualities, including his following of both Obama’s example of how failure is necessary to succeed.

But I do hope some d*ckless Leftist boy comes along and says that Trump is a “failed businessman.”

“Donald Trump failed at business… a lot.”
——-Posted by Vince

I’m a bit surprised you’d call one your own a dickless leftist boy as you all seem so disciplined in always being of the same mindset.

Regardless, Vince’s sales pitch of promoting more lawlessness (less regulations as he says) for the wealthy is obediently appeasing his propaganda masters (you know, the rich folks who created the playbook).

Get rid of OSHA, EPA, etc? Get rid of food regulations? Because anyone with a brain knows that no plant operations President would send out semi loads of contaminated chickens even if it meant him being fired. And what idiot trucking firm would tell their drivers to drive overloaded trucks 70 MPH through school zoned simply because they’re no longer faced with fines?

This isn’t what the corporate world and Trumpism is about. Profits always come in 2nd to people like these to workers and safety and the environment.

These are just good people who don’t need no stinkin laws because they can always be trusted.

More businesses fail than succeed. When were you born, yesterday?

What a maroon

AJ is the archetype of what kind of hateful, jealous clowns the Left and any totalitarian regime needs to achieve their ends.

You’ll find Ron/AJ manning the wall at Auschwitz. You’ll find him rounding up “criminals” for Stalin to be shot in the head. You’ll find Ron at your local university sending tech IP back to the CCP. You’ll find him attacking government buildings wearing a mask and saying he’s “anti-fascist.”

And last but not least, you’ll find him here….oblivious to the scales on his eyes and telling up the sky is green and 2+2=5.

Where will you not find Ron/AJ? Owning a successful company, leading a platoon, fathering a child well, or taking responsibility for his own anger and life.

But I do hope some d*ckless Leftist boy comes along and says that Trump is a “failed businessman.”

— Me

You didn’t disappoint.

“Donald Trump failed at business… a lot.”
——-Posted by Vince

Failed at business.

Failed businessman.

You’re lack of intellectual ability and honesty is why you are a loser.

You only hate Trump because Rachel Maddow and the rest told you to. Just a reminder.

“This isn’t what the corporate world and Trumpism is about. Profits always come in 2nd to people like these to workers and safety and the environment.”

Trump spent a Billion of his own money to become President. He didn’t take a paycheck the entire time, and didn’t allow lobbyists near him.

Biden seems to be the perfect “Trumpist” by your definition then. Millions paid by lobbies and corporations, foreign government money to ensure he guys Chinese Drones Trump actually outlawed….

You couldn’t make it any easier to show how deluded you are.

*to ensure he buys Chinese drones…

You prove the point. You prove that leftists have no idea what success is or how to do it. No one suggested eliminating laws or regulations; just reduce them to what is necessary. Not only laden trucks but every vehicle has to abide by school zone speed limits. I’ve yet to hear anyone suggest eliminating those.

However, it is YOUR side which gives up on law enforcement and decides that the way to reduce crime is to make it legal. Thus, violent criminals are released from jail without bail, violent terrorists commit crimes without getting charged and illegal immigration, which spawns an entire different genre of crimes, is encouraged and excused. As with every other effort of your left, the result is failure. MORE crime. LESS safety.

You should probably just shut up.

Some only appear weak. Some appear to be so weak as to collapse in despair over a word or statue. They do this to try and control the stronger. The stronger become weak when they think they are being conciliatory by submitting to that farce.

Mostly, they are simply too stupid to run a government. Who knows if they could run a business; they never dared to try. They dove into the realm of easy money of government, living of the teat of those who work for a living. It is very doubtful they could withstand the vigor of having an actual job. Better to be in government where the solution to every problem (mostly self-inflicted) is to throw lots of other people’s money at it (while putting some of it in their own pockets).

For instance, look at idiot Biden’s “solution” to the jamb up of goods at our ports. First, thanks to Democrat regulation and taxes, we import LOTS of goods through our ports; TOO much. But, then you pay people not to work. You invent mandates that get people fired or cause them to quit. You make moving the goods more expensive.

His solution? Throw MANHOURS at it. Time most absolutely is money and idiot Biden’s solution is to deploy union workers 24/7. When manhours is the solution, the problem is almost always human failure. He also claims this is a problem caused by “infrastructure”, making it a perfect opportunity to push his so-called $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill, which has little to do with actual infrastructure. However, it is held ransom by Pelosi and her $3.5 trillion socialism for all bill. Again, the weak forcing weakness upon the strong.

Cain and Abel. It’s that simple.

Cain wanted to Abel had. He got called out for not doing what he was supposed to do, so he killed Abel instead of getting his sh*t straight.

Weak men are jealous men who want to kill off the successful, hence the amplified hatred of Donald Trump.

Haters gonna hate.

You say “alpha”, I say “a-hole”. Chest-thumping knuckle-draggers have always been a pain in everybody else’s backside.

Comrade Greggie, are you talking about all the Kumbaya singing lefties who just want to get along, that is as long as we support the Socialist government they want to place us under but if we don’t, they will march down our streets and burn our businesses and homes to the ground?

Can you get any more knuckle-dragging than the leaders of BLM/Antifa?

greg just confirms what I said: nations fall when things get so good that betas and the Karens they cuck for get out of control.

That is who built the country. Now we have a bunch of dress-wearing, whining, lazy crybabies that think they can just enjoy the fruits of their labors and no one will come from the outside to try and take it. They also believe the wealth and prosperity will just keep flowing without anyone working hard to create it.

That’s you’re own ignorance of both biology and anthropology.

Abel was a kind man, and I’d wager not alpha at all.

You delta males always fail to listen to what is being written or said in favor of your biases.

I know a bullshit power hierarchy when I see one. It’s contrived as a rationalization for a gender-based authoritarian control system. It justifies the existence of a dominant male playground bully, and maintains his dominance by rewarding lesser bullies who serve him with power over those below them. It’s hostile to constitutional democracy by its very nature. It’s the power and control model for Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Stalinist Russia, and anyone who aspires to impose such a system.

You’re a woman

I knew it.

You just rattled off the current wokeist litany, and pretty much explained how Biden and other Democrats behave.

What you say is religion, not reality.

Actually, I’m thinking my observation was dead on target.

You’re religious conviction, far from an observation, is very predicable…but sadly misses the mark by a mile.

Dictators tell their people “our patience is wearing thin.”

Trump would never say that.

You “have nots” are always triggered by successful people, all while you give your rights away to fellow losers using the system to get rich.

Trump made Billions on his own.

Biden is owned by Billions.

Trump would never say that because he has turned resistance to COVID measures into populace political support.

Trump merely upheld the Constitution, which forbids the taking of rights because of a man-made crisis designed for that purpose alone.

As a reminder, Trump MADE the Covid measures, the vaccine, that you are foisting on people against their will.

Biden is a tyrant and will not be suffered.

greggie, you have no idea what a strong leader is. You still believe Carter, Clinton and Obama were strong leaders. Harry Truman would have eaten them for breakfast. MacArthur would have nuked the Taliban if they laid a hand on an American. Your idea greggie of a strong leader is a smelly kitten.

You have no idea what a constitutional democracy is, or why Trump is an existential threat to it.

No, you don’t like Trump and think rigging an election is justified.

That’s not democracy. That’s tyranny.

Trump was duly elected, Constitutionally…without corporate billions.

Biden is president the way Xi, Maduro, Putin, and Hitler are/were president…

He isn’t.

You fools have now created your own shadow nation which will most likely be expelled by those of us preserving our Constitutional democracy.

Democrats toppled statues, attacked cops, and rigged an election.

That’s not democracy.

Trump has more power than Biden, because legal votes don’t go away.

Trump’s only power is to deceive, divide, and disrupt. There’s nothing remotely positive or constructive to his pitch.

I’m afraid his “pitch” and his follow-through were congruent.

Biden, and every other president in my lifetime? They promise one thing then do the other.

Trump was great.

The only deceiving, dividing, and disrupting was done by your party and their lapdog media.

Trump’s only power is that he was a duly elected and competent executive who ran his office well.

“You have no idea what a constitutional democracy is, or why Trump is an existential threat to it.” Explain how Trump was a threat, with facts not your usual false hyperbole.

Trump is a threat to the Democrat vision of a totalitarian single-party police state. Democrats HATE democracy, the republic and the Constitution. We’ve seen that develop in the open since 2008.

Trump was pilloried, censored, had false scandals invented against him, impeached, had the media giving free endorsements of Biden….all while big tech and banks gave Biden about SIX BILLION in campaign funds.

Trump still got 75 million legal votes.


You are supporting a power hierarchy that is unelected, has no checks or balances, and uses weak men like you to attain power.

actually greggie, the unelected members of the swamp are the real danger. Who do do you think attacked Trump with the lies and the same are controlling the media.

It’s also worth noting that: a)in primates, beta-males will work together to kill the alpha, and b) in humans, simping to women is a strategy beta-males think will get them sex, in the end.

Most of the fall of the USA is due to allowing a gyno-centric (women-centered) culture to infect every facet of American life.

It’s called Beauty and the Beast, not Boss-B*tch and the Beta…for good reason.

“Most of the fall of the USA is due to allowing a gyno-centric (women-centered) culture to infect every facet of American life.”

Sorry, Nathan, but I can’t agree with that statement. The left is pushing biological men who claim to be “trans” gendered, to compete with women in women’s sports. There is no woman who can, in the end, compete with the physical aspects of a biological male, no matter how many steroids she might do. The bone/muscular design doesn’t allow that “equality.”

Second, the left is destroying women by convincing them to slaughter there own blood pre birth. Who the hell cares what kind of after effects, mainly emotional, those women will suffer? Certainly not the left. But the left is trying to level the playing field (so to speak) by allowing weak men to play girl, instead of instilling a pride in the fact that nature made them male. No religion, no family, no gender. That is the kind of world those like our resident Commie, Comrade Greggie, would impose on us (all from Gramsci) so please, don’t blame women for what the left is doing.

Since we are on the topic of business. Watch these two old leftists try to answer the uncomfortable question. The answer is obvious but they can’t say it.

Please note: weak men have always been the biggest threat to both themselves and to others.

Ever has it been.

There’s nothing new under the Sun.

The Taliban boys are also obsessed with protecting male social dominance.

You Marxists always make up quotes that don’t exist when you lose your argument.

Fun to see who you really are. I’m calling you’re a Euro-trash troll that’s actually part of the push for a New World Order.

That’s why you post in your morning.

So it was about 2100, CEST when you posted the above, right?

Getting sleepy, Claus?

Who was calling for male social dominance, by the way? I assume someone else you were replying to, but I can’t find anyone who said that.

Just a weak man posting weak sh*t.

comrade greggy poo: they are all homosexuals. I suggest you read some of the research done on these individuals. you can read?

The difference between humans and animals. Animals would never allow the dumbest of the herd to lead them.

Well, that actually does happen in nature.

The species are all extinct, as a result.

Why is gregs president unable to answer reporters questions

Biden Walks Away AGAIN without Taking Questions After Falsely Claiming Vaccine Mandates Had Nothing to do with Southwest Airlines’ Flight Cancelations

Biden Walks Away AGAIN without Taking Questions After Falsely Claiming Vaccine Mandates Had Nothing to do with Southwest Airlines’ Flight Cancelations (VIDEO)

Perhaps a few more of them SHOULD be ignored. There WAS NO “vaccine walk-out” of pilots or flight crew, who have actually been supporting much stronger penalties for disruptive passengers who refuse to comply with mask requirements. Entire plane-loads of passengers have been cheering when such idiots are removed from the aircraft.

3,000 unruly passengers so far this year — 2,300 cases over mask wearing: FAA –

Uh, actually there was.

Does this “say the sky is green” bullsh*t work in your country?

Entire plane-loads of people…that’s should be my motivation for what I believe? Fear of groupthink?

You are, literally, a fascist and Marxist.

Biden Administration Tries To Shift Blame for High Gasoline Prices

White House reporters attempted to ask President Biden himself what he is planning to do about high gasoline prices Wednesday, but the President simply walked away from the podium. The Reuters report does quote an unnamed White House official who had this to say: “We are closely monitoring the cost of oil and the cost of gas Americans are paying at the pump.

Why can’t gregs president answer questions?

A president has very little control over gasoline prices. Prices are rising because international oil prices are rising dramatically; because refinery capacity plunged for months following damages related to the widespread Texas power grid collapse; because of transport driver shortages related to COVID; and because production is shifting from cheaper summer gasoline mixtures to more expensive winter mixtures. Prices are going to get higher before they get better.

It’s expensive because we went from being energy independent to shutting down our own oil and gas supplies to support the greater agendas of Klaus Schwab and the other globalists who released covid and installed Biden.

Just stop talking. Your verbose explanation for gas prices is idiotic.

“Prices are going to get higher before they get better.”

By design, yes.

Biden has MUCH control of the gasoline prices.

Trump did. Life in America was better under Trump, that’s why you *ssholes attacked our country with psy-ops and financial warefare.

Last year, global market conditions pushed the price of a barrel of oil below zero. That wasn’t in any president’s control, either, nor is it likely to happen again at any time in the future. The long-term trend will always be higher because of an industrializing Third World.

This is one reason why all automakers are preparing for a rapid transition to electric vehicles. It’s one reason why there’s already a reservation list of 130,000 buyers who want to by a F-150 Lightning. (The other reason being that they’re astonishingly BETTER than their gasoline-fueled counterparts.)

US oil prices turn negative as demand dries up –

There is a globalist push to get rid of fossil fueled cars. This predates Trump. I know.

Trump’s decision to go energy independent and let the market drive things, as opposed to following the agenda of an unelected globalist cabal, is why that same cabal released a virus, rigged an election, and very quickly had their puppet Biden close the Keystone Pipeline.

One factor among many. Trump had to be “removed” at all costs, since we’d long ago had our fair and free elections gamed by outside forces.

Higher gas prices are Biden’s fault, and his fault alone. Just one more failure among many.

Even those few who voted for him realize he’s unelected.

The freedom flu is happening at Southwest Airlines as well as others. Weather did not effect other airlines over the weekend when southwest canceled more than 1800 flights.

Total lie.

Barrel price of oil has never been below zero.

President Trump bought 30 million barrels of oil back in March of 2020 because it was only $25/barrel (55 gallons).
It takes 2.1 gallons of crude oil to produce one gallon of gasoline.
So, the lowest gasoline could get is $0.89 for the oil plus processing and transportation and sales …. AND TAXES.

Pres Trump’s act filled the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at that time.
Has Joe even given thought to using all that cheap oil to help the elderly, infirm or poor get thru this winter?
Haven’t heard a peep.
Just rumors that heating oil prices and nat’l gas prices are going thru the roof this winter.

The less-than-zero “price” was an expression of the amount by which production costs exceeded what you could sell a barrel for. No one was actually paying the buyer to take in.

Seriously, engage your brain before you type.

Seriously, tell us again how the President has little control over gas prices.

I want to here you say something insanely stupid….again.

Of course, if we had a President that might matter.

I’m sure that your fellow cult members can supply you with however much stupidity you might require.

Biden could shoot someone on Fifth Ave. and you’d be typing away saying it was “democracy.”

You’re only issue with “us” is that we WON’T join your Cult.

You are one of the weak men that wreck society with your cowardice.

A cuck.

How long have you had these insecurities about your sexual identity? They show, you know.

You mean… it wasn’t “free” like idiot Biden’s $5 trillion wasteful spending spree?

actually greggie, your ignorance continues to astound us. Oil was selling below production price and oil companies were taking losses. They still had to pay bills like contract agreements and equipment rentals. The low price of oil also allowed Trump to cut deals on combating terrorism with the middle-east. Don’t you get tired of continuously showing how stupid you are?

Kamala Harris breaks Virginia law…

Harris recorded a partisan video message endorsing Terry McAuliffe that will play in over 300 black churches throughout Virginia before Election Day on November 2nd. Churches are not allowed to engage in the endorsement of candidates or they risk losing their tax exempt status.
comment image