Biden’s horse crap


Seems to me one may not be part of the Biden regime unless one is a bald face liar. The three that jump to the top of that list are Biden himself, Jen Paski and Alejandro Mayorkas. They are not simply liars, they are pathologic liars. They represent a monumental threat to the United States of America. They are incapable of being truthful.

Biden and Mayorkas have been failures at securing the Southern border and they needed a scapegoat. The CBP is that scapegoat.

First, a little history. The CBP has been using horses to help secure the border since 1924.

The wild horse is particularly suited for border enforcement, agents say. While horses were essential to the Border Patrol when it began in 1924 –- all recruits were required to own a horse and a gun –- over the decades advances in technology left the horse behind, and the number of horse patrol units declined.

There’s a reason for using horses

But in the early 2000s, CBP began investing more money into its horse program. Today in the field, horse patrol units with wild and domestic horses work alongside helicopters, drones, sensors and other high-tech tools. Horse sense is an “old school” technology, said Bobbi Schad, operations director for the Tucson Sector. “Their sight’s better, their hearing’s better. They can travel further, a lot faster than we can.”
Sure-footed and tough, wild horses are built to handle the harshest environments, from the rocky gulches and jumping cholla that cover the ranchland in Nogales, to the sweltering, thorny corridors of the Rio Grande Valley. “They’ll give us 10 hours of good work in the south Texas heat,” said Ruben Garcia Jr., horse patrol coordinator for the Rio Grande Valley. “And they won’t skip a beat.”

They often are used to aid invading illegals

The horses work in an intense environment. On any given day or night, Border Patrol agents respond to a multitude of high-stress situations, from assisting sick migrants in the desert to apprehending frightened mothers and children, to facing armed and dangerous smugglers.

Way back (dude, this is like 5 years ago) horses were routinely used to round up invading illegals (keep in mind this is from NBC)

On a recent Friday in the Rio Grande Valley, the horse unit was dispatched to the parking lot of Jack-in-The-Box in Hidalgo, Texas. A group of young men and teenage boys had been apprehended after scaling the levee with a ladder. They had traveled north for a month, from violent Central American countries like Honduras and El Salvador, before crossing into the U.S.
The group sat against a CBP van, their faces dejected. Helicopters swirled overhead. Without warning, agents galloped from the restaurant, down black tarmac, then cut toward a fenced lot full of semi-trucks.
Flanked by horses, agents found another young man, hiding between the trucks.
Nostrils heaving, sweat rising off their flanks, the horses flattened their ears as he was led to a waiting van.

These horses are trained by prison inmates in what is a very symbiotic program.


At the prison in Florence, a cactus-dotted town about 140 miles north (225 km) of the Mexican border, participating prisoners round up their horses before dawn and work all day under the watchful eyes of Randy Helm, the third-generation rancher, former narcotics officer and self-proclaimed “cowboy preacher” who supervises the program.
Over the course of four to six months, the men train their horses – with names like Billy, Rocky and Patches – to tolerate bridles and saddles, respond to commands to trot and canter and perform footwork that will come in handy on the uneven desert terrain along the border. Helm, 62, teaches the men not to “break” the horses, but to “gentle” them. The method relies on incremental steps and rewarding the horses for good behavior. Any inmate that raises a hand to a horse gets booted from the program.
“It’s more working on us than on them,” said Rick Kline, 32, who has served five years of a seven and a half year sentence for stealing cars. “It’s a new understanding of calming down.”

So it’s been good until democrats could make a racist issue of it.

Seems the first idiot to light this fire was a knee jerk named Matt Stieb from the inaptly titled Intelligencer.

Border Patrol Agent Uses Whip to Chase Haitian Migrants Into Mexico

Not “appears” to use. Uses whip.

It all went downhill from there. Led by the three stooges (Biden, Mayorkas and Psaki) lies were hurled without a single thought behind them.

Mayorkas attacked his own agents for doing their jobs properly.

Then the only President who ever needed not worry about a brain freeze when eating ice cream leaped into the fray headfirst so as not to injure himself

President Joe Biden berated American border patrol agents for using horses to confront migrants crossing into the United States on the Southern border, vowing they would be punished.
“To see people treated like they did, horses running them over and people getting strapped, it’s outrageous I promise you those people will pay,” Biden said, despite no publicly available evidence to back up his claims.

Now let’s “circle back” to the Circle Jerk

White House: Biden didn’t prejudge mounted Border Patrol agents when he said ‘they’ll pay’

I don’t know how Psaki sleeps at night. One would have to be a sociopath to be able to lie like this without a conscience.  BTW have you seen this?

The rest of the left wing cesspool piled on. Maxine Waters suggested this was worse than slavery. Kamala Harris thought she’d found a safe house from which she could proclaim she was “deeply troubled.” Biden suspended the use of horses by the CBP, knee capping them in their work.

Now for the facts

No one was whipped. The photographer:

The photographs, which were taken Sunday, appear to show agents on horses with a whip in hand. The photos caused outrage because from certain angles, it appears to show Border Patrol whipping migrants, but photographer Paul Ratje said he and his colleagues never saw agents whipping anyone.
“Some of the Haitian men started running, trying to go around the horses,” Ratje said.
Ratje is a photographer based in Las Cruces and has been in Del Rio since Friday. He said took the photographs from the Mexican side.
“I’ve never seen them whip anyone,” Ratje said. “He was swinging it, but it can be misconstrued when you’re looking at the picture.”

Despite this all left wing “fact checkers” could not be bothered to note the perpetuation of the lies.

Rather than seek the facts, democrats in their typical fashion smeared the CBP without so much as a thought – thinking is a capacity that seems to elude them. Likely these otherwise useless politicians needed something to distract from Biden’s galactic failures at pretty much everything as well as Hunter’s laptop. The problem is their pleasure will be fleeting as the truth eventually frees its throat from their clutches. The sheer magnitude of deceit on the part of this regime is mind boggling.

Think your President should visit the border?

He never has. Never.

It’s only been 8 months since Biden took office. It seems like ten years. It’s hard to imagine the damage he can do do this country in the next three years especially as there are so many more horse’s asses in the White House than there are horses.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Biden was as concerned with border security as he is with this garbage?

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“I don’t know how Psaki sleeps at night.” Hanging upside down, by her feet.

The hapless mounted Border Patrol officers appeared just when the idiot Biden regime was badly in need of a diversionary scapegoat. They never mind sacrificing human beings to cover for their own incompetence. In fact, being incompetent, it’s the only thing they know to do.

The officers did nothing wrong and idiot Biden, Maydorkus and Psaki of pshit know it. They just need to use racism to divert from idiot Biden’s humanitarian, COVID and national security disaster he has intentionally made.

They describe typical totalitarian police state “justice”… “There will be a fair investigation and then they will be severely punished.” However, more likely is that Psaki of pshit will one day declare the “investigation” over and the guilty parties have been duly flogged. The liberal media, being in on the joke, will let it drop. Punishing innocent government workers can backfire.

Maybe if one of the officers would shoot a little girl wearing a MAGA hat, they would be praised, worshiped and defended.

This regime is nothing but lying scum.

Liberals have always considered themselves “social class” ; but to the rest of us they have been “horses’s asses”!

For anyone trying to understand the “why” or “who” behind all of the insanity we witness daily, it helps to look at the top of the food chain:

“ Some of Wall Street’s biggest buyers of America’s state and local government bonds are starting to ask questions about racial equity. Five investment giants — BlackRock Inc., Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Lord, Abbett & Co., Morgan Stanley Investment Management and Vanguard Group Inc. — are working with two minority-owned underwriters, Loop Capital Markets and Siebert Williams Shank & Co., to develop and distribute a questionnaire that governments will be asked to fill out before new bond deals are arranged. It will ask about policing policies, efforts to combat race-based inequality, social services and the demographic breakdown of the government’s workforce, among other things. ”

I thought we fought a civil war to resolve these issues.

Oh, that’s right.

It was the Democrats who opposed reconstruction.

It was a democrat who shot Lincoln.

It was the democrats who created the KKK.

It was the democrats that imposed Jim Crow laws and poll taxes to keep black Americans from voting.

It was the democrats who still advocated lunching as part of their 1924 party platform.

It was the democrats who opposed black Americans from becoming integrated into schools and universities.

It was the democrats who opposed the 1964 civil rights act.

And it is democrats who promote baby killing as evidenced by their recent House passage of, kill the baby anytime you want. And democrats who support planned butcherhood, put ppp clinics in predominantly black neighborhoods.

Haven’t you heard of the Magical Switcheroo? That time when every Democrat woke up one morning to discover that he’d become a Republican while he slept, and vice-versa? It’s in all the new history books.
Happened right after the Civil Rights Act vote, as I recall.
I’m sure Greg will be along shortly to explain it to us.

pedophile joey is and has been a pathological lair his entire life. recall when he fabricated the story that he drove an 18 wheeler, pure horse shit. the three stooges-austin, blinken and miley are useful idiot. the head of dhs is a freaking joke. every time he opens his mouth lies come forth. illegal aliens are terrorist, plane and simple. Wake up America, we have become a third world country.
The is just smoke and mirrors to cover his child molesting ass. the vp is not any better-slut.

Joe Biden? Isn’t he the guy who blew up a whole Afghan family in their car, with a drone? And he claims a few men on horses are “horrific conduct”?